A Bernie Beat Down: Sen. Sanders Absolutely Shreds Mitt Romney

While discussing Citizens United, Bernie Sanders got on the topic of Mitt Romney and with visible disgust slammed the Republican nominee for his Koch clone ways.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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After explaining the impact of yesterday’s pro-Citizens United Supreme Court decision and lobbying for the Disclose Act, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) gutted Mitt Romney. Ed Schultz asked the Vermont senator if Romney will have to pay back these conservative billionaire donors. Sanders said, “Of course he will, Ed. But it’s not even paying them back, that is who he is. What does Romney talk about? He talks about to Wall Street he is going to deregulate Wall Street, the entity that caused this horrendous recession in which so many people are suffering. He is talking about more tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country. At a time when we have lost millions of decent paying jobs because of outsourcing, Mr. Romney will take his outsourcing experience and make it even more prevalent. So it’s not that he will give them what they want, they are in the same boat together. They believe the same thing, more for the rich, and less for the middle class and working families. And by the way Ed, these guys if they get the power to do it, they’re going to go after Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, educational opportunities. They are working day and night to create the oligarchy you just talked about.”

This is more than Bernie Sanders sounding the alarm about what is happening to our electoral system. Sen. Sanders connected the dots. Mitt Romney and Citizens United are one and the same. Romney is the human embodiment of Citizens United. If the conservative billionaires can get him elected it will set up a long line of future corporate presidential candidates, because Citizens United will have allowed them to buy the presidency.

Once they have purchased the presidency there will be little stopping them from implementing their agenda of permanent income inequality. Their goal is to return the United States to the pre-New Deal 1920s.

Sen. Sanders absolutely shredded Mitt Romney. People need to understand that Romney isn’t just benefiting from Citizens United; he is the tool of the forces behind the shady money. Mitt Romney is the tip of the right wing billionaire spear that is pointed directly at jobs, Social Security, Medicare, middle class tax credits, educational opportunities, financial aid for college, healthcare, and women’s reproductive rights.

Romney is the political missile who if elected has been programmed to destroy 80+ years of progress, and this Koch political WMD is fueled by Citizens United dollars. It is time for America to put the puzzle pieces together and understand that Citizens United and the 2012 election aren’t separate issues.

Bernie Sanders sees the threat posed by Mitt Romney, and hopefully the shredding of Citizens United Mitt has only begun.

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  1. Bernie tells it like it is. I’m terrified that Romney will get appointed in a stolen election. Obama is way behind in fundraising.

  2. Well, yeah..President Obama’s campaign is behind the mega bucks pouring into willard’s coffers from Billionaire who want wall st deregulation and deregulation on Everything so they can pollute our country with their venomous piss.

  3. How do you get those who are “disappointed” in the President to get out and vote for him? There is a core group of Democrats that will vote for the President and other Democrats, but you have some who, all they talk about is how disappointed they are. The “reasons” are usually because we didn’t get single payer health care (never mind the fact that the votes weren’t there), he didn’t close Gitmo (never mind Congress blocked him), drone strikes, he hasn’t legalized pot, etc. The other big reason I see and hear is that he takes corporate money, too, therefore there is no difference between him and Romney.

    Seems when I try to point out the differences and what a Romney presidency would actually mean for the country, I get told I’m fear mongering or I’m just an “Obama-bot” who has drunk the kool-aid and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Ron Paul supporters are fond of telling me I need to do more “research.” Never mind the fact that I’m a political science grad student. I’m not as uninformed as they seem to think I am.

    But back to the original question – how do we counter this?

  4. Sadly, we have quasi form of Fascism in our Government now. It might not be run by one big company, but is owned and operated by many corporations, large ones who just want to put the mom & pop businesses well, out of business.

    Until the people of America who can vote wake up to the brainwashing media (think FOX and ther rightwing hateful media as prime examples), then there will be much ignorance. We have other media who do not correct the lies and misinformation out there. We are as bad as Russia under Pravda Propaganda. Well, when 4 companies own the main TV airwaves….. News Corp, Disney, Comcast/GE/ and Viacom.

    And I would like to see CNN International (not CNN America, very different) and Al Jazeera, the most watched News in the entire world, but find a cable company in Texas that carries either one. I want to know what is going on in the world, not through the prism of American’s sunglasses.

  5. Paws, you are spot on. I hear, “I’m not going to vote. It is already fixed anyway.” Well, that is true only if you fall for the oligarchs line. There are many things I am disappointed in OBama about, but they are mostly strategic errors that he has or can reverse. His mind, heart and spirit are still where mine are, and that means a lot to me. Abdication, because it is politically hard to get what you want done, only empowers those who want what you don’t want. We have to become real-politic advocates. You keep moving the ball forward where you can. Just because you and your friends all agree on a political point of view, doesn’t mean there aren’t almost 50% of the voters who believe different from you. This democratic system is a Bitch. But so can we be. Hang in there folks.

  6. Getting the Dems to the polls is great – what needs to be watched with hawk-eyes is the election process itself in Nov. the voter/election fraud the Repubs so often like to reference is being committed by REPUBS!!! I’m in Racine, WI – we are still stinging from the bites of harassment, intimidation, incorrect polling location info, unreliable machines….. for us to just assume Nov. election will be clean is absurd….we MUST pay attention and be prepared for the fraud that will be attempted. We need more people like Bernie in Washington – and everywhere :)

  7. Susan: That is an astute observation and analysis of what happened and whay probably will. Good advice as well. I see some on this thread know people who want to stay home and not vote. They need only think of 2010 to understand the consequences of that behavior by Dems.

    We all need to hook into Mr. Obama’s ground teams in place all over the map; put in our community commitment to help in so many ways to overcome the fraud perpetrated by the GOP. We can do this. Yes we can.

  8. There is a reason why, with Citizens United, there is a surge in voter suppression. Republicans make up the smallest segment of the electorate. As long as they keep voter turnout low, they know they have a chance. In 2008, voter turnout was 55%. Fifty-five percent for a historic national election! And that was the highest turnout since the Nixon era! Voter turnout must exceed 55%. If turnout could approach 80%, it would probably be a landslide for Pres. Obama and that is what the Republicans are fighting so hard against. Part of the reason this will be such a vile and negative campaign ia to disgust independents and unaffiliateds and keep them from voting. Anything 50% or lower gives Mitt Romney a chance to sit in the White House and do as he is told.

    Some have said that with Romney as president, a jobs bill would be passed and legislation that has been languishing would be passed. WRONG! The right is committed to the Ryan Budget and destruction of the Middle/Working Class. Even if Romney attempted to administer on his own, he would swiftly be slapped down the same way Boehner has been only with greater severity. Romney is an empty suit who only wants to be president. He has no beliefs and morals are only an obstacle to achieving a goal.

  9. I know MOST of my friends HATE hearing about this stuff.


    Sometimes it takes a huge lightening bolt to hit someone TWICE in order to change their thinking, but ya know, after over 10 years of the Republiturd criminal activity being made legal, I just keep sending out the info as I can.

    I think that the most simple Constitutional Amendment would work for this.

    “Absolutely NO Corporation or Business Entity can give money for political campaigns in the United States directly or indirectly. Anyone giving to a political campaign, Corporation, Business or Person must identify themselves.”

    All the other amendments allow Congress, who have helped this problem get worse, say how much can be given to campaigns.

  10. You’re right, Mike, we have to hang in there and keep talking and, hopefully, it will get through. I will keep talking and keep trying to reach out and get people out to vote. I really do feel that our best bet is President Obama; I think he’s made mistakes, he’s not perfect, but I truly think he cares about people. I also think he recognizes that he doesn’t have all the answers, he doesn’t always have a clear path forward, but he tries and it seems that his overriding concern is with the American people – ALL of them. That is what I am voting for.

  11. One thing people can do if they want to watch what happens at the polls is to volunteer for a campaign – doesn’t matter which one, it can be state level or national – and volunteer to be a poll watcher. I did this with my sister several years ago for a congressional campaign and they asked some of the volunteers if they would be poll watchers at their polling place, we said yes. It is a LONG day – you have to be there before the voting even starts so you can check the ballots to make sure the candidate’s name is there (I think for us it was 5 a.m. if I am remembering correctly). We then sat there and every hour we called the campaign with the number of voters who had voted by that time – that’s really all a poll watcher does. BUT while we were sitting there, several people throughout the day were almost denied the right to vote. As soon as we saw someone was being given a hard time, we went up to the table to see what was going on. Some were asked to show a license as ID when that was not the law; some were told they were at the wrong place even though they weren’t. The workers who were walking around were supposed to help people if they had trouble with their ballots – usually people who didn’t vote before and weren’t sure what to do – but they rarely helped anyone. I don’t know why they did that but after watching this happen a few times, we called the campaign we were working for and told them what was happening. They told us we couldn’t touch the ballots or tell them how to vote (of course), but we could walk them through what they needed to do, just be discreet about it. We just did that all day long and we didn’t leave until after the polls closed and we got the final turnout number.

    So it’s a long day and it can be boring – it was good to be there with my sister so it wasn’t so bad – but it’s just one way you can watch for any shenanigans and actually make sure that people are not denied their right to vote. I think this will be critical in the states that have photo ID laws in particular.

    Just an idea.

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