Lipstick Liberal speaks out about a chronic illness Within the GOP

We may not know how the Supreme Court will rule on Affordable health care, but no matter how that ruling comes down, we definitely know the GOP’s etch a sketch has worked over time.

Ezra Klein wrote an excellent article on the GOP’s history of flip flopping concerning the core issue before the Supreme Court – the individual mandate.

It isn’t as if the GOP’s hypocrisy is a new thing, not even when it comes to healthcare, as Lipstick Liberal’s Naughty Nurse explains.




Emergency, Emergency Tea-Partiers, Republicans and Conservative Americans, YOUR party of small government, liberty, and fiscal responsibility has been showing symptoms of a terrible disease!

And I think it may be terminal!

When your doctor said “limited government”

Your Governor said “pee in a cup”, then asked his wife to test it.

And That’s just Icky!

When your MD ordered

“Constitution only – no healthcare or entitlements”

You ordered this…(Sign: “Keep your Government hands off my Medicare”)

When they screamed “no financially forced mandates”, he mandated women to shut their eyes and pay for it! (GOV. TOM CORBETT (PA)

“Individual Liberty as the true Pursuit of Happiness ”, not covered!

And “from my cold dead hands”!

Well, I think they just got confused.

Look, Nurse Lipstick Liberal just wants you to at least take your “fiscally conservative” pills and stop drinking so much KOCH.

Maybe then you could reduce Healthcare Costs!

Reduce the Deficit, you know, get out – join the rest of modern world!

If only you had your past convictions to be strong and healthy!

But, no, my dear Tea-Partiers, Republicans and Conservative Americans, I’m afraid your disease has progressed to far and YOUR party of small government, liberty and fiscal responsibility will now be D. O. A.

Until next time, Lipstick Liberal says…

(blows kiss) mmmmuuuuuuaaaa!!!!)


When they speak of fiscal responsibility, the result is costly as Wisconsin found out recently.  When the GOP speaks of small government, they mean small enough to perform a transvaginal ultra sound.

Just consider that the origins of the individual mandate came from, of all places, the conservative, Heritage Foundation,

This etch a sketch moment was brought to you by the GOP.

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