Socialist Republican Pundits: They Exist!

November is fast approaching and I guess it’s safe to assume we are all going to vote Democratic. And the right, well. But I know for sure that there will be a lot of spewing from the right, lies and half-truth, and election fraud (read Brad Blog for that) and even more lies. Let me share you one.

Funny thing about Republican/conservative pundits who tout: “Socialism is bad” or “Pick yourself from your bootstraps” or my favorite: “personal responsibility” seems to use these compressed talking points to get their point across. Yet the ironic thing is, many in high places don’t practice what they preach. One such is the conservative site Pajamas Media.

I first heard of Pajamas Media on the Thom Hartmann Show. Hartmann brings on guest from both political perspective as well as apolitical folks. His claim is to bring out balance in talk radio. Well, one day, he had a guest on from Pajamas Media and of course, I was getting irritated. I was driving to work and heard Hartmann discussing socialism. Typical of the right, they were against it.

I then parked my car, fuming, walked to my office space, turned on the computer and went to Pajamas Media’s website. The site was your typical right winged blog post, full of neo-conservative diatribe and anger against: liberal, President Obama, Democrats, socialism and so on. Not a good way to start work.

I then decided to go to the About Us section to see who is who. I then came across the name that sounded familiar. The Chief Operating Officer Sandra Rozanski:

I said the name sounds eerily familiar. Where have I heard that name? Then it dawned on me. Her husband was my boss.

DWP explains electric shock

Water and Power’s acting general manager makes the case for a rate hike.,0,3503403.story

Rozanski’s husband was the former acting General Manager of the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power named Robert. Robert started off as a meter reader and worked his way up. Robert was also a member and benefited from IBEW local 18’s negotiation and after not becoming the General Manager, making more than $100,000 a year, retired. Don’t get me wrong. Robert is a nice guy. Very polite and new the importance of tax increases. Because of Robert, the City of Los Angeles has the lowest power rate in the county and is well-regulated. His insight on solar and wind and CoGen power with the eventual reduction and ending of coal will save the lives of millions whose lands were being destroyed. In all intent and purpose, Robert is your ideal socialist.

Meanwhile, the COO is collecting Robert’s publicly-paid pension of more than six digits a year, in an interest-bearing account of 8% (me too (for full disclosure)), free medical and union-negotiated dental, while criticizing socialism.

My suggestion?

  1. Divorce Robert
  2. Divorce the benefits from the LADWP


Divorcing Robert may not be ideal, because, even if Rozanski does divorce her husband, under the marriage contract she signed with the state, she is entitled to 50% of everything he has made while being married, unless he had a prenuptial agreement (why is same sex marriage illegal again?), so she will still receive the socialist benefits or

Next suggestion?

Go to 111 North Hope Street in Los Angeles, enter into the “B” level if Lobby level is closed, go to the elevator, pick the third floor, go to room 357, tell personnel that you wish to not receive benefits ever again (medical, dental, retirement), and that you are willing to roll over your pension to a private 401K and pick up your own bootstrap and not live off publicly-owned entitlements.

I doubt they’ll do that, but now you know the hypocrisy of the right and how they want the benefits, even though they claim it to be: socialism, communism, fascism, yadda yadda yadda. In other words, more lies from the right.

5 Replies to “Socialist Republican Pundits: They Exist!”

  1. They take every government benefit they can get their hands on. Their main problem with others taking advantage of government benefits is that they “earned” their benefits while yours were just “given” to you. Many of them have the same attitude toward people they know who work on the same job that they do. I can’t recall the number of times that republicans have told liberals on blogs to “get a job.” We have jobs, and they’re usually jobs that pay more than the RW blogger’s job pays, but they’re hooked on stupid and can’t stop sucking all of the Fox kool aid out of the pitcher.

  2. Yup, look at the politicians who live off OUR tax dollars for decades, with their Medicare and retirement benefits courtesy of US, the taxpayers. Good enough for them, but way too good for the peons who elected them. About time to clean house in DC. Progressives welcome: liars go home.

  3. LOL…freshman (Teanderthal) Congressman Marlin Stutzmann (IN), from a prominent farming family in NE IN, got elected by railing against ‘socialism’; yet, he was two years in office before he and his family no longer accepted farm subsidies (accepted since he was in diapers), and only then because it looked ‘bad’ for his ‘image’……

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