Televangelist Tells Christians to Write in ‘Jesus’ on Election Day

There may be an unexpected off-set to Republican voter suppression laws – Evangelicals writing the name of Jesus on the ballot rather than voting for Romney. ChristianNewsWire reports that “Bill Keller, the world’s leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 13 years on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview, reports over 200,000 people have already signed up to write in the name of Jesus for President this November.”

CNW explains that Keller “launched a sister website in mid-May,, that encourages people to sign up and commit to write in the name of Jesus for President this November, and expects to see over 1 million signed up by the time of the election.”

Watch him sell it on YouTube:

Obviously, a million people in scattered states aren’t actually likely to tip the balance for Obama in 2012 but, if you’ll pardon me for saying so, miracles have happened. Republicans are busy trying to turn blacks away from Obama, after all, so Evangelicals turning whites away from Romney can’t hurt. And after all, it’s not only Christians who have miracles in their religious past – Pagans were having them a long time before Jesus. Maybe the prayers of others are finally have some effect, or maybe its the universe just seeking some sort of karmic balance.

The problem for Keller is all this Christian support for a Mormon. History shows he really does not like Mormons. In 2007 he told Bill O’Reilly, a Catholic, that a vote for Romney would be enough to your soul to hell. He says a vote for Romney is a vote for the “Mormon cult” when of course it is simply a vote for president, however misguided.

“There is not one theologian in the country with half a brain that will even begin to say that a Mormon is a Christian, because if you study Mormon theology – it is 100 percent inconsistent with biblical Christianity. A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is,” he told the Christian Post in May. And he doesn’t think Christians should be limited to choosing between the lesser of two evils.

And so he told the Christian Post that, “A Christian is faced with a difficult dilemma this November. It is literally Satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides. How can a Christian in good conscience vote for President Obama, who has proven to be the most pro-baby killing, pro-radical homosexual, pro-enemy of Israel President in our nation’s history.”

“On the other hand,” he says, “how can a Christian in good conscience vote for Mitt Romney, a 5th generation member and priest of the Satanic Mormon cult. His Presidency would give his cult the mainstream acceptance they have always wanted since being founded 200 years ago by a documented con-artist, racist, pedophile, polygamist, and murderer named Joseph Smith. Conservative estimates are that Romney’s cult will add at least 1 million converts in the US alone. For a Christian, that means 1 million souls who will buy into a false Gospel and burn in hell for all eternity!”

Well, he’s caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, as the saying goes, or a rock and a hard place – or perhaps between the hammer and anvil of his own prejudices.

Keller though, doesn’t think this is about changing the outcome of the election, telling the Christian Post that since a third-party candidate “has no chance of actually winning the election,” and God himself knows this, that he asked God and God told him to write in the name of Jesus.

“Obviously,” he admitted, “Jesus will never get elected, but if we can get a million people writing in the name ‘Jesus’, it is not only going to impact the election, it is going to make a statement that Christians aren’t going to just take whoever they are offered anymore.”

It’s difficult to say what he thinks will happen: he knows a third party candidate would lose, he knows Jesus will lose. The only possible impact is a victory for Obama.

Still, however small the impact ends up being, I call this a start. This is one of those “If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve” moments for Jesus. Because even if a miracle happened and he won, he can’t serve as president.

He may be able to divide himself into three entities in his one person but he can’t materialize in the Oval Office, though I suspect if he could, and did, this would quickly turn into a “what have we done?” moment for Keller and his followers as they ran screaming into the November night.

Keller does think Christians can make a statement on Election Day, though it is a statement your average, everyday Christian wouldn’t agree with:

“Last election, there were 130 million people who voted – if we can get even 5 percent of the people voting for Jesus, that’s going to make one heck of a statement that this country still is a Christian nation, there are still millions of people who are not going to give into Satan’s choices, and they are going to make a stand for the Christian faith.”

Keller may want to check his math – five percent of 130 million is more on the order of six and-a-half million people. Now that might make a difference here and there. But he should really decide what his goals are.

But mathematics, bigotry and a general smarminess aside, you have to admire his convictions; unlike many conservative Christians he is not willing to sell out just to see Obama kicked to the curb. But this is the point at which you cut off your own nose to spite your face, depriving yourself of a candidate not because of a lack of skills or experience or qualifications needed to run this country but because you don’t approve of his religious beliefs.

The Constitution warns that this isn’t an issue (Article VI, paragraph 3), that no religious test can be required, but conservative Christians have self-imposed such a test, once again putting the Bible above the Constitution. This is the result. And he can’t deny us our “I told you so moment” when this is all over.

You can’t feel sorry for Keller. He is a victim of his own bigotry, after all, not of Romney or Obama or even of Satan. We can only hope to benefit – for once – from that bigotry, as Christian zealots take themselves out of the election like lemmings. I’ve gotta admit, this ‘Lord’ guy works in mysterious ways. Even this surly old son of Odin is impressed.

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  1. This Keller sure likes people, doesn’t he? But he has an idea- a great idea! – for “values voters”! I hope they all get it!

  2. You see, its not so far from Nero to the GOP.

    But I am unsure of where they get the Obama anti Israel routine. He has pledged to protect Israel, said nothing against Israel that other presidents havent said.

    I think this guy could be a useful tool

  3. Now THERE’S a long-form birth certificate I’d like to see!:) He wasn’t born here and by most traditions didn’t even live to be 35.

  4. I believe Woody Guthrie was the first to suggest this –

    Let’s have Christ our President
    Let us have him for our king
    Cast your vote for the Carpenter
    That they call the Nazarene

    The only way
    We could ever beat
    These crooked politician men

    Is to cast the moneychangers
    Out of the temple
    Put the Carpenter in

    Oh it’s Jesus Christ our President
    God above our king
    With a job and pension for young and old
    We will make hallelujah ring

    Every year we waste enough
    To feed the ones who starve
    We build our civilization up
    And we shoot it down with wars

    But with the Carpenter
    On the seat
    Way up in the capitol town

    The USA
    Be on the way
    Prosperity bound

  5. I guess he didn’t read the parts of the New Testament here Jesus actively denied wanting earthly power. Twice. He literally fled when his disciples tried to force him to take up David’s crown.

  6. (Laugh) Not only that, but how would the oath be worded?

    The ramifications of that thought are quite amusing.

  7. “There is not one theologian in the country with half a brain that will even begin to say that a Mormon is a Christian, because if you study Mormon theology – it is 100 percent inconsistent with biblical Christianity. A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is,” he told the Christian Post in May.

    This statement by Bill Keller really bothers me.

    I am willing to grant that Keller, an ordained minister with a major television production is more qualified than me to discourse on theology.

    In deference to Rev. Keller’s training, I concede his theological point that Mormonism does not square up with orthodox Christian theology.

    But in many ways Reverend Keller, in this statement, abuses his position in very egregious ways.

    First there is the statement that no theologian with half a brain would consider Mormons Christians. Here, it seems the good Reverend has stepped away from the theological underpinnings of his assertion and has based it on his estimate of other theologians’ intelligence.

    Apparently, for the Reverend Bill Keller, an erudite and scripturally based assertion that Mormonism is merely a heterodox form of Christianity is not heresy, but a sign of mental incompetence and stupidity. Such abuse of eccleisastical authority might be acceptable for televangelism, but one would hope that real ministers and their flocks will reject such intellectual dishonesty and bullying.

    The third part of Rev. Keller’s statement is also highly objectionable. After stating Mormonism is 100% incompatible with biblical Christianity- and here we must defer to Rev. Keller’s expertise- the good Reverend appeals to rank bigotry.

    Moslems are not misguided, they are 100% incompatible, and Mormons are right there with them, notonly rejecting holiness, scripture and salvation, but implicitly, actively supporting terrorism and the destruction of Christendom.

    I don’t have any problem with Reverend Keller making a distinction between Mormonism, Biblical Christanity and Islam, and stating if you are the one, you are-by definition- not the other, but I object to the implication that people who believe differently are enemies, too.

    Americans have the guaranteed right to follow their conscience in their religious convictions.

    Neither the Reverend Bill Keller, the government, nor anyone else has the right to criticize others for exercising that right.

  8. Thanks, KD for the stirring Woody Guthrie song ant the spirit it articulates.

    But I submit, that Woody is wrong about the outcome of electing Jesus as POTUS.

    Look how being proclaimed, “King of the Jews,” worked out for Him.

  9. “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.”

    Political campaigning by the church via Bill Keller is in violation of IRS code. Time to lose their tax free status.

  10. I hope he’s the first, but I’m not going to hold my breath. People on another blog have insisted that overt cases are prosecuted, but I’ve only seen a couple in the last 15 years or so and have read of/heard of many other cases that were never touched. I also know that the IRS really went after an Episcopal priest for a sermon called “Jesus debating Bush and Kerry” (or something like that), and it was a discussion of issues rather than supporting a single party (yeah, Bush really came out bad but if you compare the Republican/Right wing with Jesus’ own words, they DO violate a lot of His teachings).

    There has been precious little justice in this country since its founding, and justice (along with mercy) are becoming more and more rare and precious. Look at the necessary work of the Innocence project, for instance. If justice was more of a factor in this country, the project would be less necessary.

  11. That song really sums up the attitude and belief of the dominionists. We on the outside, on the other hand, see the reality.

  12. IRS reporting form:…

    “Liveprayer (dot) Com is operated 100% through donations. As part of Bill Keller Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to Liveprayer(dot)Com… are tax deductible.”

  13. What are Christ’s qualifications to lead the country? Besides, I thought he was dead – who will take the oath?

  14. Who would be listed as the father on his birth certificate?

    I think we should all get behind this and urge our friends on the Xtreme right to vote for Jesus.

  15. The question is “Which translation of the Bible are you citing?”

    It also ignores that the Protestant Reformation grew from the Catholic Church. Greek Orthodoxy claims it’s version is right.

    I propose a giant mud wrestling contest for bragging rights on who owns Jesus.

  16. Better a vote for Jesus than rmoney. I urge all teapublicans to vote for Jesus for the house of representatives and senate also.

  17. I don’t think he is campaigning for either one of them or promoting them. No harm in telling to vote just can’t tell them who to vote or work to get one elected.

  18. He’s a convicted felon who got his ‘biblical studies’ degree while in prison, from Liberty University. Then he got ordained from a florida preacher mill for $250. (take a look, if you like)

    He’s a salesman at heart, and a good one of those, but he doesn’t like to follow the rules of anyone who doesn’t agree with him. That’s why he went to jail. Definitely not someone you trust with your money or your soul.

  19. I’m a Christian, but this is beyond ridiculous. First off, most voting ballots are now digital so you have to pick the options available. Second, how come you never said vote for Jesus during the Bush vs Kerry Presidential race???? I didn’t like either candidate in that election. This guy is a perfect example of why many Christians get labeled as hypocrites.

  20. Abortion = mother + doctor

    Obama is nowhere in the equation, or the operating room for that matter.

    By the way, if truth be told, the lesser of two evils is who most Americans vote for.

    And as for me, I’ll take Jesus and his teachings over Joseph Smith and his teachings any day, but I’ll cast my vote for Obama.

  21. Unfortunately, Jesus does not meet the qualifications to become President of the United States since he was not born and naturalized in the U.S. : P

  22. Jesus isn’t a natural born American. Oh, well, someone’s Salvadoran gardener is going to be very surprised the day after the election.

  23. Jesus can’t be president. He wasn’t born in this country. Not that anyone will be going on FOX news to demand he show his birth certificate…

  24. Of course Jesus wouldn’t want the Christians to pick the lesser of two evils. I hope they will vote in drove for Jesus,in order to make Obama win in the end. I support his idea 100%. LOL.

  25. This isn’t likely to affect the outcome of the presidential election, but if this guy motivates enough sheep to go vote for Jesus (birth certificate, please?), they will probably vote for everything else on the ballot too. And that can’t be good.

  26. Being that Jesus seemed to favor the poor over the rich, I doubt any Conservative would want him as President. The thought of it does make me smile.

  27. Re: Lisa Meeks comment that …”Jesus seemed to favor the poor over the rich”…..

    Dear Lisa, this doesn’t add up. I know that is their party line but it makes zero sense.
    Sure, Jesus seemed to favor the poor in the sense that in some “Afterlife” they will get their true reward which consists of worship for eternity this Father and Son tag team of emotional terrorists.
    Matthew 26:11
    In this chapter and verse, Jesus basically tells them that the poor will always be a problem, but he is here now so they better pay attention to HIM and NOW.

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