Obama Tells Romney to Take His Apology Demand and Shove It

The Obama campaign has responded to Mitt Romney’s demands for an apology with a new video that tells him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Here is the Obama campaign’s response to Romney’s demands for an apology:

Mitt Romney demanded an apology from President Obama for his campaign’s Bain related attacks, and what he got was a big giant middle finger from the Obama campaign. The Obama camp didn’t just say no. They put together a highlight reel of Romney’s attacks on Obama. The greatest hits collection included Rev. Wright, Obama apologizes for America, and Romney’s claim that Obama is somehow anti-capitalism and freedom.

The video closes with the script, “Mitt Romney. He sure asks for a lot of apologies. When he’s not busy launching attacks.” It ends with Newt Gingrich explaining that Romney’s policy is not to build himself up, but to carpet bomb his opponent and tear them down.

For good measure, the Obama campaign also released a new television ad that hits Romney on his outsourcing of jobs to China and Mexico and his overseas bank accounts:

In a statement debuting the ad the Obama campaign said, “Obama for America released a new television advertisement today titled “Firms” that highlights Mitt Romney’s record of shipping jobs overseas and owning offshore accounts in foreign tax havens. As a businessman, Romney shipped jobs to Mexico and China. As a governor, Romney outsourced jobs to India. And as a presidential candidate, Romney should explain to the American people his mysterious corporation in Bermuda, his funds in the Cayman Islands, and the Swiss bank account he opened.”

Like all bullies, Mitt Romney can dish it out, but he can’t take it. There has always been a perception surrounding Romney that he has a glass jaw. He is soft. He can’t take the heat, and he cracks under pressure. The Romney campaign’s pathological demands for retractions and apologies lend credibility to this perception.

What Romney and his campaign don’t seem to understand is that they are playing in the big leagues now. His opponent has been through all of this before and won. Romney’s attacks on Obama look like an ice cream social compared to the political war that was the 2008 Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton.

Most of the attacks that the Romney campaign and his super PACs are running are old news. Much of it was heard by voters in 2008 and 2010. In some cases, like the attack ads on the ACA, voters have been hearing these same old lines from the right for three years. Running more of the same attacks carries the risk of voters tuning them out. Political science research has shown that airing too many negative ads will result in a voter backlash against the candidate that is doing the attacking.

Romney’s declining approval ratings in places where he ran the largest amount of negative ads during the 2012 GOP primary suggests that in many parts of the country the Romney campaign has already been, and continues to be hurt by their unrelentingly negative campaign tone.

Mitt Romney’s demands for an apology are the political equivalent of crying uncle. He is getting annihilated by these attacks, and he still has no effective counter to them. In his television interviews he alternated between Clinton like parsing, of the difference between a manager and owner, whining about Obama’s questions about Bain, and attacking the president.

The cherry on top of the whole debacle came when the Republican nominee completely sabotaged his whole performance and gave the media a bigger headline, by refusing to release more tax returns.

Romney tried to claim the moral high ground by demanding an apology. The Obama campaign responded with a new TV ad airing in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia hitting the Republican on Bain, outsourcing, and his offshore bank accounts.

Mitt Romney didn’t get his apology, but he did get a giant f**k you from the Obama campaign today.

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  1. This is great! For too long, the Democrats have allowed the Rethugs to get by with their mean-spirited, attack ads and have looked weak to many in our country. “Rising above the fray” does not work in a society where there are many uninformed voters. Now, if the Dems running for Congress will adopt the same tactics…. Enough is enough is enough of the right-wing viciousness and lies.

  2. He alternated Clinton like parsing between owner and manager but unlike Clinton who was not a known liar & flip flopper like Myth, where Clinton was smarter & genuine.
    Myth’s a fake so his spin’s not selling.

  3. We forgave Clinton one mistake, because he exuded warmth & caring, not so for Myth who’s loathed by his own party, flip flopper, liar.

  4. Everyone…
    Please go to YouTube to ‘like’ this ad!

    And read the very first comment:

    “It’s really easy to say as a foreigner, I like America, I have always tried to understand your way of life, but if you are really gonna choose Mr. Romney, I will lose my faith in your people and in humanity itself. You can say: “Well, Obama didn’t do anything productive either the last four years!” But this is only, because nobody f**king let him! He has not power, the Democrats need more power. If you cannot see the greed/selfishness in Romney, you have a serious problem with your eyes!”

  5. What a spoiled little preppy- brave enough when he can get enough of his school jackals to help him abuse a small, blond classmate or when he can tie his cowering dog to the roof of a car, but when somebody his him back, he cries. Is this supposed to be a man? And then there’s apple-pie Momney, who drugged and sold a lame gelding for over a hundred grand as a hot dressage prospect. I understand he had navicular, too, which makes her not only a constructive horse thief, but a particularly cruel one. And we’re supposed to elect them because it’s *their turn*!

  6. LOL, that’s my President Obama!

    Did ya see it trending on Twitter last night regarding “apologies” to willard?..

    So Sorry, willard, you’re such a lying sociopathic RF.

  7. Exactly! We can see from the very start that Willard was a real bad bully who turns and runs,while complaining “foul” when confronted by someone who is totally unafraid of him.
    ~~* OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 *~~

  8. I find it hilariously funny that Wimpy Willard, who’s been lying about the president all year, can’t take a dose of his own medicine. Unlike his attacks, Obama’s are based in reality and truth. I’m willing to bet that sooner rather than later, Willard will wish he had never brought up his time at Bain in order to make a case for why he should be president. Hopefully, he’ll lose badly, and fade back into the oblivion and obscurity he deserves like a certain former female GOP governor. Keep it up, President Obama!! Don’t give an inch!!

  9. “Oh Fame, Fame!
    Thou glittering bauble!
    In search for Thee, what have I lost?!”

    (OK, Reyn, for a gazillion dollahs, who said this?)

  10. Love the use of Romney’s off-key acapella of America The Beautiful while the text highlights his anti-American business activities.

    He’s altogether off-key for America.

  11. Mitt did it to himself. His worst enemy is himself. He commits slow motion suicide everytime he opens his mouth.

  12. You are 100% right in saying that Willard’s “singing” is just as off-key as his understanding and empathy for everyday Americans. I had to turn the TV off when the ad came on, because as irritating as his speaking voice is, his singing can make dogs howl and cats yowl.

  13. I would prefer that the new ad had Rmoney singing in the background and an announcer citing the issues and sources. If the ad is playing on someone’s television and he or she is within earshot but not watching, the person will miss the facts being cited in the ad.

  14. actaully Anne heres the real value of taking away the Bain… with his term as governor looking not popular with his base (Obomneycare)… also the fact that the Olympic hero won’t stand up to scrutiney, the one thing he had to run on was Bain he’s a one trick pony..

    the Obama team by playing 3 diensional chess now has his queen (Bain) in check.. and it’s only the opening of the game

  15. You are right about the Olympics. If the majority of the people knew how he saved the Olympics they would not be happy.

  16. Romney is the equivalent of a Car Wreck.It’s awful to watch,you know people are being hurt by it&in the end,everyone involved is going to lose&they’ll be lots of clean-up,but you just can’t help but watch him&say to yourself,”HOW could someone be so reckless&stupid as to smash head first into a brick wall like that&think they won’t get hurt?”I for one am taking what amounts to a”sinful”delight in watching Romney&the rest of the GOP commit Political suicide.They have done ENORMOUS damage to This Country&the reckoning is coming for it.This,along with the new report showing many in the GOP are jumping ship from The Insane Clown Posse known as The Tea Party because even THEY know they’re nuts,ahhh,just makes this Liberals Heart warm&hold out a small hope that maybe,just maybe,we can all salvage this Leaky Tiki of a Nation!

  17. Indeed, wellllll doneeeee big O!

    And to further rub it in just a little, Begala skewered Romney too on his pitiful whining, said he should toughen up and that this is big boy politics now. I find it amazingly hypocritical (but totally not unexpected) how Romney can whine about this when it’s based on facts, yet lie about everything all day long. Heck, he’s the first candidate in US history to have a website totally dedicated to keeping track of his lies, that’s just how numerous they are!

  18. Oh..forgot one thing Begala also said. If Romney can’t stand up to Stephanie Cutter (Obama’s campaign manager), how can we be expected to believe he can stand up to Putin? =))

  19. Outstanding ads Mr. President!! More power to you! Wouldn’t it be lovely if Mittens “Myth” Romney gets so flustered that, just like a bully, take his ball and go home? He just quits when the going gets tough.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to Romney being arrested. If the papers Romney filed with SEC are false, the way he says they are, then he lied to SEC and perjured himself. I worked in the securities industry for years with Merrill Lynch pre Bank of America, and if you file papers with SEC, then you are filing them under oath. If those are false, then you’ve committed a felony.

    I remember Martha Stewart was arrested, tried, and convicted, and spent time in jail for lying to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC doesn’t care if your a presidential candidate either. Now, Romney’s got the SEC on his ass. Good luck with that!

  20. Romney’s strategy so far:

    1) Lie

    2) Whine when the truth is told about him.

    3) Demand an apology for having the truth told about him.

    4) Repeat.

  21. I personally like “Romney the Whiner.” It goes so well with “Boehner the Bawler,” doesn’t it? (smiling innocently)

    ***********OBAMA/BIDEN 2012***********

  22. “If the ad is playing on someone’s television and he or she is within earshot but not watching, the person will miss the facts being cited in the ad.”

    I agree. At first I was confused. I thought it was a pro-Romney ad and I was watching it. I was thinking about turning it off. I don’t think it’s a very well-produced ad.

  23. I haven’t saw but 1 clip from Certainly Not News, but if they were all as soft as CNN, then Houston we have a problem. The hardest question they asked in the clip was “are you going to release more tax returns” as to which he answered “no”. If they aren’t even going to confront him on the lies he told to Ma. people or the SEC, why bother interviewing him? Why not just say we stand behind what he says?

  24. Lile those who ran against him within his own party, Mittens is going to implode. He got to where he is by being the Last Man Standing. (i.e. not screwing up as badly as Perry, Santorum or Gingrift) Now that he actually has to step into the ring with the POTUS and America has a better-tuned bullshit meter, he’s going to make John McCain look like Ronald Reagan. (Even with the ball and chain harpy that is Sarah Palin.)

  25. I come to this site because I find important issues covered here that I can’t finde elsewhere.
    That said, articles like this make me ashamed to tell my friends and family to visit this site.

    Obama DID NOT say f*ck you to Romney. He put out some ads that catch Romney in his own gaffes and lies. He did not tell Romney to “shove it.”
    I’m sorry, but as a good liberal, I don’t want to tell Romney to “shove it”. thats the kind of gutter talk that the Tea Party and Romney lower themselves to.
    In my view liberals and progressives must claim the moral high ground by NOT USING the same kind of name calling, invectives and arrogant self-righteousness that Fox News and the GOP use. We don’t need to. Romney’s screw-ups speak for themselves without any editorializing or moralizing. The kind of inflamatory rhetoric used in this piece totally defeats out purpose. I find it repugnant.

    It’s the kind of thing I would expect from a false-flag operation, not a good progressive website.

  26. He used lobbyists and they went and got money from our congress. he used OUR money to “save” the olympics. Our tax money. thats all he did

  27. Hey, wait a minute… wasn’t it Myth himself, who told us, over and over, “What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander”? I guess that’s only true when he’s dishing it out, and not on the receiving end.

  28. It’s not only PBO hammering Romney on his refusal to release his tax documents, some republicans are recommending that he release them, too. I love the GOP strategist who tells Romney that there’s no whining in politics! Romney has spent his entire life avoid responsibility and accusing others for his short-comings. It’s time for him to grow up or get out of the game.

    “On the sidelines of the National Governors Association meeting in Williamsburg, Alabama’s Republican governor, Robert Bentley, called on Romney to release all the documents requested of him.”

    “If you have things to hide, then maybe you’re doing things wrong,” Bentley said. “I think you ought to be willing to release everything to the American people.”

    “There is no whining in politics,” chided John Weaver, a veteran Republican strategist. “Stop demanding an apology, release your tax returns.”


  29. I thought it was way cool that the Girl Scouts listed this site as a place to go to get the facts. I suspect that this site was taken down by people who couldn’t stand that the Girl Scouts would not cave. I was 100% behind what was being done here.
    However, since that time, the rhetoric has become way more inflamatory and the place feels like a left wing Fox News. I wouldn’t recommend this site to a Girl Scout any more.

  30. I personally think that Romney and Boehner should move to another country maybe a 3rd world country…they are just alike so why not…these are most evil men I’ve ever seen, trying to tear down this country

  31. FINALLY!!!!! It’s nice to see Obama actually fighting back for once instead of being the constant whipping boy. Obama will win the election if he keeps showing people what is at stake here.

  32. Like in AA, Romney should go to the home, if they still have a home, of every one he’s fired and ask for their apology and forgiveness.

  33. Agreed. We gotta toughen up. Show that the liars and bought-and-paid-for pundits are full of…well, you know what. Here’s to 113th Congress getting retaken by some people with compassion and decency.

  34. Thank you, Cha ! I can’t stand these damn idiots that keep yacking “Obama didn’t do anything” or the like. Either they drank some mighty strong Kool-Aid or are just plain stupid.

  35. Yes, how did he save the Olympics ? It’s in the public interest, so post it or get it posted more prominently than as a “comment”.

  36. The local reporting refers to all of this as “Attack ads” and talk about negative campaigning.

    No wonder we’re loosing. With the way people are being misled by the media and with the sorts of attitudes (which expect us to “be nice” when Republicans aren’t) encountered, it’s going to take a miracle to turn this country around.

    The horrifying thing is that with the exception of informed liberals, the others don’t see where this country is heading (the defining characteristics of fascism fits the end result pretty well) and many don’t even care, as long as their “Reality TV” keeps broadcasting (or whatever).

  37. Way to go Myth Romney you liar! Just like John Boner the tan girl, a huge cry baby. Those plastic children of yours are ridiculous, that uncouth wife with her comment on national television with Diane Sawyer(who could say this to a classy lady like Diane) that their dog had the runs. Take a good look at how they dress and live, all those millions hidden all over the world and they have zero taste. All that aside, Myth is a robot sociopath with the stunning endorsement of George Bush who ruined this country with his dog and pony show.

  38. A couple of years ago, I had a blog owner send me a really harsh and nasty email, demanding that I stop calling the Assemblies of God and other Dominionists Cults. I got much the same sort of argument from him as we got from you.

    The problem is, you can’t be nice in a battle for your life or freedom, and that very much is the case here. (Being nice to dominionists is a waste of time.) Yeah, I’d be uncomfortable with girl scouts reading some of the things said here, but at the same time we’re adults and I for one am sick and tired of tempering my language when I’m so pissed off at what is going on – and where I live, if I say it out loud in public, the chances are good that some “Good Christian” would shoot me because I dared disagree with their beliefs and wasn’t circumspect about it.

    We do need to vent. I for one am tired of living in constant fear of people who are proclaimed to be “good” but who are not. (For your information, I have good justification for that fear, and some of the others have seen a little of the evidence.) I don’t want someone who doesn’t have a clue telling me to watch my language. If you don’t like it, too bad.

    If one of the mods tell me to temper it, I will… because I trust them to know when things are too far and to understand when we need to let off some steam.

  39. One thing the Rethuglicans need to remember:

    Rmoney was SO bad as a VP candidate that John McCain chose Sarah PALIN instead.

    How bad does Rmoney have to be when Palin is a better candidate?

    As for Obama’s reaction: Well played Sir, Well played.

  40. I support Pres. Obama, but I dislike the first ad. It gives too much time to Myth telling his lies, and some people may not see the whole ad. Instead of just showing Myth talking, it should have text written across is it which says “Lies and Myths!” while Myth is spouting his lies. Otherwise, there’s just Myth saying whatever with no rebuttal. I’d drop that one.

  41. i have nothing but great comments about the barack oboma doing a wonderfull job best then the bush error in the pass. he’s only human he can’t do the work of GOD so he’ll do the best he can! IM SURE MUCH LOVE FOR HIS FAMILY AND RESPECT james l jackson :)

  42. Gary Johnson keeps challenging both Owebomba & Robme but the elite that own the duopoly are afraid to mention the great Governor Johnson. Compare the stats!
    I hate politics but I will flex my right to vote for Gary Johnson, small government. NO WASTED VOTE!
    Ignore all he’s done because it can’t be smeared.

    When politicians gather around the camp-fire, they tell Governor Veto stories.

  43. I hate to rain on the parade, folks, but this new ad just doesn’t work very well. First of all, bear in mind a couple of facts: Intelligent viewers have already made up their minds as to how they’re going to vote. They have all their ducks in a row and nothing is going to change their minds. Empathetic Intelligent viewers are going to vote for the Democratic party. Selfish Intelligent viewers are going to vote for the Republican party. I admit that Intelligent Democrats will watch this ad from start to finish and get the gist of the message. But we don’t need to convince THESE viewers.
    So who should our target viewers be? The Undecided, the Apathetic, and the Less Intelligent viewers. I know that sounds harsh and I know some people will take offense at my labeling, but those are the facts. These are the people who need to be addressed and convinced.
    This ad gives Romney free air time! It’s nuts! The first rule of advertising is to Not Name your competition or give them free visibilty. Don’t give them a chance to preach to YOUR audience. That’s difficult to do in political ads, but you see where I’m going with this. You’ve got Romney hammering away at Barack on several issues and levels. You’ve got him selling his talking points with oomph. Bam! Bam! Bam! On down the line. That’s 4/5ths of this ad!
    Then you end it with a subdued, largely unemotional voice tying up the loose ends and barely delivering the point of the ad. By the end of the ad, Joe Six-pack has been effectively preached to by Romney on all his selling points; then he gets an anonymous voice telling him “No Apology” or something vaguely approaching that. No oomph.
    As I said earlier, an empathetic intelligent person hears Romney’s attacks and knows that he is full of it. Once again that person has already made up their mind before they even see the ad. That means we’re wasting our time and advertising money.
    Why do Republicans get so many of the good-hearted but impatient, less intelligent common folk with their lame lies and alarmist attitudes? Because, they know not to over-think their audience. Their target audience doesn’t like to over-think, dwell on a topic, or deduce things for themselves. They like things to be absolutely black or white; right or wrong. They don’t like grey areas and will tune out anything that isn’t simple and direct. They don’t like a “cool demeanor”. They interpret that as being smug or condescending.
    They are swayed by humor or anger. Humor, however, is hard to pull off; it can very easily backfire as well. ANGER, on the other hand, can grab their attention. Life is hard for most of these folks and Anger is something they can identify with. It doesn’t matter if its true or not; because they like a simple direct answer as to why they should or should not vote for someone. They enjoy having a scapegoat for their problems. It’s easier to say it’s someone else’s fault than to “work together to solve our problems”. That implies weakness to them.
    You can still do this ad. But instead of giving Romney free air time. Have the voice-over say “Romney says this” and “Romney says that” while showing unflattering photos of him. Then tie it up with “An apology? I don’t think so…” And take it from there. It would end better if it was Obama actually delivering the conclusion….. in an angry, righteous demeanor.
    Know who needs to be convinced and go after them. Preaching to the choir is pointless. Oh well, I hope you guys will take this message as it was intended. And good luck with new better ads.


  44. Do you know where the “small government” cry came from?

    Racist bigots didn’t like the federal government telling them they couldn’t discriminate against minorities, and worse to them, enforcing it. Thus the call for smaller government… the reason why you hear “get the government out of our lives” so much. In most cases I’d bet that with analysis, the main reason people called for small government was that they wanted the “right” to persecute people.

  45. That crossed my mind also. Each such snippet should be announced with: “Romney lies”; “Romney lies again”; “Romney is a habitual liar”; and “Who would believe *anything* Romney says?”

  46. Over half a century ago, I *was* a Girl Scout (I own up to feminine gender), and although that kind of language didn’t appear in print then, I assure you that I, and all the members of my troop (with the exception of four or five pink ruffles girls) could have handled the discussions here. These days, it is a rare child who has reached the age of speech who has not heard the vocabulary you alluded to. Your objection, Sir, though not wholly meritless, is overruled.

  47. I’m floored by how much ass kicking the Obama campaign is doing right now. They are on top of their game and they appear to be going for the knock out punch on Romney – define him early. Beautiful work.

  48. libertarianism is a shortsighted ignorant political philosophy.

    it’s all about theoretical “freedom” … in reality it leads to a society controlled by a small elite.

  49. My only problem with these ads is that they have too much Mitt Romney in them. If someone is not paying attention, as most who are at home doing other stuff while the commercial is on, it would seem like this was an ad for Mitt Romney and not Obama. Maybe his contradictory words could be heard and shown, but not so much of his face.

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