Shades of Sarah Palin as Mitt Romney Bombs On Face The Nation

Even with Bob Schieffer being as gentle as only the corporate media can, there is no escaping the conclusion that Mitt Romney bombed his first non-Fox Sunday morning interview.

This interview went wrong in so many ways.

Here is Mitt Romney dodging Bob Schieffer’s questions about whether or not he would repeal President Obama’s change in immigration policy:


SCHIEFFER: “[W]ould you repeal [Obama’s immigration] order if you became president?” …

ROMNEY: “This is something Congress has been working on, and I thought we were about to see some proposals brought forward by Senator Marco Rubio and by Democrat senators, but the President jumped in and said I’m going to take this action … [H]e was president for the last three and a half years and did nothing on immigration. Two years he had a Democrat House and Senate, did nothing of a permanent or long-term basis. What I would do, is I’d make sure that by coming into office, I would work with Congress to put in place a long-term solution for the children of those that have come here illegally.” …

SCHIEFFER: “But would you repeal this?” …

ROMNEY: “[M]y anticipation is I’d come into office and say we need to get this done, on a long-term basis, not this kind of stop-gap measure. What the president did, he should have worked on this years ago, if he felt seriously about this he should have taken action when he had a Democrat House and Senate, but he didn’t. He saves these sort of things until four and a half months before the general election.” …

Schieffer had to ask Romney five times about Obama’s immigration change, and his answer was…..nothing.

Romney was successful in pivoting from dodging answers to blatantly omitting the truth from his tax plan.

Here’s Mitt’s song and dance on taxing the wealthy:

Romney repeatedly claimed that cutting taxes for everyone would spur economic growth, and he also promised that the wealthy would not pay more in taxes. What Romney left out was that poor and middle class taxpayers would see their taxes go up because of deductions that would be eliminated. As everyone else pays more, the wealthy would see a 20% tax cut on top of the Bush tax cuts. Romney wasn’t lying when he said the wealthy wouldn’t pay more, but he didn’t bother to tell America that they would be paying a lot less under his plan.

It took him three minutes of long winded dodging and babbling about the tax code before he finally admitted the rich would not pay more under his plan.

Way to connect with America, Mittens!!!

When asked about how he would unify the country, Romney’s big pitch was that he doesn’t care about reelections:

Romney said, “I don’t care about re-elections, I don’t care about the partisanship that goes on. I want to get America right.” Wow, what a visionary. Could it be that he doesn’t care about reelections yet, because he hasn’t been elected?

Despite the fact that Bob Schieffer tried to be as gentle as possible with the timid creature known as Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee demonstrated why he doesn’t stray very far away from Fox News.

Face The Nation’s Bob Schieffer and Mitt Romney enjoy a romantic stroll in Pennsylvania.

Schieffer and Romney walked and you could almost see the CBS News veteran take the Republican nominee’s hand in his and whisper, “It’s okay, big fella’, I’m going to take care of you.”

Schieffer tried to take care of Romney. Everything from the setting — Romney was outdoors, not in the studio –  to the staging of the Romney bus pulling up to the cheers of likely campaign staffers as Bob Schieffer opened the show was designed to make the Republican nominee look good.

But Romney didn’t look good, he struck out on softballs.

This interview didn’t humanize or present Mitt Romney as a better alternative to Obama. Schieffer’s questions were simple. The Romney campaign should have been prepared for them days ago, yet there Romney was fumbling, bumbling, and dodging through seventeen painful minutes.

Romney’s first network Sunday morning news show interview should have been big news, but the only news coming out of it was just how bad Romney was.

The Face The Nation appearance reinforced the notion that rich boy Romney folds like a cheap tent when the slightest bit of pressure is applied on him.

At times Romney’s babbles and dodges reminded one of another Republican candidate who avoided the mainstream media at all costs, but unlike Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin actually had more broadcast interviews early in her campaign than Mitt Romney has. By design, Romney has been more sheltered from the mainstream press than Sarah Palin was in the early fall of 2008.

One look at Romney on Face The Nation was all it took to explain why. Romney doesn’t possess Palin’s happy ignorance, but he shares with her an inability to give a straight answer and a genuine lack of substance.

Obama put a bullet in Bin Laden’s brain. Romney can’t tell us if he will repeal the new immigration policy, or what tax deductions he will eliminate without talking to Congress first.

This difference may end up being the biggest reason why Obama is the president, and Romney never might be.

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  1. “When asked about how he would unify the country, Romney’s big pitch was that he doesn’t care about reelections”
    He’s getting coached by Christie. Anyone from Jersey can spot where our liar in chief leaves his mark.

    We keep hearing that “Obama had a majority for two years”.
    Someone should call him on this. It’s everywhere on comments.

    Democrats had a 60 seat majority from September 24, 2009 through February 4, 2010. 4 months…not 2 years!!

  3. ‎”Rich boy Romney folds like a cheap tent when the slightest bit of pressure is applied”

    ^ KAPOW!

    On another note, i don’t like that the start of “his” interview was spent bad-mouthing President Obama with GOP LIES:

    Lie #1) President Obama didn’t do anything about Immigration reform until 4 months before the election. (implying he doesn’t care about people & just wants votes)

    Yes, the Dems put forth the Dream Act which Republicans obstructed along party lines. President Obama has always been loathe to issue Executive orders because as a constitutional lawyer, he feels they over-step our democratic gov’t. In this case, he did it because it’s become clear the GOP is going to obstruct everything and for 2 other reasons:

    A – Brewer had an anti-youth immigration law ruling coming down the pike any day now

    B – GOP Token Tio Thomas, aka, Marco Rubio (FL) was going to put forth his own version of the Dream Act that the GOP ALREADY filibustered & voted against. Why should we let republicans try to take credit for things they already lock-step destroyed but are pushing NOW because they suddenly woke up from their racist stupor & realized just how much they NEED the Latino vote?

    LIE #2) Obama had a Dem majority for 2 years.

    No he didn’t! How many times is this GOP LIE gonna be paraded around w/o rebuke from the MSM?

    the myth of the dem majority

  4. “He was President for the last 3 and half years and did NOTHING on immigration”.
    Why did Mr. Schieffer give him a pass on this? President Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Bush ever did.
    When journalist fail to follow through, it only makes them appear either ignorant, bought or partisan.

  5. Methinks Romney is just not very smart.

    But then his whole party is riddled with what seems like the same contradictory, stupid stances (“the president can’t unilaterally stop deporting young immigrants” / “the president can unilaterally take us into a horrendous war”).

    It isn’t just any kind of stupid, though, it’s the learned stupidity of someone (and some political party) who utterly refuses to comprehend anyone else’s perspective, who stubbornly refuses to think from the point of view of another human being, and who thinks money will solve all problems by insulating ‘me and mine’ from ‘you and yours.’

    Banal, evil.

  6. I don’t care about re-elections,” Translation: “I can finish destroying this country in just four years.”

  7. Omigod, I just finished filling out the FAFSA for my daughter for college financial aid. Most painful few hours I’ve ever been through. It just reminded me how little I ended up taking home – and that I’m in a higher tax bracket than Mittens, but make waaaaaay less money. Funny isn’t it. I read that trickle down ecconomics means that if the rich get more food on their table, they’ll drop more on the floor so the poor will get more scraps.

  8. Yeah, that whole reelection spiel is, unbelievably, the biggest pile of horsesh*t in the entire interview. It’s obvious from the previous clips that he basically has NO concrete plans or proposals to make good on all those promises to magically fix the country. (Other than the indefatigable power of his Mystical Mormon Money-Making Mastery™, of course. Which appears to be some closely-guarded secret technique, one about which he can’t risk revealing any details. But that’s OK, he’ll just handle it Way Better Than Obama. That’s gotta work!)

    But to hear him spew that crap about reelection, it’s clear he hasn’t even really bothered to think through how any of this stuff plays out, down the road! Like, yaknow, the fact that we have political parties in this country, including the one that’ll soon be nominating him to run for President on their ticket. (After doing all 264 of those Republican Primary debates, surely it can’t have slipped his mind that he’s not running as an Independent, right?)

    Hey, Mittens, I’m sure everybody agrees that it’s great how you don’t care about reelections. But, just for laughs, let’s fast-forward to 2015, three years into your hypothetical Presidency. It’s Primary season, which for the GOP means flip-all, because they’ve got an incumbent! Woo! Most likely they won’t even bother to pretend there’s any competiton for the nomination, but regardless — unless your first term is an unmitigated catastrophe of indescribable proportions, you’ll once again be the Republican candidate. The only other way that changes, barring epic disaster, is if you decide you’re done with being Prez, decline to run for re-election at all, and voluntarily declare yourself a one-term President, forcing a real Republican Primary. (Let’s not kid ourselves: Exactly nobody believes that’s happening.)

    So, here we are, the 2016 Presidential race: Romney (R) vs. Socialistliberaltaxwhore (D). Suddenly, unless you want the Democratic nominee to run effectively unopposed, and win (which means turning control of the White House over to, let’s assume, some Thirtysomething Feminist Jewish Lesbian Kindergarden Teacher… from Long Island! *gasp!*) — unless you want that to happen, you very much have to care about reelection. Whether you want to, or not! Whether you plan to, or not! Whether you promise to, or not! Whether you “care” to, or not!

    Wow. Sounds like it really sucks being the guy up at the head of the table, the one who has to think of the Big Picture, and doesn’t get to make decisions just based on what he “cares about”. Being the boss sounds haaaard. …Oh, but wait! Isn’t that supposed to be your “thing” already, the reason why you’d make such a great President? Because you already know how to do that?

    Yeah, sure. Pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells.

  9. Romney always criticizes the President on things like Syria, but when asked what he would do diffent, replies, “Well, we don’t have to talk about that right now.” Or on how he’d differ with Obama in working with the crisis in the eurozone, “Well, that’s a problem I’d work closely on with Congress.” WTF?????? This guy acts like he’s running for leadership of the local Anti-Mensa Society, not the leader of the free world.

  10. Love the laugh when he related that his democratic legislature got most of what they wanted. I thought he was a grand leader, so he either agreed with the democrats on legislation or he was a pushover?

  11. I don’t think Mitt Romney is very intelligent. For someone who has been running for president since (at least) 2006, he seems to have done no thinking about the serious issues that face this country and the world. He has not traveled widely abroad. He has had little or no experience among ordinary working Americans, unless they are working at his many mansions. His inappropriate comments about foreign affairs throughout the primary campaign, his inability to come up with any better tax solution than more-of-the-same-GOP-trickle-down nonsense, his absurd plan to spend much more on the military mainly by building ships (does he think he’s in 1900 Europe?). Nothing original; nothing innovative and no sign whatsoever that he has an inkling about what life in America is really all about. Just the same old GOP drivel. And, of course, even more draconian plans for women.

  12. Thank you! I just posted this very thing on another website.
    McCain spewed the same lie on MTP this morning and David Gregory sat there with his thumb up his behind.

    This is the biggest lie being told.
    Also – Lieberman is not a Dem and they are counting him, so we really never did have a 60 seat majority.

    Keep repeating this – people need to wake up.

  13. What did we learn from Mitt appearence on Face the Nation? Why haven’t Mitt Romney released his tax returns? How will he pay for the 5 trillion dollars tax cuts for the rich? What is his plan for creating jobs? Does he support the Dream Act? What does he have against teachers, policemen, fire fighters, middle class Americans. Did we learn the same old thing which is Mitt Romney is a liar. Newt called Mitt a liar, Rudy Giuliani said he was man without a core.

  14. …To be fair, “Rudy Giuliani is critical of him” sounds more like an endorsement than a criticism. ;-)

  15. Mitt, I don’t know if you noticed it but the GOP filibustered an attempt to pass the WH/Democratic-backed Dream Act in 2010, which, of course, was nearly 2 whole years earlier. The Republicans have been in charge of the House since January 2011 and have permitted virtually nothing that the President supports to become law, let alone allow proposals a vote in the Senate (in most cases). The historical revisionism currently being conducted by the Repubs and Romney is simply breathtaking in its hypocrisy and shamelessness IMHO!

  16. Grover Norquist doesn’t need someone who thinks….just someone who can hold a pen.

    Mittens is exactly their man. Scary, ain’t it?

  17. Mitt is vague about specifics on virtually every issue because there are no specifics. He’ll continually flip-flop on his policy positions because he is a habitual panderer desperately seeking validation from the voters. He makes crap up because he cannot be bothered with doing his homework so that his comments are drawn from verifiable facts and reflect reality.

    I would suggest that Romney lacks the courage of his convictions, but Mitt doesn’t appear to have any convictions.

    Most folks would regard these traits as weaknesses, but Mitt probably regards them as character attributes. Bottom line, if he believes that it will help him to get elected, it’s all good.

  18. He couldn’t answer any of those questions because he has no earthly idea what he would do if elected. He doesn’t want to be President, he just doesn’t want PBO to be reelected. Plus, Willard being elected would put him one up on his dad who didn’t make it. All the GOP and RWNJ’s know how to do is lie and he’s the biggest one. He’ll even keep repeating the same things when he’s been shown that he’s wrong. We really need to work hard to make sure that he and his Bush buddies don’t win and finish what they started in 2008.

  19. Good to see interviewers throwing Mitt easy questions, like a trainer tossing a circus seal some anchovies. Unfortunately, Mitt needs to learn how to catch the anchovies first. He may not be a good presidential option, but he will make an excellent sock-puppet if elected.

  20. The thing about Mitt Romney is that he isn’t a particularly terrible guy. He just doesn’t really stand for anything in particular. He’s a thoroughly unexceptional person that just happened to be born into incredible privilege. If he’d been born to a middle class family, none of us would ever have heard of him because he certainly would have accomplished nothing of any particular note.

  21. From a non usa view, it seems like Mittens and his gang are all part of the Re-elect Obama committee.

    Or as they say in American sports, this year the Republican party is rebuilding.

    But not to worry, I predict Barak for the next four, Michelle for the following eight, and then lets see what the kids want to do after that.

  22. Romney is the candidate running for POTUS and playing the role of the wizard in “The Wizard of OZ.” We are to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Romney is probably being told by his advisers that he did a great job in this interview, even though he came across as very evasive, cowardly, and dishonest. This is necessary in order to reinforce his fragile ego and to insure that he’s able to continue carrying on this farce until November.

  23. Is this guy Harvard educated????

    How did he get in???

    Oh well, Kennedy in ’80 fumbled in front of Roger Mudd.

  24. Omg vomit-worthY! He’s SOOOOO desperate to make people believe austerity is the way, with his “if we keep going down this track, we’ll end up like Europe” BULLCHIT! His party is the one advocating for the exact thing EU is doing! His party’s republican governors are the ones who have gutted all public services in their states, right down to the firemen, teachers, police, etc. I’m so sick of the lies. Always the lies.

    And his ‘concern’ for undocumented workers. Oh give me a break. His usual fluff phrases that do NOT say anything of substance, to mask his real agenda, like “we need a long term plan so these people know what to expect”….uh, yeah, right Romney, the Arizona agenda you endorsed, the “let’s make them so miserable they’ll self deport” or the “let’s deprive them of running water, electricity, refuse pickup so they can’t live”. He **always** words his phrases to where he can say he never said this or that. Etch a sketch. He no more has any concern for the undocumented people in this country other than how fast he can deport them. His faux piety makes me barf.

    We’ll never know what his plans are, because the conservative media will always throw softballs at him and not challenge him in any way, and he’ll never in a million years do an interview with any other kind of media. He’s going to get his arse handed to him in the debates though, the one place he cannot hide.

  25. Let’s not forget either…..the other “businessmen” we elected president were disasters. The country is not run as a business, the government is not a business, and the private sector is NOT the be all and end all. Not everyone wants to be an effin’ small business owner, Mittens, get that through your head.

  26. Couldn’t agree more. His entry into the business world and into politics are from his father.

    What is truly fascinating is that he is so hollow given the enormous privilege he’s had his entire life.

  27. Not only was he coming off like the idiot he really is…but Willard uses the exact same material he used when running for governor of Massachusetts. Since we know how that success story went…why should anyone expect anything different from someone with no original ideas or a personality different than fecal waste floating in a toilet bowl.

  28. Seems to me that because of the threat(and use) of Republican filibuster, Obama couldn’t pass any kind of immigration reform. Seems to me that the problem has been and is a GOP that will stop every policy put forth by Obama, even policies the GOP itself supported or created….

  29. I can’t wait until the debates. Not giving an answer and flip flopping the way Rmoney does, Obama will mop the floor with him

  30. about Lieberman…I can’t wait until that man ends his term of Senator from my state. He never would have been reelected here. Turncoat!

  31. Just a quick aside: President Obama gave the order that led to a bullet in Osama’s brain. He didn’t put it there himself.
    I wish the press would get that right… Not deminishing the President’s role in the action had things during that operation gone south it all would have fallen on his head…but give credit where it’s due. The President gave the order, the SEALS saw that order through.


    As for Mitt….what a dope.

  32. Maybe it’s just that he’s waiting for Grover Norquist, et al, to give him his marching/signing (hold onto that pen, Mitt) orders. Until then, he has absolutely no clue what he’s supposed to be thinking (other than the opposite of whatever President Obama is saying).

  33. I think everyone understands the sequence of events. However without both nothing would ever have happened. The president ordered it, it was done

  34. I just can’t see Romney giving the order to kill/capture OBL, especially after seeing how cowardly he is when asked to answer any question. If a person runs away from answering a simple question, it leads me to suspect that he/she isn’t capable of making difficult decisions about anything. If Romney had wanted to show how well he deals with a difficult situation, he would have run for a second term as governor of MA, especially since he’s saying that he was so successful in the position. Things have been extremely difficult for PBO, but he isn’t running away from an opportunity to be POTUS for an additional four years. Romney is a coward who is playing at being a bold, visionary leader. He was a wimp when he and his buddies held down a classmate and cut his hair, and he’s a wimp now.

  35. There is no detectable activity in the man’s brain! How did he manage to lead Massachusetts? Or is he in the early stages of some brain-wasting disease?

  36. The reason Mitt is able to continue to lie is because the pathetic excuses for journalist are in the tank for the republican party and Mitt. Some of them are either to cowardly or afraid of Mitt and to right-wingers to call them out.

    And Bob Schieffer is one of the biggest shills on tv.

  37. Willard doesn’t need to be intelligent. He thinks just because he was born with a silver spoon up his ass, he’s entitled to everything his cold little heart desires.

  38. It warms my heart to note that there is not one positive comment here. Mittens is quite a bumbling fool, tripping
    over his tongue, empty replies! How can the GOP endorse this guy? Are they all that mindless? Sheesh!

  39. All the GOP cares about at this point is getting PBO out of the White House, and I think it is because they are afraid that his policies might work. They always paint him as “weak” and his policies as “failures.” It logically follows that if he’s so “weak” and his policies have no chance of working, what are they so afraid of? The lemmings in the GOP will vote for Romney because they detest PBO. It doesn’t matter that Romney lies constantly, that he refuses to discuss his platform in detail, or that he’s following in the footsteps of GWB, the recent great GOP failure. They’re very adept at electing failures and projecting the blame onto democrats, even though they always talk about “taking responsibility for one’s actions.” Taking responsibility for one’s actions is for those who are not members of the Republican Party.

  40. why thank you kindly. :)

    The next time a TeaBagger says President Obama circumvented Congress remember this & tell them The DREAM Act passed House & got 55 Senate votes.

    And the poster below is correct, illegal immigration has never been lower under the Obama administration. Mandate Mitt is a pathological liar

  41. Romney couldn’t answer anything because his handlers weren’t there to feed him his lines. He may not be the original hollow man, but he sure is a close second.

  42. In my opinion Mittens got into Harvard because of his father’s connections and money and not from being academically gifted. M. Romney is a man who should never have stepped into public life – he is utterly unfit and will never achieve half the good of what his own father did. I believe, given his current campaign speeches, if he is elected Romney will undo his father’s work in civil rights without a qualm and set this nation back 100 years or more.

  43. Morgan Sheridan, everything agreed – and with Schieffer, the repub mouthpiece, if Mittens could not ace that one what could he do – I don’t think he would be able to pick up the phone at 3 am.

  44. And that’s what worries me. You remember when Palin was going to debate Biden, everyone couldn’t wait because the thinking was he would mop the floor with her. What did the Republicans do? They used the media to lower the expectations before the debate and because she stood upright at the end, she was considered the “winner” even though she was a freakin’ idiot!
    There is too much money backing Mitt for them to allow him to be humiliated or “beaten” by this Black President! I am bracing for whatever dirty trick they are going to do to keep Mitt from debating President Obama. I hope I’m wrong and he does debate him – but, sadly, I don’t see that happening.

  45. And so it begins.. just read over at TPM that Scott Brown is making demands for his debate with Warren — this is just the beginning.

  46. Well, sure, but I think it’s deeper than that. He couldn’t answer anything, because nobody’s ever asked him questions before. (Which, of course, is very much Jason Easley’s point in the original post.) So far, he’s been campaigning, he’s been “debating” (primary debates, which means there’s only one question being asked: “What makes your GOPenis bigger than everyone else’s?”), and he’s been on FOX, all situations where they just provide a platform for him to give whatever speech he likes, with him in full control of the script.

    Whether or not you think much of Schieffer as a journalist (and commenters here seem pretty united in their lack of respect for him), he at least asked (even pressed) Romney to just answer the simplest of questions: “If elected, what do you plan to do regarding ?” And his answers were, “President Obama’s done a terrible job on “, followed by, “I plan to roll my sleeves up, and get straight to work on figuring out how to fix . And I’ll fix it good, so it stays fixed.”

    …That’s frightening! It means he’s not even running as a candidate, he’s running as a puppet! Apparently, a vote for Romney is a vote for: well, whatever his Cabinet, advisors, cronies, party power-brokers, and Congressional leadership can talk him into! And, most incredibly, he doesn’t seem to have any qualms about just coming right out and saying so, like it’s a perfectly good plan and he shouldn’t have to spend any more time talking about it.

    We called Rick Perry “Bush 2.0”, but WOW. Not only is Romney’s complete lack of concrete plans for his Presidency starting to sound eerily familiar, but it seems like he’s actively looking to follow Dubya’s example for how to “run” first his campaign, and then the country. Which means, the only question we need to ask him, and the only one there might be a real answer for, is: “Who will you have behind-the-scenes, making all of the real decisions? Who’s your Karl Rove?” If we figure that out, at least we’ll know who Romney voters will actually be voting for.

  47. Sarah Palin has provided the template for the dumbing down of all GOP competitors for the nomination, and Willard Romney is the most prominent personification of it. It’s truly scary that someone as clueless, out of touch, and patronizing as Romney has even the most remote chance of becoming president. It’s even more disgraceful that wealthy folks on the far right like the Koch brothers, and entities like ALEC, are trying to buy the presidency for him. I have to shake my head in disbelief that anyone would say he has the looks that a movie director would look for when picking someone to portray as president. With all the stupid, ignorant, and backward things that have come out of his mouth, and his blatant pandering to the most reactionary Americans in recent times, he has destroyed any impression of competency or even leadership, since he doesn’t take firm stands on anything. He’s not even a good businessman, since he mainly creates wealth for investors and jobs for everyday people are incidental. That’s what some folks say is his selling point, regardless of the fact that businessmen haven’t made good presidents. Otherwise, his main draws are that he is white and and any reservations about him for those who would vote for him are outweighed by their hatred for Barack Obama.

  48. Crap! There’s no Edit button, and in my previous comment I foolishly referred to a generic, non-specific issue by writing “<issue>” (without protecting the braces) in a few places. Which, unfortunately, came out a bit nonsensical as posted, after the comment parser silently discarded the “<issue>”.

    A corrected second paragraph:

    Whether or not you think much of Schieffer as a journalist (and commenters here seem pretty united in their lack of respect for him), he at least asked (even pressed) Romney to just answer the simplest of questions: “If elected, what do you plan to do regarding $ISSUE?” And his answers were, “President Obama’s done a terrible job on $ISSUE“, followed by, “I plan to roll my sleeves up, and get straight to work on figuring out how to fix $ISSUE. And I’ll fix it good, so it stays fixed.”

  49. Fecal waste is far more interesting than Willard and actually works for the good to keep us healthy.

    There is one thing they have in common, they’ll both get flushed down the drain. (hopefully)

  50. Morning Katz, it’s 6:30 here in Australia, having my 1st coffee and your comment on Romney was the best yet. Started my day off with a chuckle.

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