Scott Walker Gets Smacked Down by the Constitution and Told to Implement Obamacare

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Scott Walker got schooled today by the Wisconsin Republican Attorney General. AG Van Hollen told Governor Walker that actually, Governor Walker has to comply with federal law and implement Obamacares. Under the Affordable Care Act, states must set up a health insurance exchange program by Jan. 1, 2014, and will receive grants from the federal government to implement it.

Two days ago I told you how Scott Walker had announced he was going to violate federal law by not implementing the Affordable Care Act even if the Supreme Court upheld it. His plan was to just wait until the “next president” repealed it.

After they upheld it, the cheese state cowboy who acts like Bush but is really more Nixon sans the smarts doubled down, flaunting his lawless defiance of the law:

Walker issued a statement Thursday morning in reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s upholding of ACA in which he doubled down on his promise not to implement ObamaCares and called for repealing the federal health care law. Walker said the state will not implement the law until after the November elections.

Because, you know, laws are for Democrats.

It turns out that even the Republican Wisconsin AG Van Hollen agrees that yes, Walker has to comply with federal law. You might recall Van Hollen, he was the lawyer for Wisconsin in the lawsuit filed against ObamaCares, so it’s not as if he’s pro-ACA. In 2008, Van Hollen sued the Wisconsin state elections agency to force the Government Accountability Board to check voter registrations for accuracy (his suit was thrown out for lack of standing). But even Van Hollen’s partisan prejudice can’t stop him from acknowledging that there are some laws even Republicans must follow.

After the SCOTUS ruling yesterday, Van Hollen said that Walker is obligated to follow the law according to its deadlines. That gives Walker just a few months to throw together something in time for the November deadline (insert laughter here).

Walker is now pretending there are “multiple deadlines” and that this somehow means he doesn’t have to follow them. Since Walker’s signature legislation turned out to cost the state 87 million dollars due to minutae that he failed to address, you can understand how Walker doesn’t get why there are a few deadlines. There is the first deadline of November 16 to submit plans for the exchanges, and then on Jan. 1, 2013 to show the Department of Health and Human Services that the exchanges will be operational the next year, and then the actual deadline for the exchanges of January 1, 2014. It’s called planning. These deadlines apply even to Scott Walker, who is a king only in his own state.

Walker isn’t alone. Bobby Jindal descended his Gone with the Wind staircase to announce, “We’re not going to start implementing Obamacare. We’re committed to working to elect Governor Romney to repeal Obamacare.”

The entire posse of Republican dress up-faux cowboy governors who are refusing to follow federal law may find themselves on the wrong side of federal law this November. But you can bet they’ll have their hands out for the Medicaid money. In a perfect world, we could round them up and impeach them for failing to do their duty and violating federal law, but we all know that conservatives have become the anarchists calling for armed revolution. Expecting them to follow the law is a set up for disappointment.

In reality, what will happen is that the federal government will step in to do the red state governors’ jobs for them.

The New York Times addressed this today, “If they do not, the secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, “shall establish and operate” the exchanges for the states, according to the statute, a prospect that Republican governors like Rick Scott of Florida, Rick Perry of Texas and Scott Walker of Wisconsin would presumably find anathema.”

The look on Scott Walker’s face when Kathleen Sebelius steps over his tough boy mask and gets to work actually helping his constituents while he whines about liberal enemies and Socialism will be priceless.

Scott Walker got the Constitution thrown in his face today by a Republican AG. Governor Walker must set up the federally mandated health care exchange in Wisconsin or Sebelius will do it for him.

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  1. I’m in Ohio, and our Governor Kasich and the Republican state AG DeWine aren’t doing anything to implement the health care exchanges either. They’ll both be hearing from Secretary Sebelius too, I expect.

  2. I hope this does not turn into Alabama in the 60’s where the Federal marshals had to be sent in and insure the law was being applied fairly.
    Do you think rick perry is dreaming of succession tonight?????
    I’d send him money to do so!!!!

  3. It’s completely opposite in Michigan where the Gov has said “O.K., lets set up the insurance exchange” and the A.G. is waiting for romney to repeal the law. Schuette basically said that the House should ignore the court decision in the hope that Mitt Romney would get elected in November and would then repeal what he sneeringly called “Obamacare.” I don’t think Bill Schuette knows that it takes a Congress to repeal a law.

  4. “who is a king only in his own state.”

    He’s a king only in his own mind.

    These people are doing their residents a huge disservice by not getting this process started as outlined in the law. I would not be surprised to see Secretary Sebelius stepping in here. I’m guessing she is watching all of the states as it concerns the ACA and is making note of which states are moving forward – and which ones are not so that she is prepared. She is a smart lady and I doubt she’s going to let this go and have the citizens of these states pay the price for their obstinate governors.

    It never ceases to amaze me that the Fright Wing calls President Obama a dictator and portray him as Hitler or a Communist or some such nonsense when, in reality, it is these Fright Wing legislators, governors, etc., that are saying they won’t follow or implement laws. It’s ridiculous.

    I’m hopeful this implementation will go smoothly but I’m a little nervous that this is going to get very, very ugly – especially once the President wins his second term.

  5. @ Ed, asking a Republican to do the right thing is above their pay grade–for most of them. There’s no profit motive in it for them & thus makes it anathema to them.

  6. Living in Idaho…”Governor” Otter is more concerned with going back on the gold standard than doing anything to help anyone but the BOP/white supremacists/LDS church. Knowing the history of this state…Sebelius will be shot at and these groups will hole up in the state capitol still screaming their libertarian BS like in a bank robbery gone bad.

  7. “Walker isn’t alone. Bobby Jindal descended his Gone with the Wind staircase to announce..”….this statement had me hooting since its exactly what I thought when he floated thru dwn that passage way to reply to the POTUS years ago…

    Thing is Myth Willful Rummy n his gang of outlaws needs to be corralled n hogtied…Nov 12..

  8. Why do you think, they have money, money buys every thing… look at Wisconsin we have the best Governor that the Koch brothers could buy… They over spent LOL

  9. Walkers no king in Wisconsin. Half the state can’t stand the Idiot and the other half knows he is going to jail shortly. That’s the facts ‘ Jack.

  10. Good for them. I will just refuse to use it because i don’t want to be on “medicaid” nor do i want a subsidy. I want affordable insurance

  11. I live in a “swing state”, Virginia.I’m from a part of the state that is voting Democratic, a mental relief, to be sure.After the struggle Pres. Obama has had with this Congress, every step of the way, I am personally surprised that the Supreme Court has held up the majority of the ACA.To think, that any elected officials, albeit–Repugs. , would then try to come off as “just”, or “doing the right thing”, by waiting for the NEXT President (whom we all know will be Pres. Barack Obama) — It just seems “surreal”. This is not what elected officials are supposed to do. Question the authority of SCOTUS? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE??

  12. I’m in GA, and the last governor, Sonny Perdue, signed onto the lawsuit challenging the ACA. Our current republican governor, Nathan Deal, and our republican majority legislature, have done nothing to implement the exchanges either, Patrick. It’s as if these republican governors are living in an alternate universe in which now that PBO is POTUS, they feel that they can ignore the federal government. If they didn’t know it before yesterday, they know it now. CJ Roberts, whom they were so sure would side with them, voted against them. Now, Glenn Beck is selling ‘Coward’ T shirts with a pic of CJ Roberts on them for $30.00. We can always depend on Beck to figure a way to make a buck on something.

  13. You’ll be able to buy your own insurance, if you choose to do so. You won’t be forced onto the Medicaid program, and you won’t be forced to accept a subsidy. I have United Health Care. I pay for my own insurance, and because I am a state retiree, it costs me less than $100/per month. Most employee health insurance plans are subsidized in some way by employers. Most people just don’t know it. Before I retired, my employer paid a percentage of my health insurance coverage, and I paid the remainder. Even the members of Congress have subsidized health care plans. We, the taxpayers, pay a $300+ per month subsidy for the insurance plan of every member of Congress and for their aides.

  14. I live in N.J….I’m dying to see what Christie is going to do….he already refused to start the exchange saying he would wait for the ruling…now that it’s in…what’s next? We have a lot of uninsured in this state…15%…if he refuses in any way…that’s a lot of votes for a democratic candidate for governor.

  15. Well – these guys ARE awful, but the law actually lets them NOT set up programs or exchanges. What it does not do is allow them to prevent the feds from doing what they will not. HHS Secretary Sibelius is already present for people in those states – the High Risk Pool is up and running even where there is no state program, as well as where there is one but it’s more expensive. So the system is already helping people even in those states with brain dead governors and other officials. Unfortunately, they will probably try to claim they “helped” the uninsured when it turns out that people like ACA, have gotten huge help from it, and that it saves a bundle over what the cost of death and destruction inflicts on states as well as human lives.

    One hopes that people are not TOO stupid to see that, as with the stimulus, these greedy gophers renounce it on one hand but grab it with the other – and take credit for it along the way.

  16. What I love about this is that they are choosing to ignore the laws they don’t like. Citizens United works in Republican favor, so that’s a good one. ACA is a “liberal” “socialist” plot to destroy Amurrica so that’s a bad one. The Dems have nothing to counter the Republican noise machine, so these cowboy “governors” can go on the air and say whatever they please, and people will believe and support them. I live in Wisconsin, and after Walker survived the recall, I finally had to accept that half of the residents of this this state (the ones who vote, anyway) are completely misguided by their reliance on FauxNews and the TeaParty. They have no grasp of history, no understanding of how taxes and the economy actually work, no idea that Medicare and Social Security and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that insures the money they put in the bank are all “socialist” programs from which they derive a direct, tangible benefit–that same way they will benefit from the ACA.

  17. You missed the part where the Wisconsin attorney general told walker he had to prepare for the exchanges per the law. the law only says they can opt out of Medicaid not the Aca exchanges.

  18. To the Republican Party and all of its’ many off-shoots, “Let thee among you, who are without crazy, shed the first straight-jacket”!! You see, it’s not “Obamacare”, it’s properly called “Obama Cares”, understand the difference yet?

  19. Republican Governors Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman were both for the exchanges before they were against them.

  20. Washington’s AG had us in the lawsuit, but our Governor has been busy and our exchanges are just about ready to roll. The AG is running for governor, and he sure was backpedaling this week. Washington is and will be ready, and he says if elected he’ll go along. (He knows what part of the state elects governors.)

  21. That’s Gov. Mary Fallin (R, OK) in a nutshell. She’s calling for repeal but I know she’ll be accepting the federal grants……

  22. What’s so ironic about this is that these “states rights” governors are relinquishing their states’ rights to oversee these insurance exchanges and handing that over to the federal government. They couldn’t be any more stupid if they tried.

  23. I hope not unfortunately, I live in Texas. If we succeed as an AA I would be terrified they might go back to slavery. you know they were two years late in freeing the slaves. Perry has never wanted to take any money from the Obama administration. He would rather raise our sales and property tax. This is one of those poor red states. We have a high percentage of uninsured. I would rather the Federal government step in then leave it up to Perry.

  24. All this talk about Scott Walker, but no mention of the other Scott – of Florida. He’s publicly refusing to follow the ACA (and signaled long ago that he wouldn’t).

    Unless we can somehow break the power of the Tea Party in Florida, the poor in this state will be stuck in the same condition the “Good Christians” put them in in the first place… without decent care and usually suffering.

  25. Jemma, the affordable care act lets you keep your own insurance and doctors. There is no medicaid or medicare option unless you are retired, disabled, or indigent! What this does is let you find insurance that best suits you, makes people who have no insurance and rely on the emergency room get some insurance at a reasonable rate so that the already insured don’t wind up paying for the uninsured in high premiums and increased rates for hospital procedures, office visits and emergency care. Look closely at this. There is no single payer medicare option for everybody. This was hammered out mostly by the GOP. They get a lot of funds for their campaigns from the insurance lobbyists.It also makes sure that you are not excluded from care because you have a preexisting condition which would affect the CEO’s bloated bonuses and perks. The insurance companies have been excluding people from care and many people have been cancelled upon a terminal cancer diagnosis. The death panels the GOP has been screaming about are already in place in the board rooms of the insurance companies. Obama has nothing to do with that and neither does the affordable care act.

  26. The opting out of medicaid for the indigent is a travesty, and it is the mark of an evil man who would deny the impoverished medical care which will largely be funded for the first three years of the program by the federal government. This will increase the costs levied on the taxpayers of the state of Wisconsin as they will have to resort to state tax to pay for care for these people when we already have paid a great deal to the federal government and those moneys are rightfully due to be sent back to us from the Fed Gov.

  27. Well, the Wisconsin majority voted to keep this precious piece of work in office. Funny how workers from their state are commuting over to North Dakota for work in the oil fields because their governor is too busy with his political agenda.
    But you can’t feel sorry for a state that voted to keep Walker in office. Probably they’ll have to go over to ND for health insurance here shortly.
    BTW, next time you hear that the POTUS isn’t letting Big Oil drill, there is mass work in the Williston oil fields up there in ND…if you can find a place to live.

  28. I wonder, what would have happened to any Governor who refused to implement The Patriot Act?

  29. You would think brownback here in KS wouldn’t want to mess with Mrs. Sebelius did to the thieving ins. companies here in KS a few years ago.

  30. Ahhh yes…another rebel who likes to learn life’s
    lessons the hard way. You had better be a very rich lady because you’ll be paying handsomely for your insurance or the fines you will pay. Good luck with that!

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