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Debunking The Right Wing Claims of Death Threats Against Scott Walker

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@DONTTouchTheFRO: They gone JFK Scott Walker. Shoot his mfn head off BANG BANG!!! *chief keef voice*..

@SeXXX_Symbol_: Somebody need to Abe Lincoln Scott Walker cave frog lookin ass. …

@realwesleywess: Someone from the NRA should shoot Scott Walker in the head, GTA-style. …

@caleb_white: Scott walker will die within the next week ive already payed for the hit …

They are also threatening Gov. Walker’s wife and son:

@SwaggedTf_Out: NBS I Know What School Scott Walker Son Go To

Direct from: the Washington Times, threats made by Tweets against Governor Scott Walker. The supporters of Scott Walker are fuming from this and are blaming liberals and blacks for this crime. There is a theory that the RNC is paying operatives to disturb Democrats and possibly President Obama's speech. And rumor has it that the hecklers at Romney's speeches were insiders, trying to cause heat between the Romney and President Obama.

Though no proof can be given until an investigation is complete, the above-mentioned threats appear to be that of someone who is an illiterate teabagger.

@realwesleywess: Someone from the NRA should shoot Scott Walker in the head, GTA-style. …
@caleb_white: Scott walker will die within the next week ive already payed for the hit …

So let us examine the sentence structure:

01) @realwesleywess: Someone from the NRA should shoot Scott Walker in the head, GTA-style

. …

GTA-Style GTA is Grand Theft Auto Style. Grand Theft Auto according to the law is the theft of an automobile worth more than (depending on the state's value defining grand theft, but for argument sake) $500, then the state can file felony charges against the suspect. If the vehicle is worth less than $500 according Kelly Blue Book, then it's petty theft, which is a misdemeanor. So the slang used is improper

Now if it's in reference to the video game, Grand Theft Auto, then @realwesleywess again used the improper term. The game Grand Theft Auto allows the player to carjack the victim and steal their vehicle. It's robbery, not theft.

02) @caleb_white: Scott walker will die within the next week ive already payed for the hit

Now this is fascinating. Walker is a proper noun and with proper nouns, names

are always capitalized. If @Calen_White is trying to evoke some sort of emotion, will should be replaced with shall…I shall return? ive. Another mistake common in the teabagger English lexicon. Again, more punctuation errors. I should be capitalized and if @Caleb_White wishes to use contraction, it should be I've not ive. After the word week, there needs to be a period, or the sentence is run-on. And finally, payed. I looked up the word payed and could not find the word. I wonder if @Caleb_White meant paid?

As you can tell from the posting, these are definitely NOT liberals or progressives but teabaggers who are probably on the payroll for the Republican Party. Why? To instill hatred and division. I've attended Occupy movements and liberal/progressive rallies and I could not find one poster with poor grammar. And also, these same teabaggers promote English Only, but for the life of them, foreigners write better grammatically than them. So if the

Department of Justice is interested in prosecuting these "morans" for making a terrorist threats, please do so. Oh and it's easy to find these "morans"…follow the misspelled signs.
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