A Gun Totting Liberal’s Perspective On the Colorado Shooting

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 04:05 pm

Waking up to the news of the shooting in Aurora Colorado, made my stomach churn. I didn’t want to get up. Why? I too am a firearm owner. What will I read today on Facebook? Not necessarily on the left but from right. Oh, if people were allowed to carry firearms, then this wouldn’t have happened? According to a USA Carry, a right winged Concealed Carry group member named  cluznar asked:

Aurora Colorado shooting

I have been sending faxes and emails to all kinds of public officials all morning. I can’t help but feel lives could have been saved in Aurora if a few of those people had been carrying. with everyone on the floor someone with a concealed handgun could have had a clear shot at the killer. I believe ALL states should issue CCW Permits which are good in every state. Criminals very easily find guns, now to put guns in the hands of good citizens.

What do you think?

My thoughts? Not gun banning, but gun control. I live in Los Angeles, and I have been listening and reading how these gun nuts want everyone to carry. You carry to protect your family and loved ones. I also heard that when you go shopping, you may get robbed and killed. The mentality of fear has invaded the psyche of the right wing, that, every little incident (while standing your ground) is a justification to shoot to kill.

Speaking of shopping, I live in a poor working class neighborhood. I visited gang-plagued areas and have seen gang members with their poorly-concealed firearms under their jackets, but I go on with my shopping. The likelihood of me getting shot is minimal…and I don’t carry. I may nod to a gang member and they nod back, but that’s the only contact I have with them…and I am not afraid.

I am more afraid of the right wing gun freak who carries at pro-gun rallies than I am of the local gang member who carry concealed in case there is a rival gang member. Why? Because I am not a gang member and if I mind my own business, nothing will happen. These gun-totting teabaggers are looking to use their firearms to show how much of a man they are. And possibly too scared to stand up to a challenge by using their brains.

Ironically, the shooting in Aurora Colorado was in a theater showing the new Batman movie. The theater house was full of testosterone and I’m sure people were packing. Colorado allows a person to carry a concealed weapon on them:

Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Information

But where were the so-called defenders? “I can’t help but feel lives could have been saved in Aurora if a few of those people had been carrying” This is a carry concealed state, and I’m sure from the smallest Colt .25 Junior to the 500 Caliber Magnum, were in the jacket lining of the theater-goer. Then again, why didn’t they shoot? Because, the fear of these right wingers clouded their judgement and many probably forgot they even had a firearm.

Interestingly enough, there was an attempted robbery back in 1994, two shots fired, two dead and the suspect arrested…the suspect died in the hospital by possible head trauma. The shooter, David Fukuto of Torrance, brandishing two handguns and yelling, “This is a robbery!” a masked gunman opened fire on a police motivational seminar at a Holiday Inn in Torrance on Monday, killing two suburban policemen before he was subdued and later pronounced dead, authorities said. The officers arrested Fukuto, and not one round from any officer was shot.

With 13 peace officers and city officials who managed to subdue Fukuto, why couldn’t the people in the theater subdue the shooter? Probably because the officers had the foresight to not use their firearm as it may have been deadly to others as well as training. And the members of USA Carry are wondering what would happen if more people had firearms?

My theory is and this is my opinion, the same exact thing. Or if there was a gun battle, the suspect would have gotten away and the theater-goers would be shooting themselves. The theater is dark and according to witnesses, they did not see the suspect enter into the theater through the fire exit. Still, with nothing under my jacket, I have nothing to fear. I couldn’t care less if I don’t have one. But if others want one? Then there must be stringent regulation.

So what is the NRA saying? Absolutely nothing:






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