Tax-Hating Republicans Meet Mother Nature


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As the high pressure looms over the Midwest and East bringing rain and heat, in the Southwest, in Colorado, there is a fire raging out of control. Checking the weather report, there is a 30% chance of thunderstorms…a relief to the fire-drenched area. But there is a catch. There is a 70% chance that there is just lightning sparking new fires.

The fire killed two according to the Fox affiliate KDVR, in Colorado Springs’ Waldo Canyon Fire, two people died and almost 350 homes were destroyed.The cause remains under investigation. The problem is, it costs a lot of money. Colorado being a purple state, Republicans’ mantra of no taxes ultimately led to the destruction of the State and now these same tax-hating Republicans (and I call the Dems who cut taxes Republicans) are seeking grants from the other 49 States to help rebuild their cities.

I wonder if the Congress members who voted to cut taxes for the wealthy folks in Colorado are rethinking about reelection now that their homes are destroyed? In California, we too had our share of fires, the biggest being the Firestorm of 2003. Five counties were on fire: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and San Diego were burning. It got so bad that the smoke, being fanned by the dry heat of the Santa Ana winds made Los Angeles and coastal towns smokey. Heat from the fire 10 miles away were felt and like a nuclear fallout, cars were covered with ember. But we were prepared.

California had the foresight to tax ourselves and invest in our first responders, minimizing the use of federal resources. On the other hand, in the conservative part of San Diego, the rich were living in a lap of luxury, had their own volunteer fire department. The fire started when a hunter got lost in the forest and shot a flare. Well the flare caught the forest on fire and the rest was history. The hunter was saved.

But, because of tax cuts, San Diego had to borrow from other fire departments to put out the fires, and the wealthy folks who lost their homes, had second thoughts about their tax breaks and now are taxing themselves to have a full-fledged fire department. Something the wealthy in Colorado should think of too…especially since Focus on The Family, whose main headquarters is in Colorado Spring.

Speaking of FOTF and Dr. James Dobson. There has not been a peep from him. Probably because god has answered his prayers:

Q: Why does God allow suffering to happen?

A: I wrote an entire book in which I attempted to grapple with this question, titled When God Doesn’t Make Sense. Indeed, the theological implications of a tragedy of this magnitude present difficult questions.

But one thing is certain: it is wrong to blame God for the suffering in this world. It is inaccurate – and almost blasphemous – to say that He is responsible for the great evil that occurred on September 11. He loves His children, and He doesn’t spend His time looking for ways to inflict pain and sorrow on them. As for why He allowed this particular event to happen, I can only articulate an answer based on my inadequate understanding of how He deals with us as mortals. God has given each of us a free will. Without the ability to make choices – whether right or wrong – we would be nothing more than puppets on strings. God could have programmed us to perform predictable behaviors as He does animals, but that would have made it impossible for us to love Him voluntarily. Therefore, He has granted us the ability to make independent choices, and many times those choices lead us to do terrible things to one another. But people are responsible for their own behavior, and just as we have the ability to do things that are pleasing to God, we also have the ability to do things that grieve Him.

Q: Has God withdrawn His protective hand from the US?

A: Christians have made arguments on both sides of this question. I certainly believe that God is displeased with America for its pride and arrogance, for killing 40 million unborn babies, for the universality of profanity and for other forms of immorality. However, rather than trying to forge a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the terrorist attacks and America’s abandonment of biblical principles, which I think is wrong, we need to accept the truth that this nation will suffer in many ways for departing from the principles of righteousness. “The wages of sin is death,” as it says in Romans 6, both for individuals and for entire cultures.

Funny thing, while Colorado burns, Dobson is silent. Is the burning of Colorado god’s will? Yes, according to Dobson and religious ilk like him. Has god withdrawn his protective hands from the Colorado? Apparently Dobson says so, and now with the headquarters in Colorado Springs, Dobson’s headquarter may feel god’s anger.

Or is it all a scam? Is it merely the babbling of a rich person, whose whole goal in life is to make a boatload of money, pay less in taxes and refuse to pay for first responders? Maybe it’s time that Dobson does come clean and say neither 9/11 nor Colorado’s fire has nothing to do with the wrath of some cloud-being but the greediness which led to death and destruction because the wealthy hates paying their fair share of taxes…and global warming.


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  1. Over at FSTDT, I’ve read excerpts of all kinds of commentary from these cranks, most of which boiled down to the Lard allowed these fires to be kindled by the sparks from smoking hot sex.

  2. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for these rich buttholes who are so desperate to save an extra penny on the dollar that they won’t give it up in a tax to provide fire service for themselves. Maybe they’ll have an epiphany like the rich buttholes in San Diego had after a fire caused them all kinds of grief. As for James Dobson, all I can say is that he’s a poor example of a pastor and a leader. Greed has consumed him, and he’ll say/do anything to keep the money rolling in to FOF. He’s knows he’s running one of the biggest scams in the country and getting rich doing it.

  3. See the pattern? It’s always the conservatives who get burned. Funny thing though, Malibu is a wealthy area, with lefties and they pay taxes without complaining. in 2003, there was enough funding to protect the homes too. Though the City Council is reconsidering using prescribed burns to prevent what happened and I believe they are.

  4. Mitt Romney’s gonna cut more police and firefighters and teachers and lots of folks that do very important work, actually life saving work, that is if he wins the election in November. He’s promised to do that. Because these people just aren’t important. They cost too much. Their wages, their pensions, their health care. Now, if he could outsource their work to India or Taiwan or China, then they would be cost effective. Right? WRONG. NEVER vote Republican. Nobody but a very elite few benefit from electing Republicans. They vote against your interests, like fire fighters. When you need a firefighter. You need him NOW. And if he’s not there NOW, you’re *ucked.

  5. I hate arguments like those Dobson made. First of all, if there is a god, we don’t have free will. God knows everything and is everywhere (supposedly), So if god already knows what is going to happen and everything that will ever happen (gods plan) then we indeed do not have free will, only the appearance of it. Which begs the question, why bother having humans around to worship you and praise you, when your mind is already made up as to what will happen to them whether they worship you or not. Either god doesn’t exist or we are here for his sick twisted entertainment.

  6. Maybe that is what it is going to take for some of these republiturds to learn. The total destruction from a fire, a loved one dying because some Insurance Company’s death panel decided they cost too much. Or some other horrible tragedy in their lives. I would feel sorry for them, but when you parrot those that would have you believe that only bad things happen to everyone but YOU. When I notice an entire State that shows up RED during an Election, and then hear about the horrible things that happen in that State, I have so much less concern for the people of that State. Because they are obviously not doing the work to take care of the things that come up, that can take life, destroy lives, and the people they support don’t care about those lives, they only care about the corporate profit that the foolish believe was going to be good for them, because all the trickling down of economy would put the fires out.

  7. The other 49 states have enough to do trying to balance our budgets. Washington had to make some terrible cuts because of our initiative which made it nearly impossible to raise taxes/fees. Colorado, if you want help, its bootstrap time.

  8. What an ignorant dick this Dobson guy is. He uses Romans 6 to argue that if one or many sin they die. I don’t even believe this crap and I know that is not what Romans 6 reads. It reads something like this. If you don’t live a Christ like life and you die your are commanded to lasting death as in thrown into the fiery pit. It does not read that if you sin God is going to burn your house down and kill you and all of you family. A man like this is why I say that Christians don’t need to wait for the Anti-Christ because he is already here in men like Dobson.

  9. That’s Calvinism. That’s straight from Calvin and the other ilk like him.

    “God rewards good people with nice things, and punishes sin with poverty, suffering, and hardship.” It was very popular during the start of the industrial revolution, because it justified the rich and punished the poor. Today it’s still popular because it removes personal responsibility for creating hardship for others (especially from the rich). Never mind that it’s in opposition to the Bible… especially to the original intent.

    It’s still a large part of American fundamentalist theology.

  10. You know, I don’t understand the supposed hostility towards sex the fundies have. They preach against it, they rail against it – but as we know, they’re also world-class hypocrites and as I’ve learned, the worst of the worst are taught to marry early (because a young family is more attractive to a “church” than a single person as far as employment as a “pastor”).

    At the same time, they preach abstinence at the singles, and they’re so hostile to any sexual activity outside of marriage (and outside of procreation) for anyone not an elite (such as a preacher or preacher’s son).

    None of their attitudes make sense to me, and I’ve been around that crap for decades. I wonder where it all comes from.

  11. That’s why there is a fire raging near FOTF. Funny thing is, If FOTF burned down (PLEASE JEEBUS PLEASE JEEBUS), it’s because of:

    Isaiah 55:8-9 (King James Version)

    For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
    For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    Not because of the evils they do. Meanwhile, there are probably more closeted LGBTQs christian RWNJ than there are liberals. Hell, we couldn’t care less, we’re like:

    LGBTQ: I’m gay
    Liberal: So? I’m straight. Now lets gets back to work to…

    If there is a god, this is what I would say:

    Dear Jeebus.
    Republicans are a pain in the ass. christians are worse. can you please destroy FOTF and burn the damned place to the ground. And please stop the machine that claims to be you. I know that Hollywood is fake, but please make an exception and learn from this Hollywood show:

    If you burn down FOTF, I promise to go to sunday school and give 10% and worship you forever…oh my dear might Jeebus, I love you (though I am straight) and will preach the word. Or better yet, rapture them all so the liberals can heal your planet…

    In other words, nothing and we will just watch climate change/global warming destroy the earth while FOTF and the conservative ilk will profit off of this

  12. Inquality is our biggest problem
    10% own 73% net wealth–83% financial wealth–50% individual income-
    50% take almost 90% of individual income
    70,000,000 taxpaying workers take about 10%

    That folks is Third World

    Since 1980, Tax Code has been to help rich but borrow it.

    Tax Code—Progressive Flat by Group–
    want exemption face the public to justify it
    not paid off congressman

  13. There has been more people killed though out history BY RELIGEONS than any other cause. The hatred of other religious people is part of the FLAWED human physic. Ignorance has ruined every society there has ever been and OUR supposed “pinnacle of human excellence” is nothing but a speck of shit on the shoe of the universe. I used to think we were a good and just society, i used to think WE were smart enough to handle any problem, but I can see THERE ARE VERY FEW OF THOSE PEOPLE IN POSITIONS OF POWER. The racism, the greed, the callousness, the IGNORANCE is inexcusable. If there is a GOD he is not pleased with what he see’s and I believe his back is turned on humanity, and will be as long as charlatans like Dodson is using his name in vain. Religious fanaticism is not limited to Islamics, false Christians are just as detrimental to humanity as any other FALSE PROPHET.

  14. It is cruel to say so, but it is just the sort of thing the anti-tax crowd frequently does say… If they will not take care of themselves, they cannot expect the rest of us bail them out.

    I find myself disinclined to force them to compromise their principles.

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