To Bring America Out of the GOP Darkness Democrats Must Vote

I have to talk candidly with my fellow Democratic Party members. After an extensive disputation with myself, I’ve opted for the tough love of treating the politically painful wound of republicanism without the anesthesia of the soft pedal.

In the aftermath of the November 6th general election, the republicans could keep or even add to their majority in the House of Representatives, acquire a cloture margin to still opposition in the Senate and install Mitt Romney in the White House. Yes, he lies – a lot. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell recently dedicated the entire 60 minutes of his show to Mitt’s BS. But Romney lies make no difference to republican voters whatsoever. Add to the GOP’s potential national dominance, the party’s gubernatorial and legislative margins in the states and the continued additions to their partisan judicial base and you’ve got an impenetrable political barrier.

If that happens, here is your life for the foreseeable future. Know one thing above all others. Once the republicans seize the kind of political power just described, they will not let go. Ever! Through continued control of the media (the implications of NBC taking full ownership of MSNBC will be my next contribution), huge campaign money, redistricting, Voter ID bills, voting machine mischief, the geography of polling places, numbers of machines, messing with early voting, vote counts and whatever other sordid logistics are required to deny the democratic vote, it will be a physical impossibility for democrats to participate in fair elections with republicans.

The republican power fetish, their hatred of all who differ from their tea party reflections in the mirror, the ease with which their uninformed minions are fooled by the power elite, their lust for guns, their slavish adherence to self-serving interpretations of the bible and serial cheating and lying will lock the doors of influence forever to the democratic party.

Here’s what you’ll get from post-2012 nouveau America. Everything will be based on profit and/or right-wing Christian theology. Health Care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid even food stamps – all will be quickly flipped into profit-making ventures for favored corporations. All government services (except armed services) will be pared severely and agencies will disappear. Oil will see to it that the EPA is the first to go. Man-made climate change? Nonsense. Every regulation designed to head off the pending global warming catastrophe ripped to shreds. Financial regulations will meet the same fate. The Department of Education is history as well. Evolution? It’s the man upstairs buddy! Several other agencies should start packing.

There will be a skeletal quasi military federal government and the walls between church and state will crumble; “Mr. Romney, tear down this wall!”

Unions will die off completely as will living wages. Most families will rely on at least two of their number working at or near minimum wage levels for basic sustenance. The wealthiest corporations and individuals will become unimaginably rich, paying virtually no taxes. Roe v. Wade will be attacked with a vengeance. Abortions will be illegal in the U.S. Most likely even in the case of rape or incest. Birth control will be next. Brown-skinned immigrants will continue to be harassed while performing stoop-labor for giant corporate farms. Overseas wars will be a constant with the lower classes doing the fighting and dying for little more than enriching defense contractors sucking in billions in blood money. “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.” Ike – 1961.

‘Justified’ Castle Doctrine killings will be the daily norm in your communities. The prime victims will be minorities. Gays will be among those whose casualties will rise dramatically and most will be forced back into the closet after being locked out of the American experience constitutionally.

Women will be (stay) second-class citizens to be used by males for work (mostly menial), sex on demand, child-rearing and cooking. The print and electronic media will be little more than political propaganda delivery systems and the latest on the Kardashians. Pretty much as they are today, only worse. True culture will be virtually non-existent with the feds and most states eliminating Arts funding. Schools will operate at different extremes. Exclusive and expensive private schools will be given an inordinately high percentage of public money (even church schools) and charge tuitions that only the wealthy can afford. Public schools will continue to see budgets slashed and teachers fired. Any critical thinking Liberal Arts curricula at the high school and/or college level will be wholly and totally discouraged by defunding classes that feature such an advanced intellectual concept.

How do I know this? Because in the republican-controlled house and the red state legislatures it’s largely what’s happening today – now! I’m only writing about the inevitable proliferations that are a certainty once republicans control the political process.

Now to assign blame for the potential extinction of the Democratic Party and by extension, America as we know it. Here are the people who allowed republican political paramountcy to take root. The radical tea party evangelicals of course and their billionaire exploitative sugar daddies. But, being radicals, hypnotized and incapable of listening to a liberal, this destructive segment of our society is beyond rational discourse or repair as are the billionaires, unless democrats are willing to act like republicans.

We’re not.

That leaves ideologically pure democrats as the prime enablers of this current crisis through not bothering to vote. On Election Day 2010, minorities and the 18-29 demographic barely showed up at all. Women voters favored republicans by 2% in 2010, while the ’08 count was a 14% margin for democrats.

Last June 5th, an incredible 38% of rank and file Wisconsin union members gave Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker permission to continue to destroy unions and collective bargaining.

My peers, so-called ‘golden-agers’, do vote. I wish they wouldn’t. These low-information, naive oldsters have usually been the margin of victory for even the most radical of tea-stained, right-wing candidates. The year 2010 was no exception.

Reclaiming America is simplicity itself. The obscenely affluent could spend every last penny of their fatuous fortunes on republican ad buys and every one of their candidates could lose by double digits. How? By democrats staging the greatest civil rights action in history. A huge democratic march to the polls in November. Call it Occupy a Polling Place. There have to be numbers that can’t be overridden by messing with the software and innards of voting machines.

That is the challenge democrat minorities, youth, women, thoughtful independents, union members, aware seniors, the LGBT crowd and even the occasional white male.

Register and vote November 6th.

Updated: 9:00 AM to correct Indiana to Wisconsin re Governor Scott Walker

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  • Maybe it's not good enough to just drag your own miserable ass to the polls, but as well get someone else 1) registered, 2) delivered to the polling place with/by you.

    Outreach. Double the odds.

  • Dennis S, I couldn't have said it any better myself. But I will add that we Democrats have no one but ourselves to blame for the 2010 elections. (I'm also dealing out some "Tough Love " here). Evidently Dems figured that we had won big in 2008 and our work at reshaping the political landscape was done, finished, we now that control. And for those 2 years, we had pretty firm control.

    But the Republicans wanted the power back more than we wanted to (or felt the need) to keep it. So the TeaBaggers organised as we did two years previously and motivated their people to come out to vote. We sat complacently as the Republicans took the House and gained more Senate seats than they should have. (And didn't gain more because some of their candidates were so bad that not even the Teabaggers could vote for them!). Part of the problem was that the Dem sweep in 2008 gave us seats that we wouldn't have kept anyway, but we lost far more than we should have in 2010.

    So here we are in 2012 in an election that I think is as important as the 2008 one. If we don't keep the Senate and at least pick up some House seats - Republican control of the state legislatures has given Republicans an advantage on the House level - we can, I think, kiss this country goodbye.

    What the 2% don't seem to realise is that without a vibrant middle class, there will be no consumers of the products the rich peddle. While their fortunes may be maintained for a few years, without continued growth of the economy, they'll lose their own fortunes.

    So what do we do to get our country moving "forward". Just the reelection of Obama doesn't guarantee "forward", we do need to do keep Congress. What will get the Dems motivated to vote? I don't have the answer, but we did seem to have it four years ago.

    Another four or eight years of Republican control will wreck this country for good. We were able, by the skin of our teeth and the dumbest of luck, save it in 2008 but I have little hope we can do it again.

  • Fantastic and dead on. I've told people for years that the bulk of people I know who do not vote would vote Democrat but the just don't get into politics like the rabid whackos on the right! Their inaction could be a HUGE wakeup call come Republican Judgement Day!

  • I don't have the statistics, but I'm pretty sure there are more people registered as Democrats than Republicans in the country. There are some red states that will remain stubborn and stupid indefinitely, but I think if Democrats work HARD and CANVASS and do OUTREACH, we can minimize the damage that Repubs are doing nationwide.

  • I have a feeling that the tide is turning in our favor. Difficult to articulate here, yet I know we can do it. Yes it will be hard and ugly, but we can indeed do it.

  • The article about the truth has finally been written. I have said all of the above things for the last two years, but those words fall upon deaf, uninformed, non-caring ears. It's the same as talking the dangers of global warming to these people who know the truth, but fail to act or even sign a petition to a Senator or Representative to save the EPA, or try to stop Keystone XL. Most people are like wandering masses of stupidity, at their own peril. I have little faith in 'We the People' doing what is best for the country or even themselves. But once you throw a little bit of religious dogma and bigotry together, you have a powerful and destructive force. all of this has been festering with the repubs since 1865. We are facing a total collapse of the world's economy and the societies of all nations. These words are just as true as the article above. All true Americans need to get to the polls on Nov 6.

  • Here we go again. TEAnami 2012!

    What has 0bama got to offer America today? His Summer Wreckovery flopped, unemployment remains historically high, and he is hiding his part in the 0bama Fast and Furious gun running program that caused hundreds of innocents to die. Heck, he cannot even get Harry Reid to vote for the 0bama budget!

    Time to put an adult back in the White House and send 0bama home to Chicago, to his terrorist friend Ayers, and with his ill gotten gains.

    • do you know something that Darrell Issa does not know? Darrell Issa has admitted that he has no evidence that either Eric holder or president Obama were involved in fast and furious.

      do you support the NRA? Of course you do. Then you support thousands of people dying in Mexico. The NRA in the GOP are fighting hard to keep the gun house was open along the Mexico border or thousands of guns go across the border every month. I find it funny that when there is no evidence that anyone died strictly because of weapons supposedly in a fast and furious gunrunning that never happened you are making statements about hundreds of people. The recovery program created 3,000,000 jobs. The GOP has taken away more than they have even considered creating. As for the last party or post I find it absolutely silly and very telling of your total lack of intellect

      • He's a hammerhead, Shiva. They're going to be sending out more of them. Some of 'em will be like this, and some will be dressed up as Firebaggers. There'll also be the calls to cast votes for pipsqueak minor party candidates "as a matter of principle". In Congress and in state governments, there'll even be false flag candidates.

        In fact, the very push by ALEC politicians to suppress voter registration drives shows that they know these will bring out the center-to-left vote. If you can participate in one, do so. Go on line and find out about those state, county, local and schoolboard candidates you never heard of. And make sure your own vote counts!

  • You are absolutely right on the issues of what the Taliban, aka the Republican party, will do. What you have not addressed is how the Dummycrat party, aka the Democratic Party, will do differently to convince the electorate they are worth voting for. Otherwise the choice comes down to voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

    • If the choice is the lesser of two evils, then you do that. And it is not the people behind the Democratic Party who have plans to reduce elections to a "pageant".

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