Watch Romney’s Magic Finger as He Endorses Obama’s Jobs Record

Last updated on July 9th, 2012 at 08:11 pm

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Watch as Mitt Romney not only endorses Barack Obama’s job record, but walks voters through the president’s jobs turnaround.

Here’s the animation from Up with Chris Hayes:

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The animation that Chris Hayes used should be turned into an Obama ad right now. Much was made about the 2006 Romney quote defending his job record, which at the time was a whole lot like Obama’s is today, but only when the Obama job creation chart is joined with Romney’s remarks does one really get a sense of the power of his words.

To see Romney tracking Obama’s job creation record with his finger is powerful stuff. It is something that can really hit home with voters if it is run as a 30 second ad.

John Boehner admitted that the American people probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney. What is even more likely is that voters probably won’t even like Romney by the time his onslaught of negative ads and his habit of condescending elitism fully take center stage.

The right is going to come out cast their votes against Barack Obama in November. Outside of Romney’s own family and his fellow Mormons, there will be very few people who will vote for him.

The Republican Party’s Romney problems are growing deeper by the day. His image as a jobs guru is being blown to pieces by his record of outsourcing. Romney has an abrasive personality, zero charisma, and a seemingly endless ability to alienate any human being that he comes into contact with.

The GOP can’t sell Romney’s time as governor because of his liberal past. They can’t sell his time in business because of Bain. Romney can’t be taken seriously on healthcare because his plan was the model for the ACA. His biography contains nothing that the vast majority of Americans can relate to, and he has offered little policy specifics.

Add to all of this, Chris Hayes’ animation that shows Mitt’s magic finger mapping the progress of President Obama on jobs, and you can understand why Republicans are looking forward to 2016.

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