Fox News Edits Obama Clip to Create a Bogus Attack on the Wealthy

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Fox News has edited a clip from President Obama’s bus tour in order to claim that the president is attacking the wealthy.

Here’s the video from Media Matters:

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Fox News played a clip of President Obama saying, “And middle class is also an attitude. It’s not just about income; it’s about knowing what’s important and not measuring your success just based on your bank account. But it’s about your values, and being responsible– and looking after each other.”

However that was wasn’t all of what the president said. In the unedited quote, Obama said, “Now, these past three and a half years have made it tough on everybody. We saw the middle class struggling and folks who were trying to get into the middle class — I want to say, by the way, when I talk about middle class, I’m also talking about poor folks who are doing the right thing and trying to get into the middle class. (Applause.) And middle class is also an attitude. It’s not just about income; it’s about knowing what’s important and not measuring your success just based on your bank account. But it’s about your values, and being responsible — (applause) — and looking after each other, and giving back.”

You’ll notice that Fox hacked out Obama’s message of personal responsibility. The full quote shows that the president wasn’t attacking the wealthy or saying that the wealthy have no values. In fact the wealthy aren’t even mentioned in the entire quote. The president said that these times have been tough on everyone.

This is how Fox News misinforms their viewers without saying a word. They edit video to fit their pro-Republican narrative. After the video clip, Charles Payne delivered the message that Fox News viewers are supposed to take from the video.

Payne said, “Let me tell you, this is what’s so disappointing about it and despicable about it. Talking about people doing the right thing. Imagine you go to college, you work your way through college, you get out and you meet your girlfriend there and you guys get married and you both come out of school and you’re saddled with a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of debt. You work your way through the corporate system and you have a couple of kids and you sacrifice, who knows, maybe 10, 20 years later, you have made it up the ladder of success. You’ve made all the sacrifices. You go to church but in the president’s eyes because you make a certain amount of money you don’t have values? You don’t have principles? That is sickening stuff right there. It’s divide and conquer and it’s also demonizing success. Why isn’t the job market moving? You’re demonizing success.”

It is clear that it is Fox News, not President Obama, that was pushing the class warfare message. They edited video of the president to create a completely false attack in order to advance their pro-Romney class warfare message that Obama the Socialist is punishing success.

None of it was true. It was all concocted to push a fantasy. It was a Fox News lie designed to attack the President of the United States, just another step in the never ending News Corp propaganda campaign against Barack Obama.

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  1. It is undoubtedly bogus, but who cares if he DID attack the wealthy? After 32 years of assaults against the poor, especially people of color, by the slavering dogs sucking up to corporate CEOs and billionaires without a lick of conscience or concern for this nation, if Obama DID attack them, I’d say that’s just fine. They earned it.

  2. I think it’s past time we put a “truth in reporting” law in place just like found, for instance, in Canada.

    Fox would be out of business in no time.

  3. The Government needs to fiqure out some sort of ratings system to regulate how much dishonesty, these so-called journalists are allowed to lie and mislead the general public. When they alter footage, clip together soundbites, and any number of other dishonest things, and then put it up as NEWS, they should be held to account. Canada won’t allow them to broadcast as news, because of there dishonesty.

  4. We once had ‘The Fairness Doctrine’.
    But Reagan dismantled it.

    Ever since then…look what we have….
    The most evil well-financed GOP Propaganda Machine we have ever seen!

    As George W. Bush once let slip out when he said:
    “We can fool some of the people all of the time…
    …And those are the ones we concentrate on”.

    The GOP is ‘FOOLING’ a whole lot of our fellow American’s.
    Against their own and America’s best interest!

  5. Even the edited clip shows no animosity towards “the rich”. That is an artfully twisted construction put on it by Fox.

    Fox broadcast stations can have their licenses yanked if they don’t operate in the public interest. What can be done about cable is less clear. But when you think of howlers like the claim that the President spent the Fourth in Paris when he was in front of cameras and witnesses on the White House lawn, big as life, it should soon be apparent that what the Dissocialists lack in veracity, they more than make up in mendacity.

  6. What’s ironic is that Payne basically described the Obamas. They met, got married, made the necessary sacrifices, paid off their student loans, and are now very successful. They’re millionaires. So all of this talk about how Obama hates the rich… He’s self-loathing? Or honest about the fact that laws, like the tax code, are written by the rich for the rich and benefit the rich unfairly.

    Next year in my state, our exemptions are being tossed out the window. We will have to pay far more in taxes next year, but big business is getting more tax cuts. Who is really waging class-based war?

  7. all these morons where absolutely in full celebration of bad news that their party caused thru obstruction, deceit and lies. If Obama’s jobs act of last year had been enacted, the unemployment rate would be around 7.2-7.5, or better now. Let’s hope the new highway bill gets the summer months showing better numbers. And, if Congress would renew tax credits for wind power (expired July 1), thousands of jobs could be created and this industry could really take off in international markets. Fox is always like this, and will never change. Too bad there are so many stupid people who follow this horse pucky. I agree, the FCC should have harsh rules in place to punish them and CNN. The rest of the broadcasters seem to at least correct their errors quickly within a day or a week. But, Fox just says it wasn’t approved by production execs before airing, and those responsible will be dealt with (read, rewarded).

  8. As a sidenote… Since when does going to the church make you an ethical, responsible person anyway?. Those people sitting way up front in the church are the biggest hypocrites of them all. Thieving, (child) abusing, lying saints buying their forgiveness from the church and playing saint in front of the rest of the community. “Bless me father, for I have sinned”.

  9. I note with interest that even praising the middle class is construed as being hostile to “the rich”. The middle class, once held up as exemplary “real Americans”, are starting to be demonized, just as the poor were over three decades ago.

  10. It seems like every time President Obama speaks to the nation, there is a “Republican response”. I don’t remember responses when that bastard Bush was in office (maybe there was some, but I don’t remember them).

    “Fairness doctrine” seems to have become “we can tell lies and have the right to do so when someone tells the truth, but they don’t have the right to tell the truth and refute our lies!”

  11. Historically, the homeless and poor have been demonized in this country since the Pilgrims (and they were equally vicious about it too).

    It was really strange to learn that while the “Good Christian” business owners in the 1800 (especially after the civil war) were vilifying and passing laws against the homeless and very poor, at the same time they were sending out agents whose job was to encourage single men to become migrant workers… homeless people, and to get them to come to their city. It all, of course, was to deliberately depress wages in their area so they could pocket more profits. Hypocrite, thy name is “Good Christian” business owner!

    (Sources of information available if requested.)

  12. Everybody knows Obama bailed out Wall Street and let Main Street slip into joblessness, foreclosure, homelessness and poverty.

    Everybody knows Obama refuses to prosecute the banksters who stole the wealth of the middle class.

    Everybody knows Obama bows to his Gilded Fascist Elite masters. So why would he attack them, when all along he has been attacking the middle class and the poor.

  13. He’s not attacking the wealthy, he’s redefining success so that it doesn’t include financial accomplishments. In the economy he and Bush together created, it’s a great political move towards reelection.

    I agree that the audio clipping is a dirty partisan trick, though, when FOX, CNN, The Daily Show, and Michael Moore do it. Kind of like someone only calling out one media outlet who does it.

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