Ante Up The Crazy From Huckabee to Westboro to Romney VP Talks

Crazy TrainThere is no end to the insanity that America’s brand of religious extremists will go these days. They have no shame and jump on any opportunity to present themselves as persecuted even when an event had nothing to do with them. The event I am talking about was the horrendous tragedy that took place in Aurora, Colorado when a psychopath entered a movie theatre where the new Batman film “The Dark Night Rises” was being shown.

Within days of this massacre, where innocent lives were gunned down, “Christian leaders and politicians” stepped up to the mic and began spewing their own brand of crazy. From former Republican presidential candidate, Baptist minister turned FOX entertainer, Mike Huckabee who said this:

huckabee jokes about gun pointed at obama“We don’t have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem. What we have is a sin problem. And since we’ve ordered god out of our schools, and communities, the military and public conversations, you know we really shouldn’t act so surprised… when all hell breaks loose.” ~ Huckabee

Inconvenient Truths

According to them this tragedy and others like it happen because Huckabee’s version of Christianity has been blocked from proselytizing to students, or inserting their Holy War agenda into our powerful military. When making this statement, did Huckabee know that this kid was raised Christian in the Penasquitos Lutheran Church in San Diego, California which preaches Huckabee’s version of faith? Apparently not since Huckabee claims that a lack of faith and exposure to Christianity is the root of the violence problem, not the availability of weapons and ammunition. That a severely disturbed psychopath who plotted to enter a public building armed with intent to kill is really the result of America being  a secular nation rather than a theocracy. The truth is always inconvenient when you are trying to spin reality.

Elliot Friar wrote about Huckabee’s brand of faith. Here is an excerpt…

“The argument that god has been forced out of schools isn’t factual either. There are many different religions that are practiced throughout our country, and children can practice them freely. But, no particular higher being is taught in our public schools to respect our citizens’ rights for freedom of religion.

You speak of god as in we all have one god. This may be news to you, but your god may not be the same as someone else’s god. Like I’ve already said, Americans have the freedom to practice any religion of their choice.

And, what makes your god the answer to aggression, hatred and violence in our country, or any god for that matter? The tragic shooting at the midnight showing of “The Dark Night Rises” didn’t occur because James Holmes was affected by an ordered absence of god in his life. The true catalyst of the mass shooting was the availability of guns.” ~

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Margie phelps
Westboro Margie Phelps

Huckabee may be riding in a different rail car, but he shares the same crazy train as the whacked out Westboro Baptists who are also claiming the tragedy as a victory for God…”thank[ing] God” for the shooter. I don’t have the stomach to paste the whole video – but here is the link. If you can endure it, listen to the first minute and you will hear all you need to hear.

It is disgusting how these opportunists so naturally leech onto tragedy and stake the claim that their God is good. And if anyone criticizes them it is simply that everyone is out to get them; that they are persecuted Christians and that we are all under the spell and power of Satan.

Here is recent email sent to us at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation blaming us for the Aurora, Colorado shooting, further evidence that there is no bottom to their “well” of crazy…

Subject: Warning To Stop, Mr. Weinstein

Date: July 22, 2012 11:47:01 PM MDT

To: Information Weinstein <>

Mr. Mikey Weintein, I am an American and a college graduate. I have a wife and children. I just finished reading your book. I am very active in my church, We are all believers in the truth that Jesus Christ as the sole Lord and Savior of fallen mankind. (John 14:6) The men in my church have been closely observing the fiendish activity of your Military Religioius Freedom Foundatiuon for some time now. We have seen the negative messages sent to you and your family and the MRFF.

This e-mail will contain no misspellings or grammatical errors or profanity as you often receive in your so-called hate mail. As you can see I am an educated man with a profession requiring intelligence. This communciation will, however, beg you to disband immediately your black foundation as it is both unGodly, unChristian and unAmerican.

I know that you do not believe that satan is real. But he is and you and your wife and children and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and all of those who support it are either willing or ignorant slaves to the Dark One. We do not yet know which but we will find out soon. It doen’t really matter as you are all responsible for the evil you spread by trying to drive Christianity out of the armed services.

All of you, especially you, Mr. Weinstein, as the charismatic and clever ring leader must stop your wickedness immediately and suit up to fight off your Master who is satan. (Ephesians 6:11) You have opened wide the door to the devil by denying America’s Chrisitan priorities of State. Your blasphemous “success” has grown steadily more dangerous as you rush so hard to work to deny Christ his rightful presence and prominence in our nation’s military. You have opened the door wide, wide, wide Mr. Weinstein for your ecstatic master, satan.

Last Friday he [Satan] bought a ticket to see the Batman movie in Colorado. Courtesy of you and your fellow travelers of pro-abortion, no guns allowed, judges get to decide everything and muslims are as good as Christians. And gays are “born that way”. And the U.S. is a “secular” nation where Christianity is just another “religion option” for our troops and the lost peoples of the many countries they are fighting in. How ignorant you are. Can you not see that if you take away Jesus there is a void which will happily be filled, and is filled, by satan? The blood of that movie theater is on all of your hands. Cease and desist, Mr Weinstein. Let Christ replace satan in your still beating heart. (Matthew 7:8)

This self-righteous “patriotic Christian” is a Dominionist who has drunk the Kool-Ade of Christian Nationalism and supremacy. I guarantee you that Mike Huckabee has an audience full of them. There are millions like him in America – the “right kind of Christian”. Don’t believe me? Just ask them. They are delighted to tell you that they are the “chosen” and the rest of us are expendable – just like the callous disregard for the lives lost in this latest tragedy.

VP Buzz

Romney HuckabeeBefore ending this post, consider all of this when reading the buzz from multiple sources that Mike Huckabee is on the “short list” of possiblities for the Vice Presidential spot on a Romney for President ticket. Think about the people that are giddy over that possiblity like conservative political operatives close to Huckabee, Hogan Gidley, and criminals of the Religious Right days like Ralph Reed…

“The growing buzz about Huckabee within segments of Romney World delights social-conservative leaders and Huckabee allies, who have long hoped that Romney would reach out to the GOP’s evangelical voters with the veep selection. “If he’s not on the short list, somebody ought to put him there,” says Hogan Gidley, a former adviser to Huckabee. “He’d bring excitement to a ticket that’s lacking that, to some degree, right now. Beyond that, he’d bring a huge grassroots organization, and, to put it simply, the South.”

Veteran conservative activist Ralph Reed agrees. “Huckabee would be an outstanding and inspired choice,” he says. “He has tremendous support among evangelicals and conservatives, and he knows how to frame issues in a way that makes it clear he has core convictions and he does it in a winsome way.” ~ Outside the Beltway by Doug Mataconis

Setting the gun control debate aside for a whole different post, I am certain that God had nothing to do with this massacre. And the fact that this kid grew up as a member of a Lutheran church in the San Diego area does not make me jump to the conclusion that he was brainwashed to view Batman as evil. I would be punching my own ticket on the same crazy train. ~ About the Author, Leah L. Burton.


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  1. Ms. Burton, I once had your contact data through Walkaway, but my gmail crashed. There is a problem he can tell you about.

  2. thanks for the info… I have never trusted the Hucksterby, between his screwed up history, and his show on Fokkks i find him totally discredited.. btw, great model train shot…

  3. Whoever wrote “Warning To Stop, Mr. Weinstein” may have a college degree, but his/her understanding of what the MRFF does is sorely lacking. If promoting religious freedom is un-American, we need to abolish the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment. Too many evangelicals and Dominionists think that the only religion that should exist anywhere should be their own brand of Christianity.

  4. Anybody that would claim a victory for God when innocent people were massacred, especially a six year old child is no christian. I grew up around christians, and as I grew older, I have seen a big change in them. Now most I know, my brother included is like this bunch. I believe in the written word, not some crazy people preacher.

  5. One stereotype of the dominionists is that they’re a bunch of uneducated, stupid rubes. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re people… and what is a commonality is that there is some sort of “hole in their armor” and they have a emotional or social vulnerable spot. That’s how dominionists and other cults win converts – they work through the emotions, and the brightest, most logical person in the world can be quite vulnerable in that area. It’s quite deliberate and it can be very effective.

    That’s why they put so much effort on proselytizing the college campuses… because students are often at a vulnerable period in their life, without the necessary support systems or other protections that prevent a cult from gaining ground. That’s where they caught me 30+ years ago, and while I would agree that their influence has a “dumbing down” effect, once free of it, you’ll find that the suppressive effects on intelligence goes away.

  6. My daughter graduated high school last year. They prayed in school her whole 4 years. They had christian clubs. They prayed at every ball game. When she was in the drama program they prayed before their play productions. The teachers talked freely about being Christians. At the graduations ceremony a student was allow to speak who was not a top student. She spoke nothing about the kids graduating. She spoke only of their salvation and the love God. Her speech lasted longer than anyone. She then prayed for a very long time. My daughter was Valedictorian and the other top students didn’t really get to give a speech at all. They were only allowed one quote to represent themselves. Oh did I mention that this was not a Christian school, but our public county high school? I just don’t see where everyone says that God is not in schools. I see Christianity practiced in school when I see no other religion represented there.

  7. “But, no particular higher being is taught in our public schools to respect our citizens’ rights for freedom of religion.”

    This is a very, very dangerous statement; it is not being “taken” out of context, either…this guy is sending the message that a PARTICULAR higher being is not only NOT a part of our public schools, but not “respected”. This statement is a passive-aggressive dog-whistle that has only one meaning; Jesus (not his followers) is being persecuted because Jesus is blocked from public schools. He’s crafted a sentence that says, citizens need Jesus so that the public schools are full of “freedom” with Jesus roaming the halls “watching” them, because, Americans must know that freedom stems from a “particular” higher being…

    Huckabee has a very slick “cover” of charisma, but, underneath, he’s no different than Sheriff Joe; he’d have you pulled over, looked over and locked up for looking Muslim or Jewish, or Buddhist if he were the head Jesus Enforcer. This man is dangerous; he’s a “loaded” gun.

  8. As always, a great article. I appreciate your views. I thought it humorous and ironic that, in the “Subject: Warning To Stop, Mr. Weinstein” email, there were many misspelled words and grammar errors.

    He states in the second paragraph,”This e-mail will contain no misspellings or grammatical errors”. Here’s a list of misspellings: Religioius, Foundatiuon, communciation, doen’t (he misspelled this one twice), and the best one, Chrisitan.

    He also has issues with the proper use of Capitalization and commas.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. 90% of the people of this country are sick to death of these crazy haters and wingnuts spewing this evil garbage daily. We as a nation need to stop the crazies from forcing their beliefs on the rest of the sane people in this country.

  10. That sounds like this area. When my oldest niece graduated, we got treated to Assemblies of God rant.

    She and her best friend shared the position of valedictorian, and I was glad at that – they were funny and not very religious.

    Her convocation was held in an Assemblies of God lecture hall “sanctuary” and that was pretty much a full-blown AoG service (attendance de rigor for graduating students).

    When my youngest niece graduated (from a mainstream “Christian” school), graduation was held in the same Assemblies of God lecture hall (“sanctuary”) and we got treated to a nice anti-evolution and “obedience to God” rant.

  11. Our sheriff reminds me of him in some ways… our sheriff isn’t “in your face” about it, but he’s as bad.

    He DID have violation of separation of church and state lawsuits filed against him, but I think they were dropped because of internal politics in the organization that brought the charges. His official policy is Christianity first and only. He has the “faith-based” programs in his jails… the ones that preach Jesus and reward attendance.

    With all of the rhetoric about “returning this country to it’s Christian roots” and even talk of insurrection getting louder, it’s got me very worried. Watch this area for “Christian” violence against dissenters and if it starts, head for cover.

  12. It’s more like 70%, and may be less. In a discussion with a well-known researcher about the topic and looking at some research, it’s estimated that between 20 and 30 percent of the public has gone dominionist or supports dominionism to one degree or another (maybe not understanding what they’re really supporting).

    We still need to stop them. I hope and pray we stop them at the ballot box by voting their candidates away, but fear if we do, they’ll start killing. I pray that they’re stopped without violence, but I think that will now take a miracle. If the violence happens, it will be hell on earth for the innocent and decent people, the non-“Good Christians”.

  13. They are using Africa as their testing ground. Below is a link to an article by AP and is being carried by the media big hitters…it’s about time.

    The article failed to mentioned the war on the rest of us “coordinated” by Chuckie-boy Colson and his merry band of “C Street” goons. The C Street goons are the go-between/brokers for the fundie evangelicals, catholic and Mormons who have all joined forces in what the article calls “a close intellectual and mentoring relationship” to kill any opposition to Christianizing Africa (the goal being is neo-colonalism).

  14. That letter to MRFF is a hoot. Being a college graduate doesn’t automatically mean that one doesn’t make mistakes in grammar or spelling. Shoot, that’s why we have proofreaders and editors… and even the most experienced of them make mistakes now and then. In fact, that’s one of the advantages of multiple authorship of published papers… because not only do you have multiple people working on and contributing to the project, but you also have multiple proofreaders!

    A friend of mine has years of experience as an editor of peer-reviewed science journals, and I even found an error for him one time (and he’s always finding ones for me). It’s a common story to finish a thesis or dissertation, with all of the proofreading not only by the author but by the members of their committee as well, only to find a goof after it had been finished and submitted (that means it’s been gone over by not only the editor, but at least three or five other people in the committee PLUS the editors assigned by the school to make sure it’s in the right format and completely ready for publication).

    That letter is an attempt to try to force some sort of respect out of the people at MRFF, and in a sense, the author is admitting that dominionism DOES inhibit thought and intelligence, but is trying to claim that he is better than that (I could tell him stories…).

    I have a very functional spell checker activated on my browser software, and it does a pretty good job… but I’ve caught it with a mistake or two (and suggesting the wrong word is a common problem). I’m GLAD for the spell checker!

  15. Hey Leah not to take away from your post but you forgot how The Good Reverend released a prisoner who was in for 94 years because he claimed to be a convert to Jesus. That career criminal, Maurice Clemmons, went on to kill 4 Lakewood Washington Policemen and woman who were doing nothing but sharing a breakfast.

    “He then proceeded to enter a coffee shop on Sunday and shot four officers killing them all. You have to wonder why Huckabee was emptying out the Arkansas jails was it to save money? But to let loose a hardened criminal of this stature who was given 94 years of prison for his crimes will be on Mike Huckabee head for a long long time.”

    Read more:

  16. Wow Steve I did not even notice that but will go back and read it again. Great catch. I should have known when someone of this ilk starts out with I am not going to misspell, they usually will.

  17. Walkaway

    You are correct. My own mother goes to a church that could very easily fall over the Dominionist cliff. I am explaining things to her and she seems to be open to listening. She brought me a story about a young lady who deserted her friends after spending a year at IHOP. She disowned her church and I explained to my mother just why she would do that. So at least one person is asking questions.

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