Real American Barack Obama Celebrates America the Beautiful

President Obama celebrates the 4th of July and all of the great things that make our country, America the Beautiful.

Here is Barack Obama’s America the Beautiful with soundtrack provided by Keb Mo:

One of the things that drives the right insane about Obama is that he embodies everything that they claim to be. Barack Obama is a man who puts family first. President Obama is a patriot who not only appreciates the service and sacrifice of our military, but he is also working hard to end wars and bring them home. Obama is a Christian who believes in the loving and compassionate Christ. Barack Obama like the vast majority of progressives and liberals is more red, white, and blue than they the right will ever admit. Patriotism doesn’t belong to either party, and President Obama is as much of a patriot as the next American.

There are several common Obama themes in the video. After clips of our men and women in uniform, we get a clip of wind farm (alternative energy), and sprinkled throughout the video are clips of children. Lots of children are featured, because this fits the constant theme of the Obama presidency that we should be working towards building a better country for our children, whether it be through jobs, education, technology, and yes even clean energy, it is all the kind of America the president’s generation leaves for our future leaders. Family is also on display as video of the Obama family at Yellowstone is shown.

While many Americans are using today to reflect on what is still lacking in our nation, President Obama is a forward looking glass half full kind of guy. This video reflects that forward thinking optimism. It is important to work towards improving our country, but especially on this day, it is nice to appreciate all of the things that we have. We are all lucky to live in a beautiful and diverse country, where despite the political rhetoric of those who sell fear, freedom still abounds.

As forward thinkers it can be difficult to appreciate the present when the enticing potential of the future whispers in your ear, but despite our recent ups and downs and the political maneuvers of those who want to divide us, America is still alive and well.

The right will keep inventing silly rumors to make Obama seem less American, but they only do this because he walks their talk.

Happy Liberal Patriots Day!! Be proud of your country. Be proud of your president. Be proud to be a liberal.

P.S. – If Keb Mo ever comes to your town, check him out. You’ll have a great time and see a wonderful show.

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  1. Perfect for today, Jason! Thank you..what an awesome tribute from Keb Mo to our country. We are so fortunate to have Obama as our President at this point in time.

    Happy 4th of July!

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