A Gun Totting Liberal’s Perspective On the Colorado Shooting

Waking up to the news of the shooting in Aurora Colorado, made my stomach churn. I didn’t want to get up. Why? I too am a firearm owner. What will I read today on Facebook? Not necessarily on the left but from right. Oh, if people were allowed to carry firearms, then this wouldn’t have happened? According to a USA Carry, a right winged Concealed Carry group member named  cluznar asked:

Aurora Colorado shooting

I have been sending faxes and emails to all kinds of public officials all morning. I can’t help but feel lives could have been saved in Aurora if a few of those people had been carrying. with everyone on the floor someone with a concealed handgun could have had a clear shot at the killer. I believe ALL states should issue CCW Permits which are good in every state. Criminals very easily find guns, now to put guns in the hands of good citizens.

What do you think?

My thoughts? Not gun banning, but gun control. I live in Los Angeles, and I have been listening and reading how these gun nuts want everyone to carry. You carry to protect your family and loved ones. I also heard that when you go shopping, you may get robbed and killed. The mentality of fear has invaded the psyche of the right wing, that, every little incident (while standing your ground) is a justification to shoot to kill.

Speaking of shopping, I live in a poor working class neighborhood. I visited gang-plagued areas and have seen gang members with their poorly-concealed firearms under their jackets, but I go on with my shopping. The likelihood of me getting shot is minimal…and I don’t carry. I may nod to a gang member and they nod back, but that’s the only contact I have with them…and I am not afraid.

I am more afraid of the right wing gun freak who carries at pro-gun rallies than I am of the local gang member who carry concealed in case there is a rival gang member. Why? Because I am not a gang member and if I mind my own business, nothing will happen. These gun-totting teabaggers are looking to use their firearms to show how much of a man they are. And possibly too scared to stand up to a challenge by using their brains.

Ironically, the shooting in Aurora Colorado was in a theater showing the new Batman movie. The theater house was full of testosterone and I’m sure people were packing. Colorado allows a person to carry a concealed weapon on them:

Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Information

But where were the so-called defenders? “I can’t help but feel lives could have been saved in Aurora if a few of those people had been carrying” This is a carry concealed state, and I’m sure from the smallest Colt .25 Junior to the 500 Caliber Magnum, were in the jacket lining of the theater-goer. Then again, why didn’t they shoot? Because, the fear of these right wingers clouded their judgement and many probably forgot they even had a firearm.

Interestingly enough, there was an attempted robbery back in 1994, two shots fired, two dead and the suspect arrested…the suspect died in the hospital by possible head trauma. The shooter, David Fukuto of Torrance, brandishing two handguns and yelling, “This is a robbery!” a masked gunman opened fire on a police motivational seminar at a Holiday Inn in Torrance on Monday, killing two suburban policemen before he was subdued and later pronounced dead, authorities said. The officers arrested Fukuto, and not one round from any officer was shot.

With 13 peace officers and city officials who managed to subdue Fukuto, why couldn’t the people in the theater subdue the shooter? Probably because the officers had the foresight to not use their firearm as it may have been deadly to others as well as training. And the members of USA Carry are wondering what would happen if more people had firearms?

My theory is and this is my opinion, the same exact thing. Or if there was a gun battle, the suspect would have gotten away and the theater-goers would be shooting themselves. The theater is dark and according to witnesses, they did not see the suspect enter into the theater through the fire exit. Still, with nothing under my jacket, I have nothing to fear. I couldn’t care less if I don’t have one. But if others want one? Then there must be stringent regulation.

So what is the NRA saying? Absolutely nothing:

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29 Replies to “A Gun Totting Liberal’s Perspective On the Colorado Shooting”

  1. Apparently there was at least one woman there with a gun in her purse. She briefly thought of using her gun, then realized she would have to stand fully exposed to use it. She decided the wiser thing to do was get down on the floor as much under the seats as she could. She was unhurt and didn’t accidentally shoot the wrong person.

  2. Nothing would be finer than 20 people in the audience packing guns and all of them shooting to a weak penis gun nut.

    This time we only lost 12. With everyone packing the number may have been much higher. Its a high stress thing

    The short penis theory says the more guns you have around you the safer you are. Always remember you may be a target while getting your pen…gun out of your pocket. Keep your head down, dont try and justify more guns in the theater and your odds of staying alive go up. Dont be in a hurry to out kill the killer. There is a difference between playing Rambo on the screen and actually being rambo

  3. Concealed carry works to deter crime.
    That guy could just as easily walk in with Molotov Cocktails. What next, ban combustible liquids?

  4. Although it’s horrific when these kinds of things happen, in fact it’s still very rare.

    Considering there are over 300,000,000 firearms in the US – and plenty of nutjobs too – it’s fortunate that these mass killing tragedies don’t happen weekly or even daily.

  5. And they say that we aren’t capable of making rational decisions on when we use our weapons. Yes everyone should carry if they feel the need for it. I do, so I carry practically all the time.

    From what I understand shooting at him wouldn’t have done much good anyway, because he was covered head to toe in armor. The only clean shot would have been to the face and that is a very difficult target to hit in such a situation with a handgun. Clearly we are able to make good decisions.

    Let’s not let fear control our lives or our rights. Just being prepared for anything is never a bad idea.

  6. I am a retired police officer. I know proper tactics and have been trained to respond in situations like this. I am also a gun owner. I go to the range weekly to maintain proficiency with my weapon. I can tell you that taking down this person who was armed with an AR-15 (think an M-16 where you pull the trigger and one bullet comes out) with a 70 round magazine, a shotgun and two pistols would be unlikely.. After being hit with a tear gas grenade I could not make the shot to stop this man. On top of that, he was wearing body armor and a ballistic helmet. What on earth makes these idiots think that a room filled with untrained civilians with guns could have done what somebody with training and proficiency was unable to do. And I am by no means saying I am Superman. But I have been trained and continue to train to make these actions become reflexive. The NRA are freaking idiots!!!

  7. One of the earliest lessons I learned was when NOT to shoot a gun. It’s been reinforced over the years, and in the times having a gun probably saved my life, I’m glad I wasn’t forced into having to shoot.

    That was about the worst-case scenario anyway… jackass armed with powerful guns and wearing armor, in a crowd shooting. If he was wearing face shielding, only a head shot with something with penetrating power would work… and as it’s been said, such a shot wouldn’t be easy.

    What I’ve still not heard was his motivations. I’m concerned about a cover-up… so many of the other shootings we’ve dealt with had far-right connections that we only learned about weeks or months later.

    I also haven’t heard how his victims are doing, and their families. They’re probably going through hell right now, and I’m glad that help has been mobilized (from what I’ve heard and our President has said).

  8. From what I have been reading is that he is a psychopath. These people lack empathy and are most likely motivated by perceived revenge and anger but especially by a need for notoriety, because they have felt ignored in some form or another. Which I feel is the reason we shouldn’t even be having this gun control debate. The blame could just as easily be placed on his parents for not recognizing or at least failing to act on his behavior, His own mother has been noted as saying to the police that they have the right person. What does that tell you?

  9. Concealed carry works to deter crime.That guy could just as easily walk in with Molotov Cocktails. What next, ban combustible liquids?

    Uh one death by firearm is one death too many. Where did I say ban firearms? Not in my post. There may be lefties who want to ban all firearms, fine, but never in the history of our nation has a Democratic President take our firearms away, but Bush did during Katrina after federalizing NOLA. They are NOT banning flammable material, but get this…THEY ARE REGULATED FOR A CERTAIN PURPOSE! Therefore, regulate and restrict firearms

  10. THANK YOU! I had a discussion about the same thing today-somebody thought that if there were more guns in the theatre, there would be fewer deaths-just the opposite-there would have been many more! You are so right about the adrenalin pumping and people shooting willy nilly. All my life I have believed in the right to keep and carry guns, but hubby and I turned away from the NRA when they became fascists.

  11. Ouch. This is the first time I’ve heard anything about the perp. Obviously the structures in place to try to prevent things like this didn’t work.

    I could see another scenario where the shooter was a brainwashed member of one of the cults we fight against, with mental issues and who went over the edge. (So many of the recent mass murders have fallen under that category in one fashion or another.) We’ll have to wait and see how it all works out.

    In the meantime, I think we all can agree that we need to help those who have been harmed by this and try to bring some healing into a horrible situation.

  12. What is the most powerful weapon in the NRA’s arsenal?
    No, it’s not an Uzi, AR-15, or M-16 rifle. It’s the deliberate spread of delusional paranoia and irrational fear regarding the Second Amendment.

    No one is seriously suggesting repealing the 2nd Amendment so that private citizens are unable to own firearms.

    What has been frequently discussed is further regulating the industry so that there are better controls and safeguards on:

    1) what types of firearms/accessories can be purchased and owned by private citizens (no one needs fully automatic weapons or even semi-automatic assault rifles for hunting or for personal safety, nor do people need semi-automatic handguns that can fire 20-30 rounds in a clip)

    2) who can purchase them (excluding people with severe emotional disorders, for example)

    3) the methods used for the sale of firearms (e.g., ensuring proper background checks on ALL firearm purchases, and so that there exists a digital trail of all transactions), including purchases at gun shows and sales between private parties.

  13. You say “let’s not let fear control our lives” yet your need to carry is based on fear. A gun doesn’t make you any safer; in fact I believe the statistics bear out that you are at greater risk of harm when carrying than when you are not. It is nothing more than a security blanket or a rabbit’s foot…

    The big picture is that we as American citizens need to get past all the kneejerk reaction and have the open debate on how we fix the problem of guns and gun violence.

  14. I see you assume just because you are a retired cop that you are the only one trained to use a gun. You seem like you do not even know the difference between an ar-15 and a m-16. Its people like you that have these absurd ideas that make me sick. Just beacause your to affraid to shoot a guy that is shooting at you doesent mean other people are.

  15. This is what weve been doing as a nation. Somone breaks a law , make a new law, someone does something as horrible as this guy did at the theater, lets make a new law. We give up our freedoms for the crimes people do. Instead of fitting a crime with a punishment we house these people under conditions that are better than the street bums have it. I am so sick and tired of new laws , and procedures beacause we refuse to make stiff punishments. Why should this guy be living, why do we waste so much money on a person like this. I dont want new gun laws, we have enough of them already. People want to ban everything they consider bad, ban tobbaco, that kills many more than crazed gunman. Someone answer this.. why are fully automatics illegal without special permit? Have you ever shot one? They are no dangerous that semi auto, i think thier even less dangerous, they are extremly hard to keep under control. Americans start making some sense!!!

  16. The right to carry weapons goes hand in hand with an enormous responsibility to use them responsibly. IMO, that means trying to AVOID situations in which there is a need to use a gun.
    The ease with which some unstable folks can legally obtain guns is truly scary, and I strongly feel that the NRA’s appeals to fear and ignorance on a regular basis play a huge role in the way things are. They like to prey on gullible souls by claiming that gun rights are being threatened, when they have actually been expanded under our current president.

  17. You say people dont need semi auto guns, ok people dont need SUV’s, people dont need a boat, a jet ski, three cars in thier drive way. I dont need a ar-15 semi auto but i have one for hunting, and yes for coyote hunting it helps to use a semi auto because sometimes three or four come to a call. Why would you want to outlaw my gun because of one nut case. I am in the military and have served around the globe. I have been to so many countries and see how they live. We have it better than anyone in this world. We have freedoms that no one else has. I understand you probably do not use guns, but alot of us do, its a part of our lifes. Our justice system is part of the problem, the other problem is something we cannot help,and that is a country that is over populated with no values.

  18. no, it is not a rabbit’s foot, but a substitute penis, and, like the real thing, it will often shrivel at a moment of fear, or cause foolishness all on it’s own.

  19. Hitting and damaging this shooter would have required a really good shot, as he was wearing ballistic helmet, body armour. Also he had throat protector, leg protectors. The only spot to insure a take-down shot would be to the face. The shooter also had many tactical advantages like, dark theatre, people sitting close togeather, smoke and tear-gas obstructing view and choking them. loud movie sounds. this maniac planned this for maxiumum damage and destruction, this man is a monster, to kill innocent people so needlessly and viciously. Coward is the character of this man. One of the victim’s was six years old, Veronic she was killed and her mother paralyzed. This coward pointed a gun at a mother and child and pulled the trigger, what evil could dwell within such a coward, what made him think shooting these beautiful people could help him acheive something. My mind won’t let me even began to understand why. Prayers and blessings to the victims and their families

  20. “The M16 (officially Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16) is the United States military designation for the AR-15 rifle adapted for semi-automatic, three-round burst and full-automatic fire.

  21. Do you have a source for that info, so I can trot it out in response to morons that spout the “if somebody there had been packing, none of this would have happened”?


  22. I love how the Monday Night Quarterback come peering into this stories like this and say: I COULD HAVE GOT HIM! But these are the same people who would not see On Golden Pond with a 357 Magnum strapped to themselves. I’ve also read and posted about a guy so paranoid that he takes his pistol to the supermarket, because he does not know when something may happen. I then responded that I go shopping in the worst part of Los Angeles and not carry. These conservatives are so paranoid, that the bigger the caliber the more powerful they seem to be.

    Yet 2 to 1, they would poo their pants if the same thing happened to them.

  23. Nice article. First of all: there is a difference between a “gun owner” and a “gun buyer”! Gun owners know how to clean, care and shot the gun. They understand laws, their responsibility with the gun. What is conceal weapons? Why do difference guns actually shoot cleaner, weight, distance of shot, scope vs sight; and many other things.

    A “gun buyer”; buys on a whim, has to read the instructions to understand how to load, pull the trigger. Buying thousands of bullets at a time (if Facebook monitors why doesn’t online?) They won’t clean the gun, because it is considered disposable, they don’t go to a shooting range to learn how to shoot; nor do they understand the range or height to shoot in order to make a clean shot for a kill or warning shot or just to make a point.

    Big difference.


  24. I’m saying that the chance of a civilian without much training, nearly not enough as your average law enforcement officer would most likely not be able to make the shot to take down a man armed with an AR-15 with a 70 round magazine when said person was wearing ballistic armor all over their body. I’m saying the largest gun battle on US shores since the Civil War in which 2 men robbed a bank in L.A. outfitted similarly were not taken down until one shot himself and the other was confronted by SWAT team members armed with the same AR-15’s that they commandeered from a local gun shop. But yeah David, you’re right some 42 year old woman with a 2″ snub nosed revolver she took out of her purse was making the kill shot from 15 yards after being hit with CS gas. Sorry, didn’t know you were gunfighter. Guess you make that shot all the time on Call of Duty.

  25. Well, once you buy a firearm, you own it. George Zimmerman was an owner too. So what’s the difference between the two again? Just wondering

  26. @RetiredNYPD — You sound like the cop that thinks only cops should have guns. If you look at statistics it’s unsurprising you can’t make the shot. Civvies kill twice as many bad guys as cops, and don’t shoot innocent bystanders nearly as much. I feel so sorry for those law-abiding citizens that left their firearm locked in the car, because Cinemark’s anti-2nd policy. If only 6 CHL’s fought back, the outcome would have turned out better. Even though he had body armor, several percussion hits would throw off his game, and hopefully he’d retreat or be on the floor for a headshot setup. The police are unable to protect us in these incidents. By the time an officer arrives he has to identify the suspect, and figure out what’s going on. The CHL holder already knows who the threat is, and has a better opportunity to mitigate damages. The fact is, police show up after the crime. There is no reason why a licensed CHL holder has to give up his right to defend his life. If that’s the case, security should be provided – it wasn’t.

  27. The reality of it all is the Human factor… We are Human Beings, not Perfect Beings… It is up the individual…

    Anyone who has a drivers license had to pass the test… Remember back when you were first learning and all the rules and the test and the proper driving just to get your license (square corner anyone)… Go take a drive and see how many people follow those same rules now… It is the same with a weapon… Taking safety classes and passing a test is all well and good… A background check is good, but that background check doesn’t say you will be responsible with the weapon, anymore than checking your drivers license to see if you have anything on your driving record… Only if you “got caught” will it show up…

    So all the classes, tests, checks and balances in the world cannot overcome the Human factor… That is where the REAL responsibility lies, with each individual and thier own definition of right and wrong and responsibility…

    Those are the facts… If you don’t believe me, go take a drive and see for yourself…

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