It’s Easier to Buy Ammo Than it is to Vote

Creativity on the left seems to be lacking when it comes to gun control and voting. The latest mantra on our side is: It is easier to buy a firearm than it is to vote. Yes and no, not really. I bought an old WWII Soviet rifle called a Mosin Nagant 91/30 at Big Five a few years ago, shot it once and sold it. It was a pain to clean and because of the Bush economy, had to sell it (via an authorized Federal Firearm Licensed dealer) to pay for rent.

When I purchased the rifle, I had to show my I.D. answer a bunch of questions, voluntarily gave up my thumbprint and waited 14 days to get my rifle. On the other hand, I went to a gun show, bought an ammo can, bought 500 rounds of non-corrosive 7.62 X54r bullets, and went home. I then took my rifle to my friend’s gun shop, cleaned every thing, and when done, waited the next day to go shooting with my friend and his wife. Then I put the rifle in the trunk, locked the trunk and went back home

Every step of the way, I had to abide by every law and regulation in order to have a firearm. But for the bullets, I just had to show cash and buy the ammunition. Why? Why is it easier to buy ammunition for my rifle than it is for U.S. citizens to vote? How powerful is the NRA that the Koch Bros et al are willing to relax firearm laws, by keeping regulation lax on ammunition but not allow Democrats to vote?

I was having a conversation with a pro-gun right winger on Washington Times, and am waiting for a response. Here is how the conversation went:

Tim Fromla · Top Commenter · A school behind a match book
Cool! So more liberals will have firearms because of you folks!
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Robert R Compton · Top Commenter · Foster Estes VoTech, OkC, OK
Oh REALLY? You’ve heard the rhetoric from the sheep on the street to the Halls of Congress (and above)? Most Libitards are scared poop-less at the mere mention of “GUNS”! They want to GET RID of guns! Still, should they grit their teeth and drag themselves into a gun store they’ve a LONG way to go to out-gun Patriots, Tea Partiers and Conservatives in general.
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Tim Fromla · Top Commenter · A school behind a match book
Really? So most Republicans are cowards and need a sidearm in order to go: shopping, go to the movies, drive down the street, and ever since 9/11, you need to pack?

And now your panties are in a bind? Oh come on, what happened to your Jeebus and Sky-Spook protecting you from the evil terrorists? I thought your Cloud-being would throw bolts of lightning from heaven and protect his sheep? Are you that scared that you need a pistol (the bigger the better) for your protection? Or is it a Freud issue and it’s a phallic issue? No? You’re not gay? Fine, come to Los Angeles, without your pistol, walk with my Libtard friends to a market on 83rd and Hoover (8-trey Crips territory) at night and enjoy the night amongst fellow whiteys on the left. No? Scared? LOL.

And as for Libtards,

The Liberal Gun Club

We’re NOT afraid of gun control. We’re not afraid of banning firearms to people who are convicted: felons, of domestic violence or forced by a judge to seek mental treatment. You RETARDicans are so paranoid, that I now why tigers eat their young. Grow up

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Robert R Compton · Top Commenter · Foster Estes VoTech, OkC, OK
Tim Fromla On the subject of “Gun Control” and affiliated issues, I commend you and “the Liberal Gun Club”!
But, it is eminently clear that you and yours DO NOT reflect the mainstream Liberal attitude on the Second Amendment! A few notable examples of the virulent anti-gun advocates are: the DNC in general, President Obama, VP Biden, Pers Morgan, Mayor Bloomberg, Janet Napolitano, Erik Holder, The Brady Campaign, Dianne Feinstein, Ed Perlmutter, Brian Malte, Saliman Rusdie, Brian Ross, most mainstream newscasters and commentators, a vast majority of the Hollywood “elite” and nearly EVERY Liberal person and organization of any significance! Now THESE I would have to consider Liberals who are so retarded in this area that they actually believe that a few more anti-gun Laws would have prevented this and other such incidents. The f…See More
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Tim Fromla · Top Commenter · A school behind a match book
Robert R Compton Answer this question. What laws are there to prevent an illegal alien from purchasing bullets for a stolen firearm? A gun is only as good as the bullets it shoots. Would you go for regulating bullets? I.D. fingerprinting and so on? A firearm is a heavy paperweight without bullets

This is the mentality on the right when dissension is not taught. The GOP is their daddy (think phallic), the NRA is their mean uncle and combine firearms rights and “illegal Alien”, you have the makings of a calamitous disaster…if you know how to create one. I just did and not only is it fun, but it’s one step to shut the right down.

There needs to be a working consulting group for us to win. There needs to be a foundation where we too can create talking points against the right. We have the media, but we don’t have the centralized area in order to stand up to the right and their corporate masters. I mean arguably from 1932 to 1980, every Democratic and Republican president and Congress did the will of the people. As bad as Nixon and Ford were, we managed to make Nixon admit that we are all Keynesians, and Ford to not lower taxes for the 1%.

We need to make sure that by using our voices once more, we can make voting easier, a lot easier than buying ammunition. But unless we get our point across, we will remain where we are today. Paul Weyrich and Jude Wanniski’s legacy will always prosper. Voting will be impossible and buying ammunition will be easy.

Oh and even more hate from the right:


    Daniel Tempel · Tell City High School
Tim U had me going until I got to the part of a judge forcing people to seek mental treatment……If that happened the Democratic (Libitard) Party would be nihl and void! Play with Your Gays if they don’t get You with Aids……maybe a law abiding gang member will get You! Sounds like Hell California……just wait till the Cloud-being has had enough…….hint learn to swim in boiling water!
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Tim Fromla · Top Commenter · A school behind a match book

Daniel Tempel First of all, a person CANNOT purchase a firearm if: They are a convicted felon, convicted misdemeanor domestic violence and if a judges orders a person to a mental hospital against their will.

“Tim U had me going until I got to the part of a judge forcing people to seek mental treatment……If that happened the Democratic (Libitard) Party would be nihl and void! Play with Your Gays if they don’t get You with Aids……maybe a law abiding gang member will get You! Sounds like Hell California……just wait till the Cloud-being has had enough…….hint learn to swim in boiling water!”

Second, what is nihl? You mean null and void? So much for English Only. And Daniel, and I’m assuming you’re a gun-totting Christian who loves America, right? Why don’t gun stores I.D. and fingerprint you for purchasing ammunition? No need? You are a U.S. Citizen? What about an illegal from say: Germany purchasing 9 m.m. for his stolen Beretta? 100s no thousands of rounds? If there were laws restricting bullets to these illegal aliens from Britain, even if the French person has a pistol, shotgun or rifle, would not the pistol be just a stolen paperweight?

Before you start spewing your rhetoric about not having gun control, think before you type. Oh and as for gays, guess what? There is an LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual, Trangender and Queer) group called Pink Pistols who promote gun rights and safety, and many of them are conservatives…just like you. Oh and I’m straight. But just imagine, the guy next to you at the shooting range may be a homosexual? Imagine that. A gay shooter! Oh and I went shooting with a gay guy and his 357 Colt Python Blue Steel. We were having a shooting competition and guess what? He won.

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  1. If you have to jump through hoops to get a firearm in the first place then you are already ‘pre-screened’ for ammo.

    You can’t do much with ammo without a gun to go with it.

  2. Anyway, this is all a horsehit argument anyway.

    There are already over 300 million firearms in circulation in the US and way more ammo than that.

    Restricting gun and ammo sales further does absolutely nothing for the billions – literally – already out there.

    And confiscation is impossible.

    BS stories like these just drive up sales exponentially for guns, high capacity magazines and ammo even further.

    If people would just lock up the guns and ammo they already have far more lives would be saved than from the extremely rare event where a crazy person goes on a one time killing spree.

  3. Seriously, if you want to talk about safety, the biggest, safest, most important thing is to keep guns unloaded, and yet still always treat them as if they are loaded. That simple rule solves most of the problems. Another one is not to mix alcohol and firearms… that’s an exercise in stupidity and asking for trouble (I suspect alcohol is mostly to blame for most of the domestic type shootings, followed by stupid jealousy). If there are children around, until they are old enough that they can be taught better, then yes, lock the gun away or lock it in some way that they can’t do something dumb with it (like remove and lock up the bolt or firing mechanism).

    I’ve heard – and agree, that if you demonstrate to young kids how destructive a gun can be – like by splattering a melon or something like that – and point out that it would do the same thing to the human body, well, that kind of makes kids realize just how dangerous they are and less likely to touch them. Follow that up with comprehensive safety lessons and unless your kids are REALLY stupid, you won’t ever have any problems.

    Being safe is a matter of using common sense and for the young, education!

    There are lots of guns and ammo in this country, granted. Some of it is there because people like to shoot (like targets or hunting). A lot of it is there because of fear. If we can get the Republican/Tea Party rhetoric to be cooled, and reduce the level of fear in this country, then I suspect the number of guns will reduce. Confiscating or trying to really regulate guns will only increase the fear in those who are mislead AND in people with legitimate concerns (as it does to me). I think if we win the election (including the house and Senate) and people start realizing that most of what has been said about Democrats/Liberals are lies and hype, then that fear level will decrease – if the dominionists don’t try to overthrow the government first.

  4. Thanks for the link to the Liberal Gun Club. That was quite a discussion you had with that Conservative… I wonder what he’d think if he saw the evidence that some of the people he probably thinks of as allies are the real threat to freedom… that it is a conservative group that has been calling for overthrowing the government for a few years now (and some have been in training for it – the “Jesus Camp with Guns” I’ve mentioned in the past, for instance). I’ve never heard a liberal advocate for overthrowing the government or the constitution – in fact, most strongly support the constitution and a constitutional democratic republic (I say that the constitution provides the answer to many of our problems).

    I never thought about it, but I wonder if the “no ID for purchasing ammo” is a state thing. It seems to me… and it’s been years since I’ve bought ammo (can’t afford extra expenses) so the memory is a bit vague, that I had to show ID the last time I purchased it.

    In any case, it wouldn’t bother me to show ID… it wouldn’t bother me to show ID if I purchased a gun (with all we had to go through getting our Driver’s licenses, it should be almost as good as a passport or birth certificate). Waiting period… yeah, it’d bug me because if I needed a gun for self-defense right away, the rules would put me in danger. If I was just buying one, I’d still be a bit irritated because in my case, there would be no need for the waiting period and it would mean I couldn’t walk out with my purchase (and I HAVE been screwed by store owners before, in not receiving the goods I paid for).

    Doesn’t the NRA advocate an instant background check of some sort? Or is that something from years ago and no longer part of what they support?

  5. I’ve always thought that guns should be ballistically printed before they leave the factory; after all, cars don’t kill people, people do. The three thousand Americans dying per month aren’t all accidents. Vehicular homicide can be confirmed forensically with VIN numbers, paint refraction indexes, and tire treads. Today, with the knowledge that I can buy thousands of rounds online, I think we need a system in place similar to that of buying pseudo-ephedrine: a red flag is gonna go up based on certain buying patterns. Yes, it’s profiling, but based on behavior, not race or religion.

    But if it turns out there is a certain demographic predictability to gun violence, then what’s the difference between that and the profiling Michele Bachmann is doing?

  6. “There needs to be a working consulting group for us to win. There needs to be a foundation where we too can create talking points against the right. We have the media, but we don’t have the centralized area in order to stand up to the right and their corporate masters.”

    We can start by sticking to the subject.
    Dan Tempel managed to waste your time and energy explaining what any 5th grader should know. He just wants to keep you busy correcting him rather than working on a solution.
    Trolls take umbrage and the discussion melts into trying to educate the intractable.

    Ignore the trolls. They only want us to surrender.


    What guns laws should we have? I say, ban assault rifles. Ban any magazine that shoots more than 15 rounds.

    Tax guns.

    Stop the manufacture of cheap handguns. No ‘real’ gun fancier wants one.

    When we get a general sense of what might work for the majority of people, push it into the public square.


  7. Thanks for calling for disarming me and leaving us helpless in this hellhole.

    I’ll bet you’ve never been shot at, or been in a situation where your life was in dire jeopardy, and have had that horrible totally helpless feeling. I’ll bet you’ve never looked into the barrel of a loaded gun (in the hands of a robber or racist bigot).

    I will resist things like you call for to my last breath.

    Oh, and also thanks for making life that much harder on the poor. With the Rich and their plans for us (slavery or death), and the reality of life for the poor (most crime is committed against poor people, NOT against the rich and not that often against the middle class), taxing the poor will only make self-defense (which yes, sometimes calls for semiautomatic weapons, falsely called assault rifles so to turn emotions) that much harder.

    It’s hard to defend yourself with a single-shot, when you’re facing a group of monsters armed with multiple-shot weapons. That will be the result.

    Funny, but you’re calling for the very things the Republicans have always said about Liberals… raising taxes on the ordinary people and banning weapons. I’m glad to know that there are other liberals with more common sense (maybe they too have experienced that horrible helpless feeling). I suggest that you check out these links… all liberal:

    And especially:

  8. Someone wo has bought a firearm legally has already been “pre screened” to buy ammo. That technically is accurate. However, it misses the point. Someone who has purchased a stolen firearm, or who buys one from an unlicensed dealer, or who steals one themselves, has NOT been “pre screened” to purchase ammo. What, then, is wrong with someone having to show their gun license to purchase ammo? There is no additional screening, and as long as they are purchasing ammo to a type of gun they are authorized to use (some states give different licenses for different guns) then what is the big deal? It’s exactly like being carded to purchase alcohol. This would prevent unlicensed individuals from purchasing ammo when they aren’t even authorized to use a firearm. Current licensed/responsible gun owners would only have to take a few extra seconds to show the proper paperwork. There is absolutely, positively ZERO downside to this proposal.

  9. “Ban ‘assault’ rifles?”
    What do you do with the tens of millions already out there? You mean confiscate them?

    “Ban ‘high capacity’ magazines?”
    What do you do with the hundreds of millions already out there? You mean confiscate them?

    “Tax guns”?
    Firearms are already subject to a State’s sales tax

    “Stop the manufacture of cheap handguns. No ‘real’ gun fancier wants one.”
    That was already done years ago, the cheapest handgun available is around $200 new now. There are no more ‘Saturday night specials’ that you can buy new on the market today.

  10. 2nd Amendment, heard of it?

    It has been adjudicated that gun ownership is a right – not a privilege.

    You don’t have a Constitutional right to drink alcohol – it’s a privilege.

    And once again, you do nothing to address the hundreds of billions of rounds of ammunition that are ALREADY out there. And ammo can be stolen just as easily as a gun.

    Confiscation on any level is impossible.

    Anyway, gun laws for the most part are set-up at the state level. Some states have tougher gun laws than others. Some counties within those states have even tougher gun laws. People have the option to move to a different state or county.

  11. C’mon man, so the Distilled Spirits Council should pick up the tab for every victim of drunk driving?

    Be realistic.

  12. if you don’t have a firearm, just bring cash to buy bullets. That’s all you need. Again it’s easier to buy bullets than it is to vote. Oh and I bought that many ammo because I can.

  13. Get Real, I’m going to use your quote for ANOTHER gun control story. You bought up a good idea!

    Thank you

  14. Getting shot in the eye with an AK-15 while engaged in the “risky behavior” of attending a movie is about as real as it gets, get real. Who is paying with his flesh, get real? Who’s having bake sales to pay his medical bills, get real? The NRA wants these assault weapons on the streets in the USA: the NRA can pay for the consequences with a small portion of their lobbying $millions$. Your straw man distraction is beneath addressing.

  15. Well don’t know where u have looking but I’m liberal and I say evolution or Washington or revolution because we arent represented only the corps and mega donors get represented unless your in sanders district then yes u have a rep otherwise the rest of the USA is owned by .001% of the creepy old white rich dudes that stole trillions while demanding a person with a gram of pot server ten yrs in maximum so yeah I’m sick of this shit and so are alot of us tired of the rigged elections and no paper trails but I have no guns and don’t care to use them I hope enough of us stand up and demand oversight and rules for all tired of the 2 teir legal system if your rich go home if your poor and steal a slice of bread life in prison

  16. Should Car & Driver magazine have to pay the medical expenses whenever somebody plows into a group of people at a bus stop? Your logic is absolutely ridiculous.

    Maybe knife enthusiasts should have to pony up whenever somebody gets stabbed. Or Major League Baseball whenever somebody is beaten with a baseball bat.

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