George Zimmerman Wants African-Americans to Apologize to Him

An unrepentant George Zimmermann sat down with Sean Hannity and asked African-Americans to apologize to him, even though he never apologized for shooting Trayvon Martin.

Here is the video from Mediaite:

With his attorney by his side, here is what George Zimmerman offered as an apology to Trayvon Martin’s parents, “I would tell them that again, I’m sorry. My wife and I don’t have any children. I have nephews that I love more than life, more than myself. I know that when they were born it was a different unique bond and love that I have with them,and I love my children even though they aren’t born yet. And I am sorry that they buried their child.”

Zimmerman took zero responsibility for being the reason why those parents had to bury their child.

The real kicker came when Zimmerman accused African-Americans of rushing to judgement and asked everyone who he claims rushed to judgement to apologize to him. Zimmerman said, “I can’t guess to what their motives are. I would just ask for an apology. I mean if I did something that was wrong. I would apologize.”

His statement was very telling in that since Zimmerman himself never apologized specifically for shooting Trayvon Martin, he must not think that shooting him was wrong.

The whole Hannity interview was a heavily choreographed exercise designed to allow George Zimmerman to play the victim. Every scripted question and answer was done with the intention of helping Zimmerman’s defense. Everything anyone needs to know about the remorseless George Zimmerman can be found in this interview.

George Zimmerman thinks he is the real victim here, and he is waiting for Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, and the African-American community to apologize. Somehow, I think he is going to be waiting for a very long time.

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