Treasonous Republicans Should Stand Trial for Sabotaging the American Economy

As a form of political warfare, sabotage varies from acts that require detailed planning utilizing specially trained operatives, to obstruction of legislation based on insignificant logical fallacies. Republicans planned to sabotage the economy on Inauguration Day 2009, and their specially trained operatives, congressional Republicans, deliberately placed obstacles to economic recovery as a means of portraying President Obama as ineffective at reversing the effects of the catastrophic Bush-Republican Great Recession. Subsequently, every measure the President and Democrats proposed to stimulate the economy and create jobs were held up or blocked by inserting unrelated amendments the Republicans knew Democrats would not accept, and their criminal hostage maneuvers preventing a more robust recovery that political observers have known for three years is finally recognized by American voters.

In a recent poll, 49% of all voters believe the Republicans are intentionally “stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy to ensure that President Obama does not win re-election,” and that includes 61% of moderates and 75% of liberals. Republicans telegraphed their agenda when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” and not create jobs, help struggling Americans, or jumpstart the economy. True to his word, for a change, McConnell and his cohort blocked, obstructed, or added unrelated amendments to legislation Republicans normally support and would definitely hasten economic recovery, and their tactics as a governing strategy have retarded recovery and killed millions of Americans’ jobs.

In early March, in a rare bi-partisan move, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and James Inhofe (R-OK) collaborated on a transportation bill that will save 1.9 million construction jobs and create 1 million more. The bill will upgrade and repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure that is crucial for business and Americans to move around the country. Now in the Republican-controlled House, the obstructionist Republicans are complicating passage of the bill by inserting extraneous issues to enrich a foreign oil company, U.S. refineries, and Speaker of the House John Boehner. The Keystone XL pipeline has become an obsession with Republicans whose priority is rewarding the oil industry, and effectively increase the price of gasoline at the pumps, jeopardize critical aquifer supplies, and employ 2,500 Canadian pipeline construction specialists. The benefit to the American people, the economy, and American jobs is negligible, if not non-existent, and besides moving dirty tar sands across environmentally fragile farmland, it redirects oil from the Midwest that will reduce supplies for Americans as Canada’s refined oil is sold on the foreign market. There is no connection between the Keystone XL pipeline and the transportation bill except that Republicans are using it to obstruct 2.9 million American’s jobs unless Democrats join Republicans in repaying the oil industry for supporting Republicans.

Conservatives such as Jim DeMint accused Democrats of creating a “fiscal catastrophe in the near future” with the transportation bill because he considers it “unnecessary federal spending,” and just another “stimulus” to create 2.9 million jobs and get the economy moving forward. DeMint, like all Republicans, claimed the bill shifts federal spending away from creating jobs elsewhere (read – tax cuts for job creators). The current assault on spending on government-funded jobs is in line with Willard Romney and Rush Limbaugh’s assertion that government-funded jobs are a drain on the economy that could be better spent giving wealthy “job creators” greater tax breaks.

For the past three-and-a-half years Republicans have went all out to prevent President Obama from fixing the economic catastrophe they created, and their assault on Americans’ jobs is remarkable for the party that promised their highest priority after the 2010 midterm elections was “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Instead, they voted against, obstructed, or blocked measures like the stimulus that created well over 3.4 million jobs, all of the President’s jobs bills, and worked to kill nearly 800,000 public sector jobs under the guise of creating jobs. Their entire focus has been sabotaging economic recovery and giving the oil industry, corporations, and the wealthy more taxpayer entitlements while going around the country telling Americans President Obama is clueless on job creation. However, the poll showing that Americans are aware the GOP is intentionally obstructing economic recovery may signal that the public will not support another assault on Americans in November.

If Americans think Republicans are only obstructing jobs and economic recovery to prevent President Obama from winning a second term, they are naïve beyond belief. It is true they will use any means to defeat Obama in November, but their goal of eliminating living-wage jobs, decimating social safety nets, and rewarding the wealthy, oil industry, and corporations will increase exponentially if they control both houses of Congress and the White House. Romney proposes giving $10.7 trillion in tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthiest 1/10 of 1%, and eliminating several government agencies to replace them with for-profit private enterprises. That is part of their reason for obstructing and sabotaging the economy to prevent President Obama’s reelection, because without a Democrat to staunch their agenda, there is no end to the damage they will wreak on the economy and the people.

The Republicans obstructing, sabotaging, and blocking economic recovery should be tried and convicted of treason under Article III, Section 3, where it says a subversive act that “weakens the power of the United States,” is treason, and requires two witnesses for conviction.  After over three years deliberately weakening the economy, there is little doubt Republicans are guilty of treason and 49% of voters agree they are purposely obstructing recovery. The legal definition of treason is “the betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it,” and by their own admission, Republicans are campaigning on an anti-government platform. In lieu of trying Republicans for treason, the American people have the ability to do the next best thing and vote every obstructionist, anti-government Republican out of office for their three-year campaign to destroy the economy.


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  1. You are right. Members of Congress take an oath of office to defend our nation from threat from outside and within. The fact some of Congress takes their pledge to Mr. Norquist  more seriously than the duty to America. The fact the GOP planned from day one to do anything to try to keep President Obama from a second term, no matter what damage to America it might cause is treasonous. The voters need to know more about this and put a stop to it.

  2. I do not understand why this is not the centerpiece of the Democratic pushed to win the presidency. I have tweeted about this, I have blogged about it, I wrote to my Sen. Bob Corker and demanded that he resign for committing treason both during a time of war and against the people of the United States. But I guess people are so intent on moving on to the next link that they just don’t give a damn. As far as I’m concerned this is one of the worst events in the political history of this country. nothing transcends this dinner and the actions of the entire Republican Party who have gone along with it. I am ashamed the Democrats are ignoring it and quite frankly don’t have much hope for the reelection of president Obama. I hope David Axelrod plans on bringing this out prior to the election because if he doesn’t he is doing the president, himself and most of all the country a great disservice. Every Democratic or liberal leaning blog and political action site should be bringing this up every day and demanding retirement of every one of these senators. most of art Democratic leaders and representatives are spineless guppies who would be scared to death the mention this in front of a Republican.

  3. The politicians are worse than the Communists and Bin Laden put together.

    Another strong commentary from Rmuse.

  4. Treason won’t fly. A traitor is an American citizen who wages war against the United States, or gives aid and comfort to those who are doing so, and that means material help, not expressions of sympathy. Any broader interpretation could have had us all in the brig without clothes four years ago.

    If they held their oaths to Grover Norquist paramount even as they took their Oath of Office, then they are felony perjurers. No, though, we don’t have treason…yet.

  5. While I agree that treason won’t fly, I know too many people that have been been wounded in the Republican war on the economy of the USA. It is treason. It is waging war, albeit of economic weaponry. It’s a whole new battlefield: the corporate 1% against the rest of us. Congress is supposed to be working for us not against us.

  6. True…they are very careful to walk right up to the edge, bare teeth and then cower back into the shadows before uttering the exact phrase that will get them arrested. They are well trained operatives who work behind closed doors as traitors; they creep closer and closer to opening the window of sedition day by day…

  7. Treason will fly for 12 representatives who plotted how to stop Obama and win the election 2012. They did it on Jan 20th 2009

  8. To be fair, let us include the Wall Street bankers, mortgage brokers, and incompetent government regulators in these trials….

  9. Although I think the Republicans are out of control, and have deliberately sabotaged our government making it so nothing of any real use to anyone can get done. I think that trying them for treason is a bit much, think about the legal precedent that would set. Impeachment yet, recall yes, although we just saw how well that worked out in WI. Bottom line the best thing we can do is vote them out of office. We as Liberals and Democrats seriously need to get organized and be finding and developing leaders that can take office. I think Bill Maher was talking about this last week, the Tea Party as insane as they are actually got a bunch of people elected. That is what we need to do. Work from the ground up. Also register people to vote and then make it so they actually do go and vote. Like campaigns to get people to the polls. Possibly work within the framework that exists, that the GOP hasn’t destroyed and changed yet, to help more people vote. What I mean is like going to nursing homes and places where it is very difficult for people to get to the polls and helping them do what they need to do in order to vote early or vote by mail. I could go on all day. We need to be more organized and do exactly what they have done, use all of their twisted laws that they’ve passed to our benefit. I hope this makes sense. I agree their behavior borders on treason but trying any of them for it will never happen and like I said that is a scary precedent to set. They would undoubtedly use it against us sooner than later…

  10. I agree that a case can be made, albeit not an airtight one, that by sabotaging the economy and therefore the country for personal gain they could be tried for treason. There are two monumental problems, though.

    One: The opposition either owns the media or cowers it into submission. Billions upon billions would be poured into efforts to turn the argument around against the Democrats. Which leads to problem #2…

    Two: Remember the speech Julius Caesar gave to the Senate in which he said that the power should not be used to execute those at the time who were accused of treason, because even though those who wield the power now may be just, the precedent will be used later by those who are unjust. If the Democrats fail, the Republicans will have the bell they have so desperately wanted to ring rung for them. They will outlaw the Democratic party and it wouldn’t shock me if they made deviation from their party line a crime, a la (oh, the irony!) the Soviet Union or China.

  11. I totally agree. They are supposed to do their jobs instead of causing gridlock. Their beloved St. Reagan worked with Democrats. Of course, he wouldn’t be allowed in the party today. He raised taxes 11 times. Signing a pledge to Grover Norquist to not raise taxes? That, in itself, should be a violation of their oath of office. And, by the way, they put their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution, not their hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible. Just sayin’.

  12. Excellent Post. Thank you. Hope it goes viral. The country needs to wake up. America is in the process of being bought thanks to the Supreme Court. We have to reelect President Obama to get new appointments and to end this massive buyout of our Democracy.

  13. Now an ex Romney adviser has admitted that this
    was the plan.
    Bin Laden wanted to destroy the american economy but it is the republicans who have managed to do it!

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