Over 75% Of Americans Want New Healthcare Reform If SCOTUS Strikes Down ObamaCare

A new poll conducted by the Associated Press found that,

Americans overwhelmingly want the president and Congress to get to work on a new bill to change the health care system if the Supreme Court strikes down President Barack Obama’s 2010 overhaul as unconstitutional.

The Associated Press-GfK poll shows that more than three-fourths of Americans do not want their political leaders to leave the health care system alone in the event the court throws out the health care law.

Only 19% of poll participants do not want anything to change. So, the Democrats tried it the Republican/Romney way, with the mandate. Remember even Newt Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation wanted to implement the mandate until Democrats agreed to put it into law.

Now, if the court strikes down the Republican mandate, the Senate Democrats better grow a pair and work with the President to implement healthcare reform their way, Medicare for all.

Tell the American people, We, in the Democratic party, took the Republican idea of the health insurance mandate and it was found unconstitutional and people didn’t like it anyways. Now we are going to fight to implement something that has a very high approval rating, Medicare and make it available to everyone.

The Democrats need to get the big three auto companies to side with the them. The big three pushed for a stronger single payer system in Canada, make them push for it here.

Make the Republican House succumb to the pressure of public opinion. Medicare is very popular with our elderly and it would gain tremendous support by the business community as well as the America citizens.

This is an huge opportunity for Democrats to bring real progressive change to our country, but they need to know we support them. They also need to grow a spine for once and take the fight to the Republicans in the House and make them vote against Medicare!

Bring this idea before the American people before November, and tell them that in order to get this done, we need a progressive, Democratic House and Senate, along with President Obama.

7 Replies to “Over 75% Of Americans Want New Healthcare Reform If SCOTUS Strikes Down ObamaCare”

  1. Good luck with that. If SCOTUS does knock parts down or nullifies the entire thing, you had better vote Mr. Obama back in because Mitt Romney is going to throw you under the bus and keep on travelling.

  2. Here’s a flash: that won’t be happening anytime soon. If the SCOTUS strikes down the ACA, that’t the ballgame on healthcare reform for the foreseeable future. Unless, that is, the country suddenly comes to its collective senses and turns every Tea Party idiot out of Congress.

  3. I agree completely. The health care issue will have become so toxic no Congress or president, Obama included, would touch it again.

    Today’s NYT shows why: gigantic advertising by Chamber of Commerce, Crossroads GPS et al managed to get across a series of absolute lies about the law.

    The complete idiots who fell for the lies think now that they’ll EVER get another shot at one? If ACA goes down, insurance companies will be more powerful than other, and shaft patients and health care providers alike.

    So the people will pay the price for being gullible dumb clucks.

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