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Fighting Back Against the Republican Violation of America


The formal statement of the meaning of a word is a definition, and it normally is tied explicitly to context to express power and significance to make a point. There are some words that do not necessitate context to relay meaning, and attempting to change the definition informs a level of deceit and subterfuge concealing an agenda unrelated to the original meaning of a word. Republicans have attempted to redefine myriad words to support their fascist agenda of transforming America into an oligarchy or promote divisive theocratic issues such as their “religious liberty” meme aimed at banning contraception. Last year, Republicans in Congress attempted to redefine rape to demean sexual assault victims, but despite their attempt, rape is a word that defies contextual significance as it denotes degradation, debasement, physical brutality, anger, and contempt for a victim that describes the current Republican agenda and purpose in their drive to control America.

For the past three years, Republicans have set about raping the American people who are not members of the wealthiest two percent of income earners, and their assault on Americans was joined by uber-rich industrialists Charles and David Koch with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that legalized aggressive dispensation of democracy, and after the 2010 midterm elections, it is being played out before Americans’ eyes. The millions of dollars to defend Scott Walker in Wisconsin’s recall election, Florida’s voter purge, and attacks on public workers are the purview of the Koch brothers and they have a new ally in Republican presidential candidate Willard Romney. This week, Romney provided ample evidence if he is elected president in November, he will assist the Koch brothers in ravaging the economic life out of every American.

Willard told an audience in Iowa that “It’s time for us to cut back on firemen, policemen, and teachers,” and he cited the recent gubernatorial recall vote in Wisconsin as a sign Americans want him to destroy middle class America to complete the Republican assault of ninety-eight percent of the population. Romney’s reference that the American people “got the message of Wisconsin” verifies his corporatist, elitist sensibilities. The Koch brothers and their cabal are more secretive than Romney, but despite his candor, Romney intends to implement the Koch agenda of oligarchic rule and elimination of the government. Don’t believe it? Romney said, “It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people,” and it is part of his plan to eliminate several departments and government agencies whose only purpose is to “help the American people.”

This idea that government is a pariah is straight out of anti-American Ronald Reagan’s ideology that began the conservative movement toward oligarchy, and its resurgence is directly related to the election of the first African American president. Republicans are relieving Americans of their voting rights, retirement, healthcare, education, jobs, homes, and now Romney wants to eliminate teachers, firefighters, and police officers. In normal times, Republicans exempt police and firefighters from their attacks on public employees, and even fascist Scott Walker only attacked teachers in his attempt to break union representation and eliminate collective bargaining. It is difficult to quantify the level of disconnect Romney has with the American people who, especially after 9/11, consider police and firefighters heroes in the vein of the military, and it defines his contempt for the safety of the populace to use government employees as a means of dividing citizens over public sector workers. However, since the 2010 elections Republicans have abandoned any attempt at concealing their contempt for the government or the people, and for the first time in recent memory are campaigning as anti-government champions to replace it with a corporate oligarchy and privatization.

It is evident, now, that Republicans and their corporate funding machine are ravaging America and its citizenry in every possible way to express their power, contempt, and dominance over their victims. The Koch brothers and their surrogates in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Republican governors, legislators, and presidential aspirant are on a destructive path to eliminate the government, veteran's benefits, voting rights, living wage jobs, healthcare, social safety nets, retirement, and freedom of and from religious imposition, and there is no group that is safe from their intented assaults. Romney’s promise to cut back on police and firefighters to “help the American people” is the ultimate expression of his contempt for the majority of Americans, and it is not out of the realm of possibility that he will propose privatizing law enforcement and fire protection to enrich a corporation wholly owned and operated by Koch Industries or Bain Capital.

Romney says this election is to decide what kind of country America will be in the future, and he has, with his speech Friday, laid out his solution for America’s democracy and it includes more entitlements for the rich, eliminating large portions of the government, war with Iran, Russia, and China, and a generation of uneducated, lawless, and poverty-stricken peasants where $19,000 is a great middle-class income and gays, women, minorities, and non-Christians are relegated to third-class status. It is no coincidence that Romney’s vision for America mirrors the Koch brothers, Heritage Foundation, and Libertarian ideology that government exists to protect the wealthy and their corporate interests and the rest of the population subsists to serve as cannon fodder and slaves to big business and religious fanatics.

It is astounding that more Americans are not repulsed by Romney and Koch’s plans to strip mine America, but there is no accounting for racists and religious fanatics, and the irony is they will be among the first to feel the wrath of oligarchy and fascism. One would think that when President Obama pushes for more middle class jobs to elevate the populace to realize the American dream, the people would oppose the Republican agenda and particularly Willard Romney’s intent on creating a new class of peasants, but the racial hatred and suspicion instigated by the Koch brothers, Romney, and Republicans is too appealing to a pathetic segment of the population and their hatred blinds them to the impending doom they will facilitate with their bigotry and support for the conservative agenda. Republicans and their funding machine are sucking the life out of America, its democracy, and its people and they have no intention of ceasing their assault until they have finished asserting their issues of mastery, control, strength, authority and conquest of every American who is not a member of the wealthy elite. It is a sad commentary, but like victims of Stockholm Syndrome, a large majority of Americans are enabling them, and in many cases, appear to relish their role assisting their assailants with undying racist and theocratic support.

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