The Response To Stir Up Extremists in Kansas City

The Response or Just Another Response?

Apparently, the organizers of Rick Perry’s The Response, the much touted but under-attended prayer rally held in Houston in August 2011, felt the need to respond multiple times, though hardly anyone noticed. Saturday, October 27, 2012, The Response comes to Kansas City. They’ve previously been to  Iowa (December 2011) where “over two hundred” showed up, to South Carolina (January 2012) were a thousand people, including Rick Perry, showed up looking for as well as offering prayers, and to Florida (January 2012) where “hundreds gathered”.

And now right before Election Day we’re going to get to hear the same tired old messages again, the same shrill, ill-thought out pronouncements based not on calm reasoning but emotion, things like “The Body of Christ is responding to a call to prayer!” and “God’s church must be delivered!” and  ”We repent for putting other things before you O God!”

Because you can’t put other things before God – things like the United States Constitution. This God of theirs gets particularly cross when you mention the Constitution.

Watch the video from  puts it all on the table:

Pressing the gates of heaven to see justice and righteousness in America.

America’s issues are not primarily financial, political or moral. Neither does America’s hope lie in one leader or institution. Our hope is found in the One who desires for us to turn to Him with all our hearts. This is our response — to call on Jesus on behalf of America, that He might hear our cry and that we would see a revolution of righteousness in this country.

The Response is holding state-wide solemn assemblies to gather people from all ages, denominations and backgrounds in prayer and fasting on behalf of our nation. Join us in your state (either in person, or via our live online broadcast) as the church in America responds to the call to prayer.

In August 2011, The Response gathered 40,000 people in Houston, TX as well as 100,000 unique sites that joined via simulcast to respond to the trumpet call to prayer. Though Governor Rick Perry initiated The Response in Houston, these upcoming state-wide gatherings will not be affiliated with any particular presidential candidates. The Response is committed to prayer above politics, to seeing the church moved to stand for righteousness and to pray for God’s mercy for America.

State to state, city to city, we will not rest until we see a righteous revolution awaken the church.

This admission of futility ought to strike a chord: we’re not going to talk about politics or even the economy: we’re going to talk about God. We’re not going to either suggest or engage in any concerete solutions to put America back on its feet.

We’re going to pray.

As Charisma News reported of the Florida rally:

“We’re in a historic time where we know there isn’t going to be salvation in the next election,” The Response director Luis Cataldo told the Orlando crowd. “There isn’t going to be an economic policy that’s going to rescue us. We the church, in unity and in humility, are saying, ‘Lord, have mercy. Lord, we’re responding to the trumpet sound. But, Lord, You have to respond from heaven.'”

Luis Cataldo is from the the International House of Prayer, the other IHOP (“everything you hate about religion”), a group of false prophets very popular in extremist circles. Worse yet, from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s point of view, IHOP is big on Jesus waging war on his enemies on earth (why a God needs  to do this is anyone’s guess). They quote a Christian watchdog group as saying, ”One can only wonder how long before this transforms into real warfare with actual warriors.”

From what we’ve seen I would guess it won’t be long.

At the South Carolina rally, Perry’s prayer was this:

“Lord this, this walk that we’re taking, the trials the tribulations, we, we would fall if you weren’t there to hold us up, and we need you daily. We need you hourly. We need you by the minute and the second of our lives to, to, to completely and absolutely surrender, surrender to you, surrender to your will.”

No, we don’t need surrender. We don’t need Jesus to take the wheel because Jesus probably doesn’t drive any better than his constituents and look what they did to our country.

Of course, The Response was a highly political event. Cataldo said in Iowa,

“We are just leveraging the political season,” he said. “We are just leveraging the eyes of the nation turning to Iowa. The storyline isn’t going to be about economics or policies. The storyline is going to be churches in Iowa in unity and starting fires all over the state.”

They are far to the right of anything embraced by mainstream Christianity, infested by Dominionists and their dubious doctrines. They say they want to awaken the Church but they’re more likely to terrify it. Indeed, many of IHOP’s most strident critics are conservative Christians themselves.

I left the Church in part because of people like this – and they were far less extreme. The infested the church I had attended all my life; the members had no option but to leave, to find new churches or to leave “God’s church” altogether, disillusioned and discourage, and the church council had no choice but to resign, the workings of democracy meaning less than nothing to those who, like the Blues Brothers, see themselves on a special mission from God.

The experiences of my old church have been repeated elsewhere. They will be repeated on a far larger scale in 2012 should the Republican Party, driven by an embrace of ideological purity not seen since the ’30s, win on Election Day.

Though touted as another in a long list of religious revivals in America, the Response, as Rachel Maddow showed us back in 2011, is a call to hard-core extremism. There is no roll call of bigots for KC available at this early date but we can rest assured they will be there. The AFA is behind The Response, after all, a hate group, and as it says in Matthew,  ”by their fruits you shall know them.”

We’ve seen their fruits, and they’re rotten.

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10 Replies to “The Response To Stir Up Extremists in Kansas City”

  1. I suspect that these are the marionettes (though little do they know it) whose strings are being pulled to ensure lots of violence before, during, and after Election Day. Why shouldn’t they? The Lard told them to. And since most of them have no idea they’re puppets, it’ll just look like the random acts of religious nuts (as Rovians whistle nonchalantly and say, “Oh, nothing).

    Interesting, how they seem to like acronyms that suggest food. IHOP (I understand they’ve been sued for that). KCF. Is this the only way they can make themselves attractive, even to Hammerheads? It’s their Jesus camp kids that really scare me, though. Indoctrinated that young, their unquestioning obedience to the Father(land) might be really hard to shake.

  2. I like to use the phrase, I find this hilarious. Because in many cases I do. But in this instance I find nothing hilarious about it. People believing in something that once they leave the building does nothing. No amount of these meetings are going to change America unless these people get into power and force you to change.

    This is not about religion for the upper hierarchy in this organization, this is power and greed. Using people’s emotions who are vastly to weak to think for themselves to create wealth and power. They are trying to use these people to get into government and put you under their power. This country does not depend on a God, it depends on the people. And the people need to see to it that these movements only move towards a toilet bowl.

  3. Stirring up extremists is one of those things Jesus never advocated, but these freaks wouldn’t know that because they don’t follow or know what he preached. They have to stop calling themselves Christians and get back to what they are; Old Testament, mean-god loving maniacs.

  4. Just because the American radical fundamentalist faction is being whipped-up into a frenzy by multinational politicos with an agenda to our destroy democracy in order to plunge America into a civil war, thereby releasing divide and conquer carpet-bagger predators who will weaken our impact globally for decades, is no reason for alarm people…the sky god will intervene, just like in the movies…the good guy Americans can’t loose, right?

  5. Having been referred to an article, via another thread, in the Denver Post, I was astonished to find that one of the Koch brothers had staged his very own military parade, with his very own tanks, in a small Colorado town. It seems it is perfectly legal to buy these foreign surplus tanks on line, and quite a few plutonomists have them. They have been staging mock battles among themselves with them, and until now, it had simply looked like big boys with big toys. This display of private military might in public parades puts a different light on it.

    The same source that enlightened me as to where the tanks are coming from also stated there is a right wing foundation that offers healthy sums of money to people who contract to show up in the provided Che Guevara T shirts, waving hammer and sickle flags, at OWS and other liberal demonstrations, where they are to behave as disruptively as they dare without getting caught. Folks, we can expect a dirty election year, and a perilous one.

  6. I’ve noticed an interesting correlation: the more loudly “religious” people tout themselves as the true believers the meaner they are. As evidence I cite right wing christians, Taliban and ultra-orthodox Zionist Jews.

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