Hate Religion Rears Its Ugly Head Again as Obama Hung in Effigy

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 12:56 am

Just when you thought it was safe to go to church, this pops up:

I am an atheist and a person of color and I find this photo extremely offensive. Blacks used to be hanged for being black and Pastor Terry Jones of Florida Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida, dredged up a past that is shameful and violent. Still, is this part and parcel of a religion of the past and is Jones fulfilling the Judeo-Christian belief?

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Kill those who are not Christian or Jewish:

You must kill those who worship another god.  Exodus 22:20

Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own.  Deuteronomy 13:6-10

Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you.  Deuteronomy 13:12-16

Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own.  Deuteronomy 17:2-7

Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13

Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20

Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Mark 6:11

Jude reminds us that God destroys those who don’t believe in him.  Jude 5


Apparently, Jones is following the will of god.

Kill People Who Don't Listen to Priests

    Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death.  Such evil must be purged from Israel.  (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)


Kill Witches
    You should not let a sorceress live.  (Exodus 22:17 NAB)


Kill Homosexuals
    "If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives."  (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)


Kill Fortunetellers
    A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death.  (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)


Death for Hitting Dad
    Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death.  (Exodus 21:15 NAB)


Death for Cursing Parents
    1) If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness.  (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)

    2) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death.  They are guilty of a capital offense.  (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)


Death for Adultery
    If a man commits adultery with another man's wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death.  (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)


Death for Fornication
    A priest's daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death.  (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)


Death to Followers of Other Religions
    Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed.  (Exodus 22:19 NAB)


Kill Nonbelievers
    They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.  (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)


Kill False Prophets
    If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, "You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord."  When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through.  (Zechariah 13:3 NAB)


Jones is following his god to a tee. Just like the God hates F-gs folks, he is following the commands of a god that promotes hatred, violence, rape, murder, and other form of disdain to please a jealous god that would not tolerate free-thinking. Yet through his religious facade, Jones is allowed to speak his trash, all the while not having to pay taxes. No, not Jones, but his tax write off: Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida.

We are picking up his facade's corporate tab so he could spread his sickness. According http://hushmoney.org, LBJ gave churches non-profit staus so long as they are not political. 501c3 churches are prohibited from addressing, in any tangible way, the vital issues of the day.  For a 501c3 church to openly speak out, or organize in opposition to, anything that the government declares "legal," even if it is immoral (e.g. abortion, homosexuality, etc.), that church will jeopardize its tax exempt status.

Titus 3:1

Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work

So Jones know that by preaching politics at the pulpit would only lead to losing his 501(c)(3) status and if you're willing to end Jones' tax-free terror, contact Congress:

Contacting Congress

Here is the main number for Congress – the Senate and House – in Washington, DC:

202 225-3121

Toll-free numbers, sponsored by a variety of sources, come and go, so this list may not be current (although we try to update it often).

If you find dead numbers here, or know of numbers we could/should add, drop an email to thom at thomhartmann.com.


Pressure your member of Congress to end Jones' law breaking and silence the political hatred. No, it's not a right to promote political hate speech under the guise of a religious organization and not paying corporate tax. It's a priviledge to have these tax breaks, and Jones must be submissive of the authority that his god command him and all the christians to follow…unless he knows that religion is a scam and couldn't care less?

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