I Like To Fire People: Romney Made $20,000 For Every Worker He Laid Off

A lot can be said about a man and how he makes his money. You have those who add wealth by creating things –  Henry Ford falls into this category. Then you have people like Mitt Romney, he invests money, that’s it! He then tells the industrialist, like Henry Ford, to lay off workers, in order to increase his own personal wealth.

Well, Mitt Romney has profited handsomely by laying off people for his own personal gain. In fact he made, $20,000 per laid off worker.

In an article by The Street.com they break down how Romney profited immensely off the suffering of his fellow American citizens.

So, as Romney tours the country, telling Americans he knows how to create jobs better than President Obama, remember how he became so wealthy.

Here is the breakdown from the article:

• American Pad & Paper: Bain invested $5 million in the small paper company in 1992, and reportedly collected $100 million in dividends on that investment. AMPAD went bankrupt in 2000, laying off 385 employees.

• Dade Behring: Bain Capital invested $415 million in a leveraged buyout in 1994, borrowed an additional $421 million, and ultimately walked away with $1.78 billion. Dade filed for bankruptcy in 2002, and 2,000 workers lost their jobs.

• DDI Corporation: Bain Capital reportedly invested $46.3 million in 1997, reaping $85.5 million in profits and an additional $10 million in management fees. When the company later went bankrupt, 2,100 workers were laid off.

• GS International: In a somewhat less profitable transaction, Bain Capital invested $60 million in 1993 and received $65 million in dividends. This company, too, went bankrupt in 2002, and 750 workers lost their jobs.

• Stage Stores: Bain invested $5 million to purchase the company and took it public in the mid-’90s, reaping $100 million from stock offerings. Stage filed for bankruptcy in 2000, and 5,795 workers reportedly were laid off.

America can not afford a President who puts profits before people, ever!

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  1. And it cost the US taxpayer at least as much for worker laid off, as unemployment insurance and State, local and Federal resources had to step in to support the worker.

    And we’re not even talking about wrecked pension plans yet, that US taxpayers had to prop up as Romney and others like him savaged US companies to screw workers.

    And we’re not even talking about how tax laws have been changed by corrupt politicians with the help of lobbyists, allowing vultures like Romney to use OTHER people’s money and still get a long term capital gains declaration, getting taxed at 15% on those profits, with American taxpayers having to make up the slack.

  2. People like to talk about Romney saving the Olympics, however very few people know how he did it. He went to the Congress and used lobbyists to get money from our Congress. He didn’t do anything to save the Olympics except to use our money to pay off the bills. Our money, his credit

  3. Mitt Romney doesn’t worry about the problems of poor people … because there is a “safety net” … which he wants to defund … because people (including single, full-time moms) who depend upon financial assistance such as food stamps lack dignity … because you must be completely self-sufficient to have self-worth … unless you inherited vast wealth … in which case you are inherently highly dignified … because you are a person of power and authority … who gets to enjoy the sheer pleasure of firing people … which Mitt did countless times while running Bain Capital, creating huge profits … for himself and his fellow investors … at the expense of fired workers … who, as a result, often joined the growing ranks of poor people in America … which Mitt doesn’t worry about.

  4. Need some one to give me a date for the interview below..A partial is at C/L but can’t find the original attribution:

    10:00 AM MDT
    and in other Romney news:

    Just before embarking on his bus tour Romney was interviewed by Sean Hannity.

    Hannity asked Mitt what he hoped to accomplishon tour.

    Romney replied; “well Sean many have been saying that I am out of touch with regular americans and on this tour I will have the opportunity to show that I really do have a connection with regular everyday americans. By it’s very nature a bus tour is a connection. Sean you do realize that the bus is the preferred mode of transportation by the coloreds and hispanics all across this great nation of ours…

    …I recall when I was a child our housekeeper took the bus to and from our neighborhood everyday to work and just like her my bus won’t stop till the work is done.”

    As to being paid for layoffs ..No surprise..LBO’s always profit from despair!

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