Democrats Take On the Media’s Billion Dollar Plan To Strengthen Citizens United

House Democrats are gearing up for a Wednesday showdown with the corporate media and their Republican pals over language in a bill that would strengthen Citizens United.

In response to Citizens United the FCC adopted a new rule that required TV broadcasters to put political advertising disclosure documents online, so that they would be available for public inspection. This new rule would have allowed anybody to see who is paying for the political advertising that they are watching. Currently, the only way to view the disclosure documents is by making a written request to each television station, then going to the station to read the disclosure forms.

The push to kill the new rule came from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). The NAB members are set to make billions of dollars off of Citizens United fueled spending, so they fought back by dumping tens of millions of dollars into lobbying and campaign contributions. Their plan worked. On June 5th, the Republican majority on the House Appropriations Committee added a rider to the bill that blocked the FCC from implementing the new rule.

Democrats were outraged after the rule was blocked. Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA) said, “It is obvious what this is all about and it is embarrassing, frankly…It looks like you are trying to cover up the fact that these fat cats are coming into these elections and they don’t want their names known.”

The ranking member of the committee Rep. José Serrano (D-NY) took on the argument that it would be too expensive to put the information online. He said, “This information is already available in paper format, and it is entirely reasonable to make it accessible online, especially when there is little actual cost to doing so.”

On Wednesday, Democrats are going to get another chance to fight back against Citizens United. The Financial Services Appropriations bill will be going before the full appropriations committee for markup. Democrats will again try to strip the language blocking the disclosure rule from the legislation.

When intellectually lazy people claim that both parties are the same, don’t buy it.

One party is fighting to protect Citizens United (Republicans) while the other is fighting to dismantle it (Democrats). Because they don’t want you to know how much money they are making off Citizens United, this is a story that you won’t see on cable news. The media has a financial stake in making sure that Citizens United remains strong.

Our media has gone from protecting freedom to corrupting it, and they aren’t going to risk billions in profits by admitting to their viewers that they are selling out their liberties one thirty second ad at a time.

The media won’t talk about it, and most Americans are oblivious to it. On Wednesday another step in the battle to undo Citizens United will be contested, and Republicans and the media that stands to make billions really hope that you aren’t paying attention.

5 Replies to “Democrats Take On the Media’s Billion Dollar Plan To Strengthen Citizens United”

  1. First, lobbyists must go. That system is just as bad as citizens united.

    Citizens united is allowing many facets of our “society” to be in control of what we see and hear as well as think. And the GOP will lead that charge right to our end.

  2. Well, to again quote the pre- WW II Walter Winchell, what we have here is a great number of greedy and compliant presstitutes enabling a few active swastinkers.

  3. It’s obvious, that Republicans do not represent values of the majority of the people. So why, do the people still vote for them Why, does toothless man driving a old rusty pick up truck, sports a Romney sticker on the back bumper? I want to ask this misinformed idiot, that the man he supports has nothing in common with him. And does not care about his welfare.

  4. Since the airwaves still belong to us, the people, wouldn’t it be possible to remove the money aspect (at least to a certain extent – you still have to have money to produce video) by requiring the stations to give free airtime? You might have to work with limits or fairness or equal time might have to be reinstituted, but take the profit motive out for the TV networks and suddenly you don’t need nearly as much money to make a run at political office.

  5. I agree with your point, but the people who control the airwaves for us dont belong to us any more

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