Fox News Edits Out Bill O’Reilly Slamming Obama Heckler

Bill O’Reilly slammed heckler Neil Munro and supported Obama for calling him out, but when Fox News posted the video, they cut out O’Reilly’s criticism of the heckler.

Here is the Fox News version:

Watch the latest video at

Here is the rest of the clip from Mediate:

Fox News just so happened to edit out Bill O’Reilly’s criticism of Neil Munto and Bill-O statement that Obama was correct in calling him out, “Munro was absolutely wrong in interfering with the president’s statement. As Talking Points always says, you must respect the office of the presidency, even if you don’t like the person in it. Mr. Obama was correct in calling Munro out.”

This is par for the course for Fox News. In fact, this isn’t even the first time that they have edited O’Reilly’s statements on his own show. In May 2011, Fox News edited Bill O’Reilly when he made a comment about Shep Smith liking Common during his debate with Jon Stewart. Speaking of Jon Stewart, Fox also edited out his critical comments about the network while appearing on O’Reilly’s show.

This is business as usual for Fox News. Selectively editing video is their stock and trade, but to edit out O’Reilly’s criticism of Tucker Carlson’s conservative website in his Talking Points segment is a new low. The reason why O’Reilly has the highest rated show on cable news is because he portrays the old school rational conservative. Part of his gimmick is to be more reasonable than the rest of his Fox News colleagues, but there is no room for agreement with Obama at Fox News.

Not even Bill O’Reilly is immune to the propaganda machine’s censorship blade. Fox News is not a news network. They are Republican state run television, and this is proof once again that anybody who is watching Fox News, or visiting their website, isn’t getting the news.

5 Replies to “Fox News Edits Out Bill O’Reilly Slamming Obama Heckler”

  1. Pox viewers aren’t the most dumbed down Americans for nothing.

    I’d feel sorry for them if their brainwashed idiocy wasn’t such a danger to our country.

    Wonder how ol billo feels about that? Thanks, Jason, for keeping tabs on poxpropaganda so others won’t have to be tortured as well. Gotta know what the enemy is feeding the chickens.

  2. Fox News is Romney’s mouth piece. Notice as the primary season heated up, Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch show, who frequently featured news about Ron Paul and had Gary Johnson on as a guest often was suddenly cancelled? It was the fourth most watched show on Fox Business and suddenly it gets axed? And then there is CNN, NBC/MSNBC, CBS and ABC giving little criticism of Obama and lots of criticism of Romney. Meanwhile ALL of those networks ignore Gary Johnson because he’s got a stronger fiscal record than Romney and stronger civil rights record than Obama and makes both parties look bad.

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