Obama’s Immigration Surprise Triggers an Epic Blubbering Right Wing Meltdown

In light of the President’s dramatic announcement today that he has changed his administration’s immigration policies for younger illegal immigrants, the right has had a total meltdown. Fox News already inferred that the President did something wrong with this headline, “Obama Administration Bypasses Congress, to Give Immunity, Stop Deporting Younger Illegals.”

Fox originally had a photo of a group of handcuffed allegedly illegal immigrants to accompany this headline. So, the message was the President bypassed Congress, and granted immunity to criminals. According to Media Matters, Fox since changed the photo on the article but left it on the front page. Clever.

Things are bit more nuanced than Fox suggests.

However, Fox News is far from the only one who is having a collective mental meltdown over this.

Here is the always even keeled (/sarcasm) Rush Limbaugh comparing Obama’s immigration policy change to Nixon:

Not to be outdone, Republican politicians have donned their teabags and started misinterpreting the constitution.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
who has decided to waste taxpayer money by taking the White House to court over this policy said, “Americans should be outraged that President Obama is planning to usurp the Constitutional authority of the United States Congress and grant amnesty by edict to 1 million illegal aliens,” King said in a statement. “There is no ambiguity in Congress about whether the DREAM Act’s amnesty program should be the law of the land. It has been rejected by Congress, and yet President Obama has decided that he will move forward with it anyway. President Obama, an ex constitutional law professor, whose favorite word is audacity, is prepared to violate the principles of Constitutional Law that he taught. “The American people have rejected amnesty because it will erode the Rule of Law. In much the same way, I believe the American people will reject President Obama for his repeated efforts to violate the Constitutional separation of powers.”

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said, “This is yet another example of executive branch overreach. We have a legislative process that ensures representative governance by the consent of the American people. This action should be crafted into legislation, debated in committee and brought before the House and Senate for vote, with accordance of our Constitutional Republic way.”

Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) said, “The President’s action today is a direct slap at the American worker,” Gallegly said in a statement. “By giving 800,000 illegal immigrants work permits with no time limit or expiration date, he is telling American workers – millions of whom are unemployed through no fault of their own – that he does not care about their plight. Instead of working with Congress to help the private sector create jobs, the President continues to promote policies that rob Americans of their livelihoods. Under the Constitution it is Congress’ job to create immigration policy and it is the President’s job to enforce it. The House and Senate have repeatedly rejected the DREAM Act. Mr. President, enforce the law and stop making it harder for American workers to take care of their families.”

Rep. Gallegly apparently doesn’t understand how the government he serves in works. Policy is not the same as legislation. Congress is responsible for legislation. Policy is the principle behind the legislation. The legislation is the actual written statement that if passed and signed by the president becomes law. Policy making is not something that is exclusively owned by any of the branches of government. In the system that the Founders designed both the Legislative and Executive Branches along with citizens work together to formulate policy.

Gallegly’s claim that the change in immigration policy, which is supported by a majority of Americans, will take away jobs from citizens is equally foolish. President Obama didn’t give jobs to the people impacted by the policy shift. He made it possible for these people legally to apply for jobs.

The Republican claims of this action being a power grab are equally inaccurate. President Obama did not violate the constitution, because he did not pass a new law. The president is the head if the Executive Branch, and has the authority to direct agencies within his branch on the implementation of policy. President Obama was fully within his constitutional authority and Rep. King should be prepared to have his lawsuit laughed out of court.

The Obama administration’s new policy  grants no path to citizenship, as only Congress can do that.  What it does do is give undocumented immigrants who meet certain conditions — including but not limited to having no felony or significant misdemeanor convictions, an honorable discharge from military service or graduated from high school — the ability to apply to receive deferred action from deportation.

Here is Obama on the new Dreamers policy:

Janet Napotitano’s Department of Homeland Security memo explains the purpose of the policy shift:

“By this memorandum, I am setting forth how, in the exercise of our prosecutorial discretion, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should enforce the Nation’s immigration laws against certain young people who were brought to this country as children and know only this country as home. As a general matter, these individuals lacked the intent to violate the law and our ongoing review of pending removal cases is already offering administrative closure to many of them. However, additional measures are necessary to ensure that our enforcement resources are not expended on these low priority cases but are instead appropriately focused on people who meet our enforcement priorities.”

How can Obama do this without Congress?

Obama needs Congress to change the law; for example, only Congress can pass the original bipartisan DREAM Act. However, the President can modify existing policies of agencies that fall under the Executive Branch, and that’s what he’s doing in this case.

Janet Napolitano explained in her memo, “This memorandum confers no substantive right, immigration status or pathway to citizenship. Only the Congress, acting through its legislative authority, can confer these rights. It remains for the executive branch, however, to set forth policy for the exercise of discretion within the framework of the existing law. I have done so here.”

Furthermore, this is not immunity nor is it amnesty. It’s an offer to apply for a work visa to folks who have already proven that they’re willing to work hard.  The administration says it will allow them to focus more resources on undocumented immigrants who pose a threat.

See how that makes common sense? Well, now you know why Republicans and Fox News hate it.

They also hate it because they never saw it coming. After Obama surprised them by supporting gay marriage, you would think that they might catch on, but no. While the Republican Party has been offending Hispanic voters more than Gob Bluth’s chicken dance, President Obama was telling anyone who would listen that if Congress wouldn’t act, he would.

To the surprise of absolutely no one who is paying attention, he did.

The end result is a Republican Party that has seen their strategy of obstruction thwarted yet again, and with no plan they are left to do what they do best –  panic and blame Obama.

Immigration is the great Republican weak spot. What the president announced today was the morally correct decision, but it was also politically powerful. This is a policy shift that will play well with Latinos in states like Arizona, Colorado, and Florida.

Republicans have been thrown for a loop, and are now back in their political fetal position wondering what just happened and when Nurse Ratched will be coming with their meds.

51 Replies to “Obama’s Immigration Surprise Triggers an Epic Blubbering Right Wing Meltdown”

  1. for those who think Obama invented them, The Emancipation Proclamation of Abe Lincoln was an Executive Order

  2. Here’s a tip: the negative reaction to this stunt doesn’t merely consist of a “blubbering right-wing meltdown.”

    We now have the spectacle of a president who has gone far, far out of his way to deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrants of all ages virtually ever since he moved into the White House, a president who now, when he is slipping in the polls and has found that he cannot hope to win re-election without a huge Hispanic voter turnout in his favor, who has suddenly decided that allowing some young illegal immigrants to stay is “the right thing to do.” If that is so, then he and his administration have been unjustly persecuting these people all along.

    My own suspicion is that the exact reason why illegal immigrants have been dealt with so harshly by the Obama Administration until now is precisely because the President intended all along to make some sort of huge gesture in their favor shortly before the upcoming election. At the age of fifty-nine years, I have never in my life seen such a cynical, arrogant, hypocritical exercise in political theater. One thing, however, has at least become clear: the President of the United States is a man who has no real principles. He is a politician who will do anything, say anything he believes will help him get what he wants–in this case re-election in November. He is a man without a shred of honesty, or even common decency, who will ruthlessly manipulate the lives of tens of thousands for his own political advantage.

    Because of the above, and the numerous other instances of Mr. Obama’s arrogance and cynical opportunism, I will not be voting for him in November.

  3. I’m not one to worship the ground the man walks on, but Obama hit the nail on the head with this one. My biggest problem with illegal immigration has always been that there was no differentiation between a drug-smuggling killer from the Zetas and an honest family fighting tooth-and-nail for their kids to have a better life. This is an enormous step in the right direction, and the President has the full backing of at least one American citizen on this.

  4. Rob, I think you have it right when you say

    “the President of the United States is a man who has no real principles. He is a politician who will do anything, say anything he believes will help him get what he wants–in this case re-election in November. He is a man without a shred of honesty, or even common decency, who will ruthlessly manipulate the lives of tens of thousands for his own political advantage.”

    However, I don’t think this is just Obama that we can apply that statement to. How many other Presidents have ever taken a step like this? Whether it’s to win votes or not, it’s still a step towards improving the lives of people. I choose to look at that aspect, because I believe it’s what really matters in the long run.

  5. This is really hilarious. There is no legal amnesty given here, the president decided to just stop deporting people. And funnier if he is bypassing the congress, then is it Congress’s fault that huge numbers were deported in the last 3-8 years? Do they want that responsibility?

    Even funnier the majority of the people said they were ok with the dream act on polls at the time. The congress went against the people. Constitutional? You be the judge

  6. Those who have spoken badly about Obama are trolls. I was wondering how long it would take for them to get word of this blog and to try to invade it. I see it didn’t take long. LOL

  7. So true…and predictable, whiny, one note, self righteous, and idea free. No wonder this administration treats them like dirt on its shoulder.

  8. “He is a politician who will do anything, say anything he believes will help him get what he wants–in this case re-election in November. He is a man without a shred of honesty, or even common decency, who will ruthlessly manipulate the lives of tens of thousands for his own political advantage”.

    This is an excellent description of Mitt Romney, powerfully written and delivered.

  9. Very proud of POTUS’ decision. It is the right thing to do, and the majority of Americans agree. My personal feeling is the President just got tired of trying to get bipartisan cooperation on any matter, and just decided to do what is the best course of action. Whether or not this is a political maneuver, and it could go either way in our divided country, I applaud the action.

  10. The Repubs should know better than to hold up 157 filibusters that Pres. O wants approved. Pres. Obama has work to do and work he did today.

  11. He is the president. He is supposed to make decisions. Deporting young people to a country they have never lived in or know nothing about because their parents brought them here is wrong. Does everything always have to be about you and your little world? The Republican party has gone Mad.

  12. C’mon folks!! It’s a TEMPORARY thing!!!!

    Congress MUST PASS a legitimate bill and quit kicking the can down the road.

  13. the prez and axlerod are masters at triangulation…. brilliant, on many levels. makes the opposition play defense in a battle they cant win. controls the message, garners huge support that will only get stronger, as the diatribes from the reichwing noise machine get turned up to 11. chicago politics at its finest….

    he plays chess while they shoot craps….

  14. BTW, Obama made the GOP look very mean spirited and low brow today. The reaction from Robert Schiele proves that.

    He just keeps finding ways to make them look horrible. The GOP can shut down the GOP Latino website any time now.

  15. They not only shoot craps, they spout crap every single day. And I don’t care why he did it, it was the right thing to do. Eventually the GOP may see that demonizing half the population (women) another fourth (Hispanics,) and virtually everyone but the Koch Brothers and “I got rich on Russia” Adelson is not going to win them much this fall. 2010 theey thought, was their golden ticket to do whatever they wanted. We see how well that has worked out in WI, MI ,FL and Ohio. Personally, I will never vote for a Republican again until they can show they are more than greedy morons.

  16. LOL I can tell you that in Mexico, when you see baby Indian mexicans(the lower class mexican) you cannot tell their babys from an Asian baby. I am not surprised that the GOP who probably go to Mexico with Rush couldn’t tell the difference

  17. That whole article is crap. Don’t turn this around on the “right”. You people crack me up. Left and Right is only for you and I to argue about. This is ridiculous. Bush amnestied 22 mil illegals. So what’s the damn difference. The “Left” “melted-down” over that. Or do we forget these things? What a joke. Find something real to argue about please. This has nothing to do with left, right, up, down, and definitely not anything to do with votes. The president IS CHOSEN. OPEN YOUR EYES. OPEN YOUR CLOSED MINDS. EVER HEAR OF “THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION”. It has EVERYTHIBG to do with that. They will force feed it down our throats. Why? Because instead of getting out in the streets and fighting for something, you are all sitting in your safe little chairs typing away arguing about what they let you argue about. What a joke.

  18. LOL, no Bush did not give 22 million illegals amnesty. Too funny! He could not get the amnesty bill through the congress. His own party shut him down.

    You say find something real, then bring up the North American Union?

  19. Why is my post being moderated? Is this America still? Ever hear of free speech. You go right ahead and delete both of these posts. I don’t really care PUPPET.

  20. 1. All first time posts are moderated.
    2. Whether or not your post is published has nothing to do with free speech. Its obvious you havent a clue what free speech is. You are on someone else’s property and that someone else determines what is and is not published.
    3. To answer your question, yes this is America. You need to go back to conspiracy school

  21. I will be sure to lose sleep over your response. You could be right. Maybe he didn’t get it through. Really don’t honestly care. It’s all propaganda and lies. And the NAU is called something different now but real just the same.

    And thank you for proving my point.

  22. Sorry. I do think there will be a union someday. And the US will no longer have a constitution. But your point wasnt proven, you proved you have no credibility in 2 posts

  23. I’ve worked in school districts with large migrant worker populations. My experience is there is no difference between the child in the family born in Mexico and the child born in the local American hospital. They are American kids through and through. Many speak broken Spanish at best. Some have never been back to Mexico. During the Bush Administration, a large number of teen-aged kids were deported to Mexico. They didn’t have a clue how to go on. They were American kids except for accident of birth. Many ended up a major problem to the Mexicans because they formed gangs to survive. For whatever reason, the President did the humane thing.

  24. I believe you can disagree with Mr. Obama and not be a troll. I certainly don’t agree with everything he does and I’m a bona-fide latte-drinking, Prius driving, bleeding heart Liberal.

  25. ROFLMAO!

    Jeeesh, where did you slither in from? What rock have you been living under? North American Union? That claptrap was dead before it left the gate… proved to be nonsense the day it started going around! I thought that stuff had been buried YEARS ago.

    OH, I get it. You’re afraid of those horrible Mexicans. Oh, horrors, someone not like you might move in next door! They might even have brown skin!!! Run in fear! Panic!!!

    (BTW, I’d rather have a Mexican living next door than any white bigots… for one thing, they work harder and are less noisy – and I get along fine with them for the most part. They’re also less likely to have some racist bigot flag hanging from the front porch. No, let me make that clearer – we HAD Latinos living next door for a year, and it was far quieter with less problems, than all of the “good” white people who’d rented that place before.)

  26. Maybe now the Border Patrol will take their cars from staking out the interstates, looking for vans loaded with dark-skinned people. In November and part of December, some colleagues and I drove regularly to Mississippi for a job. Only ONE time (coming back on the last trip) the Border Patrol weren’t parked somewhere near the intersection of I-75 and I-10 (North Central Florida), waiting for people to pull (to check for papers). I’m trying to remember… I think we traveled up 4 times, so we saw them 7 out of 8 times as we passed the area.

    One time we did see them with a van full of Latinos, but I don’t know the outcome of that. One of my colleagues (also friend) told me what was going on – he’s Mexican-American and born in this country (ditto for his folks).

  27. I dont think this applies to the attempts to stop illegal immigration, it applies to people with certain requirements met

  28. Dammit, I’d rather have a big, jolly Mexican family next door than some of the creeps I had. I don’t care if they do all the stereotypic things they actually don’t do: I *love* roosters and burros!

  29. *Have you forgotten that there have been numerous attempts since the DREAM Act was developed in 2001 to get the bill passed?

    *Have you forgotten that the last attempt to pass the DREAM Act occurred in December 2010, and that the republicans in the Senate filibustered it? The House had already passed the DREAM Act.

    *Have you forgotten that President Bush had a plan to reform immigration in 2007, but the members of his own party prevented him from doing it?

    *Have you forgotten that Article II of the Constitution allows an American president to do some things by executive order?

    Vote for whomever you please. That’s your prerogative, but you’re wrong about President Obama using this as a political strategy to win re-election in November. I’ve lost track of the number of times he’s asked Congress to reform our immigration system and to Pass the DREAM Act. I do know that he said that if Congress won’t act, he will. Congress refuses to work on immigration reform, so the president is doing what the Constitution will allow him to do in regard to young, undocumented immigrants. This is not a power grab, and anyone who thinks it is hasn’t read Article II of the U.S. Constitution. Your response reeks of RW talking points, so I doubt that you voted for Barack Obama in 2008, so losing your vote in November is no biggie.

  30. So, uh, because you want a man of principles in the White House you are going to help Mitt Romney win? (not voting Obama – even if you are voting for a 3rd party candidate is simply helping Romney get in) … do you realize how preposterous that is?

  31. President Obama is on a roll lately. Anyone who doesn’t get out and vote for him this Fall is a part of the problem.

  32. Yeah, I know. I just hope that they will roll back some of the more outrageous things.

    Sometimes those people stopped are traveling to be with their families… and if they get deported, their family goes through real hardship. Imagine what it would be like for a kid whose parents suddenly vanish because they got caught like that.

    Of course, some of the Republicans want to strip the kids of their citizenship and ship them out too…

  33. (Laugh!) Our Latino neighbors DID do some of the stereotypical things, and yeah, a couple of times it became a bit of a problem. Most of the time, however, it was entertaining if not a downright hoot.

    Like the night the husband got so drunk that he passed out in the ditch while walking home… and some of our neighbors thought we had a dead body on our hands! (That opinion quickly changed with one rather loud snore!)

    They were quiet, hard-working people and I’d rather have had them around than any of the other pains-in-the-ass that were in there before them. They were a world nicer than some other neighbors… like the ones who love to rant and preach “Good Conservative Christianity” across the fence.

  34. Ron Paul wants to take out the citizenship amendment. The little paulinks follow right along not caring that children they have under his rule would not be citizens. Not that anything he wants would ever get passed

  35. The more I read and see, the more I’m impressed with him. I agree… we’ve all got to get out and vote, and I hope that we will be lucky enough to find others like him when his 8 years are over.

  36. I work nights, so I didn’t mind the Tejano music at 2 a.m. ;-_

    Like some others, I’d rather have a nice Latino family living next to me than some of the white busybodies and judgemental a-holes I’ve had the misfortune to have as neighbors.

  37. Robert, your comments are mostly ludicrous. You are right in so far that the enforcement of the law has given Obama the cover he needs to make changes. Just as his harsh course on Al Quaida drone-mediated killings gives him leeway not to jump on the ‘bomb Iran’ bandwagon.

    The rest of your post is an attempt to help the Republicans win in November. Considering your complaints I somehow wonder why you consider that the preferable course of history.

  38. When DOESN’T the hard right have a “meltdown” at President Obama’s successes? The fact that they exhibit mean-spirited attitudes in their words and behavior on a daily basis, even with their own constituents, means that this is nothing new. It’s ironic that many Republican politicians once espoused this kind of action, but have made up their minds to be oppositional to this president in a bid to make him fail. It shows how little they care about most Americans, including those kids born to people who migrated here legally or illegally, regardless of the fact that they have no connection with the countries their parents came from other than their ancestry and the customs their parents maintain.

  39. There is a big difference between speaking badly and disagreeing, unless, of course, you’re a troll.
    You can disagree with someone and not treat them badly, it seems the “trolls” haven’t figured that one out.
    My Representative in Congress is Peter DeFazio, I have the upmost respect for him, even though, I do not agree with him all the time. What gets me through that process is that I know he has Oregon and America’s best interest in his heart and mind.
    So, you see, I can disagree with respect. That seems to be the idea that is lacking in some.

  40. “I have never in my life seen such a cynical, arrogant, hypocritical exercise in political theater.”
    You must have missed Congressman Steve King on the floor of the House attempting to pass an amendment to ban the application of Davis-Bacon wage parity rules to construction projects for renewable energy that receive government tax credits. Congressman King’s district has the most of these projects and his family’s construction company builds most of those.

  41. If a “white” person doesnt have a job, its because he doesnt want to. Have you ever seen a white person cutting people’s yards?! If you’re a hard worker, you will work in anything. Like a lot of people have said, i rather have a latino family that is nice. Besides a requirement for the people that will get working visas is that they shall have no criminal background so NO they re not criminals. Theres a lot of students out there that have no papers, yet are responsible, hard workers an good students. People really need to stop thinking that mexicans come to the USA to do stupid things, they come to WORK and hoping for a BETTER FUTURE.

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