Family Research Council Loses Cool Over Employment Non-Discrimination Act

The same people who didn’t (and still don’t) want women working, or women to be treated just like men at the workplace (and used the Bible to do it), are fighting the same battle over gays and lesbians. Not only are they angry that judges are ruling DOMA unconstitutional (how dare they!) but they are upset about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (or ENDA), which they say = “special employment rights based on sexual behavior” (actually that would be SERBOSB but let’s not nit-pick).

ENDA is nothing new. It has been around since 1994 and has been repeatedly introduced into Congress. President Bush threatened to veto it; President Obama supports it. The current version was introduced by Sen. Jeff Merkley in the Senate and Rep. Barney Frank in the House. It includes protection of transgenders as well as gays for and lesbians.

The Family Research Council (FRC) claims that “Today, for the first time in three years, a Senate Committee agreed to hold a hearing on a bill that would create special employment protections for individuals based on their sexual behavior or orientation. At the very least, it will force people out of business. At its worst, it will bully into silence every American who disagrees with homosexual behavior.”

If that doesn't frighten you, it should. Under the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (or ENDA), the government will put businesses on the defensive– forcing them to explain why they didn't hire or promote employees who openly identified as gay, lesbian, or transgender. Essentially, Congress would be establishing a caste system, where the special protections of homosexuals trump the First Freedoms of any employer. Although some people defend it as an innocent piece of anti-prejudice legislation, ENDA builds the bridge to every last piece of the same-sex agenda–including marriage.

What, it’s not the homosexual agenda anymore? Same-sex is using our language, isn’t it? Okay, anyway, a caste system, really?

Giving women equal protections did not create a caste system. How is giving gays and lesbians equal protections going to create a caste system? Does FRC even know what a caste system is?

I doubt they do. But a bigger problem for them is that they are not really opposed to special protections. They LOVE special protections. It’s just that they want special protections for themselves, and not for anyone else. They’re not so special if they have to be shared.

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What they’re really opposed to is equal rights, the idea that we all have equal protections under the law. But right now that’s not the case. Right now, gays and lesbians and transgenders can all be fired because they are gay, or lesbian, or transgender, not because of any inability to do their jobs – in 29 states because they are gay or lesbian or bisexual and in 34 states because they are transgender. The same is not true of heterosexuals – you never hear about straight folks losing their jobs because they like the opposite sex. You never hear about Christians being fired because they worship Jesus.

But the whole world knows heterosexuals who worship Jesus like to fire gays and lesbians and transgenders.

Conservative Christians want the special right to decide who is an undesirable and to then treat them like shit – I mean, second class citizens – and to indulge in an orgy of hate, all while on the tax payer dime. If that’s not a special right I don’t know what is. The rest of us sure as heck can’t do it.

They want special rights to refuse to dispense contraceptives too.  If they really hated special rights they wouldn’t be demanding them. They want the special right to deny you an abortion even if you’re the victim of rape or incest, all because it offends them. They want the special right to limit marriage to heterosexuals.

But listen to them go on…

With it [ENDA], the Left can take a hacksaw to every God-given freedom protected by the Constitution–including the ability to speak openly about your beliefs. Like the contraception-abortion mandate, it puts employers in the position of deciding between their faith and their jobs. And unlike past versions, this legislation would extend those special protections to transgenders. In other words, businesses and public organizations would have to bend their dress codes and change their bathroom and shower policies to accommodate men who dress like women and visa-versa. Can you imagine walking into your child's classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag?

Can you imagine treating all human beings like human beings? Of course you can’t. You want to be able to discriminate and treat people like shit because you don’t approve of them – but you insist nobody has a right to treat YOU like shit because they don’t approve of you.

Look, it’s not Christians being fired from their jobs for being Christians. But LGBTQ folks can and are, just as can people who don't follow the "special" religion of Christianity, just as can those who don't follow any religion at all. The real discrimination isn’t against Christians. It’s against people Christians have decided in true totalitarian fashion are “undesirable”.

And they claim the very special right to beat us all over the head with their Bible in order to get and maintain that right, and as part of that, we absolutely do NOT have the right to say "no" to them.

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  1. The really funny part is, when these so-called Christians get home at night,  They are proud of the lying that they have done.  they talk about the Constitution, but they will not talk about the fact that gay people have the same civil rights as everyone else and that they themselves deny those people the same civil rights.  You will never hear them say that.  The fact that you have to create a law to protect both women and people who are gay says that their rights are being impinged upon in the first place.

    sorry little hate filled Christians that aren't really Christians, life will go on without you.

  2. Hraf, I love your articles as you say what must be said, but…For moi, it gets to the point where all this is so silly that the only way to get a new perspective is to laugh.
    This entire issue is a throw back, as pointed out, to women's rights around a century or so ago…it harkens me back to "My Fair Lady" and how the wretched white men of the British "caste" system treated all the "others". And when the "other" learned to "speak", well, the results were stunning, as in the lyrics to "Without You"…Eliza sings…
    "…No, my reverberated friend, you are not the beginning and the end.
    There'll be spring every year without you. England still will be here without you.
    There'll be fruit on the tree.
    And a shore by the sea.
    There'll be crumpets and tea without you.
    Art and music will thrive without you. Somehow Keats will survive without you.
    And there still will be rain on that plain down in Spain,
    even that will remain without you.
    I can do without you.
    They can still rule with land without you.
    Windsor Castle will stand without you.
    And without much ado we can all muddle through without you.
    Without you pulling it the tide comes in,
    without your twirling it the Earth can spin,
    Without your pulling it, the tide comes in
    Without your twirling it, the earth can spin
    Without your pushing them, the clouds roll by…"
    How much more plainly does one have to say it to these modern day cretins who continuoulsy cling to their fake superiority role within society? We can all muddle through without…you!

  3. Recently an acquantance of mine told about being fired by a major corporation when they learned he was Gay (and in a permanent relationship).  He went from being a promising new employee to fired in less than an hour.
    I'm pretty sure that openly firing people for just being LGBT is still legal in this state.   I also know that along with other minorities, the business owners actually can get training on how to railroad an unwanted minority employee out the door, without recourse or justice… and even how to  not hire minorities in the first place and get away with it.
    (They probably consider me a traitor because they wanted ME to get that training – along with a seminar on how to destroy unions and avoid hiring possible union supporters.)

  4. I am very glad that while I was in a position to hire and fire people I was never asked or coerced into abusing it – I was given wide latitude and it was important to me that everyone be treated equally. People need to take equal opportunity seriously – because it's not equal opportunity if some people have more right to work than others.

  5. More outrage because the Christofascists don't get to impose their hate on the entire population. I'm about sick-to-death of this vile "god-given freedom"  in the Constitution meme to impose their hate.

  6. The irony that a significant percentage of GLBTI people are Christian and so you have Christians firing other Christians for not being Christian enough – wonder what God would have to say about that one.

  7. As it is, the FRC is willfully ignorant to the fact that women, LGBT, disabled, and non-christians (by extension, race can be attached) all belong to separate castes because they can be discriminated against. Add to that the different levels of income, and there are even more castes available to increase the status of the upper classes.

  8. "… every God-given freedom protected by the Constitution…"
    So were the Articles of Confederation also God-given?  Or did God not get into the game until 1787?
    And why did it take over 1700 years before He decided it was time to give humanity "freedom"?  Was European Christendom just not up to the task?

  9. Even funnier – anyone can tell you that GLBT people abound in conservative churches. Saw it with my own eyes. They represent “clean, well-groomed, fine young Christians” in the eyes of the “faithful” who have no clue. The fine older Christians who bring this hate-filled slavering disdain to the fore are clueless that they have been living and working with GLBT people for centuries. Why anyone GLBT would WANT that is not my concern or my call – but there they are. Focus on the Family? Get over it.

    As for the “gay agenda” this sign outside one County Hall in CA the first day marriage equality was legal:

    “Gay Agenda: Be treated as an equal. Spend more time with my family. Buy milk.”

    Wow. How radical.

  10. I appreciate your article, however I was stopped short by one detail in the language you chose to use. Three times in your article, you refer to “gays, lesbians, and transgenders” (not each time in that order). Nouns. I, for one, am more than my sexuality. I am a human being first. Beyond that, one of my qualifiers is lesbian. Adjective. It seems a minor detail, but it has to do with the aggregate influence language has on our perception. You ask, “Can you imagine treating all human beings like human beings?” Because language shapes our experience of the world, using person-first language to refer to people who are LGBT will help us move toward treating we human beings as human beings.

  11. “The Homeless” vs “People who are homeless”…

    “The Poor” vs “People who are poor”…

    I’ve had that battle a few times over the degrading way people talked about people who find themselves in dire straights.

    It’s easy to forget that terms can harm by separating people from their humanity. I’ve done it too. I for one appreciate the reminder.

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