Fox News Calls Young People Dumb for Supporting Obama

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In their attempt to explain away why 80% of young people don’t like Mitt Romney, Fox News proclaimed that only those who don’t know anything support Obama.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

When Bill O’Reilly asked Charles Krauthammer why Latinos, African-Americans, and young voters support Obama, he answered, “Look particularly, let’s start with the young. You know, what do they know. That’s why they’re young. They don’t have to know anything. They voted for Obama in ’08, and now we have about the same ratios. It’s the older people who have wisdom. The young are the embodiment of the idea of hope over experience.”

Krauthammer went on to explain that older people, especially voters over 65 voted for Obama in 2008, and after Obama disappointed them, that will leave a residue and buyers remorse. Krauthammer claimed that there will be a lower turn out for the young, so there is nothing to worry about.

The problem is that votes over 65 overwhelmingly supported McCain in 2008, and he still lost. Fox News and Krauthammer don’t want to admit to their senior citizen audience that they no longer decide the outcome of presidential elections. Those young people and minorities who heavily support Obama will determine if Obama gets reelected or not.

Fox News sounded exactly like their own angry white senior citizen audience. Why do young people support Obama? Because they are young, and don’t know anything. The reality is that Romney is doing even worse than McCain did with women, Latinos, and African-Americans. The demographics and the percentages aren’t in the GOP’s favor, so they are reduced to hoping for low turnout.

Fox News has a message for all of you young people who support Obama. You’re dumb, and get off of their lawn!!!!

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  1. Krauthumer is ALWAYS wrong! Google his name and ask how many issues he’s been on the right side of. He’s a moron, typical of Fox Newt’s commentators.

  2. due to the massive voter suppression in the swing states, the biggest voting block not polled, is the younger voter…. what the right-wing is most worried about, is another young vote turnout that happened in 08, but didnt in 10…. there is no way the polls can show this demographic, as they dont have land lines, and due to the nature of cell phones, and devices, they are only aggregated into the numbers….

    anyone know anyone without a landline getting polled?… not me. i do know some seniors who still have the old ma bell, getting calls and robocalls.

  3. You watch. There will be an increase in older people yelling at younger people now that Fox has given them permission to be even MORE angry and it’s the youngins fault!

  4. Guess what? Young people have a future at stake. They can’t afford to think that now that they’ve had theirs, the rest can go blow up (I said this fifty years ago, and I still say it.)

  5. Wasn’t phone polling one of the contributing factors in the Dewey Defeats Truman miscalculation? Polling results showed in favor of Dewey, not taking into account that in 1948 a lot of people still did not have phones. The only people polled were those who could afford a telephone and results were not really reflective of the general voting population.

  6. Why do young people vote for the party with better ideas and shun the party with no new ideas?

    Why would they pick the party that talks about moving forward into the future instead of the party that’s trying to drag everybody backwards ?

    And why would young people with very little money who are trying to get an education … pick the party that believes in education instead of the anti education party that caters strictly to people with LOTS of money?

    What a mystery!

  7. As usual fake news has it backwards. It is because the younger generation have a mind and can see very clearly what a twisted fake Romney is.

  8. We’ve gotten some pollster calls, but the moment we say we are not Demopublicans, they just go “Interesting…” and hang up. Don’t let this keep going on, go for something new. If the Brits can chose their Prime Minister from 20+ different parties, so can we.

  9. That’s a party that’s trying to drag everybody even further back than backwards. The Teabags think they’re going back to some mythical Fifties where the little white Christial folks had their little white houses with little white picket fences and the men went to their little white jobs while their little white wives did their little Betty Crocker thing with their little white appliances and kaffeeklatsches and PTA meetings, and it was very sad about Emmet Till, but really, minorities were too minor to worry about. They forget that, to the degree this mythical mid-Twentieth Century middle class existed, it was due to the struggle of union and reform movements they are now witlessly helping dismantle. What they will really be taken back to is Upton Sinclair’s “Jungle” and Charles Dickens’s London, and subjection to a Scrooge who will never reform.

  10. This bitter behavior coming from “Fox News” is distasteful, crosses the line, and negligent for a news program. The youth is struggling to fix these inequitable systems they have inherited from earlier generations while at the same time traumatized by a lot of debt, even before starting out in this life.Young people are fighting and dying for our country, yet deemed to be utterly incapable of rational thinking. The under 30 crowd is not dumb when they support a candidate who espouses solutions opposed to the competitor who downplayed the importance of issues that directly affect young people.Young people wish the country would devote more attention to its future. They, of course, will have to live with that future.

  11. The GOP’s dismissal of the growing minorities in America who do not subscribe to a white, 20th century, suburban, norman rockwell lifestyle is just fine with me. The young see a world very different than that of their parents and grandparents. David Bowie said it best in his song Changes: “and these children that you spit on, as they try to change their world, are immune to your consultation, they’re quite aware what they are going through.”

  12. I did an analysis on the reporting on the Jena 6 situation a few years ago, and ended up with Faux and the Washington Times (owned by “Rev.” Moon) in their own category – deliberate deception. You invert everything they said and you were much closer to the truth – when compared to testimony, eyewitness accounts, and court/official documents.

    They also achieved the category of “Overt Racism”.

    Your comment is VERY accurate.

  13. They fail to assimilate the fact that a lot of younger people are mixed race or simply not as racist as the older generation, that is why most older people vote Romney. The same reason a lot of middle aged people making poverty level wage odes also, it is race even if they won’t admit it outright.

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