Extreme Church Gay Bashing Isn’t a Coincidence, it’s the Republican Plan

“I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers. Build a great, big, large fence – 150 or 100 miles long – put all the lesbians in there. Do the same thing for the queers & the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. And you know what? In a few years, they’ll die.” Reverend Charles Worley; Providence Rd. Baptist Church, Maiden, North Carolina.

To fathers of possibly gay young sons; “Crack that wrist if you see them dropping a limp wrist. Man up. Give them a good punch. Tell them ‘you’re not going to act like that’.” Reverend Sean Harris; Berean Baptist Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

(To applause of Rick Santorum) “Listen closely – God intended for marriage to be between a man and a woman. As long as ‘they’ continue to attack marriage, somebody needs to take a stand and say NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” Pastor Dennis Terry; Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana.

 Small child, either 3 or 4 years old,  sings a song in front of the congregation with Reverend Sangl beaming just behind him…The most memorable line of the song “Ain’t no homo gonna make it to heaven!” Those adults in attendance jump to their feet as one and applaud long & loud with one woman in particular screaming her approval above the din. The reverend continues to smile broadly and shake his fist in “atta boy” fashion. He’s proud of the little boy and his song. Reverend Jeff Sangl; Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church, Greensburg, Indiana.

In the incident just described, Reverend Sangl claims that he and his wife have been getting death threats and have left for vacation to an unidentified location. I sincerely doubt the veracity of the pastor’s claim. So does the sheriff of the home-county of the church who has publicly stated that he is unaware of any such threats. In fact, when Sangl told the sheriff he was leaving for vacation, he mentioned no such death threats. Oh, and who's funding this little getaway?

This appears to be what’s happening. Republican power boys have always known that the gay issue fires up the right. By firing up, I mean gets them to the polls. So bombastically ignorant, hateful and senseless has the republican party become, that reason, facts and sincere love of country simply don’t register with the radical members who have taken over what used to be a legitimate political party. Now, it’s a bible-thumping joke, devoid of anything worthy of support or respect.

I’d estimate about 30% of the voting population is caught up in this craze. It’s imperative that near all these folks show up at the polls on November 6th. To make that happen, I believe there’s money changing hands between certain preachers and the aforementioned power boys. Not that these pseudo men of God need any encouragement. But the ante must be raised. It’s simply not enough for Rev. Nutbag to just mindlessly rip into gays. Not nearly enough. It’s got to be pulpit performance art…theological theater if you will. Enough to embolden the codgers to risk overcharging their pacemakers and rise out of their seats. (you’d have to look long and hard for young adult men and women in attendance at these freak-shows)…these churches are basically a sea of white hair hatred. The new standard to get these oldsters wiggling is tough for even the most seasoned fire-breathing preacher to reach. It calls for yelling. These offensive sellouts can never again say anything in a normal voice. Then they have to pace – pause – yell some more. Then it’s on to threatening. “Work the GD fags over. CRACK their wrist (no matter their age) – PUNCH the bastards! What the hell – put them behind an electric fence until they’re dead.” Now you’re getting the idea.

We’re sneaking up on viral here. Always a camera around, right?  Yeah, I videotape every church service I ever attend. “Honey, have you got the camera?”  Then I make sure to set up the lighting just right. “Hold on rev, I’ve got to move this ellipsoid; still need a followspot. Let’s backlight the kid. Audio check; testing one, two, three….OK?

How could this not end up with exploiting a small child to sing about ‘no homos in heaven’. A line he can’t possibly comprehend. Sort of gives lie to that bullshit line “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

Now, we’ve gotten this far. We’re not going to church anymore. We’re going to a SHOW. I wouldn’t be surprised if some churches are equipped with applause signs or ‘stand and shout’ prompts. Evangelical churches are about power politics – period!

Bashing gays to push a political agenda is nothing new. The Nazi’s were past masters from the 1930’s through WW 2 and when that movement was for the most part destroyed, the bashing still continued by proxy to the mid-60’s. About 35 years later the German government apologized for the decades-long maltreatment of homosexuals. A government APOLOGIZING? Such sissies! And no, I’m not comparing evangelicals to Nazi’s. I’m just pointing out historical parallels that can’t be ignored.

And there’s certainly not even a remote comparison to the ultimate obscenity of the Holocaust, but an estimated 100,000 German gays were arrested, many imprisoned and a fair number killed by the Nazi’s. Estimates run between 5 – 15,000. That’s a bunch. Rights that average German’s took for granted were outlawed or banned for gays. To an extent, the contemporary gay population can certainly relate.

So keep those pulpit peashooters blazing and that dough rolling in oh men of God. And you hate-filled goobers, keep crowding into those “churches” for your once a week cleansing of all things gay. As I’ve said many times during my brief sojourn on these pages, you’re being pimped out like a streetwalker during a convention. A convention in, oh, say, Tampa, Florida, the week of August 27th?



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  1. In fact, no tyranny that disenfrachises most of the country’s populus at the expense of the few can take or hold power without open armed might, unless they designate one or more outcastes to take the hatred of the declassed. Homos. Joos. Mooslins. Greasers. Niggers. Uppity bitches. And, slightly more sophisticated, “cultural Marxists” who have arranged to displace ril uhMericuns (white, “Christian” males and their idealized Stepford twunts) with these upstarts. I don’t think the upsurge in hate rhetoric towards all these groups at the same time is any coincidence, nor do I think the little museum display by the Reverend Terror Jones is any accident. Think about it: for a week or so, he had the Obama effigy hanging the Uncle Sam effigy, and then he reversed them. What better way to say: “Obama is killing ril uhMerica; kill Obama before he does it!” Without running afoul of the sedition statutes? And there are the “icons of evil”: the rainbow flag and the fetus doll.

    These are the techniques of an increasingly aggressive Nazi party, and we need not to be an increasingly suckered Weimar republic.

  2. Go back and watch the vid or Dennis Terry doing his infamous little rant in front of little Ricky when he was in the run for the president…don't turn the sound on, as you already know the hate spew he's peddling, but, go in about 2:30-40 and watch the body language, the hand gestures, the rage…watch it for one minute until the end and then…look at his hand jesture, his "salute" to the crowd…also watch for the "standing ovation" guy in the flag shirt up front, leading the frenzy…this is all production. There has to be a "contract" in there somewhere…

  3. maybe these hate mongers will be surprised at how many gays and lesbians  and supporters of G L rights there are in this country. They vote too.

  4. Interesting what the unspoken part of communication will tell you. Also, I noticed the audience member who stands up at around 2:38 with the American flag shirt. I wonder if he's aware it's against the flag code to wear it as clothing?

  5. And yet, if you read Frank Shaeffer (son of Francis Shaeffer), they were planning just that back in the 70s and early 80s – if I remember his statements correctly.

  6. I love how the Christians use an ancient Greek word (sin) as an adjective for evil or detriment to ones soul, when it means missing the target. In other words, if you shoot an arrow and missed the buulseye, you sinned. Or if you play basketball and you lose the game, the target is to win the game but the loser sinned. So, next time you play  a sport and you lose, remember, you're GOING TO HELL!!!!!

    P.S., If there was a god, I want a god like Castile ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUv231g7C_Q

  7. Wasn’t easy watching that one.

    Of course, they’d be down on any of us for wearing that shirt. The flag code doesn’t apply to them. They’re “ril uhMericuh”.

  8. I have to keep askig myself why do they always push away voters?
    But funnier the churches dont know the politicians will dump them when they are done with them

  9. Or the churches will hang the politicians when they're done with them (because they've won and achieved theocracy).
    BTW… is there any way to get rid of this edit box and have the old one back?  I find it more and more irritating as time goes on… I count on spell checkers and they don't work with it!

  10. I think the pols will rid the US of the churches when they are done with them. Ban em. Im off to chase a 2 year old around the smokey mountains

  11. …and as I recall, old Billy was the one that removed the term "fundamentalist" from the title "Fundamentalist Christian" and re-phrased it to "Evangelical Christian" as it didn't sound so threathening, more 'christian lite'…friendlier….when all along he knew what was being decided in the back rooms.

  12. I've had "ministers" blow their top when I told them that.  It's only one tiny example of the misunderstanding of the Bible and demonstrates the lack of true Bible scholarship (REAL Bible study).
    An Episcopal priest I used to chat with was initially surprised that I knew that.  He said (and I gather it was meant as a real compliment) that I had a real old-time Jewish outlook on many things (including on the nature of sin).  I do have a tiny bit of Jewish ancestry (like 1/64, just as I probably have a little bit of African), but I don't think that has much to do with it.
    When I hear "You Sinner!", it easily comes across as "You HUMAN!".

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