Right Wing Haters for Christ Vow To Repeal the Affordable Care Act

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Around the world there are only a handful of countries that self-identify strongly with a religion as the driving force of their policies and style of governance. Most people immediately think of Islamic nations in the Middle East, but to hear Republicans and fundamentalist Christians tell it, America is a “Christian” nation founded on bible principles despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary and the Constitution’s separation of church and state provisions. What is a certainty, is that based on their opposition to helping the least fortunate among us and their Republican-inspired reverence for the wealthy and contempt for the poor, many conservative American Christians are not followers of Christ. The opposition to healthcare reform two years ago and the persistent Republican meme that healthcare was a privilege reserved for those fortunate enough to be able to afford it was, in large part, supported vehemently by conservative Christians and it exposed them as liars when it came to their purported faith.

Now that the Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, the same so-called Christians are out in force promising to help Republicans repeal the law that helps over 30 million Americans enjoy good health, and leading the charge is the biggest liar in America, Willard Romney. What is curious, is in promising to repeal the ACA, Willard Romney not only displays anti-Christian sentiments, he bases his agenda on a pack of lies that the Christian bible considers one of the top 10 sins adherents of the faith can commit. First and foremost, it cannot be stressed enough that Romney is not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination so it is possible that in the Mormon religion, lying to punish the poor is a requirement. However, Romney’s cult aside, it is the conservative Christian’s abhorrence to helping less fortunate Americans that is remarkable, and it is a mystery why more “true Christians” are not rising up and condemning the selfish and contemptible opposition to helping millions of Americans have affordable health care insurance, or food stamps or housing assistance or educational opportunities.

There are some Christians speaking out against the false Christians’ contempt for the poor, but if America is a predominately Christian nation, there should be a deafening roar of outrage at the Republicans’ perpetual mistreatment of children, seniors, and working-poor struggling to survive in an economy created by the GOP. Instead, the uproar is coming from conservative Christians and they are lining up behind and parroting Romney’s lies about the ACA and its impact on the economy, and as Americans have heard for the past three days, the abject lie that it will be the undoing of America.

Regarding the $95 tax for not buying healthcare insurance, it is only for Americans who can afford insurance and refuse to buy coverage. If Romney read the ACA, he would know there are financial hardship and religious exemptions built into the law so those people who cannot afford to buy insurance will not be penalized, and for millions of Americans who already have health insurance the issue is moot. Willard lied when he said the ACA would cause Americans to “lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance that they like and they want to keep,” and it goes to the lengths Romney is willing to go to convince conservative Christians to help him prevent 30 million Americans from obtaining healthcare insurance.

For conservative Christians to rail against healthcare for all Americans indicts all Christians as mean-spirited and selfish. For the uninitiated, Jesus admonished his followers and taught that the rich should sell all their belongings and give the proceeds to the poor. The Affordable Care Act does not require any American to sell anything for the poor, and yet there is Romney and his conservative Christian supporters lying to prevent other Americans from having health insurance. Where are the so-called “true followers of Christ” speaking out against the contempt for the poor, and especially the lies Republicans are spreading as a means of convincing other Christians to join their cause? Obviously, a great majority of American Christians subscribe to a different version of Christianity than their namesake Jesus Christ preached.

It is bad enough that America is drifting toward a “me only” society where personal enrichment supersedes any sense of community well-being or Christian charity, but that it is being championed by so-called Christians and their clergy is shameful, especially for those who truly aspire as followers of Christ. The conservative Christian agenda is rapidly becoming as far-removed from Christ’s teachings as the Sun is from the Earth, and as the country devolves into a hate-fest toward the poor and impoverished, it is little wonder the rest of the world views American Christianity as little more than a bastardization of Ayn Rand ideology. The level of hate and greed that is becoming the hallmark of the religious right is a disease that is being transmitted, ironically, through churches all across America, and it never ceases to amaze humanists how a Christian adherent can clutch a bible to their bosom while working tirelessly to strip assistance from the poor, and worse, condemning them to poor health and an early death because they consider something like affordable health insurance a privilege.

There have been occasions in the past when one might have seriously wished America was a Christian nation that took Christ’s commandment to care for the least fortunate and seek peace seriously and help create an exceptional nation. However, now that conservative Christians have transformed the religion into a selfish, Draconian faith of contempt, one hopes it vanishes to save what is left of this country’s once renowned compassion and care for its least fortunate citizens. Sadly, American Christianity is devolving into a hateful religion based on greed with tacit support from other Christians who fail to speak out against what is becoming a religion of hate and lies, and now is being promoted by a Mormon who epitomizes everything Jesus Christ condemned. Who knows, maybe there was another “latter day revelation” from some angel to conservative Christians that Jesus was a rich Mormon who hated the poor and exalted the wealthy and his fake Christian name was Willard Romney.







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  1. How dare Obama want to feed the poor and heal the sick!! The nerves of this guy!! Next thing u know this president will start fighting for higher education and God forbid championing the cause for teachers, cops, and firefighters. I’m fed up!! We need a president who will give my tax money to the rich and their corperations. The ppl who deserve to eat. That’s the American way!! What good can come out of those filthy Nazarenes and with all those “poor” ppl (spit). This president is far worse than Jesus healing on the Sabbath and preaching to the poor. Go Romney!! Let them starve!! Let them die!! Oh btw does anybody know what health insurance Mitt carries?

  2. If the Mormons allow lying on the scale that one of their elders, Willard Mitt Romney, does, that’s not a religion al all. It’s a money grabbing entity. At least Christians have Nuns On Bus who give them a modicum of credibility vis a vis the principles of Christ.

    Bearing false witness is soooooooo first century.

  3. The Christians which you speak of in your post is proof that the Anti Christ walks among us. Cristian means Christ like and these people are anything and everything but Christ like.

  4. Just call them Dominionists. They seek Christ’s Dominion (as THEY interpret it in self interest) over us all.

    Note well, however, that ACA passed in huge measure because of the work of a large and dedicated interfaith presence. Working through several channels including Faithful Reform in Health Care, people of faith who believe their basic teachings about care for those in need worked tirelessly to bring their Congressional reps in line – and succeeded. Such advocacy on non-partisan issues is totally legal and was done totally legally. And it succeeded beyond our wildest dreams! Millions of people spoke from their hearts about the critical need to provide real coverage for everyone.

    If you rememeber the photo of the Dems walking to the Hill to vote on ACA, what you never saw – cut out of every photo and news clip – was a long line of clergy and laity standing to the right of that Congressional delegation all with signs of support. The leaders shook hands with the supporters – also not shown. No small part of the Vatican’s assault on nuns was the effort by NETWORK, their advocacy office, to support ACA. Their Executive Director, Sr. Simone Campbell, is in the photo of the current article here on Politicus about “Nuns on the Bus”. Sr. Simone knows what comprises REAL faith teachings – care for those in need and creating a world of justice.

    So do we all. Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh – we all worked together and within our own faith communities to advocate for health reform. Ours were words of quiet but steadfast care for humanity – no shouting, no screaming, no hype. And NO lies. And we will continue standing in opposition to the phony Christians who support tax cuts for the rich and greed in the town square. We did not give up when ACA passed – we just got started.

  5. You’re right Churchlady. The media is remiss to cover “humanitarians” of all faiths supporting compassion, but they sure give the hater-religiosos all the coverage they demand. In my community, twice a year an inter-faith group sits down to address poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Evangelicals, Baptists etc refuse to participate because they cannot abide sitting at a table with “pagans” (Buddhists, Jews, Muslims) who are working in concert to follow Christ’s admonition to care for the poor. Saddest part is they are unapologetic and my newspaper will never condemn them.

  6. What if gOD is not present? I mean like, he doesn’t really exist. Then doesn’t the reich-wing even look worse? Historically, religion has been used ever since it was created by man. It has been used to pacify and tame people, Giving false hope and accepting that hope=wish fulfillment, pitting one religion (society) against the other. For things like stealing raw sources of things that grow or can be found in other countries, crude oil, latex, sugar cane, etc. It is the history of the world whether or not you want to believe it. This is the way things go for this country. We start wars to steal commodities and gain control of strategic arias of the world so no one opposes us.

  7. The anti-cHrIst does not exist. gOd does not exist. These things exist in the minds of people who do not understand science. Science is the reason you have everything from medicine (to make you well when you are sick, to a telephone (to communicate with others at your convenience), To being able to comprehend the World around you. The biBle is a group of disparate Myths that do not fit together in a way as to describe anything cohesive. I studied religion for years in and outside of college. Once you know the origin of religion and myth, Combined with hard science and an extensive comprehension of history, It pretty much removes any religious arrogance That one may harbor. For instance, when one says there is a deviL or gOD but can not prove the assumption, where to go from that point?? When people say they believe, What is it that they believe? That an omnipotent sky fairy and his magical powers created everything?? Than what would be the purpose of knowing anything?? If your going to a so called heaven, Then you don’t need to know anything. Thus the magical tree of knowledge in the old testament. Which implies knowledge is bad. Which brings you back to an inner conflict of, If the bible says knowledge is bad, what about people with masters degrees and doctorates? Are they going to burn in hell because they know a significant amount more than your avg. person? If the answer is no, then you are denying the validity of the bible. Another problem is anybody who is religious like a catholic is inadvertently “cheery-picking” what they want to believe is true.

  8. The radical cardectomy on the American spirit began, I think, even before Reagan was elected, and I saw its first signs in California in the Prop 13 vote in California. The then working class saw its hopes of achieving the American Dream start to recede from them like a mirage horizon, distanced ever farther by the disproportionate rise in the price of necessities- food, clothing, housing, cars, gasoline- and they were told they were being left behind, not by profiteering and malign social engineering, but by favoritism to the Other. I saw this line being bought by people who were themselves Others, and in too many cases, it was their votes that let the Dissocialists in.

    Now, a generation and a half later, we have seen the working and lower middle classes cast into the lumpenproletariat, and the former white-collar workers who couldn’t save themselves by clinging sycophantishly to the upper crust go with them. Some have awakened to the true state of affairs, but too many have vented a dumb rage against the Other, whether their former co-worker at the bench or assembly line, or that terrible Other in the White House, who is now *offering them charity*. This, to them, is the sign of their final displacement from their birthright. They cling to their rage as the last remnant of that birthright, and their refusal to “get it” is simply a justification for that rage. Because density is their armor and their weapon both, they won’t surrender it. That’s why I call them hammerheads.

  9. These people have no idea what the meaning of christianity is. I understand that there was a mass service in the mormon church with everyone opting out of mormonism.
    Does anyone know if Romney is elected (God forbid)
    will he take the oath of office on the book of mormon?

  10. I already sent this site a photo of what a Romney inauguration might look like, but I doubt they’ll print it, because it’s too dirty. There is also a photo of a giant Benjie dog vaulting into his owner’s arms in terror at the thought.

  11. Well said ! It’s time for the world to be ruled by caring, logic, educated, people who care about everyone whether you’re rich or poor, black, white, brown, yellow, or purple! As the Hitch said, “Religion poisons everything.” Call me Jesus -like, even if I am an atheist!

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