Republicans Have Been Emboldened by a Lazy Media that Won’t Call Out Their Lies

One would think that when politicians give statements or speeches that are disseminated by the media, they most certainly would not be bald-faced lies because there are too many, nearly instantaneous, sources to check for veracity. However, at this point in time it is best to assume that every Republican utterance is mendacious, and it is in part because their veracity is never challenged and they know they are saying exactly what a certain demographic wants to hear whether it is true or not. This week, John Boehner nearly equaled Willard Romney as the biggest liar in the Republican ranks followed closely by ex-governor and senatorial candidate from Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson. The media is remiss to label any politician a liar, but there comes a point when misleading, embellishing, or mischaracterizing fails to describe what Republicans have become; habitual and dangerous liars.

In a television ad for his campaign for the U.S. Senate, Tommy Thompson said that if voters send him to Washington, he will “stop the government takeover of health care by repealing Obamacare.” In 2010, Politifact deemedgovernment takeover of healthcare” the “Lie of the Year,” and regardless if one supports the Affordable Care Act or not, it is certainly not government takeover of healthcare. Thompson’s grievous lie, however, pales in comparison to Speaker John Boehner who, in a memo to his rank-and-file that was “shared widely with reporters,” said that with the “economy still recovering, the GOP needs to keep its focus squarely on jobs.”

Boehner promised in the lead up to the 2010 midterm elections that Republicans’ highest priority was jobs, jobs, jobs, and yet for the past year-and-a-half, he led his teabagger caucus on a job-killing spree with Draconian spending cuts. Besides, Boehner is still sitting on President Obama’s jobs measures as well as nearly 3 million construction jobs he will not allow to come up for a vote unless the oil industry gets their coveted KeystoneXL pipeline approval. The only thing Republicans have focused on since January 2009 was obstructing all of the President’s agenda, and punishing women, children, seniors, and Veterans with severe budget cuts to make room for more tax cuts for the wealthy, and lest not forget, that when Boehner was informed that the Republican spending cuts would kill 1.1 million jobs, he cavalierly said, “so be it.” Then there is the king of liars, Willard  Romney.

In the past week, Willard told no fewer than 30 lies that were not just mischaracterizations or misstatements, but “enormous whoppers.” There is not room here to enumerate all thirty of Willard’s flagrant lies, but some are just too outrageous to ignore. For one, Romney said, in referring to healthcare reform, that President Obama “jammed through a bill and didn’t really try and work for a Republican vote.” The truth is that for months the President searched in vain for even one Republican to support the healthcare reform bill and was met with obstruction throughout the entire process. Romney also said that the president’s trillion- dollar stimulus failed to create jobs;” it is generally agreed that it created more than 3 million jobs as well as started the economy growing immediately. Romney also borrowed 2010’s lie of the year and said that “under Obamacare we’ll get a healthcare system run by the government.” Of course it is untrue, but with Willard’s pathological lying disorder, nothing is too outrageous; especially if it frightens stupid Americans, and that is a major reason Willard, Boehner and men like Thompson continue lying.

If the segment of the population that falls for Republicans’ unbelievable lies were not so incredibly racist, fundamentally religious, and monumentally uninformed, they would see Republicans for what they really are; lying bastards. If the corporate media were not panting for a corporate-controlled Congress and White House, they would do their jobs and either call Republicans liars, or at least use the mounds of data available to disprove the assertions they know are false. In fact, the media has become the Republicans’ propaganda arm since 9/11 when they let the Bush-Cheney duo lead America into two disastrous wars this country will continue funding for a generation at least, if not longer.

Republicans are going to lie because they have no record to stand on, but the real blame rests with the media and a lazy segment of the population who depend on sources like Fox News to do their thinking for them. For example, two weeks ago a retired electrical engineer who is also a racist and devout conservative repeated Ted Nugent’s assertion during an interview for a 2nd Amendment article that President Obama is “dismantling the Constitution,” and his verification was “that’s what they’re saying.” The man said that “if they (Ted Nugent) were lying, why wasn’t the media correcting him?” Whether the media is attempting to appear objective, or are afraid to contradict Republicans’ fallacious statements is irrelevant, they bear a responsibility to inform the public, not campaign for Republicans.

Let’s face it, if Republicans were called on every one of their lies during interviews, on political talk shows, or during the evening news, they may abandon lying as their modus operandi. However, when Willard assails the Affordable Care Act as government-run healthcare, and Boehner says the GOP’s focus is jobs while a three-million job transportation bill sits on his desk and the media is silent, Americans will continue hearing nothing but lies. As tempting as it is to wonder if Romney’s Mormonism or Boehner’s Catholicism encourage lying as a political tactic, the truth is they are both just lying for political expediency to win elections, enrich the wealthy, and punish the American people.

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  1. Sixty years back, the psychoanalyst, Robert Lindner, writing during the McCarthy era, accused the press of preparing us for rule by psychopaths. They reason thus: if the psychopaths win, they will punish those who oppose them. If the nonpsychopaths prevail, they will forgive their opposition. Therefore, the “prudent” position is to favor the psychopaths, or at least be obsequiously “neutral”, even though they are thereby, as Lindner put it, preparing the altar on which they themselves are to be sacrificed.

  2. Tip o’ the hat to electrolite in the comments at Hullabaloo for this one:

    “…we have a one-party corporate media in this country. Obama and the Dems could come out tomorrow with the most organized, fact-based, logically bulletproof, point-by-point explanation/breakdown of the legislation with bright, professional graphics to help make everything understandable to even the dullest person out there, and it would still get diluted and obsfucated (on purpose) by the corporate media’s lazy MO of “he said, she said;” every Republican know-nothing gasbag within a 200 mile radius of D.C. would be interviewed on tv or quoted for a “rebuttal” or, as David Brooks says, to air their “viewpoint” until the message was so garbled and confused voters would just throw up their hands and tune out.”

  3. I think that’s called Stockholm Syndrome. Unless it’s a replay of Prisoner’s Dilemma lifted from game theory. Game theory, of course, isn’t real life.

  4. Actually, though Lindner was writing before this term was in use, also, this behavior best fits the model of the social trap.

  5. There’s nothing more irritating when I’m watching news programs to hear lie after lie after lie, with absolutely no push back from the interviewer. None whatsoever. Too many interviews will end with the interviewee making a false statement and the interviewer will say “and we’ll have to leave it there.” No challenging the statement, no alluding to the fact that it is false – just end the segment so they can get on to the next 2 minute interview with someone else whose lies will likely go unchallenged.

    I’d like to see less interview subjects and more robust interviews of fewer people than have a bunch of people on for two or three minutes each. Why not just have 4 interviews and make them longer so the tough questions get asked? Why have 10 interviews that are just recycled talking points with little basis in fact where the interviewer doesn’t have time to challenge them? It would be better for the American people if news programs would move in that direction. Get back to journalism; if I want to be entertained, I’ll watch a movie. When I watch the news, I want the news.

  6. I note herin that the New York Times has switched its description of the Supreme Court case to calling it a “victory” for the “centerpiece” of Arizona’s anti-immigrant legislation, a sharp veer from (a) the facts, and (b) its prior characterization. Who is giving the spin orders?

  7. Yes, it’s the “media” Stupid. And, that is not, of course, directed at you or anyone here at the reality based politicusUSA.

    It’s beyond disguting to’s surreal like we’re living in another country called Central Propaganda.

    I only get into politics in 1999 because I knew I would be needing my Social Security when the time came and wanted to get active. Well, what a time to enter politics and it went way beyond SS. After I started watching the “news” it became clear to me what it was all about and the day after the 2002 elections I cancelled the Cabal(no I did not spell that wrong) and never looked at corporatemediawhores again. I don’t even have a tv now.

    I know as do Watchers that it has only gotten Exponentially WORSE. When is America going to get Reality Based NEws AGAIN? I’m sure other countries like Canada, England, and France know wtf is going on here with our tea bag cnn and forget about fox. In fact fuck fox-screws with your stupid swiss cheese brain.

  8. Great Question, Reynardine. The same person/persons who are giving campbell freaking brown a platform? The woman who is married to dan senor/advisor to willard romney and doesn’t mention it in her whinging op-eds on anything that doesn’t reek of fascism?

    We know they didn’t learn their lessons when they beat the drums for war on Iraq with the propagandist, judy miller. A pox on their lyingA$$ house.

  9. You can add this to the collection of Republican lies and/or hypocrisy.

    When the Obama administration announced last week that it would invoke executive privilege….Mitt Romney’s campaign was quick to call the president a hypocrite. But in 2007, Romney endorsed a similar move by a Republican administration.


    Asked by a conservative radio show how whether he agreed with President Bush’s decision to simply ignore the subpoenas, Romney said: “Yeah, he’s got a responsibility to protect executive privilege. That’s just part of preserving the powers of the presidency… He should do what he thinks is the right thing with regards to members of his team but preserve executive privilege.”

    The Bush administration asserted “deliberative process privilege” in that case — the same privilege being cited here for the Department of Justice “Fast and Furious” documents.

    H/T Josh Israel

  10. Bravo, so great to hear that someone else really is as feed up as I am most of us here in the real world. The daily lies and the vast rate at which the lies flow from the right much much more than any other direction is truly overbearing. I understand that even in a 24-7 media cycle the lying righties may out number the truth Media of which we seem to have less and less. However, I must give some credit to The Rachel Maddow & Last Word shows for their most recent running documented list of Willard Charlatan Romney’s 344 lies from Jan. thru mid June of this year. That was fantastic and exhilarating for me! I too only wish that whatever or whom ever has a strangle hold on the media world would be revealed and even more I hope they or it will somehow be permanently suffocated! Again, Rmuse Bravo! Your article has given me a glimmer of hope, even greater today it allows me to burst with glee…that someone with a bigger voice thinks, sees, feels and speaks just like me! Yeeeaaaa :)

  11. This should apply to ALL politicians Democrat and Republican alike. It is the media’s job to inform the public of the truth no matter which party is lying. It will probably affect more Republican statement but Democrats are not blameless either!

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