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Obama Hate Hits a New Low: Qur’an Burner Terry Jones Digs Obama’s Grave

Qur’an burning, Obama effigy lynching pastor Terry Jones has now dug a grave and with a headstone proclaimed the Obama presidency dead.

Here is the video:

Transcript via Loonwatch and me:

The Obama experiment has failed. Obama promised to bring the troops home. He did not. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay. He did not. He promised to reduce the deficit by fifty percent. He did not. He is pro-same sex marriage. He is pro-abortion. The killing of babies. He has closed his eyes to the problem we have in America with illegals. He has closed his eyes to the problem that we have in America with illegals. Twenty million illegals,” Jones said. “The illegals and the Hispanics make up the largest prison population — they are only outnumbered by the blacks. They greatly exceed all other races. We must put an end to President Obama’s political career.

The experiment did not work. Let us learn to never again vote for some based on the color of his skin, but upon his qualifications. Let us this year put a deadening blow, a death to Obama’s presidency.

This is what happens when you mix together Fox News, talk radio, and mental illness in one human mind. Terry Jones literally sounds like he is quoting Fox News, but what really gives him that pungent auroa of right wing propaganda is the fact that the major point he used to proclaim the Obama presidency a failure was wrong. Obama did bring the troops home from Iraq and has a timetable for getting out of Afghanistan. Obama did sign an Executive Order closing GITMO, only to see Congress block the funding needed to close the facility and transport the detainees. Obama did say that he would lower the deficit by 50%, which hasn’t happened, but it is Jones’s rant about immigration that is completely 100% wrong.

Illegal immigration is shrinking. There are only 11.1 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, and President Obama has deported 30% more illegal immigrants that George W. Bush averaged over his two terms in office.

Notice the image that Jones was trying to sell. The tombstone features the words Obama and dead in big letters, with the word presidency written in little tiny white letter below Obama. The message he is sending is kill Obama. Obama must die. His little addition of the word presidency is just his way of making sure that Secret Service doesn’t pop by and pay him another visit.

Terry Jones isn’t the best barometer of changes in right wing insanity because he is this crazy all of the time, but if this is the rhetoric they are pushing in July, imagine what is coming in November.

Jones is the classic right wing coward. He talked a big game on the video, but if he really wanted to get publicity for his latest stunt, he probably should have taken the word presidency off of the tombstone. Terry Jones wussied out and did have the guts to say what he really meant.

Apparently, Jones is even more afraid of prison than he is of black presidents and Muslims.

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