Republicans Start to Panic as ObamaCare Reaches 50% Approval

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According to a new CNN poll, Americans are still divided on ObamaCare. Fifty percent of those surveyed agreeing with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the law, while 49% disagreed. This represents a two point increase from a Reuters/Ipsos poll released yesterday that found that 48% support the Affordable Care Act. Support for the ACA has increased from 34% in the fall of 2011 to 43% before the Supreme Court decision to 50% supporting the court’s decision today.

Republicans quickly tried to turn their Supreme Court defeat into political ammunition by reviving many of the same attacks they used against the ACA in 2009 and 2010. GOP congressional leaders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner revived their government takeover of healthcare talking points and called for immediate repeal of the law, but a funny thing is happening on the way back in time to 2010.

Support for the law, and the decision that ruled the law constitutional, is growing. Instead of emptily repeating the Republican cries for repeal, the media has been asking the GOP exactly what they intend to replace ObamaCare with.

When pressured by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday on what he was going to do about the uninsured if he repealed the ACA, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell got flustered and stated that the uninsured in America aren’t an issue. As bad as McConnell’s performance was, he was outdone by Speaker of the House John Boehner. Speaker Boehner was left clinging to his general talking points about common sense reform as CBS’s Norah O’Donnell continued to pressure him to specifically state what parts of the ACA he would keep, and which parts he would repeal.

Boehner was so broken by the whole experience
that a few times during the interview he actually raised his voice and yelled his answers at O’Donnell. Evidence of the GOP backtracking on the ACA can be found in the fact that when pressed Boehner and McConnell both admitted that there are good points in the law that should not be repealed.

The Republican answer to the ACA is repeal and replace, but things quickly fall apart when they asked the question, replace with what? The fact that the ACA has gone from being widely unpopular to a virtual 50/50 split in the days since the Supreme Court decision is a major problem for the GOP, and odds are that the law is going to continue to grow in popularity as insured Americans begin to receive their share of the $1.1 billion in insurance premium rebates.

Time and political momentum are working against those who are advocating for repeal. There was panic in Boehner and McConnell’s interviews, and that panic will only grow if the public continues to get comfortable with “ObamaCare.”

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  1. I think if we could start calling it something like…

    “RomObamCare” or maybe “ObamaRomCare” it might shut the republicans up seeing that would tie the two of them togeatheras they should be.

    I’d like to see ol willard untangle that mess !

  2. As it becomes more popular and the Republicans have to give up on villifying it, they will probably stop calling it Obamacare and start pointing out that it was their idea in the first place.

  3. And the beauty part is that the Dems can say without any hedging whatsoever that the GOP gets NO credit. This is their worst nightmare — a piece of social legislation that becomes increasingly popular with wide swathes of the public and for which it’s clear one party and one party only had the guts and vision to make possible.

    Because let’s face it, the GOP plan for healthcare, no matter how much the Heritage Foundation, et al pushed the individual mandate, is NO plan, except unfunded mandates like Medicare Part D. They’d prefer “free market solutions.” Or, in other words — “Oh, you got sick and got dumped by your private insurance company and now you can’t afford treatments to save your life? Too bad, so sad, bye-bye, go die.”

  4. Republicans try to push back against Obamacare with the wrong arguments, they need to come up with a BETTER PLAN that costs less and covers more people, or no one will listen to them

  5. Why don’t we try some honesty?

    The republicans have been panicking since the summer of 2008 when shortly before being nominated, Obama held an impromptu rally right here in Portland, Oregon.

    And OOPS! Whatdya know …. 80 – 90,000 supporters showed up!
    Surprise !!!! That was the first time he had that kind of turnout at an event, and he just kept rolling from there.

    At that point it was OVER for the repub party and they’ve been in damage control/panic mode ever since.

  6. “they need to come up with a BETTER PLAN that costs less and covers more people,”

    The problem is their racism will never allow them to come up with anything…nothing…nada. As McConnell has said over and over…the only thing they are doing is try to make Obama a one term President. Everything else outside of this means NOTHING to them. I’m expecting the BOP to start burning crosses on the White House lawn and blame it on Obama.

  7. The biggest surprise: the media finally does its job and asks Republicans for their ideas. The second biggest surprise: Republicans have no answer after two years of demagoguery on the issue.

  8. Let’s call it what it is. RomneyCare. His is the model Obama used for much of this, especially the mandate. Or call it romneycare plus.

  9. It’s no big surprise at all to me. The RepubliCONs have never had an answer or any ideas. Their whole purpose is to discredit President Obama. And it almost worked, until now. Now this strategy is coming back to bite them in the ass and they’re crying foul. Contrary to their popular belief, Americans are not as stupid as they think. They can only feed us so much bulls_ _ t before we start to spew it back.

    To the RepubliCONS: If you dance with the devil, prepare to pay the price. You should know this well since you invented the dance.

  10. As Republican lies are debunked and people start benefiting from this plan, that 50% number will jump way up. It’s also important to remember that polls don’t usually differentiate between the people who are not please because this plan didn’t go far enough from those who don’t want a plan at all.

  11. Hell’s bells! I don’t care if they call it Romneycare! LMAO! Whatever it takes =)

    Republicans need to stop acting like whiny titty babies throwing a tantrum worthy of a toddler in his terrible twos. It passed Congress, was signed by the president, was upheld by scotus. It’s OVER. Now let’s move on to NOT being the laughingstock of the civilized world on our health care, and actually insure everyone. This is such a no brainer that it’s obvious they’re just smoking mad out of pure orneryness and the same old “my way or the highway” approach. The American people are saying REJECT to that approach, both with this issue, with women’s rights, with the obstruction in Congress, etc.

  12. Come up with something better that costs less? Single payer is about all that’s left that fits that bill.

    Taking away the factor of their rabid hatred for all things Obama-related, they have no better plan, and they never will. You can’t get these kinds of cost savings if it’s all in the private market 100%. The saddest fact is, they really are not interested in insuring the poor, because those folks don’t make them tons of cash in their pockets. Everyone needs to remember this when thinking about their reactions to this. That’s why we simply MUST push and push until it’s a completely done deal, because we simply have to move into the 21st century and have some form of universal health care.

    Interestingly, I saw a documentary the other night and Switzerland is the country with the system closest to the ACA, and it works VERY well over there. Their only complaint is that premiums are a bit high, because they have too MANY insurance companies in the mix. Isn’t that odd? Too many companies……in the private market =)

    All I know is, we have to beat them back or we’re going to end up with the status quo and more and more will fall into the uninsured pool. Romney and his ideas that insurance, as well as college education, is only for those “that can afford it” is absolute bullchit. That’s not how the US was ever meant to be, to limit opportunity only to those with wealth.

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