Mitt Romney Tried to Rig NAACP Crowd by Flying in His Own African Americans

According to NAACP official Hilary Shelton, Mitt Romney tried to rig the crowd at the convention by flying in his own non-member African Americans to cheer for him.

After getting booed at the NAACP convention today, Mitt Romney headed straight for the sweet embrace of Neil Cavuto and Fox News to try and spin away the pain.

Here is the video:

Romney said, “I spoke with a number of African-American leaders after the event and they said, you know a lot of folks don’t want to say they’re not going to be voting for Barack Obama, but they’re disappointed in his lack of policies to improve our schools. Disappointed in urban policies, disappointed in the economy. 14.4% rate of unemployment among African-Americans today. The president has not been able to get the job done. People want to see someone who can get the economy going, so I expect to get African-American votes.”

Romney also claimed that he got a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Many of Romney’s claims were debunked by Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy and the Director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP, Hilary Shelton who said that the only African Americans Romney met with after his speech were those that he brought with him. Mr. Shelton explained that Mitt Romney flew in his own African-American supporters who were not affiliated with the NAACP, in order to have some people in the crowd cheering for him.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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Romney did not meet with any of the convention rank and file after his speech, and only met with the African-Americans that he planted in the crowd.

This isn’t the first time that Mitt Romney has had to bring his own supporters with him. On numerous occasions during the Republican primary the Romney campaign bused in Mormon college students to fill out the candidate’s crowds.

It is hard to believe that same crowd who booed Romney for 15 seconds would give him a standing ovation at the end of his speech. Mitt Romney is thoroughly incapable of telling the truth, but it is amazing how brazen the Romney people are. They actually tried to trick America into thinking that African-Americans will support Romney by stashing plants in the audience.

Mitt Romney’s NAACP appearance has gone from a disaster to an insult to African-Americans and voters everywhere. Things just keep getting worse for Romney.

Note: Video from The Ed Show was added at 9:22 PM ET.

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  1. So he has his own “blacks” to fly in, eh? Are they done cleaning his houses and free for a break, or is this how Masta likes them to vacay? Kinda like the Hamptons for him, only NOT?

    What’s he doing about our schools? Charter schools in the rich districts are going to help everyone? How does that work? He wants to kill Planned Parenthood, where women get health screenings for cheap or free. How is that helping the average American?

    Sorry- but after hearing that Republicans accused the NAACP of being racists today because they booed the killing Obama Care line, I’m at the end of my rope. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO THE RACISTS ARE, EXCEPT THE RACISTS THEMSELVES.

  2. Romney was only following the longstanding American tradition of wealthy white people importing persons of color to do their dirty work. African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and even poor white people are all part of the labor pool that those wealthy folks feel free to exploit for political gain.

  3. LOL, I was going to say that too. I guess when you have enough money you can feel free afford to ignore the Constitution after the tenth amendment or so.

    Hopefully Romney didn’t put them on the roof of his bus afterwards, as tends to be his treatment of beings he perceives to be “lesser” than him.

  4. This is just pathetic. If Romney is talking, Romney is lying. How can he expect anyone to trust him? His campaign is directionless and he acts like he’s just flailing around, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at voters and hoping somehow, someway something sticks. He does not care about the NAACP any more than he cares about women, LGBT, Latinos, etc. The only people he cares about are his ultra-wealthy friends. The rest of us are just a means to an end – he’ll try and use us so he can gain the presidency and then he’ll throw us away the way he threw away the livelihoods of those who worked at the companies Bain dismantled.

    It’s really disgusting and I cannot for the life of me understand why on earth anyone would vote for him.

  5. Jim H., Native Americans were forced into service to the Europeans also. Some of the Native Americans became so resentful at being treated as slaves in their own land that they ran away, married into other races, and, on rare occasions, poisoned abusive “masters.”
    Human beings have a disgusting history of exploiting any group that the bullies consider lesser social quality.

  6. I watched this program when Mitt spoke to the NAACP and wondered what was happening when there was supportive applause when he talked of what a horrible president President Obama has been and this following him being booed for telling the crowd that he wanted, first thing as president, to get rid of ObamaCare. Later on Fox he said he was warmly welcomed, spoke to several African-American Leaders after words and was giving a standing ovation. All of which was a lie as told to us by the head of the NAACP, Hilary Shelton. Mitt is a LIAR…LIAR…LIAR!

  7. If that’s not an insult to anyone’s intelligence, then I don’t know what is. I’m a black man, but I don’t care what race, ethnicity, or gender you are, that is despicable, plain and simple. I am highly disgusted to hear Romney pulled such a condescending stunt, although given what the GOP has done the last few years, I really shouldn’t be surprised. Would love to hear how Michael Steele would spin this.

  8. One of Romneys people just admitted it was a photo Op for Romney.

    Sounds to me like some needs to be lynched. And he aint black

  9. I don’t care who writes it, and I’m as far to the left as they come, but the words “…his own African Americans” are highly offensive.

  10. Curiosity makes me wonder: were they really African-Americans that he flew in, or were they just a bunch of old white guys dressed up in black-face like the old minstrel show performers. (ala Al Jolson, Eddie Kantor, and such)

  11. Nobody will actually be voting FOR Romney. He’s just a place holder. They will only be voting for or against President Obama.

  12. Mittens said “if they want something free, go vote for the other guy”. Thanks, Mittens, I will. Can I get a ride, suh?

  13. Not excusing, endorsing, or exonerating Romney, but if you think that such techniques are strictly Republican, or the most egregious in recent history, you really haven’t been paying attention very long. Romney’s trying to get a message out to a segment of the population that wouldn’t listen to him if he was throwing out blowjobs and Twix bars. Im surprised that he didn’t pull out all the stops and pull that “uncomfortable white guy rapping and clapping on the 1 and 3”. He’s on the ropes…not because he’s right or wrong, but because no one WANTS to hear.

  14. So sad! I wonder if he feed them? Or even if they got paid? If American elective this man,as it’s leader, we will be the laughing stock of the whole world!

  15. Please tell me where one can fact check this story. I want to be able to prove that he actually ships in supporters.

  16. Actually I was very happy to read this, because I was trying to understand how my people was so acceptance of mitt. I forgot that we still had those special people in our race! House negroes, who believe that they are accepted by people like mitt and will gain the riches there massa has because they are republicans, this I have heard from friends who are Black republicans. When will we learn and this is 2012 that the republican party have changed and is only for the white is right, and if you are Black get back!

  17. I’m sure he thought a trip to KFC was exactly what they were craving. “Hey, white guys like chicken too!”

  18. MItt recruits a shill, then spews party swill. Doesn’t give crowd a thrill. Their response gives Mitt a chill.

  19. Larue,
    If…you had bothered to READ the story, there is a LINK to the article about the busing.

    ReThugs always Bussing people to their rallies etc. Or else they would have no one.

  20. Don’t worry! The right wing notice machine will turn it into a moment of Republican Martydom by the weekend. I can almost hear Limbaugh now:

    “You see my friends? It’s just like I told you! A bunch of thugs at the NAA-L-CP are not only making a racist attack on a white man, but black conservatives who have escaped the liberal plantation!!!”

  21. Lawrence O’Donnell reported on his program tonight that Romney described some of the black conservatives that he flew in as members of his “kitchen cabinet” from his days as governor of MA. Romney is one stupid man. He doesn’t seem to think that referring to a black person as member of his “kitchen cabinet” as being condescending. If I were a black conservative, I wouldn’t fool with Romney for one second if he couldn’t see me as his equal and worthy of a position in his cabinet.

  22. The Republicans only support RICH WHITE MALES. If you are not one of the above, voting Republican is the equivalent of handing your kids over to a pedophile, and then wondering why they got raped. What the Republicans want is the complete destruction/subjugation of the non-rich to give everything to the rich (wealth, power, rights, etc). If there is an option that helps the non-rich, the Republicans will automatically oppose it, and Mitt Romney is no different. Mitt Romeny via his influence with Bain Capitol single handedly liquidated/looted/destroyed many buisnesses, and directly caused millions in unemployment both by direct job loss, and the ripple effect through the job markets. I made a video about unemployment, and how we can fix it. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:

    Watch it, share it, and join the fight against those who want to kill all of us with destructive social policies.

  23. Romney just can’t help himself. Seems like there is always something underhanded going on with this guy. It’s like he naturally gives off a persona of dishonesty. He used those black people he bused in just like he wants to use the black vote to get him in the WH.

  24. Kid to Scalper in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ commenting on the presence Forest Whitaker’s character: “You mean he lives HERE???!!!!??? I thought we just flew (him) in for the games!”

  25. I am beginning to think that the republicans are setting Romney up for a really big fall or they’ve rigged the elections. Obviously SEC EDGAR filing database is searchable (the acronym stands for Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval!) So now we are learning he was much more involved in Bain & other sole companies he owns that invested in shipping jobs overseas beyond 1998. Argh! He’s simply a lying, evil white pig. And I am a white woman saying that. I’m so nervous for our country though – can we save it? It seems hopeless.

  26. Mitt, it’s called The Affordable Health Care Act. Not Obamacare. Obamacare is a slang name that’s become popular and catchy to use that was actually started by conservative talk show hosts as a kind of mocking put down. You can sling around in front of an audience of tea-partiers and they whop and hollar. You go in front of an audience of people from NAACP and expect the same reaction, you idiot. Next time have enough respect to at least referre to the bill by it’s proper name the AHCA and use some coded slang that we all know, (as popular and widely used as it has become)is basicaly a mocking of Obama. boo, boo, boo.

  27. At this point in the game, it’s pretty obvious to just about everyone who’s paying attention that Willard Romney represents maybe 10000 people on this planet. About 100 of them are funding his campaign (along with his own money).

    Anyone who believes that Willard Romney represents a broad swath of the US voting public, and is going to work for them if he gets the WH is either brain dead, isn’t going to vote at all or simply doesn’t care that elections matter.

  28. His African Americans. Shudder!! How much did he pay for their souls, I wonder? This puts a pain, a physical pain, in my heart.

  29. Oh my God. The level of racism shown by the author is both disturbing and hilarious.

    ‘A white man bring his house negros to a convention of freed men to sway their opinions?’

    Really? Is that the message you are trying to convey? How did Future President Romeny (get use to it) get them off of the democrat’s plantation in the first place?
    The man walked into the lion’s den, spoke the truth of his position and got booed for it. What does obama do? He’s going to end his court jester (biden) in for a rebuttal.
    And, with the obvious disrespect obama shows this organization, they’ll still overwhelmingly vote for him.
    And you wonder why blacks enjoy an unemployment percentage at nearly double that of the national average. You deserve it for following this idiot.

    Now, back to the democrats cotton fields with you.

  30. Well, Anne Coulter said the Republican’s Blacks were better than the Democrat’s Blacks, so why wouldn’t he bring his on?

  31. It is almost impossible to conceive how far out of reality you exist. Typical conservative, bend yourself into pretzels so that your heinously wrong, illogical, and fact free narrative – the one your tiny easily manipulated brain was spoonfed from the conservative noise machine – isn’t proven wrong in that empty skull of yours.

    The only idiot here is you and the parents that raised a piece of whining conservatrash like you.

  32. In a time, place, and culture of liars, this man stands out as a caricature of a liar. He can’t tell the same lie twice, and he can’t tell the truth even when it would serve him better. As for the rest, I suppose Koch’s Rent-a-Mob service finally found enough people desperate for work to furnish a Rent-a-Black Mob.

  33. Key, in Florida, they don’t even let us grow cotton. It draws (still more) bugs. The rest of your screed is far more fanciful than that.

  34. I think the communities around the nation should call to have people like Romney sent out of the nation to live since they think jobs for China are more important than employing Americans. He is a corporate raider and has cost this nation nothing but pain. I feel for the poor in our communities and wonder when the plight of the impoverished will be heard. Romney is not looking to make America better, he is looking to change the tax laws to make him and his buddies wealthier. Also I heard him mention that the wealthy are job creators which is bunk. The truth is that wealthy people tend to spend far less than they preach they have spent and very little is ever passed down. Do we really want Satan as president. Put a couple of horns on him and away we go….

  35. Also, I bet the “standing ovation” was the crowd hopping up to run like hell the second he stopped talking. Clever spin, though.

  36. That particular reference is much ado about nothing. The term “kitchen cabinet” refers to a set of informal friends and advisors (as opposed to the real Cabinet) that originated in the Jackson administration, the vast majority of whom have been white.

    As for bringing in supporters to a speech, candidates do that all the time, which I know because I’ve been invited to attend speeches as such a supporter. Personally, I applaud Romney for agreeing to speak to an audience he know would be less than friendly. Too often candidates only seem to want to preach to their respective choirs.

  37. The more Mitt Romney shows himself to the public, the more disgusting he is. He is truly an awful and cruel hearted man. This racist piece of shit, knew that when he used the term “Obamacare” at a NAACP convention, that it would get booed! And that is exactly what he wanted, he wanted to show his hardcore racists fans, that he would go up into “Black” groups and denounce them as freeloaders and dredges of society. He did not go to speak to get votes from them, he went to get votes from his base. The racists that love Mitt, are thrilled that he went and told them “uppity blacks” off. He sure put them in their place. Mitt Romney is a nasty horrible mistake, that America needs to avoid like the plague. Anyone that finds honesty and truth in this man, is mentally ill. Research Romney and you will find this man has spent a life doing cruel and mean things to people, he feels are beneath him, which is everybody. Educate yourself and vote!!

  38. You know, Chris, you could almost get away with “applauding Rmoney for speaking “to an audience he know would be less than friendly” if his reaction to being booed for his “repeal Obamacare” reference hadn’t been to say ““We expected that of course”. That sounds an awful lot like his intention was to get an angry reaction to an inflammatory statement to up his racist cred. Honestly, I think it’s a little early in the game to start the white supremacy game, but then again, Rmoney IS way behind.

  39. The KKK was started as the military arm of the Democratic party. In fact little has changed since then. Democrats are still trying to control their slaves (not by the whip but by the welfare check) and Republicans still cater to business/industrialist. So who is really keeping the poor, poor? At least republicans want to see minorities can take care of themselves and not have to scrounge for handouts. The only thing that has changed about these two parties is that Republicans had the industrial northern states and Southern Democrats controlled the plantation states. You need to do an honest assessment of who you are backing. Just because Democrats say the words “free” or “affordable” does not mean it is. Look how well the housing market is doing now that the American Dream of home ownership is “affordable”.

  40. Either you’re one of the most blind bigots I’ve ever run into, or you’re trying to be another Conservative Heart (who is a master at pointing out the hypocrisy, extreme attitudes, and wrongness of the Conservatives/Republicans/Dominionists).

    Of course, you do rather sound a bit like I did many years ago… because I didn’t know better and had been well programmed by the Assemblies of God. If that is the case, I hope your education and change to liberalism isn’t nearly as painful and expensive as mine was. (It really hurts to realize how badly you’d been lied to and betrayed by the Republican party… and when that betrayal means you become dirt poor and can’t get medical care for real problems… it’s several factors worse.)

  41. Do you know who made it possible for lower income people to get fleeced by unsavory mortgage brokers for the PROFIT? – See regulation, deregulation

    The Republican party wants to raise taxes on all of the middle class and poor to show us how great it is to be a job creator/entitled to subsidies that the poor pay for.

    Can you show me a jobs bill that the Republicans have introduced in the House in the last 2 years so we can see what they have in mind for the people?

    It’s all in the policy, Fred. Your rhetoric, while fascinating in its predictability and almost perfect repetition, is irrelevant except for the fact that the great Dixiecrat shift means that Republicans are now those KKK affiliates.

    But kudos on absorbing the Beck and using the 1950s to attack Democrats. Nothing like a little current news from you folks.

  42. It gets really tiring to always be the “forgotten minority”, doesn’t it? I get pretty irritated when people constantly forget that we still exist, and that whatever anyone else has experienced as a minority, we have too.

    People don’t realize just how many of us WERE enslaved, or that the laws against our people (such as not even having the right to exist in our traditional lands for my own tribe) were still on the books and enforced until 1980.

    (That’s when Georgia’s Trail of Tears laws were finally taken off the books… I have copies of three of them somewhere – and for the “in the past” crowd, they were still enforced into the 70s – when we moved to Florida it was against the law for my family to drive through Georgia and move to Florida.)

  43. Wrong. Not that people don’t want to hear… what he’s saying is very clear and it’s hard to avoid hearing him.

    He’s full of shit and we don’t agree with him at all. That’s the reality.

    Now for the “general population”… what he says feeds into the mindset of the bigots. He’s trying to get his base really roused up so that they vote out of fear and hatred.

  44. I cannot believe the terrible things being written about Mitt Romney. I am not sure who I am going to vote for yet but these replies are awful. Had Romney not gone to speak with the NAACP he would have been called a racist. Now that he has, he’s a racist. Brought in his own African Americans too. How offensive. The left loves to talk about how mean spirited the right is yet look at the insults thrown around here. It is truely appalling. If Obama went to the NRA and they booed him they would be called racists. If comments such as these were posted about Obama they authors would also be called racists. I believe that the poisonous language towards both Obama and Romney is offensive. I believe both are good men at their core but have completely different ideaology. Neither one is evil. This nonsense needs to stop although sadly, it will not.

  45. Where did you find that exact quote? It’s not in the article – it’s in your own pathetic racist head. But don’t you worry your little head – we won’t have a President Romney or even your President “Romeny.”

  46. haha you’re too funny Fed. You do realize that back then, after the Civil War, democrats were located mainly in the South and republicans in the North. Lincoln was a republican. Eventually their was a switch a number of decades later. Let’s not fool ourselves, the KKK was not created by the people we designate democrats today. Learn your history.

  47. If you’re going to post a snotty retort to a legitimate question, at least make sure you’ve got your facts straight. The links in the article do _not_ provide any independent verification of the story’s claims. I don’t doubt that it’s true, but most readers want more than a single unquoted source.

  48. OK it’s all good that you can vent and make very good points about the draft dodger coward Romney but let’s not over look the big picture here the red states are having great success in sequestering the vote which means and I’m sure you are all aware of that, there will be millions of votes lost to Obama, The old white gray haired fat racists men are fuming that a black man can be so much more Intellectually superior and able to do, what no white Republican President has ever been able to do and that is Lead better than 75% of republicans think Romney is a buffoon but they also know he is a follower and they are banking that with the unlimited super pac and the sequestering and purging of the vote they will come out on top the super pacs will make very little deference but the sequestering of the votes will be huge I have no doubts that when it comes to the debates Romney the draft dodger will come out as he always does limp stupid but what we have to realize is that we are not playing on a level field 99% of people minds are made up the polls say Obama the the voting booths if the racists have their way will say Romney, we need to be more vocal in the process of getting the peoples rights back if this were the Tea party or the GOP their people would be out in the masses we need to not only defeat Romney but also these Neo Nazi tea party people we need women to get out and Vote not just Presidential but local they are after all 50% of the vote they will be the voice that will be heard and as in the past will have the largest impact on the direction of this country providing they vote we cannot sit back and think that we will win because of the polls they mean crap we need to make sure that the young people the elderly and the minority understand they need to find out what it is going to take for them to be able to vote we have to meet this challenge head on beat them at their own game,they will be out there in full force, but if we meet them on the battle field and help the people who need help to get what it looks like it’s going to take to get the ID we can and will put an end to the tea Party once and for all if not and these laws stand then we will be looking at Romney as President and I have had him for Governor I can assure you if you think it was painful having bush wait till Romney gets control, so look and see what is is going to take to vote in your state make sure you have everything then see and ask people who you feel may not be aware of what it is going to take just because they were able to vote last election doesn’t mean they’ll be able to this time there could be as many as three SCJ nominated in the next four years can you imagine if two more Thomas’s or Scilla ‘s where to get put on that bench no rights for women roe vs wade over turned Obama care over turned everything going into the hands of the Neo Nazi’s Party the Nazi tea party Know’s what it is going to take lets make sure we also know Obama in 2012 may just be a pipe dream lets make it a reality make sure we get the word out and get out and vote.

  49. Romney is a lying sack of Sh*t! I am sure the standing ovation was a good Ridance to hm! He spoke of the unemployment rate being 14% , well it has been that and more for as long as I can remember and I am 65 years old. African Americans are lays some of the last to be herd and the first to let go. I support President Obama and would never vote for his rich phony ass.

  50. “unquoted source” ? The source is named, quoted, and verified by yet another first hand account. Also, Romney admitted to bringing African American Republicans with him.

  51. Romney is a politician. Obama is a politician. Both will tell their “truth” as they see it and want votes. Obama made a lot of promises in his 2008 campaign that he didn’t keep. That’s what politicians do. Obama had 4 years (2 of which were with a fully controlled Democratic House and Senate)to make the CHANGE he thought we needed. I don’t like the CHANGE at all. I am sick of people who act so informed about everything, but really don’t know the whole story as they aren’t open-minded to reading news from all different sources. Obama and his people have NOT been too truthful either (i.e. Fast and Furious debacle). If you are going to bash one candidate for such atrocities, you better be ready to hold the other responsible as well.

  52. And that would be you Shelly not knowing the whole story although Obama had a full house and Senate he also had filibuster up to this point over 190 so far, and fast and furious was implemented during the bush era lol, wasn’t it the GOP and the tea party that said gives us the house and Senate we’ll show you the jobs amazing isn’t it how not one single jobs bill has been presented by the GOP but we did get 33 bills to squash Obama care bills for abortion, they voted against giving first res-ponders extended health benefits,they voted down domestic violence laws against women, it’s oK for health care to cover mens Viagra and and getting the snip but not for women contraceptives, and it’s also ok that you are looked upon as not worthy of the same pay as a man if you do the same job they also voted that down these are all things that Obama stood for to which there are many more so Shelly make sure that you are informed seems to me though they may all be politicians seems to me that one just may have your best interest in mind while the other thinks your only worth is in the bed room and Kitchen. hope today is kind to you

  53. I agree that Romney is a total snob and it shows. Ever since he came into the race, I have not liked his smile. To me it is so condescending and fake. I really hate looking at the phoney, let alone hearing him speak…but …that’s just me, carry on, people.

  54. Reminds me of the paid goon protesters in Brevard county during the recount in 2000,flown in,put up in a hotel,fed,paid, demonstrators who were allowed to close proximity to the counters! Real area citizens would have been shot!

  55. You people are a bunch of ignorant ——. You are just spewing repeated garbage!
    Obamination just wants everyone to believe that he will give you what you want, something for nothing from your own wallet, that is.
    His socialized medicine is already causing people in the medical industry to lose their jobs because doctors cannot afford to pay for it. Many have discontinued providing Medicare services.
    It is causing other businesses to lay off and refuse to hire new people for the same reason.
    Go do a little study of history and see how Hitler came to power. Flattery, false promises. If you want that in America, just vote for Obamination. He is killing our freedoms as fast as he can get away with it!

  56. I imagine that you are a dedicated Fox News viewer because nothing you’ve said about President Obama is true, and it sounds something that the Fox News entertainers would say.

  57. Geo the freeloader: Eric Holder actually stated that Fast & Furious had nothing to with the Bush program. As for jobs bills, The Senate is currently controlled by the Democrats not the Republicans. The Republicans presented 15 jobs bills to the Democratic controlled senate and they remain there today. Wouldn’t matter how many bills they submitted, Obama would kill them.

  58. How many of those 15 bills have anything to do with jobs? I would say zilch. The house presented 29 of them and not one creates jobs, just gioves more tax breaks to the rich

  59. Um, no. Just no. Obama has a jobs bill that Republicans refused to vote on, so he broke it into little pieces and still they refused. It was only after much pressure that they finally voted yes on Obama’s veterans jobs bill, but the rest of America was left hung out to dry.

    Name a jobs bill introduced by a Republican. Name one. There aren’t any. CBS just called them out for wasting 50 million dollars showboating with ObamaCare and still not proposing one single jobs bill.

    If you really paid attention, you would know the folly of your words, for Republicans do not believe we need jobs, they think more tax cuts for the rich will create jobs, and so that is their effort re jobs, e.g., the 20% cut in marginal tax rates proposed by Romney for “jobs”

  60. When I first saw the video of Romney at the NAACP convention, my first impression was that he was not even speaking to the crowd. He had his set speech that he wanted to make and he did not attempt to engage the crowd. I do not even think that he made eye-contact with anyone. I believe that Romney was really talking to his “base”. He was sending a message that he was going to stand his ground with Blacks and not bend to any of their issues.

  61. Oh you still believe in the “trickle down effect”. Republicans do not care about the poor taking care of themselves, if they really cared then why are they fighting the minimum wage increases. They do not want to offer medical coverage to their workers and forget about pensions. They believe in outsourcing jobs. So how have they helped the average worker? Where are the effects of the millions in tax cuts, is the money still making its way down the 99%?

  62. Romney received TWO standing ovations during the speech. Watch the video, so are we to assume the Romney camp flew in the entire crowd?
    Also wasnt it hillary Shelton that said black people dont have savings accounts and and arent entrepenuers; sounds pretty racist. 

  63. So you are saying it was ok if Romney flew his own people in to bolster the reaction to his speech??

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