George Zimmerman Wants African-Americans to Apologize to Him

An unrepentant George Zimmermann sat down with Sean Hannity and asked African-Americans to apologize to him, even though he never apologized for shooting Trayvon Martin.

Here is the video from Mediaite:

With his attorney by his side, here is what George Zimmerman offered as an apology to Trayvon Martin’s parents, “I would tell them that again, I’m sorry. My wife and I don’t have any children. I have nephews that I love more than life, more than myself. I know that when they were born it was a different unique bond and love that I have with them,and I love my children even though they aren’t born yet. And I am sorry that they buried their child.”

Zimmerman took zero responsibility for being the reason why those parents had to bury their child.

The real kicker came when Zimmerman accused African-Americans of rushing to judgement and asked everyone who he claims rushed to judgement to apologize to him. Zimmerman said, “I can’t guess to what their motives are. I would just ask for an apology. I mean if I did something that was wrong. I would apologize.”

His statement was very telling in that since Zimmerman himself never apologized specifically for shooting Trayvon Martin, he must not think that shooting him was wrong.

The whole Hannity interview was a heavily choreographed exercise designed to allow George Zimmerman to play the victim. Every scripted question and answer was done with the intention of helping Zimmerman’s defense. Everything anyone needs to know about the remorseless George Zimmerman can be found in this interview.

George Zimmerman thinks he is the real victim here, and he is waiting for Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, and the African-American community to apologize. Somehow, I think he is going to be waiting for a very long time.

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  1. If Zimmerman is convicted, I’m sure his fellow inmates will happily take turns apologizing to him in their unique way for the duration of his incarceration.

  2. In fairness, an apology could be taken as an admission of guilt in court, but in that case, he ought to have had the decency not to appear at all, let alone demand an apology from the black community.

  3. Yuck. What a scumbag. And, of course, Hannity right there to wrap it all up in a nice bow so racists can have their present.

  4. I hope that you are not implying that they rape him. Rape is not funny no matter to whom it happens or under what circumstances. Prison is punishment enough, that is why we have them.

  5. He has as much of a chance of getting an apology from me as Romney has of getting one from PBO for exposing his lies about Bain. George Zimmerman is one thin-skinned dude. He thinks that when it comes to him, others shouldn’t have the right to demand justice or to express their opinions of him. He might not have liked that Rev. Sharpton and others went to Sanford to show their displeasure at what he did, but it was their right to do it. What was most insulting to me about his interview was his claim that it “was God’s plan” that he shoot and kill Trayvon Martin. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such offensive BS. He has a lot of nerve going on national TV and telling us what God’s will is. I don’t think it was God’s will that he stereotyped and followed Trayvon. It was just something he did, and now he doesn’t want to be criticized for it or held responsible for his actions. I think that what Michael Tomasky said about Romney in “The Daily Beast” today also applies to George Zimmerman. He is a “whiny boy.”

  6. I think the interview was also a part of the “George Zimmerman Defense Fund Solicitation Tour.” If he wants to add to his defense fund, Fox News was the place to go. I don’t think most of the network’s viewers feel that GZ did anything wrong when he killed Trayvon Martin.

  7. Newsflash for Zimmerman.. Imitating the sociopathic willard mitt romney is not helping his case.

    Is his angle the same as willard’s when he went to the NAACP and crapped on their carpet?

    Why isn’t he in jail? He lied about his funds during the arraignment and was sent back and now he’s out again..spewing bullshit on some fox’s idiot show?

  8. He should hold out both hands. One labeled apology and the other one shit. See which one fills up first. Take that hand full and shove it in your pie hole.

  9. It seems Blacks have to apologize for thinking life is precious. The more zimmerman talks like this the more likely he is to believe it himself.

  10. I’m wondering if the way he loves his nephews, is the same way he loved his cousin…witness#9. A “Rush to judgement” is what got his murdering ass in this mess in the first place.

  11. When will Zimmerman apologize for disregarding a command given to him not to take the law into his own hands???

    This is the year 2012, not the 1940’s.

  12. Zimmerman is also claiming that he wasn’t pursuing Trayvon.

    Yeah, right. Tell us another one. He was following him, and now we’re supposed to believe that Trayvon was the aggressor?

    I don’t expect justice out of this. I’ve lived too long in this damned hellhole (central Florida) full of racist bigots and “Good Christians” to expect anything but injustice – in our own life we’ve never seen justice and you rarely hear of it with minorities and the poor down here (usually it means some rich man will profit from the “justice”).

    Zimmerman will probably be let off.

  13. Why is Zimmerman out on bond? He lied which is a separate charge of perjury I would think. But no, he’s raised more money from his racist associates so now he can freely go on Hannity with his lawyer. Can you imagine the scenario if it were the other way around? Would Trayvon be free? Trayvon is a victim. He’s dead from carrying tea and Skittles and Zimmerman, his admitted killer, plays the victim on Fox faux news. He’s probably trying to raise more funds. I find it interesting that this so called victim killer would be in contact with the so called minister responsible for burning the Quran while our soldiers are risking their lives in the middle east. He told him to hold off on the rally for him. I guess he felt his personal appearance on Fox would be better. Let’s put it this way,….you know the saying,…”it would be a cold day in hell before he gets an apology from the African American community. Even if he gets off, it will never happen.

  14. If George Zimmerman had not been so quick to judge Trayvon Martin after he stalked him, maybe he wouldn’t be in this awful mess today and Trayvon’s parents would still have the love and joy of their son who had his future ahead of him. George doesn’t even know what it’s like to have a son. He has no remorse. That will ultimately effect him one way or another.

  15. Welcome to Central Florida. Jones is pretty much par for the course for the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) preachers in this area (very common)… I’ve heard worse out of the mouths of other preachers and have seen some pretty vile things myself.

    If Zimmerman turns out to be a member of the Assemblies of God (or one of a number of dominionist churches, most associated with the NAR), I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  16. This country would be so much better if all the baggers/haters were gone. A young man who was doing nothing is dead and this scumbag wants a apology from african- Americans. Only on fake news could a sicko pedophile say something like that.

  17. I rather liked what he had to say.

    I’ve heard things like that (“God’s plan”) so much that I’m pretty much used to it… usually it’s told to people who have really suffered, and it’s an attempt to keep them from mentioning what they’d been put through (shut them up and shut off thinking). Like “It’s God’s Plan” that your job was sent to India and now you have to work three minimum-wage jobs to keep your house!”. Or “It’s God’s Plan” that your child died of a cureable disease, because you weren’t willing to work more than 120 hours a week so you could afford insurance!”

    People who talk like Zimmerman (and Jones) are NOT nice people, although they want to think they’re “Good Christians”.

  18. I have to agree with you. George, I see, still hasn’t learned any lessons from this.
    Bubba will help him with that.


  20. Zimmerman shot an innocent child in cold blood. You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t care what happens to him once he gets locked up. Compassion only goes so far.


    I hope you’re not trying to imply that African Americans are the only ones who have not had justice in this country and who still are denied justice. If you think that or are trying to say that, you’re sadly mistaken.

  22. By the way, please turn the caps lock off. It’s considered impolite and makes what you’ve written hard to read.

  23. George Zimmerman is definitely a guy because he sure has some BALLS demanding an apology from anyone.

  24. Sorry, no. No one. Period. If you can EVER justify such a behavior against ANYONE, no matter how awful they are or you perceive them to be, it’s no longer something “absolutely disgusting and wrong.” Which it is. There is NEVER a circumstance under which it isn’t awful and wrong. EVER. To ANYONE. Period.

  25. Those who approve of prison rape, a simple question. What part of “cruel and unusual punishment” is unclear when it comes to sexual assault? I pity you even more than the blind Dominionist Zimmerman who exudes his bigotry and stupidity at every appearance.

  26. What really makes me sick, beyond watching Zimmerman’s dead eyes and self-righteousness, is watching Hannity stroke his ego and sympathize. Disgusting. Fox News in general is already disgusting, but this brings them to a new low.

    If it was God’s will, then I am thinking anything that happens to him beyond this point in prison is also God’s will too.

    I am disgusted that he can sit there and say he feared for his life when he insisted on getting out of the car and confronting an unknown situation. He is a psychopath, and Fox News is coddling a murderer’s balls.

  27. That is just another part of the prison experience. Zimmerman will be waiting forever if he is expecting and apology. He killed the kid and isn’t sorry. People talked about him and he wants an apology. Maybe he is going for the insanity plea or he thinks this will bring him more money to pay his Bills. The more I know and hear from this guy this less I like him and the more I think he is guilty.

  28. I have to agree. He will probably get off but I am still glad he was arrested even if people had to protest to have it done. I too have lived too long in the “Land of the free and home of the brave.” To expect real justice in this case. There are too many who still believe the only good black person is a dead one.

  29. It is Mitt’s campaign mantra, bombard people with offensive material, then cry like Boehner when you are attacked. I wish he wasn’t in a safe house, then some black person that owes him an apology could give the appropriate one. I am talking about a good old azz whooping, not the injustice he did to that kid.

  30. Why do you think Zimmerman’s lawyer is parading him around on national TV? Answer:Zimmerman blew through the defense money that was donated and he can’t pay his attorney. His attorney is trying to rally republican idiots to donate more money so that he will get paid. It’s all about money!

  31. I totally disagree with the slant on this article. I believe Zimmerman was attacked and was defending himself. Everyone has been too quick to judge. Justice? A person (not of color) cannot defend himself against a person of color? This is the very definition of prejudice.

  32. You guys don’t get it a racist person is mentally ill,he really believe he did a favor to society by killing another black man,@ Vivian Martin i don’t think you are aware of the situation if you could claim that Zimmerman was attacked and defended himself you must a republican because that is what they do ignoring the facts!

  33. Does it matter who attacked who? Fact: There’s a dead kid. Fact: The kid was killed by Zimmerman. Even if he killed in self-defense, he could at least apologize to the parents.

  34. Just drop him off in front of the booty house with no clothes on and then ask them that shit bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. So you’re saying you would be upset if Hitler got raped? And what are your thoughts on prison overcrowding and the death penalty? Do you donate daily to the battered women’s shelter? Do you have a sense of humor?

  36. Yeah, and around here, they’re Zimmerman’s biggest defenders. I’ve heard (literally) the same sentiment from them regarding my own people (American Indians) too, and I won’t repeat some of the things they’ve been saying lately regarding Muslims/mideastern-descent people.

    (Sigh) Well, scholars I know have referred to our county as “Bigot Central USA” and it’s not much worse than many other areas (and I know a couple of places that might be worse than here!).

  37. You sound like the business owners I used to do work for. In public they talked like you did, but in private they bragged about how they kept minorities off of their payroll and spoke of how they hated “n-word”s.

    Think about this… it is clear that Zimmerman followed Trayvon AGAINST THE ORDERS OF THE POLICE. How much clearer can we put that? If he’d left it at the phone call, Trayvon would be alive today and just experienced some police harassment. I think he’d much rather be harassed (and maybe falsely jailed) than dead.

  38. I have an issue with you saying COLD BLOOD! He called the police and he used a weapon that could be traced to him. If he was a cold blooded racist killer, he could have shot him without calling the police or even anyone knowing!

  39. Yes he deserves to be passed around like the bitch he is…
    He raped that boy’s sternum with a slug Trayvon got penetrated with a bullet so George deserves a slow painful

  40. It’s mind-boggling that anyone still believes Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman. Zimmerman has told so many lies, with various accounts of the killing that don’t match the forensic evidence and are inconsistent with each other as well. This is on top of the lies about his defense fund between him and his wife during a jailhouse telephone conversation. But I really got sick to my stomach when I saw the part of the “interview” where he said he had no regret about killing a minor, and that it was “God’s plan.” It’s so ironic that Zimmerman’s supporters claim he is being tried and convicted in public, when the truth is that his own big, flapping mouth and his lack of empathy or a sense of responsibility is so repugnant. He is most likely turning off a few erstwhile supporters with his self-absorbed callousness.

  41. It’s mind-boggling that anyone still believes Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman. Zimmerman has told so many lies, with various accounts of the killing that don’t match the forensic evidence and are inconsistent with each other as well. This is on top of the lies about his defense fund between him and his wife during a jailhouse telephone conversation. But I really got sick to my stomach when I saw the part of the “interview” where he said he had no regret about killing a minor, and that it was “God’s plan.” It’s so ironic that Zimmerman’s supporters claim he is being tried and convicted in public, when the truth is that his own big, flapping mouth and his lack of empathy or a sense of responsibility are so repugnant. He is most likely turning off a few erstwhile supporters with his self-absorbed callousness.

  42. george zimmerman can kiss every black persons ass if he thinks he will get an apology smug bitch.he will be maggot food before that happens. and it won’t then. karma is going to deep for this retarded looking bitch. he has lost his rabbit ass mind.

  43. He RACIALLY profiled this child, called the police & when told to NOT follow him, he not only continued to follow him, he got out of his vehicle, approached this child & shot him in COLD BLOOD. This man is delusional, are you?

  44. zimmerman blames God, blames trayvon, and blames the skin color…for him to say that he didn’t know about stand your ground is BS…he was always around the police station and most likely asking questions and researching laws on the books…

  45. George Zimmerman has a well-established history of not taking responsibility for his own actions, and this murder was only the most egregious. He has an enabling father, and those who continue to defend his destructive stupidity that caused Trayvon Martin’s death are also enablers. I sincerely hope that the hubris, self-righteousness, and self-absorption that are so much a part of his character will be his downfall when he goes on trial. As for an “apology,” he has a lot of gall, especially when there are people of other races, including whites, who are equally convinced of his guilt.

  46. claiming it was god’s will is something that no one should get away with and it’s situations like this where i feel truely sick that the US government will run around the world ramming “freedom” down peoples throats with a multi trillion dollar funded military but still cannot seem to put a murderer in prison because of the colour of his skin, i can tell you know that racism is true BS because all “races” are capable of committing atrocities against each other weather it be pol-pot, stalin, the nazi’s, al-quada, the kkk or a situation like this race is used by them all to justify it thats why they all prove themselves wrong.
    peace, prosperity and love too all in these dark times

  47. See I was thinking something along the lines of a little TLC (tables latters and chairs) WWE style.

  48. What are they supposed to apologize for and why only African-Americans? Zimmerman is a racist piece of shit who doesn’t deserve a bit if compassion. Of course, it makes sense that Sean Hannity would invite him to his show. He is a worthless scumbag who likes to rub elbows with liars, thieves, and murderers.

  49. I am from the street and an african amercian and I don’t see how everyone is quick to judge this man is a recist. No one has any idea how it played out and regardless if he was fallowing him because he looked suspiciouse he was getting his head bashed in and you could see in the photos he was getting beatin. Martin Luther King did not teach us to look for racist or judge someone we dont know and call him racist because he shot someone who was a different color. He taught us peace and merciful not yell racism everytime someone of different color as an altercation. We should all be sad that we lost a young man but we should never ever judge anyone. The way we fight is to stay humble until all facts come out and when it does we do it by peace protest. Unless the man put a white outfit on and express himself to be racist you can’t just say he is. The question is was his action justified. And NO ONE KNOWS THAT. All the people that think this is a racist battle need to go get inform read about Martin Luther King and out ancestors how they handle it and what they described as people being racist. Everyone who is quick to say someone is racist is clearly doning nothing but creating more racism on both sides. Thats not how it was done. And Mr. Zimmerman who is being judge as killing someone in cold blood because they assume “he must be racist” should get an appology from those who slanddered his name. What If Treyvon did reach for his gun and said your going to die? What if Treyvon did run at him when he was in his truck? What if he went after him first? NO BODY KNOWS. Our Hearts should go out to his parents and that should be all. Slandering anyone else is not doing anything but creating more evil. We are people of peace not slander.

  50. You say no one knows how it went down yet you describe what happened?

    Perhaps you should read the transcripts of the phone conversation with the police dispatch

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