Mentally Challenged Media Attacks Obama for Not Compromising with Republicans


Despite the fact that President Obama has spoken of compromise throughout his presidency, CNN attacked the president for not compromising with Republicans.


Here is the video:




Transcript via CNN:


CROWLEY: Let me — since you brought up the $250,000 tax cut, should they or should they not be extended for those making over that amount —

AXELROD: Let me just — let me just — let me just clarify something. He wants $250,000 above and beyond the extension of the Bush tax cuts so let's make that clear, but anyway, go ahead.

CROWLEY: Let me just read you something that Claire McCaskill, Democrat from Missouri facing a tough re-election, had to say. "If you want to do something in the spirit of compromise, you don't start out by saying, I refuse to do this or I refuse to do that. It's not my preference to extend tax cuts to millionaires, but I want to keep every option open in the spirit of compromise." So it's not just Republicans. As you know, there are others, Bill Nelson of Florida, who have said I don't know, I don't know that we shouldn't go ahead and extend those tax cuts.

AXELROD: Candy, Candy —

CROWLEY: You've got problems in the Democratic Party as well, correct?

AXELROD: Candy, first of all let me say I agree with Senator McCaskill, that we ought to have a spirit of compromise, I watched —

CROWLEY: But the president said he'd veto it.

AXELROD: — I watched Governor Romney on the stage saying that he wouldn't accept one dollar of new revenue even for $10 of tax cuts. That's not the spirit of compromise. That's what is animating the Republicans in Congress. They share that view.

CROWLEY: Is the president veto threat a spirit of compromise?

AXELROD: Let me ask you a question, if we want to compromise, why don't we compromise on the thing that we all agree on? We all agree that we should renew those tax cuts for the middle class. Ninety — if they sent him a bill that would renew those tax cuts for 97 percent of the American people, the president would sign it today. If we want to —

CROWLEY: Sure, they'd agree to it —

AXELROD: Let's compromise on the things we can agree on.

CROWLEY: But obviously they know they would then lose their leverage because you wouldn't go back to do it for those that they want to continue —

AXELROD: Leverage for tax cuts for the wealthy. We have to make a choice as a country, Candy. We do have deficit issues, we do have debt issues. Are tax cuts for the wealthy more important than bringing down the deficits and investing in things like education and research and development and energy? The things that are going to grow our economy and grow the middle class. That's really what the debate is about.


Candy Crowley is becoming a Sunday regular when conservative media bias is discussed, but her claim that if Obama vetoes an extension of the Bush tax cuts, he is rejecting compromise was preposterous by even her standards. Crowley’s intentional ignorance would not be so aggravating if her profession was something other than a reporter at a national cable news network.

The fact is that this president spent more than half of his first term working towards compromise, and has been routinely bashed for it by the media and members of his own party. Obama was accused of caving by extending the Bush tax cuts. He was accused of caving again on the debt ceiling. Until the second half of 2011, the most common complaint from the left was that Obama "caved."

Over the past month and a half the media has complained about Obama attacking Romney's record, and criticized the president for being too aggressive, (As you know an aggressive Democrat goes against the right wing stereotype, which depending on the day of the week is that all Democrats are tyrants who are looking to run their lives, or Democrats are flower waving, weak kneed hippies who are afraid of a fight).

Crowley's latest adventure in pandering is a fine example of what happens to the media when they decide to check their intelligence at the door in order to appeal to a certain audience. A presidential veto does not signal an unwillingness to compromise. A veto a strictly an Executive Branch decision. An willingness to to compromise would occur if the president and legislative branch entered into negotiations and one side refused to give a single point, as the Republicans have done.

This sort of journalistic abandonment of basic human intelligence is why CNN has lost 52% of their viewers, and this is why Democrats should fall to the floor in convulsions of laughter when the right breaks out their tired old liberal media bias Trojan Horse.

As Democrats and progressive pick their jaws up off the floor as they absorb the latest media attack on facts and reality, understand that broadcasters are in bed with the GOP. They have billions of dollars in profits on the line in the 2012 elections. Media bias is real, and they will go to any absurd length to protect their financial interests.

15 Replies to “Mentally Challenged Media Attacks Obama for Not Compromising with Republicans”

  1. It's as if cnn doesn't care their ratings are in the toilet where they should be.
    Thanks, Jason, for keeping track of this fascist bullshit propaganda so some of us don't have to.

  2. Really!!!!!!!
    Does anyone still watch cnn?
    Also, the bets on who leaked the info about drones & cyber war etc –
    the money is on loose lips Bachmann.

  3. So straight up marketing propaganda but what kind. Are they trying to pretend Obama is a progressive liberal and rountinely confronts the far right Republicans. Obama has given the Republicans pretty much everything thing they wanted, he couldn't have done more as a Republican President. All except same sex marrigae, dont ask dont tell and er um
    After all the Republicans as part and parcel of who they are never compromise.
    Really the only time the Republicans and the Democrats publicly agree is when they are jointing screwing over the majority and trying to convince them something that is bad for them is a good idea, see the right wing Democrats and the far right wing Republicans agree so the general public in reality the centre left should just bend over and take it.

  4. Any independent thoughtful analysis would show that the Dems have compromized a lot and the GOP littte to none. We have a moderate party vs an extremist party which unfortunately caters to the very wealthy which includes most of the media. The GOP has for decades tried to spread the myth of liberal bias. Candy, I understand you bowing to the wishes of your corporate masters but please just admit it. Sad, because you were once a journalist with integrity…

  5. Ms. Crowleyt is the least competent member of the media that I have seen perform, followed closely by David Gregory. I won't watch either one. Give me Fareed Zakaria for starters, followed by Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley.

  6. James….  You're correct.  Crowley knows who pays her above the table and under the table.  She has NO integrity and is NOT considered a Journalist anyway.   But your statement to " Give me Zakaria , Rose and Travis " I will second that !!!!

  7. Since the cabalist propaganda machine CNN aligned itself with the Tea Partiers their ratings have dropped over 50%!  Fire all of them as they are nothing but wasted space.

  8. I stopped watching ever since CNN started to cater to the Tea Party for better ratings. That did it for me..  

  9. David Gregory, MTP on Sunday mornings, is turning out to be a very good moderater with ea passing year..

  10. Translation:  The media is mad that President Obama will not give the Repubs eveything they want, and let them run roughshod over the masses.

  11. I believe it’s better to watch Fox than to watch CNN. At least, with Fox, you know what you’re getting into because they don’t pretend about what they are.

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