The Mormon Church’s Etch-a-Sketched Doctrine on Blacks

God is That You? Or the IRS?

So which was it? A direct message from God to the President of the Church of Latter Day Saints? Or – and far more likely – a direct message from the Internal Revenue Service by way of then U.S. President Jimmy Carter threatening to revoke their non-profit status if they continued to discriminate against blacks? 

In order to go forward with this discussion, we must first learn the origins of this discrimination against all people of dark skin in the world by Mormon's founding fathers. They call it the Curse of Cain…and there are writings from the founder Joseph Smith, Presidents and Apostles for decades supporting the belief that blacks are born of an evil seed and are not worthy of co-mingling with, let alone allowed in their church.

"Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be" (ibid., 10:110; emphasis added)

“But let them apostatize, and they will become gray-haired, wrinkled, and black, just like the Devil" (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p. 332

Had I anything to do with the Negro, I would confine them by strict law to their own species, and put them on a national equalization" (Joseph Fielding Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 270; History of the Church, 5: 218; emphasis added).

These are strong and definitive statements without leaving any room for equivocation. A Mormon member asked the question as to whether the Church's position on banning blacks from the priesthood was opinion or doctrine and he was answered by the leadership through an official statement" stating in part….

"From the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith even until now, it is has been the doctrine of the Church, never questioned by any of the Church leaders, that the Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the Gospel. "Furthermore, your ideas, as we understand them, appear to contemplate the intermarriage of the Negro and White races, a concept which has heretofore been most repugnant to most normal-minded people from the ancient patriarchs till now. God's rule for Israel, His Chosen People, has been endogamous [meaning ‘marriage within a specific tribe or similar social unit’]. Modern Israel [the Mormon Church] has been similarly directed.
"We are not unmindful of the fact that there is a growing tendency, particularly among some educators, as it manifests itself in this are, toward the breaking down of race barriers in the matter of intermarriage between whites and blacks, but it does not have the sanction of the Church and is contrary to Church doctrine. "Faithfully yours,
George Albert Smith
J. Reuben Clark, Jr.
David O. McKay
The First Presidency
That is their highest authority, again, leaving no gray areas. Here is a partial summary of their doctrine:

Summary of the Curse of Cain Doctrine and Priesthood-Ban Policy

For 130 years (1848-1978), Mormon Church leaders taught the following:
  • All human spirits were born sons and daughters of God and one or more of His wives, on the planet that God lives on, which is near a star named Kolob (koe-lawb)
  • Adam and Eve were white people, living in the Garden of Eden in what is now Jackson County, Missouri, who looked like Anglo-Saxons (like 19th century Mormons).
  • Cain was a white man until he killed Abel, so God changed him into the first Negro.
  • Also, the "seed of Cain" would also inherit his "cursed" and "mark" and also they would be deprived of the Priesthood until the LORD removed the Curse of Cain sometime after Abel was resurrected, had children, and all of Abel's male descendants received the Priesthood first, then the Curse of Cain would be removed.
  • The Mark of Cain was a black skin, flat nose, and kinky hair. Cain, a white man, is "changed" by the LORD instantly into the first Negro.
  • Cain married his sister, and she became the second Negro ever because the Lord also "changed" her from a white Anglo-Saxon looking woman into a Negro.
  • All the spirits who fought for Jesus against Lucifer in the War in Heaven, before this Earth was formed, but who were "less valiant"–were punished by being born into "the lineage of Cain" as Negroes, and thus "deprived of intelligence", with "mis-shapen" and "ugly" bodies, and destined to be "servants" of the white man, their superiors, until the Curse of Cain was removed by the LORD sometime after the Millennium was over.
  • Canaan and his descendants went into Africa, and a few to India and Australia and New Guinea.
  • All Negroes inherit the "Mark of Cain" which is a black skin, flat nose, and kinky hair.
  • Negroes are banned from the Temple and the Priesthood until the Curse of Cain is removed by the Lord sometime after the Millennium (1000 year reign of Christ on Earth) is over.
  • This doctrine was known as The Curse of Cain Doctrine. Because of this doctrine, all black Mormons, and anyone with "one drop of Negro blood" was banned from the Mormon Temple and the Mormon priesthood. All male Mormons over the age of 12 hold the Priesthood, and they must have it in order to get into the highest heaven. All Mormons must be "Endowed" and "Sealed" in a Mormon Temple in order to get into the Celestial Kingdom (highest heaven). Without the priesthood and Temple endowments and sealings, a Mormon male can, at best, become a sexless and eunuched "eternal servant" of the Gods in the Celestial Kingdom.
Wow! Quite a story isn't it? So, after reading the origins of their discrimination against blacks and the admonition that to go against this teaching means the virtual end of the Church of Latter Day Saints…are you buying that suddenly, and with amazing coincidence, that the LDS leadership had a change of instruction by God at the very same time that their 501(c) non-profit status was being threatened?  No? Me either.
President Carter caused a ripple throughout the religious community in America when he threatened their tax exempt statuses if they engaged in discrimination against blacks and other minorities. A long time social conservative mover and shaker whose contribution to political Christianity still haunts us, named Paul Weyrich had this to say about that tax threat and Christian schools…
Weyrich in an interview in the early 1990s said, "What changed their mind was Jimmy Carter's intervention against the Christian schools, trying to deny them tax-exempt status on the basis of so-called de facto segregation." What caused the [Religious Right] movement to surface," Weyrich reiterated,"was the federal government's moves against Christian schools." The IRS threat against segregated schools, he said, "enraged the Christian community."
"Official Letter 2" was issued by LDS President Spencer W. Kimball on June 8, 1978 making it official that God had come to him in the tower of the Temple and told him that it was time to allow blacks into the Mormon priesthood. 

That tax exempt status can apparently even move God to change His mind and reverse scripture.
What is hideous about this is that the shift to "allow" blacks into the church is a shill. Some dear friends of mine told me about their visit to the Mormon Temple several years ago in Salt Lake City. When they stepped up to take the tour a Mormon representative made a flimsy attempt to welcome them by saying it was "okay for you to enter because we let you in" as she ushered them along. Tootie retells it with warranted indignation, repeating the phrase "they LET me in!?" This was a tour that is open to all-comers and the reference was clearly racial according to the whole conversation directed at both Tootie and her husband. 
That is my point to this whole article, I far more believe that they "let them in" in order to preserve their tax exempt status. The Mormon church has always been a wealthy one. And that the discrimination built into their original doctrine has not simply disappeared with the compliant decision in 1978. 
This is the faith of Willard Mitt Romney, and they clearly taught him how to Etch-a-Sketch with the best of them! About the Author ~ Leah L. Burton

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  1. Wow! As somebody that was raised Mormon, the whole race issue within the church never made sense to me, along with many other things. (It's usually something we hear about from outsiders, believe me – it's not discussed there.) Just reinforces why it always felt false to me. It's similar to polygamy which was fantastic until it was politically expedient to stop it, then God made a revelation that it was righteous until it suddenly wasn't.    @.@
    My question about the "letting them in" story though is were your friends members? It sounds like they were outsiders being "let in" for a tour. The temples are very secretive places reserved for obedient Mormons that have been certified by their bishop as "temple worthy." If they were black temple worthy members then that part of the story would be offensive but as nonmembers they were getting the NonMormon treatment.
    I only point this out because having Mormon parents I am too familiar with the stance that anything from outside sources is false and any slight misrepresentations in critical articles serve to justify the martyr complex.

  2. I understand what you are saying about giving fodder for the continuation of the persecution meme, but this was a tour that is described as…

    “Welcome to Historic Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City, one of Utah’s number one tourist attractions and world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Temple Square is open every day of the year from 9am-9pm with the help of hundreds of volunteers and missionaries who will make your experience more enjoyable. On your visit to the 35 acres of Temple Square you will be able to see, feel, taste, touch and experience Mormon culture and its pioneer heritage.

    Guided tours and presentations feature historic sites, interactive exhibits, art displays, 70-mm films, parks and gardens. Also featured are the largest genealogy library of its kind in the world and the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. Enjoy all of this in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Tours are available in more than 30 languages at some locations at no charge to you. Restaurants and catering facilities are available to help enhance your visit as well. Whether you are visiting for the first time or coming back to enjoy Temple Square again we welcome you!”

    And – no – the reference was not about membership but clearly about skin color according to the lengthier recitation of the exchange. It demonstrates that the idea that a doctrine that was so pronounced since the inception of the Church of LDS still lingers, whether it is in hushed tones or not. To suddenly go against these doctrines supported by numerous leaders in the Mormon faith throughout all those years would be religious whiplash and calls into question the sincerity of all the other tenets of their faith.

  3. Well, if Mormons can accept that their founder was an uneducated young man who just happened to have an angel appear to him, give him golden plates with the Book of Mormon inscribed, then conventiently LOST the golden plates, I guess they can accept the changes in their church that just happen to coincide with government fiats. Plural marriage certainly sounds good to Mormon MEN, but they sure had to convince the women that their duty in life was to share a man.  But, that notwithstanding, the whole concept of religion is one of convincing people of fantastic ideas that may make them suffer now, but with rewards promised to come later if they behave.

  4. Did Mormons forget that Israel still exists and there was no formal title transfer of the right to the name(Israel new or old) from god? Basically the Jews should drop their war with the Islamic s and get right down to a down and dirty with Utah

    I dont think god is going to drop a religious referendum on those blacks that torment the mormons so heavily. To think Old Joseph started his religion out with hate and despair. The beliefs of this and the catholic church leave one gasping in wonderment how so many people can be so sucked in so easily.

    Lets not forget that our presidential candidate believes this stuff. Which reminds me, which religion is prostituting itself to conform to the mormon religion to accept and support Ole Romney’s beliefs?

  5. Attitudes towards Black people seem to be minimally unchanged only to pacify the IRS statute…"Mormon representative made a flimsy attempt to welcome them… "okay for you to enter because we let you in…This was a tour that is open to all-comer's reference was clearly racial directed at both Tootie and her husband"…
    In fairness, the Mormon Church reflects the continued struggle in our society with racism by straddling the fence by corrupting scripture as justification to exclude Blacks and opponents, criticizing LDS policies or church writings lamenting its immorality. Like many organizations, most of them profit-based,  the Mormon Church's policy reversal will forever be associated with preserving their fortune/wealth, not morality or spirituality.

  6. What I find funny about this whole passage is that- if you truly follow the descendants of Cain in the Bible- Noah, the guy and his offspring whom were the only ones to survive the Great Flood, are descendants of Cain. And I'm talking direct descendants. So their argument is based on ignorance of their own holy book and thus invalid.

  7. Interesting.  Even more interesting is that the Mormons allow these "people" in the hallowed halls of Brigham Young University if it helps them win football or basketball games.  Hypocrites.

  8. This is a bunch of bunk.  People have intermarried throughout earth's history.  Joseph Smith was one ignorant Son of a Boob.  I'm a Christian, and I read my Bible everyday, and it has always said that God made man in his own image.  This is a problem I have with many so-called Christians.  They forget that God made all of us, and that it's not their job to speak for God.  I left organized religion because of Bull Stank like this.  The pastor always felt only he knew what God wanted the church to do.  The Bible states unequivocably that it's impossible for man to know the mind of God, but some bozos are always acting as if they're God.

  9. Every religious business & property should pay taxes equal to all others NO EXEMPTIONS so that existing tax payers can have rebated to them what the freeloaders finally do pay @VoteLarryDis114 oust theocrats like Speaker Harrell 843-926-1750 racism remains a deadly proplem from SC to UT & globally until we restore humanity in harmony

  10. Joseph Smith was putting into "Plates of Gold" the attitudes and beliefs of his day… about the nature of African-descent people (never mind that in a sense, we ALL come from Africa), and what is galling to me, the beliefs about the Native Americans.  They'd seen and heard about the massive earthworks and so forth that we'd built, and refused to believe that Native Americans could build them (even though Jefferson and others had shown that our ancestors indeed were  the builders).  At that time, there were many myths about how the earthworks had gotten there and he just put into writing one of the more popular myths (in this case, demonstrated lies).
    Science has disproved – absolutely disproved – their beliefs about the settling of this continent.
    What is especially galling is that it seems to us that Smith may have known some members of my tribe which were trying to evade the Trail of Tears or murder, and took some of our stories, twisted them all out of shape and context, and put that in his "Book of Mormon".  Such a practice was well known during that period, taking indigenous (not just Native American) stories and turning them into modern myths (while changing them until they're almost unrecognizeable).  It was the practice of scam artists… and there used to be documents that said that in early years, Smith used something like a "magic window" or something like that to translate the "Golden Tablets"… another well-known scamming tool of that period.  Then the story got changed.  And then maybe changed a second time.
    Here are a couple of good references on their beliefs about Native Americans:
    Mormon Beliefs about Native American Ancestors
    Henetz, P. 2004. DNA research and Mormon scholars changing basic beliefs. USA Today July 26.
    Southerton, Simon G. 2004. Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church. Signature Books.
    Anyway, I can remember to this day when they changed their tune… my mother mentioned it as a victory for freedom, and I remember it clearly because of our experiences in Utah (which I remember).  I even have a vague memory of their attitudes towards African Americans, even though there were none in Utah that we ever saw (the first black person I remember seeing was in Texas, maybe three years later).  At least in the fairly large town in which we lived at the time, I knew that certain types of people, especially those with dark skin, weren't welcome – not even on the streets.  I was a kid in kindergarten at the time, and you'd think such things wouldn't be noticed, but I remember that.  I also remember my parents talking about a lawsuit filed against the Mormon church by the parents of two boys who weren't allowed to climb in rank in their Boy Scouts.
    Anyway, we've long proved that the book called Genesis in the Bible is not "true", and it appears that the Hebrews were trying to explain how things came to be using the knowledge and best science of the time.  We've absolutely established that there was no world-wide flood that covered the entire earth.  There WERE gigantic regional floods, and it could be said that the change in sea level at the end of the last ice age was a worldwide flood, but it didn't go much higher than today as I remember (there are times in prehistory when it was warmer than today and the sea levels were rather higher).  The sea level was about 300 feet lower than today and the change could account for the "Flood" narrative, although I tend to accept the idea put forward by Bob Ballard's National Geographic video "Quest for Noah's Flood", that the creation of the Black Sea may have led to the legend or myth.
    The story of Cain and Abel might have been some sort of attempt to explain something they observed.  It certainly wouldn't have been to justify some sort of prejudice or discrimination.

  11. Love the article.
    Tiny wording suggestion: 3rd paragraph from the bottom, instead of "shill", I think you mean "sham".

  12. Wow, nothing about the Humanitarian aid from the Moromons (LDS) to Africa on several occasions? Also, Jimmy Carter's Plains Baptisit Church would not allows balcks to be members there, much less with the restrictions the Mormons had.

  13. Well to be "fair" to Joe Smith there, he did allow blacks preisthood and membership, it was Brigham Young who was the hardcore racist that disallowed blacks and made the hardlined stance against blacks in their religion. Just look up  Elijah Abel.

    Black Mormons were considered equal in the time of Joseph Smith, and there were at least several dozen black Mormons in the time of Joseph Smith including at least one Presiding Elder in Boston. While running for U.S. President Joseph Smith advocated that blacks be freed, educated, and given equal rights. Joseph Smith was assassinated in June of 1844.
    In late 1847, a Mulatto Elder named William McCary seduces a number of white Mormon women and girls in Winter's Quarter, Nebraska. This infuriates Brigham Young and other Mormon leaders. Nevertheless, a black Mormon named Green Flake leads the first Mormon wagon-train into Salt Lake Valley; at that time a baren wilderness. In 1848, Brigham Young begins to "ban" black Mormons from the priesthood and all Mormon Temples, because he considered them to be the "children of Cain" and inheritors of the Curse of Cain: which was a black skin and a denial of the Priesthood in mortality. The justification is the verse Abraham 1:26 in "The Book of Abraham" that says the Egyptians were Canaanites[note 1 below], and Canaanites were "blessed with wisdom" but "cursed as pertaining to the Priesthood". Many Yankee Protestants believed that Negroes were "Canaanites". Just about all Mormons in the 1840s were former Yankee Protestants. Brigham Young advocated "death on the spot" for white men that had children with Negro women. He legalizes Negro slavery in Utah in 1850. He allows Negroes to continue to join the Church, but banned them from the temples and priesthood. This became known as the "Priesthood-Ban". Young did say the "curse" would one day be removed but not until after all of Abel's children first had the opportunity to receive the Priesthood. Mormon leaders interpreted this to mean that the "Negro" would not get the Priesthood until sometime after the Millennium (1000 year reign of Christ) was over. Until then, faithful Mormon Negroes would be servants in the Celestial Kingdom. Brigham Young taught that the "mark of Cain" was a black skin, kinky hair, and a flat nose.
    -So racism was really the mark of Brigham Young and not Joseph Smith. And I am an Ex-Mormon.

  14. The bible still states that blacks are slaves. What I never figured out is why so many blacks wanted to continue on with their white masters religions! African Americans never held religious Christian belief until they were drug over here to America to be slaves and then they were brainwashed into beliving Christianity. You'd think it'd be the firstthing they'd want to shed, but hundreds of years later the brainwashing continues deep within the veins of African Americans who would have never known about the Bible and a Christian god had they never been slaves! Now they are slaves to the anglo saxon religion!

  15. It always has been about the behavior, not the belief…We just don't remember to hold all those professing moral "superiority" to that test…
    When in doubt, always look at the behavior of those who say their belief "makes them behave" a certain way that is aberrant to social norms.

  16. That was my mistake and you are entirely correct. I had smith on my mind and I should know better than try and be factual at night after a day chasing a 2 year old around

  17. Hi Leah, would you (as Presiding Bishop H. David Burton and myself) be descended from the same Samuel Burton (who was murdered at Sutter's Mill in 1852) and Hannah Shipley? Always nice to meet another cousin!

  18. I know the Bible pretty well, and have studied it to a degree.  I don't know a single line of scripture that says that blacks are to be slaves.  Could you tell me what the verse is?
    I think the Copts and several other African groups would strongly disagree with you.

  19. You left out the fact that the only "humanitarian aid" (nice way to use the weasel spin) is where there are Mormon missionaries only…they money is sent there to support their people….not to feed, clothe or actually help anyone who hasn't accepted their teachings…that's what missionaries do; ya' get ta' eat if you say the magic words over the underware…if you don't , fuck you non-believer….never, ever have I seen a Mormon soup kitchen or shelter; the only take care of their own!
    And Jimmy Carter was the one who went after them for discriminating in the first place, so don't play "he did it too, mommie…"

  20. At the time of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, "Israel" as a nation did not exist, and had not existed for about 1800 years, having been coverted by Rome into Palestine. Therefore the people of the time, with the exception of Jews, would not have recognized the existence of a geographic "Israel".

  21. Noah is not the descendent of Cain. He is the descendent of Seth. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about.

  22. Majii,I enjoyed reading your post. We could be clones on our thinking because I have always felt the same way and I too read my bible every day,you are correct when you say man was made in his image…..

  23. Genisis 9:25 has been for ages the foundation of the proposition that blacks are descended from Canaan (not Cain) and that in cursing Canaan's descendents to be "servants of servants", Noah was condemning them to be slaves.

  24. The property of religious organizations are no more tax exempt than that of any nonprofit. Their employees all pay taxes and the only property that is exempt is the church premises itself and the home of the pastor. If the church owns income producing property, it pays both property taxes and taxes on any rental income derived. The one benefit the church gets that is the subject of criticism is the ability to receive tax deductible donations. That is the crux of the argument against allowing political bias to be broadcast from the pulpit, since no nonprofit that promotes political bias is allowed to receive tax deductible contributions.
    Are you proposing that all nonprofits have both their property taxed and have their benefactors' tax deductiblility rescinded?

  25. Not being a scholar in this area I can only conjecture that Smith may have mistaken Cain for Canaan when he developed his theology. Biblical "history" demands that we dismiss all but the children of Noah when considering the generations following the Flood, so that there would be no children of Cain left to be discussed. Noah's curse on the offspring of his son Ham was continued to that of Ham's alleged descendent Canaan, whose tribe coincidentally was a major enemy of the Hebrews and the later Israelites. This is the foundation of the concept that Canaanites were doomed to be "servants of servants", although to my knowledge the Jews have never equated the tribe with the black race, and have of course been in the forefronts of both the abolitionist and the racial equality movement since their inceptions.

  26. Two wrongs don't make a right.  Just because the Southern Baptists are bigots, doesn't mean that Mormons have that "right" too.
    I have to second what SinghX said.  I've never met a generous Mormon, with the caveat that said Mormon is in the opinion that the person receiving the generosity is very much a candidate for proselytizing.
    Once it becomes clear that their target is never going to accept the Mormon religion, it's "To hell with you and I don't care!"

  27. It is that accommodation when it benefits the recippient that I am talking about whether they are Mormons or not. The hypocrisy and lack of commitment to the values and doctrines is glaring, yet they thump their version of the bible as they claim authority to legislate the lives of all Americans.
    Enough. We must reassert the separation of church and state in this country. Frankly, people are certainly entitled to their beliefs – whatever they are – just don't meld it into our poltical landscape and shove it down our throats. 
    I agree, Derek…the example you give is classic prostitution of values to "win".

  28. I support enforcing the laws that already exist and cracking down on preaching politics from the pulpit. This is done everyday and with brazen abandon because no one enforces these laws. Yes – non-profit status should be removed from those who violate the laws of tax-exempt income. That's what the donations are.

  29. No one is claiming that religiously rationalized racism isn't rampant across many denominations. This post grew out of the fact that this preservation of non-profit tax status occurred 34 years ago on June 28, 1978 and I was tired of the reporting about this as a divine instruction in the towers to the Mormon President from God as though this was fact.
    Another interesting example is the racism in the Assemblies of God churches (where Sarah Palin was indoctrinated) whose founders included an active member of the KKK. The nutjob Jim Jones, in fact left the AoG because he embraced blacks and they did not allow that, so he started the Peoples Temple. 
    Believe me, I am not singling our anyone as though they are unique. Hypocrisy and prejudice is sadly viral in religious institutions. 

  30. Smith would have had to not been in any church or heard Bible stories at all, because the story of Cain and Abel was well known through that period and is central to some dominionist teachings today (specifically about giving of one's best to the church ("God") and accepting the lower quality for one's self).  The story has been referenced in sermons from that period.   Smith didn't live in a vacuum, after all… and besides the things I've mentioned there are other indications he was a scam artist (who very possibly started believing his own scam).
    I think he probably knew the difference between Cain and Canaan.  BTW, anything remotely connected to the Flood narrative is automatically suspect, and anything "historical" not immediate to the removal to Babylon also suspect.  Many of the historical claims in the Bible have been disproved, or are questionable  – for instance, many of the towns destroyed "by Joshua and the Israelites" weren't.    See Mazar's book "Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10,000-586 B.C.E.".

  31. The LDS church has donated over 1 billion dollars in humanitarian aid in the last 20 years. The humanitarian fund was set up specifically to help non-members as it has a different designation then the tithing and fast offerings that are used to generally help members. And with you and most of the people on this post calling the members bigots, would you expect them to help you? I was a missionary in Galveston Texas during the hurricane Ike, and personally spent 2 weeks with a chainsaw clearing streets. And no i didnt somehow just clear the yards of members i could track down. I specifically remembering clearing the yards of many southern baptist preachers that only days before were telling me how i was condemed to hell. Have you done any good in the world today?

  32. Did you preach?  Did you proselytize?  Or did you keep your mouth shut and tried to actually help people without bringing your religion into it?
    As far as I'm concerned, missionaries are evil.  They don't leave people to their own beliefs, and try to convert them.  Even the "good" they try to do is only done to convert people and thus suspect.  The history of my people (American Indians) and missionaries is very old and shows all the ugliness of evangelism.  It should be banned IMO.
    As far as doing good?  Yeah, I fight against religious nutcases every day.  I try to increase freedom and push down racism and religious persecution of non-Christians and people who don't fit fundamentalist/dominionist expectations.  I speak out against proselytizing.  I don't have money (thanks to "Good Christians" and "Honest business owners" and the Republicans), so I do what I can.  Most important, I constantly struggle for separation of church and state and try to prevent theocracy from destroying this country.  I speak truth, which "Good Christians" and like ilk seem to don't understand.
    It's what I can do.  Sometimes I do a lot more, but that's none of your business.  Oh, and I don't help people because of some sort of religious duty.  I help people because they need help.
    I will also say that maybe YOU are generous (I don't believe you), but I myself don't know any "good Mormon" who is.   All but with two exceptions have been friendly until they learn/realize that I will <b>NEVER</b> convert, and then they act like I'm a clod of dirt in their way.   In fact, they very much remind me of the Jehovah's Witnesses in many ways, including the aggressive attempts to convert people. 

  33. This isn't a religion. Some bigot writes a so called bible of his liking and passes it off as religion. I would say who in their right  mind would believe this crap? This is such a blatant display of a self serving religion–fo MONEY. I give you Romney the man who digs up bodies to babptize them mormom. And if you're a mormon then you must feel that way about any darker than pale people. Otherwise you wouldn't go near this religion. This is a very sick hateful cult.

  34. I spent my life in the Mormon cult, left at 40, after learning it was a fraud.  What I have learned since is how naive and willingly ignorant Mormons are.  They deny everything even science and DNA which proves the whole Book of Mormon is wrong.  Deep down they know something is seriously wrong since of course the whole story of the Book of Mormon is about the dark and evil people fighting the "white and delightsome"…and that there weren't chariots or metalergy in the Americas…and that list could go on and on.  They choose to just believe because it exhalts them and makes them feel a bit superior and special…truth be told I was told to the day I left that the 1977 change was all political and the doctrine about blacks really remained.  Most people I know that live around me are racisist Mormons but will meet people of color with a smile and pretend. I mean are we really going to elect a US President who follows a faith that dictates an "authorized pattern" of secret sacred undies?  Or whose god and king and founder-leader said America would fail and the LDS church take over?  Sad days for my country!

  35. Yep, ALL the doctrine remains in the scriptures…but as we know to delete it means deleting the book of Mormon entirely since it is a book about the "white and delightsome" fighting the "dark and loathsome" to the end.  

  36. In reality and fact it has been shown factually the Mormon church has donated less than 1% of it's "donated income" (tithing) to charities.  Note: this does not include money from all of their business ventures for which their Prophet and apostles are board members.  So when you spout off about it being a charitable organization, get your facts straight, it rates as the absolute worst charitable organization and church for that matter.  As a Mormon you should get informed and do your homework, as a responsible human being you owe that not only to your kids but to society.  Start with the rock in the hat and move from there but get your act together.  And don't show up spouting lies to defend your church, aka "Lying for the Lord" which is the one thing Mormons are more than willing to give.

  37. The Mormon Church also "gave up" polygamy in order to become a State, proving they'll openly change their doctrine for political & monetary gain while still holding to the same beliefs.  It's ok because they're taught that "Lying for the Lord" to protect the Church is not only desireable, it's almost mandatory when questioned.  Their "missionaries" are carefully schooled on how to do it.
    Romney is a perfect example.  The entire Hierarchy of the Church & it's 1% agenda is steeped in secrecy & intrigue.  They've had the aim of ruling our Country under a Mormon theocracy since it's inception.  Joseph Smith was running for President when he was assasinated.   Wealth, politics and religion rule in the Mormon Church with religion being last.   They do everything they can to keep that covered up, exactly like the Dominionists, who they closely resemble, have done for years, running stealth candidates.  Romney is the biggest stealth candidate the Country has ever seen.   Their agenda must be exposed & stopped.

  38. The LDS Church also gave over $20 million dollars in 1 Year to support their  homophobic agenda in CA to pass the unconstitutional Prop 8.  They're also contributing millions to get Romney elected.  Defend if you like, but try to address the real realities of your church.  Many LDS members are not even aware of the realities of the LDS hierarchy, they keep their true agendas & practices secret even from those members who regularly give them their mandated tithes which enables them to discriminate, follow their political agenda & scam more people across the globe.

  39. Im sorry but I always have and always will consider mormonism a cult –
    with dirty old men preying on young girls. Romney's grandfather fled to Mexico to avoid the police, Romney had 5 grandma's and a father born in Mexico.
    Wasn't Joseph Smith a con man and snake oil salesman. some years ago I worked with a young girl married to a mormon, she went home one lunch time and found him in bed with her best friend.

  40. Please research articles by Park Romney – cousin to Mitt who was once a high priest in the mormon church, he says mormonism is a cult – pure and simple.

  41. What you are saying is precisely why this issue got me riled up when I heard the news outlets reporting on this "anniversary" and then discussing it with my friends who are black and visited the Temple Square in Salt Lake City…"…truth be told I was told to the day I left that the 1977 change was all political and the doctrine about blacks really remained.  Most people I know that live around me are racisist Mormons but will meet people of color with a smile and pretend."
    Thank you for adding that emphasis to this discussion.

  42. Well, sure, Joe may have been less prejudiced in his ordinations of negroes, but his Book of Mormon is still a racist pile of doo.  Lamanites getting dark skin in coordination with their wickedness.  Lamanties popping back into whiteness in coordination with their righteousness.  That's about as hateful a racist concept made even worse because it attempts to sanction it as god derived.

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