Fox News Admits They Are Secretly Rooting for Obama to Win

Fox News executives let it slip today that although they are pushing for Mitt Romney to win on the air, privately they are hoping for four more years of Obama.

Buried near the bottom of a New York Times piece on Obama and Fox News was this little nugget,

Fox News tends to benefit when it covers Mr. Obama and the Democrats aggressively. Indeed, during the height of the 2009 spat between Fox News and the White House, the channel’s ratings grew 8 percent over all. And while many of its commentators and on-air guests may be rooting for a Mitt Romney victory, privately Fox executives say that a second Obama term could be the best thing that ever happened to their network.

Conversely, Mr. Obama has enjoyed hitting the Fox News punching bag now and again. During his 2008 campaign, just mentioning the network in a stump speech would rile up the crowd.

There is more evidence that talking about Republicans is bad for business at Fox News. When Fox devoted loads of airtime to the Republican primaries, their viewership dropped by 17%. (The exception to this was the Republican debates, which performed well for all networks.) Fox News viewers are more interested in carrying out their crusade against Obama than they are hearing about their own party. When Republicans eventually win the White House again, it is a virtual certainty that certain segment of the Fox News audience will tune out.

Viewers of Fox News have been told to trust the network because it is the honest source of truth in the media, but what Roger Ailes is really doing is selling a product to an audience. The on air talent may push to get Romney elected, but their bosses know that Barack Obama is better for their bottom line.

Fox News isn’t in the news business. Their stock and trade is selling the myth of the oppressed conservative to millions of Republicans. In order for this story to work, Fox News needs a villain to battle against, and Barack Obama is their Great Oppressor.

The Fox model tends to break down when Republicans are in power. It is difficult to cry oppression when your party controls all three branches of government as happened for a time in the last decade. When a Republican president is in office, Fox News becomes something akin to state television. Their job becomes to defend the Republican administration at every turn, and it makes for really boring television.

Fox News essentially admitted that they would rather see Obama win, because four more years of Obama bashing is better for business than a Republican “businessman” president.

Deep in his heart Rush Limbaugh also wants Obama to win, and conservative websites are also secretly pulling for the president to defeat Romney. They will never say it out loud, but for them the Obama presidency is a job creator.

The Fox News executives may have been the first to admit it, but they aren’t the only ones on the right who go to bed each night hoping for another four years of Barack Obama.

19 Replies to “Fox News Admits They Are Secretly Rooting for Obama to Win”

  1. As Romney continues his alienation of the country, there’s going to be a lot of folks secretly pulling for President Obama. It’s really the only good thing about a secret ballot.

  2. SO they ADMIT to selling product, or more accuratley they sell an encouragement to act out, act opposing the president of the united state, to thumb their collective noses at the man who represents the highest authority in the world.
    It’s so much better to be the opposition than to be aligned with with the winner.
    No wonder they like it better.
    I wish people could see past what Fox says to them to do is an active product, to participate with lots of others who don’t like the lives they have been dealt.

    People always are angry about something, and will always want to harm the government for their perceived hurts.

    An important part of this message is very important; the want to harm Obama far more than the want to elect this rich clown of theirs.
    I wish they would look at this more rationally and think “I hate this president, but at least he won’t lie and cheat and ruin the country like he did Bain capitol.

  3. It’s all about entertainment. If Republicans took over the entire government, Fox news would have little to do but be the Fan channel.

  4. Poor poor pox and rupert murdoch a$$holes. Brainwashing Americans stupid enough to get sucked into their money making scheme.. thinking they’re really learning something about something. Instead, they are being turned into monsters.

    They’re messing with our Country and our Planet.

  5. John Fugelsang has been saying this on the Stephanie Miller show. That Fox is would rather bash President Obama till January of 2017 than be the network that has to defend Mitt Romney.

  6. It’s also possible that someone has thought about stirring up maximum hatred against Obama and then letting him win, so they can stage a coup d’etat and have it accepted.

  7. yeah, duh, it’s all about the ratings, not what’s best for this country, or people, or this planet. if anyone cared about that, they’d break out of their little bubbles and work together, *despite our differences*

  8. If Obama lost, poor old Hannity and Bolling and Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs would be out in the streets in front of 30 rock. Rupert wouldn’t need them anymore.

  9. I find this doubly offensive. They don’t care who they destroy or how much damage they do to innocent people, as long as they make their damned profits.

    Then they have the gall to call themselves “Christians”??? If justice happens in this nation (and I pray it does), those jackasses will be in a BIG world of hurt… along with a lot of very unhappy rich people.

    If justice were to happen, “Good Christians”, especially their preachers, are going to have a very rude and unpleasant awakening. (Although realizing one’s guilt and seeing oneself as others see them is actually a gift, albeit sometimes quite painful.)

  10. Of course. Hate is what is motivating a great deal of the audience. They don’t want to talk about politics…politics is boring. They want a good Two-Minute Hate, not a dry discussion of facts, causes, effects, and policies.

  11. Anything for money. It’s beyond insane. maybe that’s why Canada won’t have them within their borders. Lowlifes, very, very low.

  12. ca, my sentiments exactly. It’s very troubling how far people will go to keep power, it may not be illegal, but it certainly is immoral not to mention destructive to the idea that “united we stand”…but “divided we fall” may yet be theirs, and our, fate if we continue down this road.

  13. There are many who are republicans “for show” but will vote for Obama in the booth, especially older Americans who are struggling financially, people who lost their job that was sent overseas, and those with health issues that understand and relate to the need for the healthcare bill. They will never admit it to their republican friends, especially the ones who are wealthier.

  14. Someone should hit the FOX punching bag hard enough to pop it.. it’s just a cyst on the butt of the world anyway.

  15. So this is what ‘free speech’ means? I’ve always believed my freedom ends when my elbow comes in contact with my neighbors nose. There should be some common sense guild lines. ‘Free speech’ should not be allowed to run amuck, causing collateral damage. Hate speech should be illegal and baned from the airways. Shame on you Facebook, for not taking these hate sites down. FCC where are you? Do your job that we, the people, taxpapers , pay you to do.

  16. “Buried near the bottom of a New York Times piece on Obama and Fox News was this little nugget”

    So…you got information about Fox News from a newspaper that hates Fox News that published an opinion about Fox News and never actually cited something that Fox News directly said. And the rest of this article is opinion. Not that I’m taking sides, every news source has a bias. But you can’t justifiably get riled up about an article that is all opinion from people that clearly hate the source they are judging. Common sense.

    There is no citation in this article, and until there is, I’m not buying this.

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