Obama Drops the Gloves and Delivers an Epic Middle Class Beatdown to Mitt Romney



President Obama offered his vision for America's future in Cleveland, and he wiped the floor with Romney by defining him as a man with no plan, but to make himself and his rich friends even richer.

Obama began his speech in Cleveland with a self-depreciating joke about his private sector gaffe, then moved on to stressing the importance of the economy in this election. The president said the country is being held back by the stalemate in Washington over the future direction of the country, and this election is the voters' chance to break that stalemate.

The president later called out the Bush tax cuts by saying we were told that those tax cuts would create growth and jobs. He then highlighted how the wealthy prospered under Bush, but that wealth never "trickled down" to the middle class. Obama spoke about the fact that he has created in a little more than two years more jobs than Bush created in the previous seven. He also contrasted America's growth with the struggles of Europe, and not coincidentally many of those nations followed the austerity path that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party is advocating as the answer. Obama said the economy won't truly be healthy until we reverse the erosion of middle class jobs and income.

The president said that the debate in the this election is about, "How we grow faster. How we create more jobs, and how we pay down more debt." Obama said Romney believes deeply in the Bush theory that the best way to grow the economy is from the top down.  The president said that Romney and the Republicans promise to roll back regulations on banks and polluters, and offer 5 trillions more in tax cuts on top of the Bush tax cuts.


President Obama laid out what would happen if the Republicans cut a trillion dollars from across the budget. Obama called out Romney's tax code reform as taking away tax cuts for middle class in order to pay for their new $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy. The president said that Romney would have to cut even more to close the gap in the deficit caused by the Bush tax cuts.


Obama told people who are thinking about voting for Romney that if they want to give the policies of the last decade another shot, they should vote for Romney and his Republican allies in Congress.  He said, "If you want to give the polices of the last decade another try, you should vote for Mr. Romney. You should vote for his allies in Congress. You should take them at their word that they will take America down this path and Mr. Romney is qualified to take America down this path. No, he is! I’m giving you an honest presentation of what he’s proposing. I’m looking forward to the press following up and making sure you know I am not exaggerating."

The president pointed out that these polices didn't work the last time we tried them, and he asked why would we jeopardize our future by trying them again? Obama laid out his vision for American innovation, education, energy, and a tax plan that promotes fairness and makes the wealthy pay their fair share. Obama said that his vision for a second term as president will be based around his belief that if we do those things more companies will start here, stay here, hire here, and more Americans will be able to find middle class jobs.

His supporters rejoiced as Obama talked about his reducing taxes on the middle class by 36%, adopted fewer regulations than George W. Bush, cutting spending and reducing the deficit. Obama used his record to debunk the right wing meme that he is a big government socialist.

The president also made this point:










The president discussed Romney's rejection of a shared vision of prosperity and Obama promised to continue this vision into the future as president. He also promoted the Dream Act and contrasted himself with Romney's hard line immigration stance.  Obama discussed renewable energy. The president called for an end to subsidies for Big Oil. President Obama called for more infrastructure spending and the rebuilding of America.

Near the close of his speech Obama said, "I’ll take a step further, I’ll ask you to vote for anyone else, whether they are  Democrats,  Republicans or Independents,  who share your view about how America should grow. I will work with anyone from any party who believes we are in this together. Who believes we rise and fall together, because I believe there are a lot of Republicans out there who may not agree with all of my policies, but still believe in a balanced approach to economic growth, and who remember the lessons of our history, and who don’t like the direction their leaders are taking them."

The president concluded his remarks, "It can be done and we will be stronger for it, and what is lacking is not the capacity to meet our challenges; what is lacking is our politics and that is entirely within your power to solve. This November, you can remind the world how a growing economy is built not from the top down, but from a growing, thriving, middle class.  This November, you can remind the world how it is that we traveled this far as a country, not by telling everybody to fend for themselves, but by coming together as one American family, all of us pitching in, all of us pulling our own weight. This November you can provide a mandate for the change we need right now, we can move this nation forward, and you can remind the world why the United States is the greatest country on Earth."

The president made a compelling case for what this election is really about. He painted Mitt Romney as an even worse version of George W. Bush, and he delivered something that Romney hasn't. Barack Obama offered a vision for the future.  This is going to be Romney's problem from now until November.

The Republican strategy of Obama bashing will only get them so far. It will get them a close election in November, but only one candidate has a vision for the future. Mitt Romney's vision is to return America back to the era of George W. Bush. One of the themes that Obama touched on over and over again was Romney's plan to slash  taxes on the wealthy.

Obama said that giving someone like Romney another big tax cut is not worth ending our nation's basic guarantee to the elderly, the sick, and the people who are looking for work. The President discussed the growing income inequality. He said that Romney and the Republicans won't make the wealthy pay even a nickel more in taxes.

The president's message was not only powerful, but it had a populist tone that will be popular with voters. Obama framed the election as a debate on how to grow the economy. Given Obama's superior communication skills and personality, no one should be surprised if voters end up going to the polls basing their vote not on an Obama referendum, but asking themselves which economic plan will help America grow the fastest.

If this the question, then the name Barack Obama will be the answer.


29 Replies to “Obama Drops the Gloves and Delivers an Epic Middle Class Beatdown to Mitt Romney”

  1. The austerity measures of the Republicans do not work, and would do nothing but give more wealth to the already rich while increasing the suffering/deaths of the non-rich.
    I made a video about unemployment, and how we can fix it. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:
    Watch it, share it, and join the fight against those who want to kill all of us with destructive social policies.

  2. Austerity would only impact thosee that these people consider expendable. And they are the Party of Christians? Their budgets are punitive, heartless and ignorant. After all, who do they think will be left to shine their shoes and carry their water? Asshats!
    Thanks for this article, Jason…people must set aside their issues with the President and look at the reallity of a world with the GOP in charge. I will take President Obama – flaws and all – any day!

  3. Republicans talk a goood game about austerity, but that si only for the poor and needy. They return all the savings and then some to millionaires and billionaires in 5 trillion dollars in additional tax cuts. 
    If Republicans get their way, there will be more war, fewer social services, no infrastructure rebuilding and lower taxes for the wealthy and monumental deficits. That is reality.

    He's right: this election is a choice between two visions of the future of our country. A good line was Obama's lumping together "Romney and his allies in Congress" which is important to do, tying the GOP obstructionism to Romney with overtones of the obstruction as a purely political tactic.
    Great speech! The audience was with him 1000% especially when he told them the choice was THEIRS — challenge them to campaign and vote for what they believe in. The audience went wild.
    (By the way, Romney's brownshirt wannabes drove Romney campaign buses around the location of Obama's speech honking and jeering…too lazy to walk?)

  5. Hi Andrew – you might want to know that when I first clicked on your link I got an anti-Obama ROMNEY ad.  You might want to check that out because I started to write you a snarky reply – but the rest of your post made no sense as a pro-Romney stance.  Glad I went back and looked.  But that was VERY weird!

  6. Yeah – too lazy and too mean.  It's right in keeping with the man who pretended to by a highway patrol officer AND who cut off another kid's hair.  Bully boys all flock together, don't they?  

  7. Wow! Let Obama's words reverberate throughout America! Voter's will see the 'truth'.
    And watch…Pubs will be bending-over backwards…spinning super-fast to counter this brilliant speech!

  8. We must also fight the Koch brothers. Be wary of them. They are buying elections from Dog Catcher to Senator. These elections are important too! We must rid the House and Senate of those unwilling to work together. The Tea Party (Koch brothers owned) has done so much damage, we cannot allow it to continue. Please vote. If you need help call your local Democratic Party office and I’m sure they will be more than happy to assist. Do not let them scare us away with their silly tactics. We do matter…..

  9. Dear fellow citizens,

    It would help your cause a great deal if you would get educated (if you haven’t already) about Mormonism and let everyone you know about it. Romney is a Mormon. They believe that GOD lives on a planet called Kolob. I am NOT kidding. See this link and look into it yourself: http://youtu.be/3HSlbuli7HM

  10. Thank you for explaining PObama’s speech, Jason and Sarah. Especially for gops and beltway pundits like Boehner and Jonathan Alter who dismissed it as “too long”.

    Boehner’s a lost case and looks like Alter would rather have his vapid face before the cameras than talk about anything close to the facts. Corporate Media doesn’t allow no stinkin’ facts to shine through their idiot box.

  11. When I see Jonathan Alter in the lineup as a political commentator on MSNBC, I change the channel. For some reason Alter has a burr up his butt about PBO, and nothing PBO does/says is ever good enough. I get enough of that from the GOPers, and I refuse to watch it on MSNBC. I applaud PBO for taking the time to explain his policies to the American people. We saw what happened during the soundbite-and slogan-run presidency of GWB. Slogans and soundbites are the reason many Americans don’t know how hard PBO has been working on their behalf, or what his accomplishment are. He and the dems are the only thing standing between a Corporatocracy-Theocracy hybrid takeover of our government.

  12. Thanks for post, Jason and Sarah. I wish we as a nation would become more informed and involved in what’s really taking place. The MSM is making too much money in supporting GOP policies and lies.

  13. Is this meant to be a joke or serious. Obama is the one with no plan and failed policies. Blame Bush is not a policy and the truth is unemployment is at over %14. Redefinition is a tactic by the Democrats to deflect truth. Romney will be a breath of fresh air.

    By the way, the cartoon network has more reality than MSNBC.

  14. To Mitt, America is just another company to buy up and destroy to make him richer.
    He couldn’t care less what happens to the rest of us.

  15. Good speech. The Prez sounded like the man I voted for in 2008 and would vote again for in 2012.

    One small correction, Jason and Sarah. The word you wanted in the first sentence of the second paragraph is “self-deprecating.”

    Keep up the good work.

  16. I downgraded my cable and no longer have access to MSNBC. While I miss Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris-Perry, et al. I now watch The Thom Hartmann-The Big Picture Show on RT News. Besides, MSNBC is owned by Comcast and GE as I recall and GE is owned by the Rockefellers which is part of the Rothschild/Rockefeller corrupt dynasty that wants to ruin world economies so they can impose a NWO or whatever diabolical plan they had. Hartmann has a depth of knowledge as well as political history on issues and he doesn’t allow the right wing to slide with their ignorant rhetoric. Alyona in my view is a firebagger; always bashing POTUS while she barely discusses squat as to what a President Romney would do and the impact of adopting the Paul Ryan budget on our economy with the millions of jobs that would be lost. Alyona is wasted space.

  17. Rothschild/Rockefeller

    Uh… I hope you’re being facetious.

    The only place I hear of that is from people who buy into antisemitic conspiracy theory – and I’ve rarely heard it from the left.

    It’s ancient, and regular fare from the racists.

  18. (Laugh!) Reverse the letters in the name, add a second “l” and a “c” before the “k”.

    I think someone was having fun with words at one time (it might have been an accepted spelling back in Smith’s time).

  19. I cut myself off cold-turkey from tv (cable, dish, broadcast…) in 1994 and aside from the occasional shared-tribal-experience like watching the Kentucky Derby live, I don’t miss it. But there are a few shows I monitor via the computer, including starting every morning by watching the previous night’s Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC’s website. So, no need to miss Maddow just because your cable no longer includes MSNBC.

  20. Cha
    Alter and Boehner do not have the attention span to sit through a good speech like that. They show their own ignorance when the admit it was too long for them to understand. That is probably the real problem

  21. The contrast between President Barack Obama and presidential wannabe Willard Mitt Romney could not be starker. While our president is trying to take us to a path that is in alignment with both the stated ideals of this country as well as the realities of the 21st century, Romney is the mouthpiece and representative of the party that is still living in the past, with its efforts to derail the progress of the 20th century in favor of the uber wealthy and its failure to acknowledge that its ideology is actually undermining the American “exceptionalism” they love to boast about. Willard Romney would be beholden to the likes of the Koch Brothers and ALEC, as well as other far-right billionare donors and their destructive agenda. He would be their willing tool as what he sees as an acceptable trade-off for the title as President of the USA.

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