Romney’s Non-Answers Reveal a Weak Man Who Would Be a Weak President

Last updated on February 7th, 2013 at 03:22 pm

One benefit trial lawyers enjoy is having a judge order a witness to give a definitive yes or no answer to a question without explanation or excuse to avoid unclear or inexact answers regardless the question. Unfortunately, trial rules do not apply to human interactions and conversation, and there is little that arouses suspicion as much as asking someone a direct question and getting vague answers when it is certain they hold strong opinions on a particular subject. Politicians often give ambiguous answers to questions their party hasn’t taken a position on yet, or if they are unsure how their response may affect their chance of winning an election. The presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Willard Romney, has reversed his position on myriad subjects important to the American people, and over the past few weeks he has avoided giving any definitive answer on a variety of issues such as immigration, equal pay, taxes, or which government agency he will eliminate if he is elected president.

There is little doubt that Romney avoids answering questions out of fear of alienating specific voters or his backers in the Republican Party, but his reticence to take a stand on important issues defines a weak character and lack of resolve a presidential candidate should possess. Romney made matters worse and showed that, besides being a pathological liar, he is a rank hypocrite for demanding that “President Obama level with the American public about his real agenda.” One of the primary reasons many Americans are suspicious of Romney is because, besides his religion, he has never leveled with the American people what his real agenda is other than transforming government into a private enterprise to enrich himself and his wealthy elite cohorts.

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First, President Obama has leveled with the American people from the time before he was elected President, and except his evolving stance on same-sex marriage, his agenda remains the same as when he campaigned for the presidency in 2008. In fact, the President has worked tirelessly to fulfill his campaign promises within the limitations of the Constitution as head of the Executive Branch of government, so why Romney thinks President Obama has not openly stated his agenda is indeed curious. Willard is the man who fails to level with the American people about his real agenda and there are several reasons why he appears ambiguous and weak-minded. There are some pundits who believe Romney’s lack of resolve and commitment to an issue are calculated political strategy to avoid alienating voters, and it is probably true, but it is also likely that he has not yet decided who he will serve if he is elected president.

Some of the issues Romney refuses to commit to are whether he supports: ending deportations of immigrants eligible for the Dream Act, Lily Ledbetter Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, Violence Against Women Act, or eliminating tax breaks for private equity partners. Willard also avoided answering questions about how many federal agencies he will eliminate and which tax loopholes he will close to fund the outrageous tax breaks for the rich. Romney has a history of “not laying out just exactly” what his real agenda is because doing so in his bid for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat definitely cost him the election in 1994. The real problem with Romney’s reluctance to lay out his agenda is not his ambiguity or pandering for votes, but who he really answers to and how he would handle a national crisis if he is the president.

It is frightening to ponder that a president Romney gets that dreaded phone call at 3:00 a.m. in the morning that there is a national emergency or attack on America, and he has check with whomever or whatever group he answers to before acting. Would he call the RNC, Pentagon, oil industry, Bain Capital, consider the best interests of the American people, Koch brothers, or put in a call to the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to learn what he should do to fulfill prophecies in the Book of Mormon? It is a serious and prescient question because his first allegiance is not to his country, investors, or political party, but to the First Presidency which he swears loyalty and obedience first and foremost. Or does he make a determination on the merits and then change his mind because of a revelation after prayer and supplication?

The only thing Americans know about Willard Romney is that he is a wealthy elitist who promises $10.7 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy, will start numerous wars, hates immigrants and homosexuals, and is a Mormon. His agenda, or lack thereof, offers nothing for the majority of Americans except privatization scams for Veterans and seniors, dismantling the federal government, eliminating social safety nets, and raising taxes on the middle class and the poor. However, based on what Americans do know about Willard Romney, his agenda is following the edicts of the corporate panderers in the Republican Party and most frightening of all,  his resolute commitment the First Presidency of the Mormon Church. One thing is certain, whether or not one supports President Obama, his agenda has never changed and neither has his commitment and resolve to serve the all the American people.

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