How the Supreme Court Removed the Republican Party’s Best Obama Hate Disguise

Last updated on June 30th, 2012 at 07:01 pm

The Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act served a purpose that the Justices may not have considered in their landmark decision. Human beings often conceal their true motivation for a particular position whether it is out of regard for political correctness or proper decorum, but given time, the true rationale of a particular agenda is eventually exposed once the false arguments are stripped away. By removing the last legitimate challenge to the healthcare reform law, the Supreme Court effectively removed the shroud that conservatives hid behind to expose what is obvious to any semi-intelligent human being, and it is that their opposition to the healthcare law was not based on political ideology, economic principles, or what is best for the American people, but because it was championed by an African American President.

The response from Republicans and various teabagger groups who were certain the High Court would strike down the law was a repeat of the fallacious assertions during the healthcare reform debate two years ago when they complained of tyranny, government takeover of healthcare, and a Socialist plot to transform America into a European-style system of government. Republicans and their racist supporters in the teabagger movement have made every attempt to delegitimize President Obama and erase his administration’s achievements since January 2009 by promoting conspiracy theories, obstructing legislation, and attempting to repeal legally passed laws promoted by the President.

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Within an hour of the announcement that the decidedly conservative court upheld the legality of the Affordable Care Act, every malcontent on the right emerged to parrot talking points that have been invalidated time and again. Willard Romney reiterated the lie and often debunked Republican meme that the health law was a “job killer” and promised that on his first day as president he will unilaterally repeal the health law as if there is no such thing as a legislative process. Even the attention-seeking Sarah Palin issued a statement on her Twitter account saying, “Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn’t a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.”

A spokesman for FreedomWorks, the Dick Armey teabagger outfit, said that despite the High Court’s ruling, its members would not roll over for the tyranny of the government and that they remember the actions of “true patriots” in the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Lindsey Graham joined FreedomWorks in claiming President Obama was the biggest “tax and spend” President in history despite taxes are at their lowest rates in 60 years and spending is the lowest since Richard Nixon was president.

Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader immediately scheduled a vote for July 11 to repeal the law in its entirety regardless it will never get past the Senate or President Obama’s veto pen. It is despicable that Republicans will waste more taxpayer time and dollars holding a symbolic vote to show their disdain for an African American President’s achievement because they claim it kills jobs, and yet they will not vote on an already funded transportation bill guaranteed to create 2 million new construction jobs, and save a million existing ones. Opposition to the healthcare law is not about jobs, it is about an African American President and nothing else.

On conservative websites and social media outlets there was the recurring theme of government tyranny at the hands of President Obama even though it was a conservative Supreme Court that upheld the law. Michele Bachmann, the epitome of lunacy, described the health law as “tyranny disguised as health care reform” and that it “endangers freedom.” She also asserted that the President’s healthcare reform “fans the flames of government tyranny and threatens the God-given liberty of every American” and she particularly cited the individual mandate. It is interesting that the individual mandate is government tyranny when President Obama supports it and yet the idea originated and was promoted by the Heritage Foundation, Republicans, and that other white guy, Willard Romney, and defended in the Massachusetts version of the health law. Apparently in conservative circles, tyranny is defined by the color of one’s skin and not any specific action or policy.

This sudden opposition to a policy that helps tens-of-millions of Americans is not based solely on hateful greed or contempt for other Americans, it is based on racism, and the Americans who may have lost their ability to have affordable healthcare insurance are collateral damage. Romney, Bachmann, and Cantor know the health law is not tyrannical, a job killer, or government takeover of healthcare, but they are counting on the racism prevalent in a specific segment of the population to engender support now and in the upcoming general election. However, there is no Republican as hypocritical or vile as Willard Romney who promoted and signed healthcare reform while governor of Massachusetts that featured an individual mandate, and supported a federal individual mandate in 2009, but now considers it a job-killer, tax-increase, and government takeover of healthcare because an African American signed it into law.

As Americans learn of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, they will appreciate that President Obama took a politically risky position to help millions of Americans and reduce the deficit in the process. Republicans know full well the health law is good for the American people, will create jobs, and bring down healthcare costs, but it kills them it passed under an African American President. The Supreme Court stripped away the last legitimate legal challenge to the constitutionally passed legislation and in the process exposed the rank racism and hatred for President Obama rampant in the conservative movement, and it reinforces a long-held belief that Republicans hate the President more than they love America.

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