Mitt Romney is Still Playing Great White Hope for the Racist Right

Behavioral scientists have opined that a human child’s social makeup is relatively cemented by age four, and it is one of the basic reasons racism is such a difficult affliction to alter. It is true that a child brought up in an environment that demonizes racial minorities has little chance of ever considering African Americans as anything other than  inferior beings regardless of tolerance training in schools or association with students outside the child’s own race. Now, consider a child brought up to believe that dark-skinned people are cursed by god until age 31 and it is nearly impossible to imagine that adult having any respect for African Americans and it explains Willard Romney’s racism. On Wednesday when Willard addressed the NAACP, he was not speaking to African Americans, he was alerting the white racists in America that he was unafraid to insult African Americans to their faces and tell them that if he is elected president, he will devote all his energy to eliminating any program that might benefit them, or as he said, non-essentials.

Willard was raised in a religious cult that demonized African Americans until 1978, and after being inculcated for 31 years that Black Americans were cursed by god, his racism begins to make sense. When Romney told the NAACP audience “I will eliminate expensive non-essential programs” in the federal government, including “Obamacare,” the crowd booed his remark; afterward, he said he expected them to react negatively. Of course he did. In fact, his sole intention was to show his racist conservative base that he was their great white hope and was brave enough to stand before African Americans and tell them their “free ride” was over if he is elected president. Don’t believe it? At a speech Wednesday evening, Romney defended his NAACP remarks and sent a clear message to conservatives that he will save the country from the Black race that is taking assets from white America. Romney said, “I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff.”

Romney encapsulated racist comments by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich during the Republican presidential primary that focused on the misconception that President Obama was “giving other people’s money to black people,” and that African Americans were happy to “settle for food stamps” instead of good living wage jobs. Indeed, Romney’s own campaign motto came straight out of Ku Klux Klan literature espousing the white man’s goal of “keeping America American;” translation; keeping America white. Willard made another statement that was meant for racist conservatives who would hear replays of the speech, and not for the NAACP audience. He said, “I believe that if you understood who I truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what I believe… you would vote for me for president.” It is obvious the NAACP crowd understands precisely who Willard truly is in his heart and so do the racists the remark was meant to assure that whitey Willard will keep America white.

Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts is rife with racism, and the American Bridge 21st Century organization generously listed his offensive anti-African American agenda during his tenure in a report titled, “Romney’s Record on Issues Impacting the African American Community.” Highlights of Willard’s racist accomplishments are; failing to appoint minorities to top positions in his administration, scuttled Massachusetts affirmative action policy, removed punitive measures for violating affirmative action policies, dissolving the hate crime task force, and levying taxes on individuals filing complaints with the Commission Against Discrimination, among others. If Romney’s record is not enough proof he appeals to white, god-fearing bigots, look at any photograph of his rallies and notice the absence of people of color.

Willard Romney is a lot of things; a wealthy elitist, pathological liar, and now he has exposed himself as a race-baiting Mormon. When the audience booed his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he smirked with great satisfaction that his racist supporters got the message their white knight insulted every African American in the country. Some pundits are calling Romney’s speech part of the Southern Strategy, but Willard was appealing to every racist in America who believe African Americans are clueless, lazy, and illegitimate Americans, which, by the way, is precisely how he describes President Obama. The other prescient point is that Willard knows he will not get the African American vote, so it reinforces the notion that his entire speech was meant for conservatives who supported Santorum and Gingrich because they promised to stop “giving other people’s money to black people” if they were elected president.

One of the first statements then Senator Barack Obama made during his victory speech in 2008 was that he would be President for all Americans. Racist Willard told America that he will be president to the wealthy, Mormons, and white America; there can be no other conclusion. Let’s face it, if he had a semblance of regard for African Americans, he would have spent his time calmly and reasonably attempting to convince the NAACP audience to see things his way, and not promise to eliminate “non-essential” programs that are important to African Americans (and all Americans) like the Affordable Care Act that allows 7-million African Americans to have affordable healthcare insurance or decent public schools. Romney’s speech was for teabaggers, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh who came to his defense with more racial innuendos and affronts to African Americans.

Politicians give speeches that are carefully thought out and tested in advance, and Romney’s team knew the NAACP crowd would be repulsed at his comments. No doubt Willard’s speech writers were high-fiving each other when the audience booed his remarks about the ACA, because they knew the headline “Romney booed at the NAACP” would play well to the conservative base; especially the racists. For those souls who actually watched videotape of Willard’s speech, the celebratory smirk on his face when the crowd reacted negatively proved he got the response he was looking for and coupled with the speech to supporters later in the day bragging he told the Blacks their free ride was over, there can be little doubt he was race-baiting.

If Americans failed to see the character difference between President Obama and whitey Willard, they certainly have no doubts any longer. It is true that Willard represents the lowest moral character possible for a human being, but he outdid himself as a politician for deliberately insulting over 40-million African Americans, or 13% of the population. At a time when hate groups are on the rise, and talk of a coming race war, the last thing America needs is a presidential candidate using race to garner support. There were 1,018 hate groups in America as of April 2012, and the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that the potential for an increase if President Obama wins re-election is very high because “these groups are getting angrier and angrier. They’re looking at four years under a black guy who they hate,” and that really is the point of the opposition to President Obama. It is not because he raised taxes, signed a health law, imposed Socialism, or increased spending; it is because he is Black.

Romney’s speech clearly was race-baiting and no reasonable human being could think otherwise. What the racists learned from his address to the NAACP is that the white guy insulted all African Americans and put them on notice that he would “stop giving them other people’s money” and that if they knew what was truly in his heart, they will vote for him. So good job Willard, you insulted 40-million Americans, and told them that if they want more free stuff, vote for the other guy. One thing is certain, African Americans will vote for the other guy because unlike Willard Romney, President Obama is not a racist, greedy wealthy elitist, tax cheat, or a pathological liar and it is why he will win re-election and continue working for all Americans; even Willard’s racist cult.


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  1. …”Willard was raised in a religious cult that demonized African Americans until 1978…”

    Now you’ve done it; you used the “C” word, again!

    Prepare for the apologist post, the hand-wringing, the “you’re not playing the nice, white, polite game” in a fair non-threatening way, the who-let-the-dogs-out moment where someone tries to corner you and make you stop “barking”, get back in the yard and don’t make “doo-doo” on the rich man’s lawn again rants…atta’boy, RMuse, good man!

  2. Fully true, although if he’s confronted with it, his racism against my own people would be far more vitriolic and hate-filled. His entire religion (the non-Christian portions of it) are based on racist bigotry against Native Americans. The bigotry against African-Americans, I remember that and my parents have told stories from the years we spent in Utah about Mormon racism.

    I also want to say that I really like the graphic you’ve used, because it is so accurate and a message that most Americans still don’t get. Racism isn’t usually overt any more, it’s, as the saying goes, hidden in plain sight. The company who takes applications from African Americans but only hires white people “because the hired people have better references/better resume”. The landlord who charges minorities more, or who doesn’t rent to them (still a very common problem in this country). The realtor who subtly directs minorities toward the poorer/less desirable areas “because they’d be more comfortable around their own kind”… these things aren’t obvious, for instance, as a n-word spewing bigot. In fact, the biggest bigots are the rich businessmen and businesswomen who would never be caught in public saying the n-word (in private to people he or she thinks is safe is another story).

  3. I should add that there are still people like Limbaugh who seem to delight in their racist bigotry, and aren’t ashamed (as they should be) to spew racist hatred in public. They also seem to be growing in number… and I suspect it’s because their hate is so strong that they just can’t stand to keep it hidden any more.

    Oh, and I will say that the word “Cult” is very appropriate. The connotations are just as accurate as the formal definition, and people are starting to realize that the fight against using the word started from a cult who didn’t like people learning that it was bad news.

  4. last nite, darth cheney said ‘rMONEY is the right ‘man’ for foreign policy…. note the ‘man’ blurb, denoting that our prez isnt. or the wapo after the article today about mrs prez’ threats, the click link, ‘why all the hatred to FLOTUS?… guess they never read the reichwing blog kkkomments…

  5. Romney is the worst of the worst of Americans. Next he will be bringing one of his ‘huntin’ rifles to an event to show that he’s not afraid of anyone and their ‘lies.’ How do these people sleep at night? They accuse the President of being devisive, when it is the GOP who glories in race and class warfare. Look at the terms they use for minorities and women. Look at their disdain for the public education that should level the playing field for college. Look at their lack of minorities or intelligent women in any kind of leadership roles in the party. Now they are whispering loudly about choosing Condi Rice to run with him. That’s even more blatrant pandering than Palin’s choice was. And do they really think that people who hate the Obamas because they are black (and because the GOP has sopent four years trying to undermine his ability, his education, his intelligence, his character, even his birth) will suddenly embrace a black WOMAN for VP? Not when they have spent the past two years demonizing women and blaming us for every miscarriage, every abortion, every pregnancy when it still takes a man unzipping his fly to start any of that. Morons. Idiots. Greedy SOBs. I hope Condi is smart enough not to allow herself to be a pawn in this GOP chess game. Frankly, it’s looking like Mitt may not survive the convention. Thank God.

  6. You definitely can see a big smirk of satifaction, when he stated he would do away with “Obamacare” when they started booing him, he was loving it, because he knew all the dumbass , Poverty class republicans who think they are wealthy, would enjoy hearing him insulting some uppity black folk, He sure put them in their place. The same policies that help black folks, would help the poverty class white folks, but they are to stupid to see it. The working poor, white folk are willing to have a President who does not give a shit about them, as long as they think, there is a class of people, beneath them. Why these rednecks need to feel that, someone is beneath them is beyond me. If these racists voted based on logic and facts, President Obama would win in a landslide, but they won’t, they will vote for Mitt, because he has promised to hurt the black community, and these dimwitted racists just adore the idea of making it hard on black folks. So sad that some people are so warped!

  7. Actually, I hope he survives… and shortly afterward is arrested for his lies about his finances.

    It would be really good to see him put in prison for tax evasion. (It might make people think twice about supporting Republicans of any stripe.)

  8. “…the fight against using the word started from a cult who didn’t like people learning that it was bad news…

    That would be the Unification Church, better known as the “Moonies” run by good old Rev Moon himself.

    He spent millions on apologist to spin and repeat the phrase over and over in the media (that he bought…). The phrase was as follows:

    “The word “cult” is pejorative”.

    …Uttered by “scholars” of his own cherry-picking to do his bidding way before the rest of the fundies ever played this little game. Moon is the grand-daddy of all this mess…they all learned at his knee.

    (And, no, I was never a “Moonie”)

  9. Thanks. I’d forgotten which group it was (thought it was the Scientologists, but I think they tend more to illegal SLAPP lawsuits and direct harassment/attacks).

    Funny you’d mention “Rev.” Moon. Most dominionists and fundies don’t realize the depth of the connections between their top leaders and that nutcase (for the fundie/dominionist reader – Moon claims in essence that he is Jesus’ older brother and that Jesus failed in his mission, so Moon came along to do it right). I wouldn’t be at all surprised that there are high-level connections between Moon and the Mormons as well.

  10. Well, it’s not that “high” depending on how you use the word “high” (define the word “is”)…

    here is an excerpt from the Phoenix New Times:

    “Moon had apparently pegged Mormons as easy targets for converting to his beliefs (Matt Salmon’s a Mormon, for those late to the party), and the paper quoted Moon’s plan for Mormons.

    “My earnest hope and desire is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be among the first religious bodies to come before True Parents offering unconditional love and attendance to Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon,” Moon said. “I am privileged to share the new Gospel with all Mormons.”

    Salmon may not have been converted, but he’s apparently still buddies with Moon — Moon’s son Hyun Jin Moon has already donated the maximum to Salmon’s campaign….”

    Here is another link (two if you count the one on Mesa’s rep, Jeff the Flake, who is running for Kyl’s seat in the senate (oooh nooose!)

    If only the overtly gullible “white, nice and polite” citizens (who serve “cocka’mole’lee’n sale-sa” for appetizers at their fund raisers) of Mesa knew this was going on…oh my, Margie!

  11. Well, it was clear to me that this stunt was aimed at the oligophrenisphere: bearding those uppity n*****s in their den and telling them he was going to put them back in their place, yet being subtle enough (he thinks) that when they respond with hostility, he can accuse them of being “reverse racists” and “special interests” (that is, their own interests,which, in his worldview, is being out for an eternal free lunch, free ride, and free “get out of jail” card). This ploy was pulled by Richard Nixon when he jumped on the hood of his car and deliberately antagonized a bunch of anti-war demonstrators to prove to his hardhat target audience that he wasn’t afraid to stand up for ril uhMericuh to a bunch of flagburning commie pinko hippies. This, however, is considerably more malevolent, if subtler. John Boehner has already said that, since nothing was going to make the voting public love Romney, the only course was to make them hate Obama, and an examination of the issues makes it clear that the only reason Middle America would have to hate Obama is that he’s black. As for plausible deniability, he brought his own clap, but it was the scorn of his audience, not the approval of his house Neegroes, that he wanted reaching his real audience.

  12. Take two Excedrin, drink plenty of liquid, and call the doctor if you’re no better tomorrow morning.

  13. Condaleeza Rice? Oh, my dear, no! She’s played along with some very nasty cliques, but she’s not a Sarah Palin marionette. I foresee Mitt coming to a strange early end, his clique somehow terminated, and high culture being inflicted on the nation from the White House…even the return of televised classical music performances to network TV and musical appreciation classes to the public schools! Oh, never!

  14. You bring up great points. I have said before that most Americans are not racists, and I stand by that. However, it’s not most Americans that I am worried about.

    As you say there are subtle forms of racism that are concentrated among good ‘ol boy clubs in certain businesses, and The brazen attitude that Rush “what a pussie” Limbaugh and his ilk display, have galvanized the racists and dominiosists to come out in concentrated droves. These idiots vote and some of them are more than willing to take matters into their own hands to “take back America”.

  15. Also, Romney is considering Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Obviously he is doing this because of….. steal underpants —>????—-> Make Profit!!!

    Also, did it ever occur to any of you that if this huge racist demographic that Republicans are always “dog whistling” to actually existed then Obama being black and Romney being white would probably be enough?

    Racism only exists amongst liberals these days and this is perfectly encapsulated by this racist article. Liberals believe african americans are so inferior that it’s wrong to tell them anything they don’t want to hear. You know, kind of like it’s wrong to take advantage of the mentally challenged. Every word that comes out of the liberal’s mouth proves that they believe african americans to be weak and stupid and therefore require liberal white knights in shining armor to swoop in and protect them from the world. Liberals disgust me.

  16. I agree with your “prediction” that the little Mittens that couldn’t may be “excused” from the GOP Monopoly Board game in the near future (One could only hope for a televised “Dr No” exit…).

    Don’t tell me that the Ayn Rand predators of the GOP aren’t salivating like vultures, tapping their C-gars in backrooms, contemplating a brokered convention over Mitt’s little “issues”…ahh yesh.

    But, then again, who is left in the GOP wings? What on earth can they throw out there as the dream team that would, could pass even the slightest smell test? The GOP’ers have already give the voters their own rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” during their debates. So, where are they going to find a suitable “suit” or shall we say, “rabbit” to pull out of their top hat? Someone warm and cuddle that Americans just can’t resist? Snicker, snicker, sneer…

    They have no “Hitler in Springtime” cast ready in the wings…this must be that Bitch McConnell moment that he’s has been patiently waiting arrival; as I recall, “The Bitch” predicted some kind of a “Waterloo” moment…

  17. Oh put your man-pants on there Erin, buckle up your mule, kick somebody in the kneee and head on out on that campaign trail tellin’ the real Merikans how the gotcha’white libruels hate strong black women! That’s the ticket! Take that Palin high horse road thinkin’ that also my neighbors of various ethnic also gender backgrounds see me, my kid tats as a knight in shining armor also there too, as inferior. Liberals are just no good as well and good Christians are disgusted too, also.

  18. There are several reasons that I, a Black America, don’t vote for republicans:
    1. The offensive things they say about People of Color, LGBTQ Americans, American Indians, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, etc. You know jacksh!t about us or how we live, but that doesn’t stop you from saying all kinds of offensive BS. For example, the attack you launched in your post by saying that you hate liberals. B!tch, you don’t even know me, or anyone else posting here.

    2. When offensive things are said to/about these groups, not one of you has the integrity or courage to tell them that they’re wrong

    3. You’re tone deaf. You pretend to care about others, but your actions, words, and policies don’t show it. We’re not as stupid as you this, and this frustrates the hell out of you. We’re too independent minded for you, and you hate it. I refuse to follow republicans and have a place in hell reserved for me.

    4. Perverting Christianity and using it to win elections. Much of what conservatives say they stand for these days has zero correlation to the teachings of Jesus.

    5. You’re hypocrites. You talk of family values and fiscal responsibility, but you elect people like Joe Walsh and the other republicans who created the debt and exploded the deficit between 2001-2009, then, you accept and push the lies they peddle while knowing they’re lies.

    6. A failure to accept responsibility. GW Bush was a failure at every aspect of governing, but you blame the current president and pretend you had no role in electing GWB. The man is in hiding. Why isn’t he out stumping for Romney?

    Gingrich calls the current president “a food stamp president,” Santorum says he “doesn’t want to help black people,” Herman Cain says that “democrats have put Black Americans on plantations,” Romney says “if they want more freebies, they should vote for the other guy,” Santorum compares love between two people of the same sex as evil incarnate,” Joe Arpaio, AZ sheriff locks up Hispanic Americans because they “look” like undocumented immigrants, the immigrants file a lawsuit against Arpaio, and win, etc.

    Be honest. If President Obama and democrats said these types of things about conservatives, tell me that you wouldn’t be offended. Only someone who hasn’t been forced to live with certain things or someone who lacks compassion would deign to determine when certain words or actions constitute racism/bigotry for a group of which he/she is not a member. I know racism/bigotry when I see it. I was raised under America’s system of segregation and experienced things that you’ve never had to deal with, so can it and stop coming her trying to impose your authoritarianism on us. It will never work because we all march to the beat of our own drum.

  19. Singh, if there’s one bias Americans hold more deeply and universally than racism, it’s looksism. Between Barack Obama, who looks like Barack Obama, and Mitch McConnell, who looks like an ossified tree frog…

  20. Majii, I spend some hours researching, contemplating, and writing an article. It is outstanding that you just said it all in one comment. Thank you!

  21. Willard Romney’s smug, smirking display of racism at the NAACP is just the latest display of his many deep and dangerous character flaws. Like many of those who will vote for him either because they know he will increase their already considerable wealth, or those just blinded by hatred for Barack Obama, he doesn’t care that ObamaCare benefits Americans regardless of race. The longer this man is in the spotlight of the presidential election process, the more he exposes himself as an empathy-challenged, ignorant, and odious creep who has no business in any elective office–least of all the presidency.

  22. More than one third of the human brain is devoted to the processes of seeing; vision is, after all, the main way in which we gather information about the world around us…

    …which brings us to “Your Senator/Representative is so ugly” jokes. We’re such a lovely bunch of gutter-tripe, aren’t we?

  23. I’m STILL wide -eyed at Ann Romney’s passive-aggressive “”When you un-zip Mitt, he’s not stiff at all” comment.

  24. Let me first compliment many of the people who have commented here BRAVO!! so many great points so many classy thoughts, now Willard rommey’s extremely transparent juvenile ploy at the NAACP meeting shows how unbelievably ignorant most republicans are! I knew right off he was praying that some black person would attack him at the door! But he settled for boo’s,! his message to WHITE- RACIST- MOSTLY SOUTHERNERS was “I got this’ I’m going to their house and show them niggers who’s boss! Trust me I guarantee shortly after Willard left the meeting there were campaign donations pouring in!! But heres the good news the republican party is dying! WHY? 89% of republicans are white 37% are over 58 these old fools will be gone within 20 yrs, The country is becoming more diverse 13% are black, hispanics are 16% and interracial dating is EXPLODING everywhere, it’s predicted that caucasians will be the minority within the next couple of generations!

  25. Wow who let michelle bachmann in?? Erin you sound like the typical Texas educated hillbilly. It’s painfully obvious your savour rush limbaugh has brainwashed you again. If you actually studied ANY political history you’d know the gop hasn’t done one single solitary thing for civil right since 1964! You idiot! But let me make this perfectly clear so even a ignorant backwoods shit kicker like you could even understand, your glorious gop is fading away! they’re attacks on black people, hispanics, all women, gay people, muslims, poor people is destroying them! Your party is a narrowing group of elderly white men!! and becky sue thats not a winning formula, to piss everybody but wasp republican males! See theres simply not enough racist, poorly educated nascar watching, tobacco spitting, confederate flag waving, pick up truck driving, sheep molesting, buck tooth, cowboy boot wearing white folks voters to win elections.lSo Erin say bye bye to the kkk second team!

  26. LOLOLOL Loved your response–especially: “Liberals are just no good as well and good Christians are disgusted too, also.” Also. lolol

  27. I am very tired of anyone who listens to every little word that is uttered by a white republican to seek out a hint of racism. Is it so difficult to understand that the majority of white people are not racist? That there are very few white politicians who are racist? That even white republicans want what’s best for African Americans? They want all Americans ot be successful and work hard! It is not about race. It is about a different ideology. Republicans beleive that capitalism is the foundation in which this nation was built upon. How do you think we became the most powerful and technologically advanced county in the world in such a short span of time? Making your own money and not relying on the government is the way you will earn respect and success, regardless of your race. Romney built and empre and should be proud of that, not demonized for it. To compare Romney to Willard is ridiculous and far reaching. I hope to God Romney wins in 2012.

  28. Willet I read your post and as an older white man I can say there is a very strong element of racism in this country but its just not acceptable to express it openly. My brother in law openly told me before the last election, “It was the democrats turn and they had to go nominate a nigger”
    Another friend of mine was in Tennessee and she met a man living in a run down trailer with half his teeth gone. He was voting Republican because he didnt want a black man as President.. I could give plenty more examples but you have to ask yourself why there are so many hateful rumors about the President that circulate so quickly and are so stubbornly resistant to facts.. Closet Muslim, hates white values, is not a legitimate citizen, has foreign values, doesn’t salute the flag, doesn’t wear the flag pin…and on and on and on.. Why do you think that is??

    And you are so naive when you say

    “It is about a different ideology. Republicans beleive that capitalism is the foundation in which this nation was built upon.”

    The implication is that Obama and the democrats do not. That is a totally false belief that is promoted by the far right. There are different degrees of capitalism and the capitalism of the late 1800s is not what is needed today.

    Are you aware that social security, medicare, food and drug regulations, minimum wage, unemployment insurance and the restrictions on “predatory capitalism’ more were all once denounced as socialist by the far right?

    You seem like an honest person so i will assume you are. The real truth is the capitalism cannot be unregulated..we cannot have a system like that which existed before the New Deal but that is exactly what the current Republican party wishes to achieve.
    Romney will simply make the rich richer and the poor poorer and the middle class will take another hit.. Just think..the Ryan plan actually increases taxes for the middle class and cuts programs to benefit them..all while cutting the taxes of the wealthiest few even more and eliminating any kind of regulations or restrictions. Its back to 1890..

    I would not waste my time posting this if I did not detect an element of honesty in your post…

    Think about it..

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