Lawrence O’Donnell Pokes Fun at Right Wing Fanatic Buster Wilson’s Meat

If you’re wondering where Buster’s hands have been, you’re not alone…

Remember the other day when Buster Wilson, the general manager of the American Family Association’s radio network announced that his organization was contemplating a boycott of Google because of Google’s new campaign, Legalize Love? Google had the audacity to say that LGBT rights are human rights. They want “to decriminalize homosexuality and eliminate homophobia around the world.” Remember how Buster talked about how difficult such a boycott would be because of how “intertwined” he is with Google? About how such a boycott would “test the meat of his convictions”?

Buster probably wishes he had never mentioned his meat, because Lawrence O’Donnell had some fun with him and his meat on his show The Last Word on Wednesday. Watch on MSNBC:

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Hmmmm. Buster Wilson wants to test the meat. And he knows it’s going to be tough and he still, still wants to ‘test the meat.’ Oh yeah, this one’s gonna be really, really hard. ‘Cause like Buster says, ‘a lot of us are so integrated into Google.’ How integrated? Well let’s take a look at Internet porn as an example. A Harvard business school study of two years of credit card data of internet porn purchases. And let me just say right here that I am way out of my depth. I personally don’t know anything about Internet porn purchases. I mean seriously: paying for it? Who does that?

Well, according to the study conservatives are the biggest porn purchasers in America. Religious conservatives – the states that consume the most porn tend to be more conservative and more religious. The single state with the biggest per capita subscriptions of online porn is Utah. 8 of the 10 top-ten porn consuming states voted Republican in the last presidential election. The states that have passed laws banning same sex marriage have 11 percent more porn subscriber freaks who pay for it than states that haven’t passed laws banning same sex marriage. States where a majority of the residents agree with the statement ‘I have old fashioned values about family and marriage’ buy more porn online. States where a majority of residents agree with the statement ‘AIDS might be Gods punishment for immoral sexual behavior’ buy more porn online. And of course, pretty much everyone buying that porn finds the porn they want to buy through Google. And so yeah, a boycott of Google’s going to be really tough for religious conservatives.

Turns out, after thinking about testing the meat for a day, Buster Wilson is now afraid of how big a temptation the meat is for even the religious right wing fanatics of the American Family Association.

And so today on the Buster Blog, which is not a gay porn site – not yet anyway  - Buster Wilson backed down.

[Quoting Buster]: “I was speaking on my show about how horrible it is that companies like Google, like Home Depot and others, use their powerful influence in our communities to push the gay agenda upon the rest of us.  Like, pushing for homosexual marriage.  Demanding special designations and rights for them simply because of their preferred sexual lifestyles. I stated that it would BE TOUGH FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME TO CHOOSE TO NOT BE SUPPORTIVE OF SOMEONE LIKE GOOGLE, BECAUSE I AM SO INTERTWINED WITH GOOGLE PRODUCTS…But I never called for a Google boycott.”

Later, Buster tweeted from his Android phone, which is a Google product, that he was not calling for a boycott and just wants everyone to ‘move on’. Poor Buster. Poor, poor Buster. He just got way too intertwined with Google and he thinks of Google as a person now. He just said it would be tough for someone like me to choose not to be supportive of someone like Google because I am so intertwined with Google. Someone like Google? Ohh boy. Buster’s got it bad. You know, I mean you know right now, he’s just starin’ at Google and thinkin’ (sigh) ‘I wish I knew how to quit you’.

Buster got very upset at Right Wing Watch, apparently, for even talking about what he originally said. It rather put him on the spot, apparently, and so he “reacted with a hysterical tirade on Twitter, accusing Right Wing Watch of “lying” and posting an “edited video” that took “my words out of the context” (here is the AFA’s video, judge for yourself). He never explained how we manipulated his words, but he did block us on Twitter.”

Those who want to read Buster’s equivocation on “The Buster Blog” (that’s really what it’s called) can do so here. Please watch Buster’s original statement about Google if you have not already, then read Buster’s blog and see what you think. Is O’Donnell right? Does Buster “got it bad”? Is this Buster’s Brokeback Mountain moment? Is Google too tough for even a right-wing fanatic like Buster?

As the Harvard Study shows, a right wing religious fanatic is inseparable from his porn. Perhaps Buster realizes that. Perhaps Buster realizes that where porn and Google are concerned, fundamentalists are all about testing their meat.

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  1. So basically Republicans in red states consume more porn than the blue state Democrats. So they are perverts just like the rest of us. Except they will lie to hide their porn use, and the rest of us accepts it as part of human nature. Democrats won’t lie to themselves, Republicans will. Wonder if Mitt enjoys the porn, if Utah is the biggest consumer of paid porn, must be alot of Mormons enjoying ” Double Dutch schoolgirls#5″

  2. I actually saw O’Donnell do this bit the other night; it was “awesome” for a lack of words…how is it that the MSM now is accepting that they must do what Stewart and Colbert do–poke fun at evil to get “even”, disarm, dismiss the racist-bigots for what they really are…is they is or, is they ain’t?

    When is the MSM going to become bold enough and unafraid to showing the Mel Brooks clip of “Hitler in Springtime” when the GOP clearly does their goose-stepping propaganda based on hate of “The Other”?

  3. It’s nice to see a rational debate about such a sensitive subject . And to find such a wealth of thought provoking information is rather refreshing. I truly expected to find ranting and raving without evidence based ideals. Bravo! While not gay I realised a long time ago that a God who loved his children so deeply could not hate as much as those who preached at me every Sunday! To finally hear a quite rational and reasonable argument on gays in the bible does my heart good. Peace and Love to everyone, that’s the way it should be. Because my Father in heaven is a God of Love.

  4. Well U can ignore what I just posted bc it got posted to the wrong story. I was referring to the comments abt the preacher who wants to kill gays. For such a volatile subject they have been rather civil and seem to be well educated.

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