In the Face of Judicial Tyranny Alan Grayson Outs SCOTUS’s Right Wing Cabal

Alan Grayson warned the Supreme Court that if they strike down Obamacare, the entire country will know that they are nothing more than a right wing cabal.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Ed Schulz asked Alan Grayson if the door would be open for single payer should the Supreme Court strike down Obamacare. Grayson answered, “Well, first of all to overturn the healthcare law they should be ruling on a single question of whether the individual mandate is constitutional or not, and the best argument are that they should leave the rest of the bill alone. That question of severability is pretty clear in the law. The question is can the bill function without the individual mandate. The answer obviously is yes. So these payments, the affordability credits that people will start to enjoy next year, all the other elements of the bill, including by the way the elimination of the doughnut hole for seniors. These are things that the Court should not strike down. If they do strike it down, it will be clear to everyone that the court’s become a right wing cabal.”

Grayson’s comment that it will be clear to everyone that the Supreme Court will be a right wing cabal implied that it is already clear to people who follow politics that the court is a right wing cabal, but overturning the ACA would make it obvious to everyone in the country.

The fact that it isn’t obvious, even after the Citizens United ruling, is the reason why the Supreme Court can continue to get away with their activist right wing rewriting and reimagining of the constitution with such little public outcry. Most Americans aren’t paying attention. The modern era of Supreme Court conservative judicial activism began with handing George W. Bush the presidency in 2000, but even then, the American people said comparatively little.

Logic and legal precedent suggest that the Supreme Court will throw out the individual mandate, and let the rest of the law stand However the current conservative majority court has already shown their willingness to violate the separation of powers and make new laws, so predicting what they will do with the Affordable Care Act is little more than a guessing game.

Conservative justices Scalia and Thomas are hanging out with the Koch Brothers, engaged in multiple conflicts of interests, and are basing their opinions on their partisan biases. The Supreme Court has been completely corrupted by corporate billionaire dollars and partisan politics. In short, the current conservative majority is the best that money can buy.

Grayson was correct. If America hasn’t realized it by now, the Supreme Court is an activist right wing cabal. Once those checks don’t go out, maybe people will realize what this court is doing to the country. The best and only hope for cracking this cabal is the reelection of Barack Obama and the retirement or death of one of the conservative justices.

No matter how they rule on the Affordable Care Act, breaking the High Court’s conservative cabal should be a top priority.

20 Replies to “In the Face of Judicial Tyranny Alan Grayson Outs SCOTUS’s Right Wing Cabal”

  1. Not that this court will care about legal precedent, but the individual mandate has solid precedent (this go around was Republicans’ idea first; these people are sleazy) as well:

    1790 signed by Washington himself along with 20 of the framers, 1792, and 1798 (signed by founder John Adams). 1790 and 1798 were health insurance mandates.

    1792 was – wait for it – mandate to buy a firearm.

  2. There is always a third option: if Obama is re-elected and the Senate goes to sixty reliable Democratic votes, there’s doing what FDR threatened to do and packing the Court. There is actually nothing in the Constitution that specifies the number of Justices that must be seated.

  3. Don’t forget Bush v. Gore. Roberts received the Chief Justice position for the part he played in stealing the 2000 election.

  4. Don’t forget Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942) either. If the government can tell a farmer what he can or cannot grow in his fields for his personal consumption I don’t see how the mandate to buy insurance is unconstitutional.

  5. Or, another scenario is to get the Department of Justice to ask Thomas, Scalia, Roberts to “retire” early. (Justice Abe Fortas was asked to resign from the court by the DoJ in 1971 and his financial improprieties were minor compared to Thomas.)

  6. I don’t think they care, I think they are that arrogant, they are bullies and plan on this country
    being ruled by republicans far into the future.
    God help us!

  7. Sociopathic Bullies don’t care..and, we have to help ourselves by voting those out of office we can and keeping President Obama in Office so we don’t get any willard appointees. He’s a borker.

  8. It’s really kind of strange in a way, the healthcare providers are making a pretty good profit. They have not been hurt by not being able to drop people or refuse people insurance. You would think that going back to a model of insuring as few people as possible, would not be the way they would want to go.

    Sending these checks out is not going to hurt them either. Trust me they will make it up. In the meantime the Supreme Court is about to display what it is. There is no reason for them to even touch the healthcare system other than the mandate. And It is also true that if they do overturn the entire program, the people are going to immediately realize what they are losing.

  9. Keep in mind, that if the individual mandate is struck down, then coverage for pre-existing conditions will go away as well, because the two are linked together. So really what the Hell else is left of any significance? One of the biggest reasons that millions of Americans aren’t insured is because they CAN’T get the coverage that they need, due to this pre-exsisting nonsense.

    Yeah, so let’s keep condemning hard working people to death because they can’t afford expensive medical treatments or life saving operations. Whoo hoo!! Isn’t it great that we have this “freedom”?

  10. THIS is the guy I want to see as POTUS in 2016!! And Bernie Sanders as the VP or Labor Secretary!!

  11. Sure hope Alan gets back in the senate.Us D’s need someone that will say what he means and means what he says.He and Bernie Sanders are the only ones we have now.Not enough yet to hush the far right wing.

  12. Thank you Sandra Day O’Connor…..

    You and YOU alone are responsible for installing the RT wing that is hell bent on destroying America.

  13. We must save our country because the Kochmasters and other right wing elites think they can buy our democracy. Save America! OBAMA~BIDEN 2012….

  14. Actually the mandate to buy a firearm was required ONLY if you were part of a militia. Seems kind of stupid to be in a militia and not own a firearm. kind of like being a scuba diver without an air tank.

    But that was a nice try! :)

  15. Nice try? :-)

    Your argument doesn’t dispute the individual mandate agreed to by the framers, given the two healthcare examples provided.

    But even your presumption isn’t accurate, because all able bodied men (militia) versus commerce still doesn’t support the argument that the framers had an unspoken understanding against purchase mandates (see above).

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