Extremist Christians Attempt to Manipulate African Americans into Boycotting Obama

Throughout history there are myriad examples of groups imposing their version of morality on society based on their own personal values, codes of conduct, or religious inclinations, and as long as personal choice does not infringe on the rights of others or break the law, there is no reasonable excuse for expecting every person to abide by anyone’s definition of right and wrong. Ethnocentrism informs the current state of America’s religious right, and they will not be satisfied until every person in America gives deference to the Christian bible’s morality and its description of right and wrong. For the past few months, religious leaders and their legislative arm (Republicans) have ramped up their assault on freedom by attempting to legislate their version of morality on the entire country, but especially on women and gays. Recently, a coalition of African American preachers are calling on all African Americans to boycott President Obama and sign a petition demanding that he withdraw support for gay marriage.

The African American pastors, led by Rev. William Owens, president of the 1,300-member Coalition of African-American Pastors, are angry that President Obama endorsed same-sex marriage and especially because he did not acquiesce to their calls for him to reverse course and condemn gay marriage. According to Owens, “By embracing gay marriage, President Obama is leading the country down an immoral path,” even though the President did not issue an edict mandating same-sex marriage or impose penalties for traditional marriage. In a hostage-taking ploy, Owens directed “all black pastors and black Christians to withhold support from President Obama until he corrects course” and discriminates against gays and follow the extremist Christian’s version of morality.

President Obama explained that his support for same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue and based on his strong belief in Jesus Christ’s admonition that “you treat others the way you would want to be treated, because being true to those precepts is what motivates me as president.” It is interesting that President Obama understands the basic tenets of Christianity and applies them to his personal and political life, but a Christian preacher cannot comprehend that very simple principle that should be the motivation for every Christian’s existence. However, if there’s one thing the past three years have taught Americans, it is that an alarming number of so-called Christians ignore all of Christ’s teachings, but especially the Golden Rule.

For the record, Jesus Christ never mentioned any prohibition on homosexuals marrying or anything about homosexuality at all. What he did preach constantly was to abstain from passing judgment on anyone for any reason, and one can extrapolate from his acceptance of prostitutes that a person’s intimate sexual relationships were of no concern to him and it begs the question; why does it concern so many 21st Century Christians? What Christians should be concerned with is why a coalition of Christian pastors is condemning the President for his personal beliefs that are based on the real Christ’s commandment to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and “judge not lest you be judged.” It certainly appears that President Obama is a true follower of Christ and the clergy is following some other twisted homophobic sect unrelated to the Jesus of the Christian bible. In fact, a brief perusal of the President’s policies verifies that they are consistent with Christ’s teaching and the limitations and responsibilities as the President of the United States.

Jesus taught that one of the basic responsibilities of his followers was to care for the poor and infirm, and President Obama championed an unpopular law to provide health care for nearly every American, and his reward has been castigation as a tyrant. The President also saw fit to include contraceptive care for all women as part of their reproductive health and for his efforts the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), evangelical fanatics, and conservative Christians in the Republican ranks took him to task for attacking their religious liberty to impose their anti-Christ beliefs on America’s women. President Obama has also proposed letting the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy expire to fund job programs and bolster social safety nets and the anti-Christ conservative Christians labeled him a Socialist, Marxist, and bad American for pursuing a Christ-like policy of caring for the least fortunate among us.

The list of the President’s Christian qualities is unending, but the point is that for every Christ-like action from this President, he has been assailed as a tyrant, Marxist, and now immoral by men who lead other Christians down a path Christ condemned. The preacher calling for all African American pastors and voters to withhold support for the President is guilty of passing judgment, and using his position of religious power to influence voters in what is definitely a violation of their 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt status as a religious organization. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must investigate and revoke Reverend William Owens’ tax-exempt status for violating the terms of the 501c3 agreement, and be defrocked for un-Christian-like conduct for judging  and preaching a subject unrelated to Christ’s teachings.

Reverend Owens is also a hypocrite for benefiting from the struggle of Civil Rights activists over the past 50 years, and then advocating for discrimination and violating other Americans’ equal rights. He also just had to get a racial element into the equation by only calling on African American pastors and voters to withdraw support from the President until he followed their anti-Christian agenda. What Reverend Owens, and the rest of the phony Christians in America really need to do is study this President’s record, agenda, and policies to learn what a true follower of Christ is and start practicing the golden rule, care for the infirm, and learn to accept all people equally regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or the person they love. Then, they can call themselves Christians and help lead America down a moral path like the President has for three-and-a-half years.

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  1. To anyone who is not a white rich male, and apparently has not been paying attention…for the last decade, Republicans are not your friend. Their policies give everything (wealth, power, rights, etc) to the rich, and create suffering, death, and unemployment with everyone else. DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN. Voting Republican will increase unemployment. I made a video about unemployment, and how we can fix it. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:


    Watch it, share it, and join the fight against those who want to kill all of us with destructive social policies.

  2. Most of all, the IRS should find out if the Reverend has become suddenly and implausibly richer (though don’t rule out that he may be enough of a dunce to act on promises of future performance).

    N.B.: John Boehner has admitted nobody is ever going to love Mitt, and that therefore the only viable course is to make everybody hate Obama.

  3. I am a black woman who is not a Christian nor do I ascribe to any religion. I think the POTUS was very brave in taking the stance on gay marriage because that says to me that he believes that all Americans deserve the right to pursue their full potential. I also believe that the religious fanaticism that has embraced this country so fervently will be our undoing because it is so completely warped and pathological. Seriously, how do these people call themselves Christian?

  4. I think you will see with the president taking this stance, many more christian churches being open to members that are gay. Religion is not to persecute but to care about others. At least that is the premise you are told

  5. This in my opinion is exactly what JFK was talking about when he said religion would not rule the roost. Religious leaders would not be making policy. And now we have religious leaders involved in politics and they should lose any tax protections they have.

    The president has the nation to think about, the religious leaders have power and greed to think about.

  6. “immoral path”

    The immoral path is that these “boys” have not read their bibles and refuse to support Christian values instead of imagined values.

    Just keep teaching hate and fear, that is a powerful contribution to your congregation and the community.

  7. Black Pastor William Owens Wrong About Civil Rights, History


    “In 1967, the Supreme Court ended all race-based restrictions on legal marriage in the U.S. in its opinion in Loving v. Virginia. Forty-five years from today, how will Owens and the CAAP be viewed for their opposition to same-sex marriage? They insult their own self-proclaimed civil rights legacy by engaging in a hypocritical attempt to keep people from marrying, ignoring the fact that they once championed the shocking and outrageous notion that blacks and whites be allowed to marry.”

    Sounds like another Religious Right Nut Job who thinks the rights he championed for himself should not be passed on to others. No big surprise here. These so-called Christian people have no real understanding of “with liberty and justice for all”.

    And then they expect or hope that you will come to Jesus based on their testimony and when you don’t you are the problem. Their actions have nothing to do with it, you are just a sinner who refuses to hear the word of God. BUT they have many bamboozled with their mega churches where you can have McDonalds or Starbucks with your weekly sermon.

  8. Shiva

    You will see that with mainline churches but until and unless these religious right see a use for LGBT they will never accept them.

    They only wish they could stir up a cauldron like they did in Uganda. Then when they are sued they throw their hands us like bully kids, “Whatid I do?” Never once worrying about the physical danger they put the LGBT community in in Uganda

  9. Which is silly because thats where the money and power come from. Humanity. They need humanity to perpetuate their greed

  10. gnj
    Because their uneducated ard unaware of “critical thinking.” It’s going to get worse. Google Texas
    textbooks. SHCCCC

  11. Religion is gonna use politics ..n politics is gonna benefit from religion n then politics is gonna turn on religion n destroy her…the Good Book say so..

  12. I don’t see this working – nobody is going to vote for the party that wants to restrict their right to vote, whatever the importance of religion to the equation.

  13. The Christian community constantly talks of the coming of the Anti-Christ. My belief is that the Anti-Christ is here and has been here since the beginning of the organized Christian religion. He or it manifests its self in people like William Owen who are constantly being anti Christ like. Christians using the name a Jesus have started more wars discriminated against more peoples and killed more people than any other religion in the world. And, they haven’t stopped yet.

  14. Ah, yes, Prince of Pieces…of Artillery; I daresay you read that one about the parade of personal armed might in a small Colorado town.

  15. Rev. Owens is busy playing the “CLIENT” in PATRON/CLIENT POLITICS. Rev. Owens is trying to represent himself to the super wealthy white plutocratic cabal, such as the Koch Brothers, etc – as a force in black America, and as such deserves finacial support for diverting election support from President Obama. Obama’s support for the LBGT movement is just Pastor Owens’ contrived excuse for campaigning aqainst the President. Owens is hoping, praying, and expecting a big pay day from the white American billionaire oligarchy in response to his peddling of influential support in the black community; along with promised delivery of African American votes for Mitt Romney in November.

  16. Pastor Williams is not saying anything about the GOP who will lead America by the teachings of Ayn Rand instead of Christ. The GOP has openly endorsed the teachings of Ayn Rand and pastor Williams has been silent on that subject. He does not even realize Ayn Rand’s philosophy is having a positive impact on American politics by way of the GOP.

  17. Black people are not monolithic. We don’t all go to church and we don’t all vote the same way. We definitely don’t do what some preacher says, especially if we don’t believe what they are saying. I consider myself a Christian, and yes, I am black. I voted for the President, have supported his presidency by making calls and staying involved since he was elected. I’m going to proudly vote for him again and wish he could keep running every four years so I could keep voting for him. He’s the best President this country has had in my lifetime, and he could only get better going forward.

    For the record, this black Christian doesn’t give a damn about those preachers. A bigot is a bigot no matter what cloth they hide under. What they WILL accomplish with their Call to Bigotry is a faster flight from the church. As my elders used to say back in the day, “They are smelling themselves.” and “They think their asses weigh a ton.” Let me be the one to tell them that their asses DO stink and they are only embarrassing themselves. The black people I know (and almost everybody I know is, being black and all) just shake their heads at these fools. Nobody gives a damn about these crabs. #OBAMA2012!

  18. I have never heard of this group until this so-called boycott and I think I speak for a lot of African-Americans – as well as myself – when I scratch my head wondering who these folks are. This campaign is a flop in the black community for a number of reasons. Number one, like others have said, we are not monolithic and won’t fall into line because of what a pastor says. Secondly, too many African-Americans have fought, suffered, and died for the right to vote. We aren’t about to throw that right away so frivolously.

  19. Jesus also told the woman to go and sin no more. We come to Him with all our unrighteousness and He loves us but He wants us to live as He did and call sin sin and repent and turn from it. The bible is very clear on homosexuality and spinning it any other way is useless

  20. When you need to promote homophobia and intolerance to garner a few extra votes, you know that you’re on the wrong side of history and part of a campaign doomed to fail.

  21. To those so called African-Amerikan preachers, I would ask who would they suggest we support. Government should not be in the business of regulating what two (noticed that I said two, not three or four) adults do with their private lives, that don’t infringe on the rights of other people and it shouldn’t be regulating what a woman can do with her vagina. One of the reasons why “Blacks” are in the malaise that we’re in is because of the negative influence of the so called Afrikan-Amerikan preacher. To me, they are quietly in the pocket of the Anglo-Saxon power structure in this country and Blacks will never excel in this country as long as those people continue to have their undo influence in the Black community

  22. Amen to that sis. This black Christian will be voting for Obama again.

    I could care less what they racist fake Christians are trying to do.

    We aren’t that stupid, but they are hoping we are.

    Lord have mercy on these people

    Obama 2012

  23. If people want to protest, they need to protest these priests who are having sex with young boys and sweeping them under the rug or sleeping with other women and abusing their spouses…

    Until then give me a freak in break…

  24. “…immoral path…”

    These modern-day Pharisees are making the same mistakes as their age-old counterparts. Didn’t Jesus Himself “pal around” with prostitutes, adulterers and
    “sinners”? If these self-righteous folks want to cast the first stone, then let them answer to their own Boss.

    And by the way, to whom did Christ say these words in His last day on Earth (as man): “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise…”

    Not to a pastor, not to a priest, not to a holy person. But to a criminal.

  25. This is an incorrect statement:
    “Ethnocentrism informs the current state of America’s religious right, and they will not be satisfied until every person in America gives deference to the Christian bible’s morality and its description of right and wrong.”

    The correct, nonjudgmental way to express the opinion I believe was behind the intent is this:

    “Ethnocentrism informs the current state of America’s religious right, and they will not be satisfied until every person in America gives deference to THEIR VIEW OF the Christian bible’s morality and THEIR PERSPECTIVE ON its description of right and wrong.”

    Please don’t lump all of God’s loving people with those who very much do NOT represent the vast majority of us. Otherwise, you fall into the same category of hate mongering on Christians that you place on the religious right – who do so purely for political reasons and under the assumption that there is only one point of view that can be 100% correct, 100% of the time.

    As we all know, that would be ignorant.

  26. I tell you what, when I start seeing those “Good Christians”, those “God’s Loving People” acting that way, then maybe I’ll give some credence to your complaint. Otherwise, don’t bother.

    Or let me put it this way… “Good Christians” burned down my workshop (because I supported teaching evolution in school and opposed teaching creationism as “science”) – destroyed tens of thousands of dollars with of fine electronics test and lab equipment I’d bought as junk over a 20 year period and rebuilt, along with devices (inventions) I’d been working on that could have made a big difference in my chosen field. They poisoned several of our kitties, blocked me from getting a decent job at least a few times, and spraypainted hate graffiti in front of our mailbox (all because I didn’t agree with them). When these things are mentioned to mainstream Christians, I got hit with either “Ho-hum, so what?” or an in-your-face denial that it happened (in spite of the evidence we have). Sometimes those “Good Christians” demand of us: “What did you do to bring these things on yourself?” Oh, and here’s something else those “God’s Loving People” did – they threw us out of a (Episcopal) church because we’re American Indian. In the last mainstream church we entered, a “God’s Loving People” lay leader advocated stoning all LGBT people, and another told me I couldn’t be Christian and accept evolution as fact (which it is). One of those “Good Christians” told me I had to cut my hair, wear a suit and tie, and assimilate if I wanted to be accepted as a Christian (a lay minister said that).

    Do you have any concept of what it’s like to experience injustice piled on injustice, and the people who claim to be “Loving” show a total lack of caring or concern? To have NOTHING DONE about the things the “Good Christians” have committed? (I’m not the only ones with this complaint, BTW.)

    If those “God’s Loving People” really care, maybe they can start fighting back against the people who do such horrific harm to Christianity. Maybe they can work for justice… REAL justice. Maybe they could stop spewing platitudes and get real. Maybe they could get off their damned asses and get out and start resisting the ones who have caused so much misery in this world… the ones who proclaim Christ with a fist.


    You don’t like being painted with the same brush, well, figure out how we must feel. My wife and I have been Christian all of our lives, but we’ve been driven from the mainstream churches and will never return. I really don’t know what keeps me Christian, maybe I’m masochistic or something. But I will say that Christianity has not fulfilled the teachings or example of the One the “God’s Loving People” claim to follow.

    What I’ve just related to you is the reality of “God’s Loving People”.

  27. Walkaway,I know it isn’t any consolation,but just know you AREN’T the only Native American out here who has been at mercy of so called”Good Christians”peculiar display of Love.I too have experienced what you have been through in spades.The worst believe it or not,wasn’t the brutal beating I took when members of the local Church my Family attends who were also KKK Members slammed my head into the concrete for”daring to try&date outside my place”as a Teenager.They snatched me as I got off the Schoolbus&Police did NOTHING then,they too were Members.

    It came sadly at the hands of my own Family,who bought into the whole self-loathing that was heaped on us for being”Dirty Little Indians”.Their staunch Christian Dominionist beliefs led to me having to be on the run for 10 years with my children,losing everything I owned,a great job,a great House,as well as us almost losing our Lives.All because I refused to Indoctrinate My kids into Their Religion&accepted Gays without question.They have attempted more than once to take my children away using CPS,telling them Every manner of Lie in order to swipe my kids&”raise them the way they should be”,in their warped view.My Ex,who was also a member of their Church got HUGE support from them to try&track me down,even though He beat me while I was pregnant&threw me off a 4 foot Front Porch at 6 months in an effort to make me lose the Baby.They supported him taking my son&giving him to his Aunt because He didn’t want to pay child support,even though he is a Multi-Millionaire.

    Why?Because she would raise him The Dominionist way.My children were robbed of a happy Childhood because I had to work wherever I could for Cash,live in places I didn’t have to give my Name while constantly being hunted by members of my own Family&suffering being stabbed,assaulted&brutalized by my ex who found me&attempted to kill me more than once,once again,NO help from LE.This did NOT end well,as His Father found us once&Kidnapped him.The Local Police,also members of the Dominionist Doctrine,REFUSED to help,even though I HAD Court papers giving me Sole Custody with NO visitation based on his prior behavior.I ended up having to take matters into my own hands&literally with a Gun to his Head,take my Son back.He backed off,but it was only temporary.My kids are traumatized from it all&have permanent PTSD.The last conversation I had with my Family when My Mother died(who ran with us),was that they would actually rather see my Children DEAD than raised outside their beliefs&that they wanted me dead for not “obeying”.

    They blame me for my Daughter being Bi-Sexual,even though 3 other members of my Family are Gay(they too have been run off by them&I’ve buried 2 of them,BECAUSE of My Familys Tactics that resulted in their Deaths).It’s been 10 years now&my kids are adults,no longer in danger from them,but now,I have a Grandchild&the process is starting all over.People have GOT to understand the REAL threat these people are instead of just dismissing them as a wacky Religion that can’t harm anyone,thinking The Constitution will save them.It won’t&can’t,as long as they are allowed to retain their Power in Politics&The Courts.They steeplejacked the GOP years ago&our Foriegn&Domestic Policy CLEARLY reflects their Beliefs&Intentions.

    The climate here now scares me&only folks like you that have went against them understand just how perilous this situation is.Judges here are actually still allowing kids to be taken from perfectly good Parents&given to those who follow these Beliefs.The spread of Dominionism is a Cancer that MUST be cut out of our Society&the sooner the better.They MUST be exposed for what they are,A political Cabal who’s sole intent is to destroy this Nation&Install a Fascist Theocracy,a real&true threat to Peoples safety&National Security.

    I am in FULL agreement with you that other Christians who don’t wish to be lumped in with them MUST stand up to them.There are a few,but they aren’t being forceful enough.Until that happens,not one can be trusted.I hope you&yours stay safe.We have to band together to beat them back&only by Voting out all GOP’ers,using the Courts to uphold the Constitution&have ALL Laws stricken that are based on THEIR beliefs&demanding our Law Enforcement DO their JOB can we even begin to hope for sanity&reason to be restored here in America.Until it is,we’re keeping our bags packed&Passports current.Sorry so lengthy,but others need to REALLY understand what they are doing&only by folks like us speaking up,so they can see what they are up against, will they see the clear&present danger these VERY Un-Christian Christians really are.

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