Conservatives Outraged Over Obama Releasing Photo of Private Visit with Aurora Victims

President Obama with Stephanie and Allie Aurora
President Obama with Stephanie and Allie Aurora

President Obama Flies Over Colorado Speaks at Hospital without Prepared Text, Visits Victims and Families

Conservatives are in a rage this morning that the White House released a photo of President Obama visiting with heroine Stephanie Davies and shooting victim Allie Young at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Although the media was barred from the visit, this morning the White House released one photo, in order to inspire Americans. After all, 21-year-old Stephanie saved her friend Allie’s life. A grieving nation needs to hear about brave acts like Stephanie’s; it reminds us of what is best in us as we struggle to make sense with the monsters among us.

Naturally, this means the President is being “tacky” and politicizing a tragedy, also known as actually showing up (instead of peering out of the window of Air Force One like conservatives favored leader, President Bush).

The President spoke at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, Colorado last night, after visiting victims and their families without media. Watch here:

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The President said, “Scripture says that “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more. Neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” And when you have an opportunity to visit with families who have lost their loved ones — as I described to them, I come to them not so much as President as I do as a father and as a husband. And I think that the reason stories like this have such an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion — what it would be like and how it would impact us.”

Compassion. Relating to the victims and their families as a parent and husband. We’re not supposed to like this about our President.

The President noted that while the perpetrator was getting much attention right now, in time, the attention would shift to the stories of the victims.

Then the President shared the inspiring story from the photo released this morning; the story of Stephanie and her friend Allie. Obama shared, “There’s one particular story I want to tell because this was the last visit that I had and I think it’s representative of everything that I saw and heard today. I had a chance, just now, about five minutes ago, to visit with Allie Young — Allie is 19 years old — and I also had a chance to visit with Allie’s best friend, Stephanie Davies, who’s 21. Stephanie was actually downstairs with Allie as well as Allie’s parents when I walked into the room.

And I don’t think this story has been heard — at least I hadn’t read it yet — but I wanted to share it with you. When the gunman initially came in and threw the canisters, he threw them only a few feet away from Allie and Stephanie, who were sitting there watching the film. Allie stood up, seeing that she might need to do something or at least warn the other people who were there. And she was immediately shot. And she was shot in the neck, and it punctured a vein, and immediately she started spurting blood.

And apparently, as she dropped down on the floor, Stephanie — 21 years old — had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where she — where Allie had been wounded, and applied pressure the entire time while the gunman was still shooting. Allie told Stephanie she needed to run. Stephanie refused to go — instead, actually, with her other hand, called 911 on her cell phone.

Once the SWAT team came in, they were still trying to clear the theater. Stephanie then, with the help of several others, carries Allie across two parking lots to where the ambulance is waiting. And because of Stephanie’s timely actions, I just had a conversation with Allie downstairs, and she is going to be fine.

I don’t know how many people at any age would have the presence of mind that Stephanie did, or the courage that Allie showed. And so, as tragic as the circumstances of what we’ve seen today are, as heartbreaking as it is for the families, it’s worth us spending most of our time reflecting on young Americans like Allie and Stephanie, because they represent what’s best in us, and they assure us that out of this darkness a brighter day is going to come.”

Out of this darkness a better day will come… Shares inspiring story that represents the best in us, attempting to remind us that all is not horror. You know, like a good leader does; he is pointing us to the best in us.

Conservative reaction? A sampling from Mediaite this morning, wherein they accuse the President of being tacky and express their confusion over why a photo like this would be released (one wonders if Issa will start another investigation):

• towerhill66
Just a littl etacky to release a picture….can he do anything without a political side to it! PHONY!!!!

It’s clearly a photo op for the president and it’s tacky to release this photo literally days after the tragedy. Have some class, do it later.

Extra Tacky.
Not a much higher setting of the bar for Obama.

• TateAshton
Obama seems to show up around a lot of tragedies. More so than any President in my lifetime. It all started with His Royal Highness having a beer with a couple of guys in Boston.
Yes, tacky tacky tacky.
Me me me me.

President probably worked a Fund Raiser or two in
on the way back.

and on the way. hell he prolly had one at the hospital! Lol

Whats the purpose of releasing pics of the victims?

Have they no shame? Must they carry their hatred into every single moment of our national debate? I could say that conservatives are “politicizing” Stephanie’s story by hating it because they hate this President, but perhaps it’s just that conservatives find compassion icky and gross. One thing is certain; water seeks its own level.

Expect conservatives to continue raining on this small saving grace – this moment of Stephanie’s love for her friend saving her life. We are not allowed to even have a moment of warmth. If it were up to conservatives, we would live in the dregs of hatred and rage, swimming in heightened fear and anticipation of what they view as inevitable, assuming that all people are the worst among us and arming ourselves with nuclear weapons and automatics in a terror-filled race to the bottom.

But we can ignore the joy trolls among us, and take a moment to appreciate this story – the inherent love for humanity and bravery of Stephanie’s actions and the swell of relief that she saved her friend’s life, in the wake of such tragedy. And we can take the President’s message to heart, “Out of this darkness, a brighter day is going to come.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what conservatives hate about this President. He is, in fact, an example of what is best in us. He not only showed up, he spoke to the victims and their families and as a leader, he found a way to relate to them as a human being while also offering us a glimpse of light out of the dark despair.

It’s sort of like flying over the post-Katrina devastation of New Orleans in Air Force One, peering out of the window removed and ensconced in awkward, bumbling, blue-blooded privilege, only not. And yes, it matters. It matters that our President has the ability to lead us in dark times, that he can step in and fill the void with something that reminds us of who we can be, who we are at our best. It’s a course he’s setting us on: Don’t be the worst of us, be the best of us. Be someone like Stephanie.

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  1. you mean, while romney is trying to start a war with iran? conservatives are mad about releasing a picture?


  2. Well, of course conservatives are outraged. After all, Romney hasn’t released HIS pictures of visiting with the…


    Wait. He hasn’t visited…them… uh….



  3. This kind of phony outrage is the life’s breath of conservatives. They revel in it, roll around in it like pigs in slop.

  4. The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations.
    It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his “natural superiors”, and has left no other nexus between people than naked self-interest, than callous “cash payment”.

    It has drowned out the most heavenly ecstacies of religious fervor, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation.
    It has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of the numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms, has set up that single, unconscionable freedom — Free Trade.

    In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, it has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.

    The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honored and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage laborers.

    The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation into a mere money relation. – Karl Marx
    The Communist Manifesto.

    Sound like anyone we know?

  5. Of course, conservatives are angry. After all, their candidate is nowhere to be found. Romster has a “victory lap” overseas trip that he has to plan for. Why would he want to bother with the lowlifes of the world? They’re not in his sphere, so why should he care?

  6. He did have a good speechwriter though. Too bad he didn’t feel a damn thing about the speech or the people the speech addressed.

  7. Romney probably has bribed the IOOC to let him light the Olympic flame, also. Want to bet he shows up as a guest in the broadcast booth when they do the ‘horsey dancing’ thingy.

  8. Conservatives are between a rock and a hard place. They have as their candidate for President a man to whom they ideologically cannot hold any allegiance. Then a terrorist attack by an American citizen on other Americans giving the President a venue to speak to the nation YET their man cannot.

    The President did the right thing by denying the press access to his visit with the victim/patients at the hospital. A chronicler is always with him. Releasing the shot of courageous Stephanie who saved her friend, Allie.

    I would not want my President to act any other way. By the way, I doubt that he did it as a Black President. He did so as President of the U.S. He’s your President too.

  9. I read the story and wasn’t able to really find much in the way of “Conservatives” that we’re “Outraged.”. The best she could come up with was a bunch of anonymous quotes pulled off a message board.  Not one Conservative political leader to quote?  Even then, most the quotes she did use simply called the photo op “tacky.”  Come on…. Then there was this…

    “Have they no shame? Must they carry their hatred into every single moment of our national debate? I could say that conservatives are “politicizing” Stephanie’s story by hating it because they hate this President, but perhaps it’s just that conservatives find compassion icky and gross. One thing is certain; water seeks its own level.

    Expect conservatives to continue raining on this small saving grace – this moment of Stephanie’s love for her friend saving her life. We are not allowed to even have a moment of warmth. If it were up to conservatives, we would live in the dregs of hatred and rage, swimming in heightened fear and anticipation of what they view as inevitable, assuming that all people are the worst among us and arming ourselves with nuclear weapons and automatics in a terror-filled race to the bottom.”

    WOW, if that is not one of the most hypocritical examples of the pot calling the kettle back I have ever read!  It might not be so if she was able to dredge up some actual legitimate quotes to support her headline.

    The reality is, presidents are really damned if the do and damned if they don’t in these situations.  Even this writer essentially condemns Bush for merely “looking out the window of air force one” when Katrina hit when everyone knows that there was zero possibility of Bush landing and visiting New Orleans when Katrina hit because most the roads were impassible to even all terrain vehicles, let alone capable of accommodating a presidential motorcade surrounded by the necessary security.

    Ultimately, Presidents should show up for these national tragedies, even if it does look like (or even is) them taking advantage of tragedy for politics.  So long as their visit doesn’t interfere with recovery, we should all just take it for what it is and stop trying to use every little moment to recruit for the Tribe.

  10. None of my conservative friends or myself have any issue with this. I think it is dreamed up “issue” to show how bad and uncaring the right is. Just like the whole republikkkan spelling (the only people I know that call people, ni* fa* ki*, etc are hard core liberals. They say shit like Sure hes a fa**ot but hes nice, or he hangs with that ni** ; blacks can’t do anything on thier own, they aren’t smart enough, etc while my right wing friends never mention religion, color, or shit like that. total hypocrisy.

  11. Look at the conservative running away from the ugly truth lol. By the way mediate isn’t a “message board” and the commenters aren’t anonymous. They have names.

    I’m sick of conservatives dishing out non stop hate. I can see you’re embarrassed by it they wouldn’t be like this if their LEADERS didn’t instigate it constantly. How much u want to bet that rush and fox both say something nasty about this? Lol I didn’t think so.

  12. “There are people who take the heart right out of you, and there are people who put it back.”

    Which one are you?

  13. This comment is correct – nail on the head correct. The author of this blog is out of touch with reality. The author appears to be a hate monger and is possibly tied to the “re-election” process.

    The ugly-ness of America has reached new heights…

    Obama is not the solution – he is an indicator of the unseen problem.

    Hatred and ugliness are killing America as sure as the teenage hooded shooting “victim” in FL was more than like an indicator of the ongoing decades of negative programing. Negative programing that leads to hate based fear of others with different physical characteristics. This fear and hatred ultimately leads to foolish actions; and, in the case of teenage hoody, those actions led to the unfortunate death of young poorly programmed soul. This is truly sad…

    What’s worse is the possessors of hate fail to see beyond their misguided rage which seems to control irrational actions.

    America is a wonderful country and offers many people of various packaging (e.g. sex, color, ethnicity, religious affiliations, etc…) more options to succeed than just about any other country in the World.

    Or, at least it use to.

    Obama is not the solution – moving “forward” with Obama is huge step back for all mankind (mankind includes both male & female and is blind to to the hate bating fear and anger speech that is embraced & manipulated by many in the political & media circles…).

  14. Bush had plenty of photo op moments after 9/11. Did we consider it “politicization” at the time? No, and we still don’t, because that’s what a president is supposed to do. Go out and reassure the nation that, while shitty things happen, we all have to stand together and that there is also good in the world.

    Why wasn’t the media allowed in for this particular moment? Gee, probably because it would have been more tacky to have a cadre of photographers and journalists in these poor girls’ faces rather than a quiet, one-on-one meeting with the POTUS.

    Why was this one photo released? Probably because they asked the girls’ permission, and were granted the right to do so. It isn’t a political chess move, it’s the POTUS doing what the POTUS is supposed to be doing, and these girls very likely had a controlling voice in wanting the world to see it and hear their story.

  15. Um, you might want to take a break from the DRUGS you’re on and RETHINK your STUPIDITY of today!

  16. It sounds a deal like he was describing Milton Friedman and all his ghastly Chicago Economics retinue.

  17. You lose. Rush limaugh already called the president an egomaniac for his visit. But keep on pretending he’s not the leader of your party.

  18. Does anyone know how to remove the garishly designed and intrusive “Socialize with” box from the bottom of the screen?

  19. As to Bush landing….I lived through Katrina in Louisiana. The air port was not under water…Air Force One could have landed..Marine One could have landed..

    In 1965 LBJ was in New Orleans 5 hours after Betsy hit.

    Reporters noted that he was shocked by the suffering and in particular by thirst of survivors in one shelter. He immediately announced that the “red tape be cut,” and he took personal control of operations, which he continued—according to the Washington Post—“day and night.”

    A week later Bush came…he had the army put up lights in Jackson Square…he made a speech that the Gov will help them. Then he took the lights and left. He could have at least left the lights…Browny said we did not need ice, after all we did not have burger to keep fresh…we were going thirsty and hungry..Our president flew over.

    Ever have to stand in line for water after not having any for almost a week? You are dirty and hot and tired and hungry. And you are standing in line being watched over by National Guard holding their rifles on you…a bunch of woman, and the old and kids.

    Don’t you ever say Bush did not deserve every thing that was ever said about him. He is more careless then anyone I have ever seen..and Romney is just like him.

  20. Repost-> I don’t think he is necessarily panning for votes, I am simply putting out there that presidents some times do. I like to think the best of people first and foremost. What person wouldn’t have compassion in this situation? Obama, not excluded. Even the message board quotes used by the author didn’t express any lack of compassion for the actual victims, though the author seemed to suggest that it did. 

    Of course this is also one of the duties of the president. If Romney had shown up to do the same thing, you better believe we would have had some great examples of Outrage to quote. Why? Because he is not president, and while he may have just as much earnest compassion as Obama, he would be lambasted for using the moment for political gain. Tell me that I am wrong. In the end, Obama should have gone there and Romney should stay away, at least for a while.

    Regardless, so far this piece is all fluff and narrative. Telling people what to think while being very thin on any evidence to support the argument’s conclusion.

  21. I’m sure that Russell Pearce and Louis Gohmert were made mighty uncomfortable by this. Pearce said everyone in the theatre was a coward who didn’t try to stand up to the killer. Stephanie’s friend Alie did. And Gohmert says the victims died because they were part of the America that has lost Christian values.

  22. Story saying these people didn’t leave those comments? They left the comments. Fact. Then you come along to claim its not true with zero proof of your claim while you accuse the writer if being thinly sourced. Lol

    Obviously you’re desperate to pretend the conservative movement isn’t thus full if hate (cheering deaths if uninsured ringing bell?). Too late. Everyone already knows. And like I told you rush already called Obama names for going to aurora and he’s your leader. Notice you didnt reply.

  23. FYI, when Katrina happened, there were truckloads of supplies (bottled water and MREs if I remember the message from my cousin, who is a truck driver and commissioned to take a load to NOLA).

    They stopped the trucks some distance from the disaster area, and wouldn’t let them continue because of some sort of bureaucratic snafu – I don’t remember the details. He was pissed, because they had the supplies sitting in a parking area for days an hour or two from the place where they were needed.

  24. Requirements for becoming a Conservative. 1. Must be a bigot. God only likes rich, straight, white, Christian Men. 2. Must love and own one or more guns. You may have to take back “your” country from anyone who is not a rich, straight, white, Christian man implementing your 2nd Amendment rights. 3. Must believe all conspiracies put forth by Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann about communists, muslims, socialists and other evil entities invading our government to overthrow it. 4. Must believe that God speaks directly through Rush Limbaugh like a burning bush. 5. Must believe God sent Sarah Palin to save the United states because she’s the only person smart enough. 6. Must have intelligence equal to or lower than dried wallpaper paste.

  25. I’m d@mn tired of you conservatives putting words in the president’s mouth and thoughts in his head without having any proof whatsoever. What is wrong with you people? Is it that you think that no Black Americans have the ability to think and speak intelligently? President Obama is busting those stereotypes of POC that many of you carry in your head, and you can’t deal with it. Just because you believe lies doesn’t mean they reflect reality.

  26. @Carrie,

    I am not quite certain what you are trying to say.  This essay IS very thinly sourced.  In fact, you have already provided a better source than the author did.  Also, your attempt to pigeon hole me as a conservative (or at least the type of conservative that makes your view of the world function) is in vain.  While I admittedly subscribe to many conservative views, I also subscribe to many less then conservative positions.  In fact, I am about as independent of political tribalism that you will ever find.  I follow the line of logic and reason and give no such blind tribal allegiance.  Can you say the same?  Maybe you should re-read the essay and re-read what I have written while logically assessing their content before jumping to such stereotypical conclusions.  Believe me, people have opinions that are not as black and white as you would portray them to be.  BTW: I don’t listen to Mr. Limbaugh.

  27. I am so ashamed of people like you. However, I realize you have been raised to think and speak this way. It is like a cancer in this society. I blame you parents for a moment but expect that by now you shoud know better. Shameless people!
    Obama 2012, moving forward no matter what!

  28. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. Never has ONE President been so maligned, criticized, misunderstood, demonized … and yet, he is willing to take in on the chin and run again, knowing that he will be up against the same kind of hatred, bigotry, mis-characterization for another 4 years. All I can say is: WATCH OUT! WHEN he gets re-elected, I think we gonna see a different President Obama. I think the gloves are gonna come off and the Rethuglicans and their cronies won’t know what hit them when an angry Black man with power turns on them. I cannot WAIT to see it! Go Team Obama 2012!

  29. It doesn’t matter what POTUS does, Conservatives with their deranged thinking is going to find something wrong. Moving On!

  30. Also, this was story that had a happy ending and gave faces to one of the many stories of courage in that theater. This didn’t show grieving families. I think, in releasing this picture, the White House did what the Jordan Ghawi, brother of one of those killed, Jennifer Ghawi (who was a budding sports journalist as Jennifer Redfield), wanted people to “”remember the names of the victims and not the name of the coward who committed this act.”

  31. To Sarah Jones, the author:

    I think you’re being unfair. When I read the article, the headline says that the White House released the photo, and the text said that the hospital visit was closed to the press. Otherwise, the article seems to be a fair, factual, and perhaps even favorable reportage of Obama’s visit and his comments at a rally. It’s the commenters in the message board below who are showing the anti-Obama vitriol, not the article itself, and even so, other commenters argue against the Obama-haters.

    For you to read this one article and then paint all conservatives with such a broad brush strikes me as completely unfair. By the way, I am a liberal, or at least left-of-center.

  32. BDS…. congrats, you appear to have used a good deal of intelligence when picking your friends. Let me make clear that those you have chosen as friends are not typical of what the right wing shows in values. They certainly do not echo the power side of the GOP. I am pleased that you have decent people as friends…. to bad the GOP is not led by folks with their kind hearts but rather those who feel that God intended for the rich to have the poor as slaves… for example Mitt Romney saying that if a poor person wants the education to have some CHANCE in their world they should agree to become mercenaries of the rich and be willing to go kill the people in whatever land the rich want to control——- that does not sound the same as the heart your friends have………. does it???

  33. Not surprised! I knew Rush couldn’t resist. What a bafoon. Obama is a genuine person who cares for people and the country is people as opposed to Romney who thinks corporations (money) are peole.

  34. Can you provide any evidence whatsoever of the “truth” behind your statement, dear? Of course not; you pulled it out of your butt. Skid marks are not ideas, except to rethuglicans.

  35. You are in serious denial. I NEVER here liberals talking like that. Before Obama was elected the conservatives hard core ones at least talked like that but the smart ones toned that down so they could say they didn’t like Obama’s policies and it wasn’t a race thing. I’m NOT stupid. When they trash him FAR worse than any Democrat before I Know why. A large % of conservatives seem to have this insecurity and need someone to be beneath them so they feel superior. ALL of the bullies I know vote Republican. Liberals defend the people that conservatives bully.

  36. Lousia I quess you missed the part where they said he spoke without prepared text~ I wonder if you are always as small minded, as your comment makes you look. Honestly how could any not care? You are just being a truly pathetic person

  37. ‘Angry Black Man’, not so much, but, if we give him a Congress that will work with him, this country will soar.

    We really can’t have ‘nice things’ right now. The radical right turns everything good to ashes. They demean anything that doesn’t benefit them and their parasitic agenda.

    Mitt Romney is a LIAR. My God, his dishonesty is becoming legend. However, our worst enemy is not the Right Wing lying machine, it’s the apathy and ignorance of our citizens, perpetuated by a cowardly MSM.

  38. When will these idiots realize that President Obama is the… President! It’s they that are politicizing things by saying he’s politicizing things. He’s the President of the United States. When he does things like this that’s someone everyone should be able to agree is a good thing, regardless of politics.

  39. FYI: PBO travels with a photographer. No contradiction.

    Visits to military bases also don’t include press. Military has its own media. We only get to see what they decide to release.

    I saw the video remarks from his hospital visit. Very touching and inspiring. Also, a lovely photo of PBO and the young ladies. I will not let mean-spirited commentary detract from that moment.

  40. They try very hard to diminish his stature and authority. They try to pretend they have equal standing with the President. It’s laughable. I thought Charles Blow had a great take on how they view this Black Man in their White House. Funny stuff. If you haven’t seen it, check out the clip at TheLastWord on MSNBC.

  41. If you want to see the conservative outrage, simply go on “The White House” Facebook page that shows this picture and the story about his visit. Instead of writing posts about how courageous these women are or sympathy for the victims, they are saying the nastiest things imaginable about the President and his visit. It’s really getting sickening the disrespect that is show to this President. I remember when the Dixie Chicks were blasted for merely saying they were sorry to be from the same state as Bush. The conservatives burned their CD’s and called them all sorts of vile names for disrespecting Bush. Now, apparently, it’s okay to disrespect the President of the United States because he’s a Democrat, or black or mixed race or whatever specious reason they’re using today.

  42. Conservatives have nothing better to do than cry in their beer. President Obama has every right to do what he damn well pleases, even if it displeases the airheads. Conservative should be outraged at people like Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who put a hold on legislation was to be voted on for medical help and assistance to women and children as well as military personnel of Marine Base Camp Lejeune which had their water system contaminated with trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, benzene and vinyl chloride.

  43. Obama could cure cancer, find the secret to eternal life, end poverty and the GOP/Tea-Party would still whine. This is all you can do when you have nothing positive to run on, they have not had a worthwhile idea for 12 years now.

  44. Louisa, just how do know that he didn’t choose that passage himself? If it ever comes out that he did, will you apologise?

  45. Man O man the wingnuts are really spouting off today. I read on another blog that the democrats set this shooting up so they can get rid of guns.

    My god it is getting very scary out there. At a gun show here in Orlando the NRA was spouting off ‘Obamas going to take your guns with help from the UN” funny thing when I asked HOW? they started stammering on and on about “their going to close all the shooting ranges” So there you are when they close the shooting ranges we all will voluntarily melt our guns!

    What we need is simple, 20 years in jail for showing any kind of a gun while commenting a crime and every thing you own gets confiscated and given to the victim. 50 years if you shoot the gun period. Life if you shoot somebody with the gun. Also include BOWS and CROSSBOWS!!! Easy law to pass federally and in the states.

  46. The scary thing is that some of these wingnuts out there believe the Republican crap! It doesn’t speak a lot for their intelligence!

  47. Republicans need to be more concerned about passing the Jobs Bill…oh wait…they won’t…it will help our economy and that’s the last thing those a**holes want to do!

  48. Conservatives have been saying for the past 3+ years that President Obama is going to take away their guns. It hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen. What has caused this lie to take hold among a certain segment of the population has been the NRA, Fox News, other RW media outlets and radio entertainers, and RW politicians. All of these entities use the lie to fundraise and to build animus toward a president who hasn’t taken Step 1 toward confiscating anyone’s gun. It amazes me how easy it is for politicians and Fox News to manipulate some Americans for their own benefit.

  49. Her kind isn’t used to a President being able to speak on the fly. Heck, their last guy couldn’t even read straight from the script more or less even speak straight! They don’t even realize they’re making themselves look real stupid because all they’re doing is bringing up Bush’s past Speaking problems…..lololol!

  50. I’m among the most bleeding-heart, socialist-leaning, lefty McLeftersons I know.

    That said, I feel you are one of the most reasonable, tempered people commenting on this thread.

    I might not agree with you on everything, but I appreciate the tone of your comments.

  51. During katrina I never thought pres. Bush should have landed. I always thought they should have air dropped water and food.

  52. This and people who think like these conservatives make me sick. What President Obama did by going to Aurora to visit the victims of this senseless massacre was to express the support and love of this nation and to let the victims know we have them all in our prayers. What this President did was Presidential and as the leader of this great nation he once again made this American PROUD as hell that he is our President.

  53. I dislike Conservatives too!!! Hate is a strong word, but I’m getting close! But I do know of several instances where HATE has driven conservatives to act!…Why?..because of the places they have CHOSEN to go to restrict the liberties of all people (religious, social, medical, financial), and the way they have lied there way in to the houses of normal Americans…Sorry, but I see REALITY! Conservatives have chosen NOT TO!

  54. today’s marketing climate focuses on transparency and making leaders more like us. if i cant relate to my president, what are we doing?

    i think the millenial generation needs to see this type of president. not a pretentious one

  55. The way I see it is Mitt had the chance to visit the wounded, but he chose to go ahead with his campaign fundraiser. I guess he is like Westboro Baptist nazis and think the shooting was a victory for God or whoever the Mormons pray to.

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