Bill Maher Exposes and Obliterates the Right’s Racist Propaganda

Bill Maher has done something the media refuses to do. He actually looked at the images used in conservative media and called out their racism.

Here is the video from Mediaite:

Maher was talking about Gwyneth Paltrow’s N-word tweet and said, “I would just like to say the problem with racism is not Gwyneth Paltrow. The problem with racism is Matt Drudge. I picked from Matt Drudge’s website, just over a month, we monitored this. Just as a couple, show some of the pictures that were on Matt. There, Mike Tyson looking like he’s going to eat your head. Oh yes, Louis Farrakhan, because he’s so relevant now. Oh, and Marion Barry, he’s in the news every day also. Oh yes, Reverend Wright, because he matters to your life so much. This is who appears on the Drudge Report. Oh yes, and there’s Al Sharpton telling Eric Holder what he should do. And Michael Jordan angry because that’s how we all remember him.”

Hallelujah!!!! Somebody in the mainstream finally gets it. Maher used Drudge as his example, but anyone who visits conservative websites on any given day will be given a dose of this not so subtle messaging.

There was Obama’s Hip Hop BBQ from Fox Nation:

The Daily Caller with the classic, “we aren’t racists, they are” headline (complete with scary black man photo):

Breitbart’s image of Michelle Obama as the angry, threatening, black woman:

All of the photographs share some common traits. The African-Americans in each photo have their mouths open. If their mouths aren’t open, they have a look on their faces that could be considered threatening. Even the one person who is smiling (Charles Barkley) is shown at an angle where his smile could be interpreted as sinister.

The point of these photos, and the ones Maher showed, is fear. Conservative websites are spreading fear among their white audiences that, “the blacks” are taking over. Painting African-Americans in a threatening light is also a way to revive racial fissures and politically divide the country.

The mainstream media condones this imagery everyday by saying nothing. They only speak when the disrespect and racism grows too big and too obvious to ignore.  For example, they notice when a conservative reporter interrupts the president in the middle of his remarks; otherwise the media is happy to pretend like this type of racist messaging doesn’t exist.

Bill Maher went to where the mainstream media won’t go, and it wasn’t difficult to do. The racism is easy to identify. The right wing media isn’t hiding it. It’s out there every day for anyone who wants to find it. All they have to do is open their eyes and look.

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  1. Well, at last somebody’s said it! Anything pretending to be mainstream media can’t come out with frank bigotry, but the images and the snide allusions can’t be missed, and even when the presstitutes don’t agree, they’re not allowed to point it out. I am afraid that there are too many people who’d vote for Rott Mimney just to get those scary black people out of government and “turn the White House white again”, and if they keep on being bombarded with these images, they’re likely to.

  2. Good comments guys! We know it, they know it, yet they deny it. These patterns aren’t by accident.

  3. It won’t be long in the Republicans will be telling people to go ahead and vote for the white guy. They will be telling white people not to be ashamed or feel guilty for not voting for the black guy.

    I can see this happening

  4. We have a country of racist ignoramuses who all need to hope the healthcare bill stays intact because they all need to seek help from a mental health specialist.

  5. Methinks thou dost protest too much. Here’s what I see:

    Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama obviously in the middle of speeches and happened to be caught with their mouths open. Maybe they are speaking passionately about something – nothing wrong with that.

    Charles Barkley’s smile sinister? Please! I looked at that picture for several seconds and saw nothing but a nice smile.

    President Obama looks like he might be winking, a bit of an odd expression maybe, but looks more happy than angry.

    Chris Rock seems to not have much of any kind of facial expression – it’s just kind of there.

    Forgive my ignorance, but I can’t identify the gentleman on the far right of the panel of four, but if anything he looks scared himself rather than scary.

    We dilute the seriousness of true racism if we look too hard for it.

  6. Trayvon Martin is obvious as hell, yet the media lets the RW echo chamber lionize Zimmerman. And since 1980 (Reagan) incarceration has gone up drastically, with blacks being 5 times as likely to be in prison as whites. Hispanics twice as much as whites. Laws are written for the white male. Here is a good breakdown of crime and imprisonment in the world.

  7. (Thought I would share this. I think it is appropriate here. WARNING THE AUTHOR SWEARS A LOT.)

    A letter to the illiterate.

    October 27, 2010 § Leave a Comment

    Dear bug eaters,

    Shut the fuck up. Just for five fucking minutes.

    We know you want to end taxation. We know you don’t care that every reputable economist on the goddamned fucking planet has tried to explain to you inbred sisterfuckers that austerity budgets and tax breaks for billionaires and transnational corporations makes joblessness worse, not better. It makes the recession worse, not better. It makes the deficit worse, not better.

    But you don’t care what experts have to say, do you, knuckle-draggers, because all you care about is what makes you feel better. And what makes you feel better, apparently, is waddling up and down the street with powdered wigs and little flags and misspelled signs with pictures of the president wearing a turban, and you think that makes your opinion equal to those of educated experts who do research for a living. Don’t you get how utterly fucking bug-stupid that makes you look?

    We know you want to drill for oil in Yellowstone and downtown Detroit and fucking Disneyland and two miles down through the fucking Antarctic ice cap and on Mars and every goddamned place you can think of, until the entire solar system is a polluted piece of steaming shit just like fucking Texas.

    We know you email each other ape jokes and watermelon jokes and other racist Ku Klux Klan fucking bullshit–just what, three years?– after screaming TREASON! at anyone who dared disagree with George W. Bush, and two years after deciding to tell everyone you’re not actually Republican because that would mean you voted for the moron who destroyed our economy.

    Guess what? The 80 percent of us who think you’re a bunch of fucking retarded clowns are sick and tired of hearing about you. The 80 percent of us who think education is actually a good thing are tired of hearing you pontificate about shit you don’t know because you can barely spell your own names.

    Like how you think the Internet is a bunch of fucking tubes.

    How you think evolution isn’t real because the other monkeys haven’t evolved into people yet.

    How you think we’ll still have roads and courtrooms and jails and people checking for e.coli in your WalMart burger meat without paying any taxes.

    How you think it’s okay for you to accuse the president of being Muslim without any evidence—and then act like it’s a bad thing if he WAS a Muslim because you loathsome asswipes judge people by what group they belong to—not by their credentials as individuals.

    How you hate Affirmative Action until it’s used to give preferential treatment to white students over students from Asia, or preferential treatment to the underachieving white children of the wealthiest donors. What a fucking bunch of racist hypocrites.

    How you think lesbians have taken over the public university system—despite the fact that all the trustees and presidents and football coaches and most of the professors and most of the students and every evil fucker in any position of power happens to be in possession of a snow white penis.

    How you think unions are the bullies with all the power and all the money while corporations are the victims with none of the power and none of the money, with no incentive to screw you because for some reason you’d rather pay them double, triple, quadruple for the same fucking services your taxes used to provide before they were used to pay for tax cuts to people who own yachts and jets. You dumb fucking idiots.

    How you think some stupid bitch from Alaska actually knows any goddamned fucking thing about Russia just because Alaska is closer to Russia, than say, the Russian embassy in Washington Fucking D.C., you geopolitically-challenged shit-for-brained nine-year-olds! Meanwhile not a single one of you can say a single specific thing about any specific policy this stupid bitch has ever advocated. But you will of course scream at the top of your lungs that calling her bitch is sooooo wrong because Lord knows you’ve never called Hillary the c-word after wiping the beer foam off the ends of your snouts. What a bunch of misogynistic hypocrites.

    Fuck you and your own personal fucking “news” channel, where you’re invited to spew your fucktarded bullshit with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and the rest of the animal house twenty four hours every fucking merciless day. If they told you the only way to love America was to take a dump on on a downtown street corner, you’d be pushing each other out of the way to be first. Did you know they laugh at you behind your backs every two weeks when their seven-figure paychecks arrive, you stupid tools?

    Liberal media, huh? One million Latinos march for immigration reform in Los Angeles, but on every donkeypissing television station across America all we see is a tribe of twenty assholes in plaid picketing on a street corner in Arizona because they flunked economics AND history in high school and don’t know the first thing about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the history of our court system, OR the history of the last eight goddamned years in this country we love more than you do. Yes, more than you do—because we care enough about it to protect everyone’s freedoms—not just our own. Everyone’s property, not just our own. Everyone’s tax money, not just our own.

    What a smarmy drooling circus you fuckers are.

    Shut the fuck up for five fucking minutes, just for once. A town hall meeting is not for screamers. No one wants to smell your Cheetos breath from across the room. No one wants to smell the sweat stains under your armpits as you flail, spraying spittle. A town hall meeting is for people to discuss things, not scream. Stop fucking playing the victim when the SEIU dares to use YOUR OWN goddamned town hall tactics against you. Just because most of the rest of us fear all you scary, hooded, screaming, violent bastards doesn’t mean we all have to just sit there and take it. Fuck you. We want you to go away, back to your basements, back to your generators and your canned peas and your mistranslated bibles and your pregnant daughters, waiting for the rapture while you leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

    You lost the goddamned fucking presidential election, you bastards.

  8. I thought the racism in the Hip Hop BBQ had to do with Chris Rock and Charles Barkley being in the montage. When thinking of hip hop no one thinks Charles Barkley and Chris Rock. It’d be like calling it heavy metal BBQ if Will Farrel and Larry Bird had dinner with George Bush. It makes no sense unless you have some ridiculous racial stereotype in you mind while writing that headline.

  9. Need to calm yourself Karen. You are right enough with your views but learn to channel them without the anger leave that to the tea party.

  10. So the caption under Michelle Obama is not racist?

    “Michelle is telling the people it is time to “community organize”… for her husband”

    President was a community organizer long ago just like Romney was a prank playing frat boy long ago. Community organizer to them is a dog whistle in the tradition of Lee Atwater. You can deny it all you want but the rest of us know exactly what they are doing. Rev Al left Gingrich almost speechless when he called him on it this week.

  11. It sure did not bother me in fact he just said what most people want to say and the cussing is because it HAS gotten that ridicufuckingous

  12. Newsflash – community organizing is EXACTLY what you do if you want to get your candidate elected, for City Council, President of the United States, and everything in between. Maybe the GOP doesn’t recognize this because they rely so much on big money and airwars, but for us Democrats this perfectly legitimate. There are no racist connotations to community organizing. It just means getting people together and activated to support a cause, in this case a candidate. It means canvassing, phone calls, house parties, etc. This is the lifeblood of any successful and self-respecting grassroots campaign.

  13. this guy wins the internets. I just wish I could see what he has to say about the current clusterfuck of morons.

  14. Karen, Dear, thank you so much. As a Social Psychologist, I have been trying since the election to move this page closer to the front with little success until recently, when everyone’s friend, Dr. Bill Cosby came out swinging. This is sad and dangerous and everyone of us must stand up and bring us back to the 21st Century.

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