Bill Clinton Makes Mitt Romney Feel his Release Your Tax Returns Pain

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Bill Clinton showed why he is Mitt Romney’s worst nightmare as he told the Today show audience a little story about Bain, investments, and the oddity of not releasing tax returns.

Here is the video from Today:

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The ball got rolling when Savannah Guthrie asked former President Clinton if he thought questions about Mitt Romney’s investments were relevant.

Clinton answered,

Oh, yes I do. I think for one thing, it’s just as relevant as the going over my record as governor got when I ran for president, and because he’s put it at the forefront. He’s said, basically — ‘I’d be a better president ’cause I know how to create jobs ’cause that’s what I did.’ And he’s going to take credit for running a successful Olympics, for example. So all your work life before you run for president is relevant, and I think that will be relevant.

I am a little surprised that he only released a year’s worth of tax returns. That’s kind of perplexed me, because it’s the first time in I don’t know more than thirty years that anybody running for president has only done that. You know, it’s typical I think that we all release 10 or 11 years. And I think Senator McCain released over 20 years of tax returns. That struck me as a little odd.

Guthrie mentioned that this was about Romney putting his money in overseas tax shelters, and Clinton said, “The public ought to know that. The voters can make up their own minds about whether they think it’s a good thing to — for a person who wants to be president to minimize his own tax liability by putting the money in overseas tax shelters. And they can decide whether they believe that or not.”

Notice how President Clinton effortlessly tied together three bad issues for Romney. Clinton started with the Bush tax cuts, moved on to Romney not releasing his tax returns, and then closed with the Republican nominee’s hidden offshore accounts. The questions about Romney’s finances and activities at Bain are starting to be woven into a single narrative.

What should be even more troubling to Republicans is the fact that Clinton was asked about this on national television. The media is talking about Romney’s time at Bain on their own. Remember, this conversation with Bill Clinton didn’t take place on the evening news, or on politics obsessed cable news. This was the Today show. Casual voters got a dose of Mitt Romney’s investments, tax returns, and time at Bain with their morning coffee.

President Clinton was masterful, and with his good ol’ boy way of telling it, hinted America that Mitt Romney might not be on the up and up. Clinton never attacked Romney, but portrayed himself as the perplexed private citizen who didn’t understand what Romney was up to. Clinton was also able to speak from a devastating position of knowledge and experience about how, “we all” release ten or eleven years of tax returns.

Bill Clinton has become Mitt Romney’s worst nightmare. He can explain why Romney shouldn’t be president in an easy way that even casual followers of politics can understand.

It looks like President Clinton is back and ready help reelect Barack Obama by slaying another Republican hopeful’s presidential dreams.

12 Replies to “Bill Clinton Makes Mitt Romney Feel his Release Your Tax Returns Pain”

  1. If Romney has nothing to hide then why doesn’t he just release the tax returns already?

    Res ipsa loquitur

  2. He has lots to hide on his tax returns, you can be sure. Releasing more will only dig him deeper
    into his web of lies. On another note, after watching the video when other stories of the day pop up to view, there is one with Chris Janson with someone in PA regarding the new voter ID law and how it will affect the race. This guy said it won’t affect much and stated that most people affected with be the elderly, and students who don’t have current ID’s. He must be deluded. That’s part of the demographic the repubs are gong after. He didn’t mention minorites, but that is the biggest one they want to affect. Obama is up 7 in PA, but the voter ID law may effect 10% of democratic votes.

  3. If there is any sui juris American who doesn’t know Romney is a frothing liar, it’s only because his hatred for the black man in the White House has blinded him to it.

  4. The Repukes position on this is predictable. “What business is it of ours to get into this guys private affairs!!! Am I right!??” and all the teabaggers answer……”Yeah!” these jackasses don’t see the hypocrisy of this argument? The President gets raked over the coals for things OTHER people say about Sarah Palin, yet it’s none of our business how much money a candidate is hiding in offshore accounts?

  5. You go getem Bill! After all these years, and all the shenanigans, the man’s still my favorite politician. Granted, that might make him the best-looking horse in the glue factory, but I still proudly display my Clinton-Gore ’92 button on my laptop bag. A New Voice for a New America.

  6. There may be an issue with how much he gives to his church. They usually give 10% and up which could mean millions. $$$$$ Quite a charitable deduction I’d say. Or he may not want his church to know that he was not giving them as much as they demand.

  7. I don’t have a problem with a private individual minimizing their taxes using all the loopholes they can find in the tax code. But the debate I want to have is what loopholes did Governor Romney exploit and whether those loopholes are good public policy or whether we should eliminate them. I think many of the tax preferences and other loopholes that benefit Romney should be eliminated.

  8. And, wouldn’t heckle, jekyll, and HIDE’s tax returns show just how long he actually was working at BAIN?

    Thx for the report, Jason.

  9. Something really smells about this whole thing. Listen to Mitt when he is unscripted and it is very telling. Tomorrow he won’t remember a word he said. He is hiding something and I think it’s even bigger than any of us can imagine.

  10. I agree. If what he did with his money is in keeping with the law, then he has done nothing legally wrong. We may find it in poor taste, but it’s not a crime.

    What IS a crime is lying to the SEC.

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