John Boehner Freaks Out When Asked What He Will Replace Obamacare With

When House Speaker John Boehner was pressed for specifics about his ACA replacement, he treated America and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell to a patented John Boehner tantrum.

Video via CBS News:

Here is the transcript via Face The Nation:

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: Well, there’s always going to be parts of it that are good. But when you look at the twenty-seven hundred pages that no one read and, uh, you know, remember Nancy Pelosi said, well, we have to pass this before we know what’s in it. Republicans are not going to go down that path.

NORAH O’DONNELL: I asked ask you if there’s anything good in it because I want to ask you about some of the specific provisions in the bill. Since you are going to be repealing it, are you willing to roll back the provisions that would provide free mammograms under Medicare?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: Listen, there are a lot of provisions that can be replaced. Remember, I said, we want to take a common-sense, step-by-step approach to replacing Obamacare.

NORAH O’DONNELL: Let’s talk about what’s specifically in this bill because there are a lot of protections for individuals.


NORAH O’DONNELL: If you are under twenty-six years old, you are out of a job, you can stay on your parent’s insurance. Do you support that?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: I do. And the health insurance industry has made that a practice within their industry.

NORAH O’DONNELL: What about it–

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: They came out and made that statement a couple of weeks ago.

NORAH O’DONNELL: What about additional preventative care like for children, for instance, you don’t have to pay a copay on immunizations?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: As I– as I said Republicans believe in a common-sense, step-by-step approach to replacing this law. And all of those provisions, popular provisions, many of them very sound provisions can, in fact, be done in a common-sense way, but not in twenty-seven hundred pages that no one read.

NORAH O’DONNELL: What about preexisting conditions? What about the millions of Americans that have preexisting conditions and are discriminated against?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: We believe that the way it is done within Obamacare is– is pushing the cost of health insurance for all Americans much too high. We believe that the state high-risk pools are a much more effective way to making sure that those with preexisting conditions have access to affordable health insurance.

NORAH O’DONNELL: But access to affordable health insurance, but you’re not saying you would be for a law that would prevent discrimination of those individuals?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: No, we just believe there is a better way to make sure that they have affordable access to quality health insurance.

NORAH O’DONNELL: So when you repeal this, what are you going to replace it with?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: I just started pointing out. We’re going take a common-sense, step-by-step approach that puts in place the kind of policies that will make our– our health insurance system more what I call patient-centered and lower cost. The only proposal out there last year that would lower the cost of health insurance came from Republicans. Why? Because we’ve got policies that really will help bring down the cost of health insurance. It’s clear that Obamacare is increasing the cost of health insurance for all Americans and making it virtually impossible for small employers to hire new workers.

After Boehner digressed into more GOP talking points about the evils of Obamacare, O’Donnell went back at him again about what his disagrees with and what he would replace the ACA with,

NORAH O’DONNELL: Why not, then, if you like some of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act, why not work with it rather than ap– repeal the whole thing.

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER (overlapping): No, no, no.

NORAH O’DONNELL: Even Mitt Romney said–

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER (overlapping): No, this has to be– this has to be ripped out by its roots. This is government taking over the entire health insurance industry. The American people do not want to go down this path. They do not want the government telling them what kind of insurance policy they have to buy and how much they’re going to pay for it and if you don’t like it, we’re going to tax you. It has to be ripped out and we need to start over, one step at a time.

NORAH O’DONNELL (overlapping): And so you say so– so– so to heck with all these provisions like additional preventative care for children, for women–
REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER (overlapping): All of them. All of– we can– we can replace. While we replace this, we can have a common-sense debate about which of these provisions ought to stay and which ought to go.

NORAH O’DONNELL: So all those people who have preexisting conditions, you say we’re going to get rid of this and then at some point we’ll deal with it?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: Listen, I’ve already outlined we believe there’s a better way to provide access to high quality health insurance in a different way than we have in Obamacare. We believe ours will work just as well at much less cost to the American people.

Hey, look it is a patented John Boehner freakout. Once again the Speaker of the House demonstrated that any question beyond, ‘can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street’ is too much for him to handle. The fragile Speaker went from at times yelling at O’Donnell to adopting an almost pleading tone when she repeatedly asked him for details. The one thing that can be counted on in any John Boehner video is that if he gets pushed even slightly beyond his talking points, he will crack.

Believe it not, Boehner actually thought that he could use the same lines that were successful in the 2010 midterm elections. He never expected anyone to ask what provisions he supported and what he would replace the ACA with. Republicans seem absolutely shocked, and judging from Boehner’s reaction, caught off guard by the media’s request for specifics.

Because some in the media have started to ask questions, Republicans are being forced to admit that there are some provisions of Obamacare that even they will be keep. Think about this. Republicans have gone from absolutely no Obamacare to we must repeal Obamacare, to we have to get rid of some of Obamacare and keep the rest.

Republicans are quickly losing ground on this issue. The problem the GOP faces is that they can go down the Mitch McConnell path by telling millions of Americans that their lack of access to healthcare is not an issue, or they can take the Boehner path and yell at anyone who dares to challenge them. Neither method answers the questions that America is asking.

When the Supreme Court upheld the ACA, they changed the healthcare discussion. It isn’t good enough for Republicans to leave it at we must repeal Obamacare. Now that we have a law in place, the American people want to know what Republicans are going to replace it with.

Like many conservatives when pressed for facts, John Boehner was reduced to yelling. However, Boehner’s testy raised voice was a cover. What was really important was what the Speaker didn’t say.

He didn’t say that Republicans have a plan to insure more people. He didn’t say that people with preexisting conditions would be covered, and he didn’t say what he would replace the ACA with.

America, this freaked out mess of a human being is your Speaker of the House. It is obvious why the Tea Party walks all over Boehner on a daily basis. He couldn’t even handle Norah O’Donnell’s questions without making a mess out of himself. If the American people believe that this weak kneed bowl of orange Jell-O will have their best interests at heart, they will be sorely disappointed.

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  1. Wow they felt 2000 pages is too much for them where did these people go to school a tex book is at least 2000 plus law books I can’t even imagine how dense that is
    So does length invalidate any document ??
    How long is the bible or gun manual invalidity long that’s how long lol

  2. Senator DeMint said that ACA would be Obama’s Waterloo. He was referring to the bill failing to pass. Looks like ACA will be the GOP’s Waterloo instead.

  3. I get it, I get it. Boehner is trying to say that they will rip it out by it’s roots and they will replace the protections for individuals in the ACA with protections for individuals.
    They will replace the piece in the ACA about covering pre existing conditions with a piece about covering pre existing conditions.
    They will replace the free immunizations in the ACA with free immunizations.
    What’s so hard to understand? They just need to get Obama out of there so they can rip everything out and replace it with all that stuff.


  4. “Republicans believe in a common-sense, step-by-step approach to replacing this law. ”

    This is a non answer. All he says is we want to replace it with something better, after we repeal it. We just don’t have a clue what it is. But we want you to elect those of us who want to try and come up with a better health care system. Which we’ve failed to do over the decades already. Man, talk about your blathering blatherskite.

  5. Any republican who takes away healthcare from 30 Million people with nothing better already in place, must be tried and convicted of treason! Nothing says I hate America more than giving 30 million people (children included) a death sentence by taking way their healthcare coverage.

  6. “NO one read” — he means Republicans didn’t read. Somehow everyone else managed to read it.

    Gonna get rid of our free mammograms? Insurance for kids? What exactly is it that Republicans don’t like? The mandate was THEIR IDEA.

  7. Why it is so simple, the whole plan is to replace things that are already there with things that are already there.

  8. Let’s deal with some facts concerning the length of the Affordable Care Act. It is not 2000 pages. The PDF you can download is designed constructed as if it was typed by a 12-year-old boy who has to hand in a 5-page essay and uses 1 1/2 inch margins and triple and quadruple linespaces. You can download the pdf at the House and Senate websites, as you can all legislation and pending legislation.

    The real key is how many words are in the document and how do they compare to a paperback book. If the Affordable Care Act was designed as a standard paperback book it would be about 160 pages. And you can easily read it in an evening (I did just that). However, something like that doesn’t sound as scary thousands of pages of government regulation. It is not thousands of pages long in paperback book format. As I said, you can read it in an evening.

  9. The republicans obviously have NO solution to replace “Obama Care” they want to return to what we have now. No insurance for most of the uninsured Americans!

  10. John, you and your party are really some heartless inhumane pieces of work. You run on “repeal.” See how that works for ya. I’m betting most Americans are NOT SOB’s.

  11. Boehner is trying to say that the Republicans that ran on “Repeal and Replace” in 2010 were lying to you. They never had a plan to “Replace” the Affordable Care Act. All they want to do is kill it.

  12. Ah yes, the demented Jim DeMint’s smug arrogant prediction that fell into the trash pile of history along with all the other elephant crap.

  13. When the bill was being prepared for passage a couple of years ago, Eric Cantor and some of his buddies made a big splash on TV by displaying a book-like object that was their ‘plan’. It consisted of twenty four blank pages. They haven’t progressed an inch since then.

  14. John Boehner and the rest of the GOP will promise (repeatedly) that they actually HAVE a better plan than Obamacare, and when the American people ask to see/hear it, the Republicans will calmly state, “We’re working on it.”
    Sadly, some Americans will continue to believe what the GOP tells them. If Americans actually waited on the GOP to implement a better plan, years will pass, decades even, and before we know it, our great-grandchildren will STILL be waiting.

  15. Boner was as shocked as I was that Nora O’Donnell pushed back with the questions to hold him accountable. It would seem he thought he was going to be able to walk in and blabber 2010 Lying POints and get back to the tanning booth.

    I heard whiffs about boner’s discomfort on a Sunday show earlier..thanks for scrutinizing it further, Jason.

  16. We will not read it because that is not something we are used to doing. We didn’t have to read while in law school as our rich parents hired someone to do it for us. We count on our constant demagogy as some people live and thrive on our scare tactics; it works and we will continue with it!

    They promised the people jobs if the Bush tax cuts remained… (blank stare)
    They continue to state that premiums will increase. Well, my premiums have been increasing over the last 13 years (since 1999) – wayyyyyyy before there was a Barack Obama!
    UGH!!! The deceit is getting too painful to watch anymore!

    Norah did an EXCELLENT job! Thanks Jason Easley, for the article!

  17. Yes, Obama gets credit and the man they thought they had in their hip pocket, along with the other four corporate SC shills.

  18. I think the key is the Republican lawmakers don’t read anything. They just are handed their talking points and marching orders from old Grover, and they marchin chambers and start in on the day’s lies. Bet you don’t see Mitten on Meet the Press, and I bet he dealys on a debate as long as possible too.

  19. Correct! and they do not plan too, so we have to vote them out and get America working again…we have been stalled and backhanded by the GOP for far too long.

  20. Yes, if they cared about health care for the country, they would not have been so obnoxious with Hillary, and when GWB was handed the WH twice, they certainly could have worked with Democrats and gotten this done. They never expected a black ‘inexperienced communtihy organizer” would outsmart them over and over again.

  21. Unfortunately grrace, a lot of people are in the dark about the ACA. The millions of dollars spent to misconstrue the information to the American people worked. Only one in about ten people I talk to have any idea about what it is really about and what it does.

  22. Mr. Boehner, if no one read the bill, then you didn’t either. Yet, you voted against it, whether it was a good law or a bad law, without knowing what was in it. That could only mean you cast a vote based on ideology, not reason.

  23. Also, Sergio, we pay for quite a few aides for every member of Congress. The aides read the bills and brief the members on their contents. I find it very revealing that two years after the bill was signed into law, Boehner is still admitting that he hasn’t read it. IIRC, there is a voice recording of the entire law. Boehner has no intention or reading the law or listening to the recorded version of it.

  24. The republicans hate the ACA and PBO because they’ve been involved in national government far longer than he has and didn’t do a thing about health care reform. They didn’t want the democrats to do what they were unwilling/unable to do, and they certainly didn’t want a Black Democrat in the WH when a monumental piece of legislation like the ACA became law. It makes them look bad for not doing what they knew needed to be done, so their solution to the ACA becoming law is to repeal it and replace it with a POS health care reform law that they write that will do very little to address rising health care costs and will include more benefits to insurance companies than it does to our citizens.

  25. I read it. All of it. The bill is 2000 pages, quadruple spaced for mark up, and has about 8 words to the line. If it were a book, it would probably be shorter than a Stephen King novel. And not a lot more complicated. Of all the health bills I’ve read, this was actually one of the easier to understand. It is highly patient focused rather than insurance focused and that is EXACTLY why the GOP and their insurance CEOs hate it. It’s myth to say insurers like Obamacare – they do NOT. It’s really crimping their profits as planned. So Boehner has to make it sound as if it’s the Gulag – you’ll be regimented, forced into gray, dingy clinics – when if you have insurance, you keep it, and it just gets more affordable and less expensive for you and ultimately overall. That totally freaks Beohner out! I will say that the RWNJs are actually correct – this can be built into a German style universal program. It’s how they started, how Belgium and the Netherlands built theirs – highly regulated and cost controlled insurance. But for the moment, it’s actually quite free – you get choices, options for your doctors and hospital, and tons of free preventive care. Wow – how AWFUL for all of us oppressed Americans. Health care that works for us. Can’t have that, now can we?

    PSST – John? Honestly – it’s NOT hard to read. G’on – try it! Should have done it in 2010 – I did. I’m sure you can do it if you try.

  26. I was telling my daughter the other day about that farce of a health care reform bill the republicans presented a couple years ago. You’re right, Andrew. It was mostly blank pages with words on them highlighting what their bill would include, and it was so lacking in substance as to be ludicrous.

  27. RomObamCare won’t work, Rocky. The republicans don’t want PBO’s name on any piece of HCR legislation. They think that if they repeal the ACA, it means it didn’t happen. They don’t care that the ACA is a part of the historical record and will remain a part of it. They just want to deny PBO any role in doing anything that the American people may come to like more and more as time goes by.

  28. The “government takeover of healthcare” was declared Lie of the Year in 2010. And they still repeat it.

    And if it is such an incredibly socialist platform, why would a “severely conservative” candidate like Romneycare propose it?

  29. Boner sounds like a broken record. His lies just flow out of him like scotch flows in. He is not going to replace it. Period. Nor will they do any job creation. Their own plan of destroying our democracy, giving the public lands to privatization, cancel all taxes on the rich and corporations, destroy the environment, Medicare and SS. And start two new wars. that is their plan.

  30. The GOP has no plan regarding health care and I think they’ll find all this repeal talk to be very damaging to them. As these provisions have kicked in, people are slowly realizing there are a lot of benefits in this law. The GOP can stage little “protest” votes but if they actually got close to repealing it, I think a lot of people would raise hell at the thought of them taking away these popular provisions.

  31. If they throw millions of americans off the health insurance plan they will forever take ownership of the’death panels’

  32. You’re right…he and his billionaire club just want to get re-elected so they can continue feeding off the power system…ridin’ that train, but they are runnin’ out of whatever they are snorting that gets them there and now, resort to getting “high” on insults.

    I have a different take on The Boner…I say he he does have a place within him that is self-loathing and knows that he’s not serving his country at all; he serves some master behind the “skiff” walls* and he’s very tortured internally every time they make him go out there and do his “death and duty” schtick. That’s why he’s the wiping-boy of all the GOP factions…he gets no love.

    I don’t feel sorry for him because he made his “choice” and he’s earned what he’s become, but, I get the feeling that he’s just as scared as a lot of others about the “Wrath of the Neo-cons” on his soul…he knows they want HIS heart and will tear it out by the roots one way or the other.

    *(secret rooms the uber wealthy have built for themselves so you can’t hear or see them…you can’t even pick up the vibrations from the water pipes or glass on the windows once inside).

  33. Face it…the Tan Man ran into Edward R. Murrow in a skirt, and refuse to answer her questions.

  34. “The bill is 2000 pages, quadruple spaced for mark up, and has about 8 words to the line.”
    Churchlady, I did not know this! Thank you! Quadruple spaced? I would like to see this fact get more traction. Big babies.

  35. “No one read” it. Well, it was your job to read it, you lazy, incompetent dolt.

    Waah! It’s 2700 pages!” So? That’s the fault of republicans and blue dogs that constantly had to be placated with yet another paragraph just for them.

    You claim the republicans believe it can be done step by step in a common sense fashion. And yet you have done nothing, nothing, nothing, in all the years since Teddy Roosevelt to advance any such plan. Nothing. Why should we believe you? Especially since you and McConnell are clearly okay with people dying while you claim to be rebuilding something that you tore down for no good reason.

  36. Watch the corners of King Boner’s mouth when he lies. It doesn’t take long. The corners fly up like someone doing a terrible Bogart impression. And fifty percent of our beloved country believe every piece of dung he speaks. Amazing!

  37. Frank Luntz is apparently slacking on giving Boehner and friends new talking points. Bitching about the length of the bill has a foot of dust on it. And they have no intention of replacing anything, just as they said they were all about jobs in 2010, and started attacking women’s rights and health immediately.

  38. Guess that book they are always misquoting, the Bible, hasn’t been read by them either. They interpret or rather misinterpret/lie about what they want. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s corrosive.

  39. They all (Mittens, Boner, sMitch, etc.) say we are going to replace it with ‘common sense’ ideas. Has any one asked what they mean with ‘common sense’ healthcare? Just ask them what does common sense healthcare entail? I don’t think they will tackle healthcare at all if they are permitted destroy ACA. If anything they will just try to protect the health insurance companies from the American People and allow them and the doctors to keep raising their rates faster than the monetary inflation rate as they have always done. The rich doctors are limited in the ACA as to how much they can charge to their services. The physicians are the ones who have been very vocal in complaining to their retro representatives to get rid of the ACA and crying, “socialism, socialism, socialism.”

  40. I didn’t know the 0.01% has SCIFs too, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  41. “We’re going take a common-sense, step-by-step approach.”

    The problem with this is, there are NO Right Wingers with common-sense.

  42. They just don’t want Democrats to get the credit for it, and they think everyone is that stupid. Fortunately, not everyone is that stupid.

  43. So the easy way to get Obama out of it is to stop calling it ObamaCare, and start calling it by its correct name: The (ACA) “Affordable Care Act”. Of course the GOP didn’t like that name because implied it would be something GOOD for people, and they wanted you to think is was something bad. And since they like to think Obama is ‘bad’ they just re-named it ‘ObamaCare’.

  44. Once again…All lies…. President George Washington and President John Adams “forced” citizens to buy a product… HEALTH INSURANCE. Passed by Congress without this rhetoric… He is lying about the Bill..It DOES NOT give government the ability to decide what doctors and what care goes to the people… found that the assumption that government will control our lives is a lie… that the provisions in the Bill…DO NOT allow government any of these ridiculous comments… Obviously he has no idea what the Bill is… And obviously he has no idea how to replace it.. He would rather have us go back to our old ways and not decide on anything for another 25 yrs…the same thing they have been doing since the President took office… Where are the jobs that were promised in 2010?… Out of touch… out of his mind…

  45. “Only one in about ten people I talk to have any idea about what it is really about and what it does”

    10% know what is in the document and the rest don’t? That’s sounds about right for you and your friends.

  46. It wasn’t just Boehner who couldn’t answer any questions regarding the Republicans’ alternative to the ACA! Every Republican who was interviewed on the Sunday news shows responded the same way…they all talked in circles, never answering the questions they were asked and couldn’t seem to come up with any specific policies for their version of a health care act! I would like to see the transcripts from all of the shows (ABC and NBC, as well as Fri interviews on PBS) and compare them. Odds are that they would be almost identical, word for word, since I’m sure they all had to memorize their “spin on things” speech before appearing on any news shows!

  47. When Robert Reich speaks, I always listen. That is one person who really knows what he is talking about, and he tells it like it is, no matter which political party might appear to benefit by what he says! I really respect his opinion!

  48. well there you have it folks, the man from the Orange grove has spoken. for those unfamiliar with him, [disregarding his unnatural pickle like complexion, granted, its a tad confusing for the human brain,) but those familiar with the carnival, will have their nickel well spend. So, would you pay attention to such reptilian creature for the state of his true nature? or the unnatural unnecessary many teeth he is able to demonstrate? or just the many color tongues he drinks his ancestral tea? (the creature wildly claims Washington himself carved the wooded cup for him) either way, keep your hands out from the cage. besides if have your lucky stars, I tell a secret, & then, your in for a real treat, because once this untrustworthy creature its tricked or confronted with the truth of his real servitude, the orange like reptilian-ape, well begins to cry. its not only magnificent & magical, it is also said when ever one his tears ever touches the ground a Gay person gets a wish & an immigrant gets to stay.

  49. Isn’t it amazing that a man who is in this position as Speaker of the House, cannot give a straight answer.. and when he’s pushed.. he goes off the deep end.. Also, how well he exaggerates the issues.

    And we or I should say, some voters put this fool into a political Office? This is a bit frightening the lack of control.. Someone needs to send this little boy home with his toys and tell him, he can’t come back and play any more..

  50. Boehner said the state high risk pools were a much more effective way of insuring those with pre existing conditions. He must mean a more effective way of keeping such persons from getting health care. In Arkansas, for a sixty year old non smoker, the high risk pool charges over $900.00 a month. Our income is about $2400.00 a month, and we have high prescription bills. These pools might as well not exist, as no one can afford to use them.

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