Bernie Sanders Unloads on USOC for Chinese Made US Olympic Uniforms

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the USOC for dressing America’s best athletes in uniforms made in China.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said,

The Olympics are a time when Americans take great pride in our nation’s top athletes as they strive for gold. At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed, there is no reason why U.S. Olympic uniforms are not being manufactured in the U.S. This action on the part of the U.S. Olympic Committee is symbolic of a disastrous trade policy which has cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and must be changed.

All hell has broken loose in Congress as Republicans, Democrats, and America’s favorite socialist, Bernie Sanders all agree that this is a serious load of bulls**t.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has suggested that uniforms be burned, “They should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them.”

The USOC’s Patrick Sandusky took to Twitter to call the outrage expressed by Sanders, Harry Reid, John Boehner, and many others “nonsense.” Sandusky tweeted, “All this talk about Olympic uniforms made in China is non sense. Polo RL is an American company that supports American athletes.”

Ralph Lauren may be an American company, but according to ABC News there isn’t a single piece of the U.S. uniform that was made in the United States. Not one stitch of stars and stripes red, white, and blue, comes from the U.S.A.

Sen. Sanders nailed the reason why this story resonates with so many Americans right now. U.S. Olympic uniforms were also made in China in 2008, but the difference being that the American economy hadn’t completely fallen off a cliff in the summer of ’08.

With the economy being as bad as it is Americans are beginning to ask, why don’t we make things here anymore? The fact that Team USA will be sporting threads made in China represents the decline of American power and manufacturing prowess.

At its heart this isn’t about Olympic uniforms, it is about the death of American manufacturing. It is about a Republican nominee for the presidency who outsources jobs, praises China, and got rich by not making anything tangible.

As Americans swell with patriotism and root on our heroes on with chants U-S-A U-S-A, we should remind ourselves that beneath that gold medal that will hang around triumphant necks will be the phrase, “Made in China.”

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  1. I am betting the flag pin that Bachmann and the rest of the GOP wore, while they were attacking Obama for not wearing one was made in China too.

  2. In search of the almighty buck we have let American manufacturing utterly collapse. Congrats Mittens and friends. We are no longer the country that struck fear in the Japanese nation for our ability to meet any challenge. Now we are a country largely made up of stock traders, investors in foreign interests, reality TV stars and least of all, politicians. We are a country that robs the poor to pay for millionaires fifth home. Well done. The greatest nation on Earth simply isn’t anymore. So sad. As I watch my future son in law prepare for his first deployment I wonder if I would still make the decision that I made in the seventies to serve my country. I never thought I would question that.

  3. If we would have ONE village, called EARTH, than would it matter who makes what? Earthlings would manufacture clothing and ship it around, Earthlings would grow wheats and corn were it grows the best, Earthlings would put solar panels were …there are the most sum, and build wind mills were the wind blows the most, and use water energy were water is etc. But, no, people are still don’t get it that we only have ONE earth, and isntsead of using it and using it up, we should feel the ownership and honor ship to really cherish it and take care of it. The Olympics would be a great opportunity to watch the world’s best athletes to perform, and do their best with out borders: meaning, some could root for and celebrate the best Russian swimmer, best Chinese gymnast, best Hungarian kayak champion, best US runner with out being a traitor to his/her own country. I think the problem is simplified and does not grab the root. The real problem is NOT that China manufacture your clothes, shoes, make up, dishes, toys etc. The problem is, that the US DID NOT come up with inventions that would change the world, and save the world from disasters, such as hunger, pollution and global warming. If the US would have the technology to deal with pollution, reusing toxic waste, operating cars with out oil, would be able to solve the energy crisis with solar, wind and water power, etc, if the USA would have the TECHNOLOGY to contribute to the global village, than who would vine about that your panties are made in CHINA? I don’t understand, why they don’t understand?

  4. great post! The 1% realized that with communist china in the game they could rape the american middle class for more money!

  5. I love Sen. Sanders. He certainly does his research. Is there a way to get his words into
    the Congressional Directory? after he reads
    from The Floor. SHCCCC

  6. The more local we can make everything we purchase, the better for the planet. Shipping things across the ocean is a huge waste of fuel. Having huge factories is bad for the environment, workers rights and wages. I would love to buy my clothes from a neighbor who sews, my vegetables from the farmer down the road, have chairs made from the amazing woodworker who works out of his barn. People would have control, responsibility, and the satisfaction of seeing the circle being completed in their own communities. But absolutely, let’s give up the silliness of countries and work together to make communities.

  7. Did Mitt not say a while back he was “in touch” with the current olympic committee? I know they have a horse in the games, but he said this in an interview. So he is still busy with outsourcers.

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